Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Role Models, Regrets, And Ruining Perfectly Good Elevators

Some more questions for you today, of course. Because the answers were a bit shortish I was able to put in more of them. Enjoy!

Who is your role model and why?
I've said before and I'll say it again that Jessica is my role model. She was bullied just like me, and because of what she is, she's had it a whole lot worse. She's been through a lot more than me, even if we've been through it together, and yet nothing ever stops her for long. She might be knocked down but she'll get straight back up, and kick some more ass. My dad is also someone I really look up to. He's actually kinder than me, and he's willing to do a lot, and let a whole lot more, go. If I could be half the man he was then I'd be a pretty decent bloke.

If you bumped into the person you dislike or if you were stuck with them in an elevator, what would you do or say?
Depends who it is. There are plenty of people I don't like. You'd need a rather large elevator to hold them all and if I had them all in such a huge contraption, I would cut the wire holding the elevator in place while it's on the top floor.

Picture of you with friends being silly.
Such a thing is actually non-existent. Even if I wanted to share it with you, I couldn't. Though because I'm feeling generous, here's a picture of me as a wee laddie that I insist is actually of my brother, but my sister (the one who uploaded it to facebook, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING MY PICTURES, insists it's me. I'm still sure it's really my brother.
I don' know what's harder to believe. That I was happy or that I was blonde. Even if this isn't me, I was actually blonde when young. 

Something you regret.
Every time I think there's something I regret, I do move past it, and realise I don't regret it at all. The only thing I've never really gotten over is how me and Jessica went two years without talking to eachother. It wasn't a fight or anything it's just that we drifted apart after school, and I didn't get the internet for some time. If I remember correctly she was the one who hit me up on facebook. Though I still think we needed it. While we were apart we both changed, her more than me. It's a testament to our friendship that even after becoming two totally different people, we found eachother and got on even better than before.

A song you listen to when you're (FIX'D) working out or cleaning your room
Normally I actually listen to podcasts while working out. I know music is probably better but if I'm keeping my mind on what's being said, then my body tends to keep going on it's own. It's a matter of taking myself out of the situation. On the rare occasions (that need to become a lot less rare) I clean my room, it normally doesn't take very long. I tend to just listen to what I feel like, when I feel like it, I don't have any kind of set playlists (outside of Youtube) or songs I listen to at certain times.


  1. I have to say that picture of you is adorable, you were a real cutey pie Mark. Your friendship with Jessica is a remarkable one and I'm not surprised that she is one of those people you consider a role model. What I found touching was that you also listed your father.

  2. It would take a massive elevator for all the people I dislike too! And if that is you, you were a pretty cute child! :) x

  3. I was blonde when I was young as well. It's slowly gotten darker over time, though I think it's reached a stable point now.

    Also, no at the elevator thing. Just no. Besides, you'd be killing yourself in the process, so you can't laugh at them falling to their deaths afterwards.

  4. I absolutely loved hearing what you had to say about your father, Mark. That really touched my heart. Then again, I'm a sucker for those kinds of things....

    Your picture is adorable! I was a blonde when I was little too; go figure.

    I love that you're doing these questions! It makes me want to One Question Wednesday again.

  5. it really is something to have a best friend as a role model, which means she's always there around you and be a massive part of your life. I'm not very sure if I have particular role-model, it's always changing from time to time depends on what they just did instead of who they are haha I have a weird taste of music, I listen to tons of songs with different genres, so yes, it actually depends on my mood.

  6. It is definitely a good thing that through the pain you have people like your Dad and Jessica, to help see you through. I don't think I could find a picture of myself being silly with friends either. Perhaps I could use the yearbook picture they took of me and the classmates from Science Club. Though I was forced to join the science club, and the classmates weren't really my friends they were forced to stand next to me to take a picture. And we weren't really being "silly." Maybe, one day if I am super rich I could pay some strangers to stand next to me and pretend they are being silly, or do something in that vein.

  7. Love the picture Mark, all of the answers in fact. Jessica does sound like a very inspirational person to me.

  8. Great answers to the questions. I'm glad your role model is an actual person, I think its weird when someones role model is a fictional person, and thats what most peoples seem to be.
    Also I was that blonde as a kid too! Crazy kids, being blonde and all!

  9. I think your answer with the elevator is exactly what i would do :)

  10. why regrets always refer to the past? Well, well, well..what's the use regretting if it's not in the past, aye? haha

    The elevator. Omg! I'd wish if I get stuck with people I don't like I have my ipod with me so I could just relax myself or else I'd probably die of annoyance just being with them :p

    Oh Jess, yeah..It was always her :D

  11. I actually love the picture and you are SMILING which makes it that much more special! Now, I want to see more...

  12. Jessica is love. :)

    I've always wanted to be a redhead.. or at least have brown locks. My hair is too black. I kinda hate it. :P You look really cute in that picture, Mark! If it is really is you or not, still cute. :)

  13. yeah, I usually listen to podcasts as i do chores around the house

  14. mark confirmed for capable murderer

  15. How does your hair colour change naturally?
    BAH! I'll never get white people... >:(

    But, yeah, I see you kinda like answering them questions.

  16. My sister had blonde hair until she was four. Just look at adorable little you. I didn't smile until I was in my late teens. I started off unhappy, and learned how to be happy.

  17. Listening to Podcast while working out or cleaning my room actually sounds like a good idea, only if I ever did either of those two things.

    Next time I start up on another one of my short-lived work out routines I'm definitely going to download some podcasts to listen to. Now, all I need is an iPod that works...

  18. The answer to the elevator question was hilarious. I'd try this question post idea too, sometime. Nice one! Cheers.

  19. Never considered the idea of listening to podcasts while at the gym. That's an interesting idea. I last the longest when I remove myself from the is good, but the songs end every few minutes and bring you back to reality. I've done well while watching TV, like reruns of NCIS or House...time flies by much more quickly that way.

    I don't know anything about this Jessica beyond what you have shared in this post, but she sounds like a wonderful person.

  20. Aw, that is such a happy picture of you (or your brother)! And the cutting the wire at the top of the elevator is genius, although I would wait until they were at the very top of the building.

    -Barb the French Bean

  21. I love love love your role model answer! And interesting responses all around *thumbs up*

  22. aww poops I'm sure i commented but it didn't go through :(
    Yeah, basically, You were an adorable kid :D and I love your role model answer! So sweet :)


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