Thursday, 12 July 2012

No Podcast, I'm Ever So Sorry

Like the title suggests there's no podcast this week. I should have taken my own advice and recorded one when I had the chance. To be honest I'm still out of it in terms of health. A lot of things are gone, or going, but my cough refuses to go away. To be honest I can't shake the feeling that maybe there's something in my lungs besides phlegm. Which isn't a pleasant thought. To make matters kind of worse my sister is getting married on Saturday and I have been run ragged all feckin week. I know everyone is telling me to get lots of rest but I just can't. It's for this reason really that I didn't record a podcast. I think I would have been able to last night but I've been so tired lately I just want to read or something and everything else takes a back seat. I probably don't even have enough time to go to the doctors. I hate going to them anyway. So, in lieu of a podcast, I'll just answer some more questions, which is really all I would have done in the podcast anyway. I actually almost shared the story of my own sexuality, in a part response to yesterday's post and the response to it. But in order to do that I'd have to open up about the uber secret part of my past that I've said I'll never open up about so much I really can't do it now. I'm a man of my word.

In slightly better news I now have the suit for my sister's wedding. I'm going to look incredibly dapper in it. It's not purple, like I was originally told, and the blazer can't close (it's designed that way) but it looks great, and I'm going to look awesome in it. The cravat is purple at least, and I have a purple cloth in the breast pocket. I also have a white rose on the lapel. I don't really like red roses that much, but I love white ones, and black ones. You want in to my heart? Give me a black rose. Sadly I don't get to keep the suit, but I have now vowed to get a suit. I actually love suits, but I wanted to wait until I had lost the weight to get one, but suits are something everyone looks good in. Okay, questions!

What's on your mind lately.
A lot really. Too much to write. Writing is one of the things on my mind even. I've been wondering how some people who used to be in my life have been. I even looked up someone I've not found in two years, but she has the smarts to not have herself an online profile. Well, I found one, but I would have to pay to talk to her, and I don't think we were that close. “Will I ever lose this damn weight?” is another thing on my mind. You are too. You are always on my mind. How much sleep I'm lacking. My money problems. My ever decreasing sanity. Ha, my mind is on my mind.

Places you want to visit.
The Ice Hotel, and just Scandinavia in general. Once again there are just too many places I would love to go. I want to see as much as I can. In specific though any place with natural wonders. I want to go to Ireland, Scotland, Canada, Sweden, Finland, China, Japan, and so many other places. So. Many. Places.

Celebrity crushes.
Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Viggo Mortenson, Hugh Dennis, Bruce Dickinson, Meat Loaf (more of him to love), Katey Segal, Amy Davidson, Edge, AJ Lee, Jim Sterling, OH SO MANY. ORGY AT MY PLACE. I'd say Darren Hayes and William Control but what we have is pure love. Not a crush.

Favourite holiday and why?
Well I always go to the same place when I go on holiday. I guess if I had to pick one it would be the holiday where I came out to my parents as being bisexual. Some things went wrong on that holiday, but that went right. I guess it's a holiday that really changed things for me. It might not have been the most fun, but it was the most special. My mum actually remembered too, when my sister didn't. I was in my car recently and somehow the subject of my sexuality came up. My mum said I was bi but my sister didn't really believe her, despite me coming out to her personally. Oh well. My mum may forget how old I am, but she remembers what really matters, who I am.


  1. I hate when i don't feel good and people feel the need to tell me to get some rest. Because don't you think if I were able that I would be resting??? Anyway...tea - honey and lemon. If you get a moment, put a towel over your head and put your face over a pot of boiling water - that should help get whatever is in your lungs at least thinking about moving out...

    And its nice to hear more about you...I am a total sucker for posts in which questions about a person are answered =D

  2. Have some rest, pal. I'll try to help in my own special way. :)

  3. AJ Lee is definitely a crush of mine, she's so damn hot. Don't worry about the podcasting either man, you do a great job to get regular content for us, the least we can do is allow you to get better, hopefully that happens soon man.

  4. Take it from a mom; we have a way of remembering the important stuff. We may not remember everything we're supposed to, but we remember the important stuff.

    I won't be here on Saturday, I'll be stuck in traffic on the east coast, so, have fun at the wedding and I hope you start feeling better soon, Mark.

  5. Phlegm is hard to get rid of. I can't give any suggestions. Sorry. Nevertheless, do try to get some rest, and hope you have some fun at the wedding

  6. Oh, I used to smoke a lot. So, I know the feeling of thinking there's something more serious than a cold going on in your body. But, if you have a lot of phlegm, I'd suggest getting checked for strep. That was my problem.

    And, I've crept on people in my past. Found out a girl I used to see was arrested for prostitution. That was an interresting one. Bets to leave the past alone unless it's to look back on mistakes and learn from them.

  7. a cravat eh? sounds like you're keeping it super-classy

  8. I guess I have watched too many reality shows on tv. When you keep dropping hints about the super secret events of your past that you will never talk about, it seems like you are trying to string us along, peak our interest, and build up suspense for some future revelation, on some future episode of the Rambling Person. Though I know that's not what you're doing. Though if that is what you're doing,...nice job...because it is working.

  9. I'm with you on everyone even Meatloaf, he's gotten sexier as he's aged I think and he's become such a good actor. I remember that holiday when you came out to your parents and was so happy for you that you weren't rejected.

    I understand why you won't tell the story and you don't have to, some things are private and should stay that way. One thing I could and should do someday is tell the story of what it's like to be a mum of a gay son. The pain of watching him being rejected by society and my anger and how we choose to handle hate as a family.

    I think you saw my comment yesterday. You can give me the DSM number for the figure in my comments if you'd like me to paint one for you then.

    Thanks for being you Mark and I hope you get feeling well soon.

  10. That's sweet about your mom. Moms are totally like that. Mine forgets my name all the time, and I'm pretty sure she named me. Still, she is amazing at the important things, like "being there for me" and stuff.

    Pretty sweet deal.


  11. Is it okay if I ask for a picture of you in your suit?

  12. Recording a podcast when you have unknown elements rattling around in your lungs-never a good idea.
    I know how you feel, though. When I get a cough, it lasts a loonnnnnggggg time. A couple years ago, I couldn't work for a month because I really couldn't speak without hacking up a lung. Times like that that cause me to remember that my paternal grandparents died of tuberculosis in the late 1940s.
    Get well.

  13. Hope you get to feeling better soon. And I've always wanted to visit the Ice Hotel as well. Looks awesome.

  14. Good on you for telling your family about your sexuality. I can imagine that must have been difficult. I hope you get well soon and the cough leaves you alone! xxx

  15. u have crushes on actors? awkward....

  16. have you seen aj freak out as a kid meeting lita ?

  17. I have a way you can make a little bit of money. Ha, I read like spam. Anyway, it's a music review site, and while it doesn't pay much, it can add up. I believe it's about 4 cents a song, but you build up to making more. Twitter me if you want the link.

    I will fight you for Jim Sterling! Nah, I would actually rather have Yahtzee.

  18. Thats quite the sausage fest for your celebrity crushes! In an orgy with them would you all be sword fighting?!


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