Monday, 30 July 2012

Let The Rampant Prostitution Begin

This post isn't going to be a total round up. In fact I'm going to keep that pretty short really.

Tuesday I talked about the good and bad people in my life. Some of you seemed quite happy that I don't have bad people in my life, but that's not the case. I do have them, everyone has them, but I won't get rid of them so I don't see the point in complaining about them. If you're going to complain about a problem that is easily fixable then the solution is right there. Fix it.

Wednesday I took a brief look at some of my favourite things. There was a lot of nostalgia, and being a kid because I posted the full version of the opening theme to Pokemon (I WANNA BE, THE VERY BEST), and the opening titles to Cardcaptors. It was a very gay post too I'll give it that.

Thursday was my latest podcast which didn't seem to get too many comments but oh well. It was kinda long at half an hour. The first 8 minutes were meaningless though. The main point was that I told some of the past between myself and Jessica. Hear some of the stupid shit we did in school. I also have something huge involving her I hope to be able to announce soon. By soon I mean sometime within the next month to be fair though.

Friday I did something no one ever thought I would do. I complimented myself, and accepted that I'm a good writer. It didn't last very long though and I went in to some of the downsides of my super cool writing ability. Namely the fact that I'm still not brilliant with fiction, and that if I don't act on inspiration when I get it, it tends to remain un-used and I've lost a good idea. I can take notes, but it just won't end up as good as it could have.

Saturday I posted what was a much longer than usual chapter of Immortal Space. I also nearly changed Geoff's name to Jeff, the Americanised spelling. Then Fang said it could have had an interesting backstory and using my super awesome writing powers I came up with the backstory and reversed my decision. There is now a reason Geoff uses the British spelling. There was also an abundance of social commentary. I didn't intend to get that preachy.

Sunday I posted some birthday wishes for both my good blogging bro Fang, and my niece. This means I will never forget either of their birthdays. Except I will. I forget my own sometimes. I even forget Jessica's :( If I forget the birthday of the most important person to me, I'm going to forget yours.

Okay that was about the length of a regular round up post but I promised rampant prostitution and by God I will deliver! See as well as talking about Jessica on last Thursday's podcast I breached the idea of opening an online store, but I would need a place where they sell my designs. I have now found such a place in The only downside is I only make 10% of the sale. I don't mind so much really though. Anyway, since I've had the idea, I have come up with some shirts, and some other items as well. And not all of it relates directly to the site. In fact only about 10% of the stuff on there is related to here. I'm quite proud of some of the things I've come up with. I'm not so proud of the others, but they aren't too bad.

One problem I have is that I'm not an artist. I can come up with a witty line, but graphics can really help make a t-shirt as well as a witty slogan. Sometimes I get lucky and can find a good image online, and others I have no choice but to either go with just a slogan, or not make it at all. I'm also still bad at this whole design thing. Bear with me.

Like I said though I am proud of some of them. Especially the kids shirts, which I adore. They come in two kinds. I was never fond of the phrase "Reach out and touch someone" so I changed it to "Reach out and touch a cat."

Reach Out And Touch A Cat - Kids T-shirt
Reach Out And Touch A Cat - Kids T-shirt by TheRamblingPerson
Browse zazzle for a different shirtzazzle

Then at the request of Nellievaughn, I decided to show the dogs some love too, and came up with "Reach out and touch a dog."

There are several other things, but these two are the cutest, and this has lasted a while, so I'll have to leave it there. Be sure to check out the rest of my shop at There's a chance some designs aren't appearing yet another. Another shirt I'm quite happy with is the "These boots are made for stalking" shirt. If that's up then it should all be there. I haven't sold anything, but it's early days, and like I said, these things don't exactly have mainstream appeal yet. If you enjoy one of the designs, do me a favour and share it.

Okay I really am ending it this time. I hate to be all self promotional like that -_- I'm not selling out, I don't expect to make a lot of money. I'd be quite happy with 5-10 dollars a month just to keep my podcast going at least.


  1. I'd love to buy your shirts (to show off, "I liked TRP before it was cool"), but if I do that, I'll blow off the lid on my blog thing, and I don't want that.
    Sorry. Can you forgive me? Please?

  2. I can reach out and touch a dog, but not a cat... I'm allergic... aaaaahchoooooo!

  3. I'm kind of the same as budding writer but at the same time I really want a key chain and one of the Rambling Person shirts, the "where humour goes to have fun," I'd love to wear it at the gym and represent you.

  4. MARK!! <3 hehe..

    D'aaaww. Those shirts are so cute! "Reach out and touch a dog".. Adorable. I checked out your online shop.. Good, huh! I love the other shirts.. "Will work for pie" Heh. Good one. Is there.. by any chance.. a tshirt that says.. "I am a unicorn!" Lol..

    Wow.. I missed out on a lot of topics. Hmm.. I sowwy.. *hugs* <3333333

  5. I like the will work for pi one! :P x

  6. Good luck with these Mark.......

  7. First off, a writer isn't a real writer unless they doubt themselves at times and know they need improvement. I know I can always improve my craft. It's the writers who think their writing is "perfect" that you need to watch out for. (spoiler alert: it's not perfect)

    Also, those shirts are awesome. Guess I need to go spit out a couple kids...

  8. I like what A Beer for the Shower said. I feel better about myself now.

    Anyway, great shirt ideas. I'm about to start using AdSense any day now, so don't feel bad. Also, I have some t-shirt ideas, but I found out running a t-shirt without help is expensive and difficult. Therefore, I may try that Zazzle site one day.

  9. Let us not forget Bersercules is a rather talented artist. Perhaps he could assist you in this venture. Sorry I am not buying any stuff yet. I am kind of poverty stricken at the moment.

  10. Those kid shirts are awesome. Except I don't know anyone that age anymore. :\

  11. Lol at the 'I'd check me out too' one! Hope it becomes a successful source of income for you!

  12. I love that you were able to compliment yourself, Mark! I doubt my writing skills all the time. I keep wanting to post a chapter or two of my book online for you guys to review and never have the balls to do it and here you are posting your book all the time. Kudos to you! Good luck with your t-shirts too.

  13. I came up with the adult version of the cat shirt, it reads "reach out and touch a pussy".

    You need to make your profile public or something so I can reply to your comments via email. I always have witty retorts to the comments you leave on my blog but I can't reply. Please fix.

  14. lol the name "GEOFF" makes me rage so much, i don't get it. why do i always say it like "gee-off" ? as for those shirts? i can't see myself wearing those in public. good luck, come up with some badass shirts, then i'll make some badass video of trail blazing through the woods

    1. like one that is actually edited and stuff

  15. Those are some cute designs for the kids shirts but to the sick minded individual (such as myself) it could be intrepreted as "Reach out and touch a pussy!"

    Good luck with the zazzle project. It's hard not to get discouraged but you can't expect overnight success. I've only sold 1 shirt so far and my store has been up for months. Of course I only have 1 primary design. Man I'm lazy!

  16. Your shirt designs are pretty awesome! My personal favorite: will work for pi! :D

  17. I tried selling t-shirt designs once, wasn't successful...


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