Monday, 2 July 2012

Behold The Roundup

Well you know the score. Another Monday, another look back at just what drugs I was possibly taking when I wrote this stuff. Kidding folks, I'm not on any drugs. I'm just so dazed and confused a lot people often think I am.

True story.

Anyway, let's have ourselves a look see. I hope that comments start going up again. I should start subscribing to blogs by email but then I get lazy when it comes to checking them. I'd subscribe through Google Reader but then I have to click twice to open the page up properly and be able to leave a comment. Unless I've just not worked out how to use Reader correctly.

Tuesday I went in to a bit of a small tirade about girl gamers (very briefly) but mostly how women are represented in games, and how a lot of immature male gamers treat girl gamers. A girl (who is more than likely a gamer) set up a Kickstarter to fund something she's doing where she's going to look in to women in games. This got her a lot of backlash and negative attention from the gaming community at large, and I felt like having a bitch. So I did.

Wednesday I lamented about how uneducated, almost ironically, our Education Secretary is. He wants to replace coursework and all tests with one uber-test. This is a wholly irresponsible idea. Testing is what is wrong with education. Give kids tests half way through the year to see how well they're doing if you want to do tests, but to really teach them things, and to teach them how to use their own resources, coursework is the way to go. Most things learned just for the sake of passing a test are not applicable to real life situations, and are forgotten before, during, or after, the test.

Thursday was podcast day and I went on another rant about girl gamers. This time almost exclusively on girl gamers and the kind of ones that annoy me. The ones that think they're somehow super awesome and special because they're a girl gamer. You're awesome because you're a gamer, your gender doesn't change that. We need to be cool together, not pissing eachother off. After that I read some more poetry, which I really don't mind doing. However no one made a request so I don't know what to read this week, if anything.

Friday I borrowed an idea from Hazel and posted a whole bunch of questions for you to choose from for me to answer. Within a few comments the system was broken and rendered useless and several people just said "all of them." As such I have decided to answer all of them, but not to dedicate each question it's own post. Some of the answers aren't all that long, and if I did give them each their own post, it means that it would take me over five months, and the people who wanted the questions at the end would be waiting too long.

Saturday I posted a rather long chapter of Immortal Space dealing with Trent's origins. I wasn't totally 100% happy with how things went, but it was accepted well and I left myself room to change some things around. I may rewrite a little of it here and there but maybe just to add a few details in, not take any out. For those of you asking about how hyperspace worked, I shall do my best to answer. When I said that position was relative I meant that if something was say, 100 miles away from you, and you went in to hyperspace and moved 100 miles in the direction the object was (in the real world, there is nothing in hyperspace) and came out, you would be where you wanted to be. With their being no laws of physics, and barely any of reality, you can travel as fast as you can, and get where you need to go quicker than ever believed possible. As for the question on why it's an endless sea of white when there's nothing, that's just pedantry. But I love pedantry <3. There has to be something instead of nothing. I guess you could say instead of a dimension of infinite nothing, it's a dimension of light. You need to still be able to see so you can see inside your ship, and also so you don't crash in to anything. Consider hyperspace some kind of trans-dimensional inter-galactic autobahn.

Sunday I just kicked back, relaxed, and embedded some animated shorts from Cyanide and Happiness. Not much else to say on that.

I hope to fix my sleeping pattern even further this week. Because of events last week I now wake up earlier, but I'm still going to bed at the same time, which generally leads to tiredness, which leads to a lack of exercise, which is just going to lead to more lethargy.



  1. Another busy week for you. I am actually looking forward to you tackling the questions and I agree, devoting a whole post to each one would be a huge amount of work

  2. Great roundup. I particularly enjoyed the female gamer one. My wife is a female gamer, and this is something she always ranted to me about, that she hates 99% of them, because they display such pathetic, whorish behavior. For them, it's totally acceptable to win over the affections of some lonely nerd, rob him blind of all of his hard earned equipment/gold/whatever, and then move on to the next one instead of actually playing the game and earning their stuff. I know it's just a game, but still. Have a little dignity.

  3. It's been a good week for you buddy, looking forward to you answering some of the questions although doing all is way too much of a stretch, sorry Leah!

  4. I dono...people supposedly don't do as much as the blogging business during the summer, so they don't do as much commenting. This is what I have heard anyway. Or a lot of people start a blog and when they don't make a million dollars on it, or become famous over night they give up blogging completely. Anywho, sorry I missed the "cyanide and happiness" yesterday. I will check it out now.

  5. Well, you know I'm on a bit of a blogcation so I don't always stop by and if you have a podcast or audio, I can't always listen because if I'm on my laptop with the hubby or kids watching the TV, they'd be a bit pissed LOL

    But, I do look forward to you answering every single one of those questions *giggling*

  6. You do come up with interesting posts :)

  7. its been a busy weekend.

  8. Your posts make my post look bad. Reduce the quality of your posts immediately!

  9. I can't wait for you to answer the questions! I've been looking forward to that post. Hurry, hurry.

  10. I didn't go to sleep until 6AM yesterday. I hope I don't have issues going to sleep in an hour or so...

  11. Oh yeah, time for some double posting. I heard you guise in britland missed out on this awesome Raw commercial.


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