Friday, 27 July 2012

Are You Ready?

I'm about to do something no one has ever thought I would ever do. I'm not really sure you are ready for this, but I'm going to do it anyway. What I am about to say is so monumental that I really must prepare you in advance for it. I mean, seriously, no one ever saw this coming. It's so life changing that you should get a screengrab just to remember the occasion, because it may never happen again.


Am a good writer.

That's right. I actually complimented myself on something. I am beginning to think that I really am a good writer. At least of non-fiction. I also have a bit of an imagination. All the pro-gay slogans I came up with yesterday were really made when Jessica said that she thought something should be a bumper sticker. The Scrubs coma theory was based around the single slight idea that it's all in JD's head. Hell Immortal Space itself was based on two prompts. Two! A full story! The idea was simple, it's set in space, and features an immortal character who enjoys his immortality. Since then I've managed to come up with several ideas, including one I had yesterday for a way to make some things make sense. Sadly that's quite late in to the story so you could be waiting a while.

I've written full, multi-paragraph posts on the notion that I have nothing to write about. I've written poems centered around one line. One word even. If you give me a prompt, I can run with it, and make something happen. One time Jessica told me that she had to write an essay about the pros and cons of the prison system, and she asked me if I could think of any, and I pretty much wrote the entire essay for her right there on my phone. My fingers killed afterwards but when you have inspiration, you have to run with it, and not let anything stop you.

There is, of course, a downside to this. Me complimenting myself couldn't have lasted long. The downside to this is of course that inspiration, that feeling that makes me want to write a story based on a word, is very fleeting. If I don't take the chance as soon as I get it, then there's a good chance it will never come to fruition. People take notes, and can work from that, but not me. The connections in my brain that make everything fit and make sense have a very short life span. If I have time to take enough notes to preserve the idea, I might as well just write the whole thing out. Not to mention of course that there are some things I don't think I can make in to a story. The guys at A Beer For The Shower once challenged me to write a story based on the idea that a couple who communicate through interpretive dance because one of them is deaf travel back in time with the help of a taco and then they get stuck there because they eat it. Like I said though I'm better with non-fiction I think. I don't get ideas too often, but when I do I can really roll with them, and make something happen.

Seriously this post is another shining example. Look how bloody long it is and the basic idea was "Hey, I'm a half decent writer".


  1. Well it's about bloody time Mark! We've all been jumping up and down and telling you this for a loooong time my friend.

    And you are an excellent writer of fiction too. It will likely take you another 6-8 months for you to agree with me, but I can wait.

  2. I give you an e-hug. Seriously. You deserve it!
    You know, until last week, I thought I was a bad writer. Now I respect my capabilities, and although I may not be good enough for the world, but I'm good enough for me.
    And that's all that matters.
    Unless you want to be a professional writer.

  3. You're so right Mark. You ARE a good writer and you should be proud of that. Your book is something that I would strongly consider purchasing if you didn't post it for free on this blog and I'm poor so I really mean that haha. You're also a great speaker too. I'd never watched a minute of Scrubs (because I find it kind of smutty) haha), but the way you described it made me understand your theory perfectly like I'd seen every single episode. That's talent my friend and you should be proud.

  4. I can tolerate your ramblings, so yes, this must mean you are a good writer. Whenever I get an idea for something to write, that idea gets tucked into the back of my brain and sits there, brewing until its ripe enough to come out. I'm not a "take notes" kind of guy so if I lose the idea it's gone forever!

  5. You certainly are a good writer. And you will only get even better.
    Have confidence in your abilities and you can achieve everything your heart desires

  6. The first step to recovery is to admit it. Or is that for alcoholics? Either way, being a good writer and drinking a lot can both give you a dizzy high that is unattainable any other way. Hopefully you can channel this into something creative.

  7. good job! appreciating yourself is the beginning of being awesome!

    i wish i could get myself to finish the story i'm writing though :(

    best of luck and have a nice day! ^_^

    "Diaries of an Indistinctive Writer"

  8. Well done! A good ego is important in life. Just don't get TOO far ahead of yourself.

  9. you we really be talking about this? I mean duh? it's obvious. YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER!!!! :)

  10. Creativity is a weird thing. It's like it helps to be a depressed type person to be creative because if you don't see anything wrong with the world what is there to be creative about? Most art is kind of a protest against the status quo, or an expression of one's sadness, or being upset with the world as it is. But if you are too depressed then, you are not gonna be creative either, because you will be too down in the dumps, and won't feel up to creating anything.

  11. The fact that you write at least one post a day can attest to the fact that you are a good writer. Take me for example. It takes me at least a few days to just think up a topic to write about, but your posts come about so fluently.

    Unfortunately I haven't heard your slogans yet, but I'll try to once I eventually get around a computer with working speakers/flash installments/not my work computer.

  12. Of course you're a brilliant writer! I'm surprised you hadn't realised before! And I'm liking the merchandise :D x

    1. But I still want a plushie :D x

  13. AWESOME! I'm proud of you :D It's really difficult to compliment yourself, while bashing yourself is some of the easiest things. And hell yeah you're a good writer!

  14. I'm glad you realized that you're good at writing. :D You are most definitely a good writer. You have a great style, simple and to the point and without unnecessary fluff, but still really descriptive.

    I'm going to stalk your zazzle shop now...

  15. Of course you are. I'm glad you've realised it :)

  16. YOU ARE! You are one bloody good writer. I know. XD

  17. I remember when you wrote that story. I believe I had just started following your blog. Where can I find it? It would take me forever to go through the archive.


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