Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Very Special Day

It's a very special day for someone today. In fact it's so special that I'm taking the time out to say that it's special. That someone is of course....


It's always a special day for me. When the screaming stops, and they let me outside for a few hours. Those times are the best. Sometimes the screaming doesn't stop though, and I have to make it stop. There's a lot of red though when I do that. All that red...the nurse says it's bad to make the red appear but what does she know? Maybe I'll make the red appear for her...that'll shut her up...

Back to reality though it is in fact a special day for two people, not just one. Two people I know are celebrating birthdays today, however they are not the same age. One person is our good blogger friend Fang (I'm guessing most of you knew that since we all follow eachother around here), and the other person is my niece. The blonde one. The only one who likes me. The strange one in her family because she has two ginger sisters. She has brown haired sister as well but she has a different dad. I also thought that my sister was naturally ginger, but it turns out she dyes her hair. Who dyes their hair ginger? O_o I didn't even know they made ginger dyes. Oh well.

Now, I'm going to give my niece her present(s) today, but I can't give Fang anything. He didn't give me much prior notice and after what he did for my birthday, I would have liked to have done something similar. But we live on. Instead of being able to give something to him, I thought I would write this post, tell you all how old he is (20, I know, he doesn't look it, but he is) and give him one of the baddest men on the planet, also one of the hottest, singing a song just for him.

Well, it would be just for him if his name was Aleia and he was the daughter of Rey Mysterio.

And if that wasn't enough, here's a more horrifying rendition.

Have a great birthday Fang MAH BOI and I hope you get plenty of good stuff, even if you aren't a major fan of birthdays. You aren't five though, like my niece, so you won't get as much as her. You stand the chance of getting more expensive things though. You also won't be getting a Tinkerbell cake, which is going to be devastating I know, but there's always next year.

Christ I need to go back to being depressed. The crazy shit I do when I'm confident/willing to have a laugh, is, well crazy shit.


  1. How about I make the red appear for you, eh? (Brilliant, that short little piece.)

    Thanks man. Manly tears were shed. Manly tears of appreciation. <3

    Also, no need to go back to being depressed. I like your crazy/confident style! :D

  2. Happy birthday to Fang whom I don't know but I wish him a great birthday!!

    And happy happy birthday to your adorable niece!!! I hope she has special treats from her doting uncle!!!

    Ginger hair is lovely btw!!!! Very pre-raphaelite!!!

    Take care

  3. I don't know Fang on here (yet) but I wish him a great birthday regardless and the same for your niece, I hope that they both have great ones. Great way to wish them a good birthday too, through our lord and our saviour CM Punk.

  4. Happy Birthday Mark, Happy Birthday Fang.

  5. Happy Birthday to both your niece and Fang. I send them virtual balloons and slices of marble cake with buttercream frosting! ^.^

    (I actually once considered dying my dark hair to ginger; I chose dark auburn instead.)

    -Barb the French Bean

  6. I always thought ginger was an interesting colour.
    Anyway, here's wishing your niece a happy birthday. And fang too, though I wished him on his blog yesterday.

  7. Happy Birthday to them both! I'd dye my hair ginger if I could! :D x

  8. well happy birthday to them all

  9. Happy Birthday to Fang, and the blonde niece! Remember to keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the stars.

  10. wrestling is a wrediculous. happy bday.

  11. Happy birthday to both Fang and your niece! :D

  12. I still need to jump over and wish Fang a happy birthday...

    Also, trust me, it's a lot more fun when you're crazy. You really need to stop caring so much about it. :P

  13. Drink some more and write a whole lot more, 'cause we can't let that Mark in again after all the sickness and depression!

  14. Happy Birthday to Fang and your niece! The tinker bell cake sounds pretty awesome :D


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