Thursday, 21 June 2012

A Z And Some Poetry

Thanks to the magic of staying up far later than I should have, and forcing myself to stay awake, I have been able to scrape together a podcast for you. In it I finish up my A-Z project about a month late, and then I had a very special treat for NellieVaughn. Who'd better listen to this or it's almost pointless. The rest of you can enjoy it don't worry. Now to slowly crawl to bed and die. Wait, you'll be reading this when I've regrettably woken back up.

PS Sorry bout all the sniffling. Again.


  1. Well, it's pretty nice to do that for a friend.
    I'd say. Nice gesture, man.

  2. I say Zed too! Nice podcast (:

  3. Woo hoo! Another person actually listening to my suggestions. This is good for my self esteem. Don't stress about not having ideas. You should just turn this blog into a Mark the rambling person "reality show." Just live blog and talk and/or write whatever comes to mind. It will be like a more cerebral version of "Keeping up with the Kardashians"..."Keeping Up With the Rambling Person."

  4. HAHAHA! try vblog too Mark :D

  5. The weather's just bizarre at the moment, one minute sun, the next rain. Ah dear. I hope you feel better soon after staying up so late! xxx

  6. Mark! I absolutely loved this podcast! I think you should do a bit of poetry reading every time... I'm serious :) It was so soothing just to lie here and listen to you. Nellie is right, you have a beautiful voice (and I like the accent too)! GREAT job :-)

  7. Dude we were on Skype 'til really late. So this is what kept you busy?

    Oh. Well you tricked me there, but good enough as well. One year is still quite the achievement!
    Zet, zee. I find zee to sound better, and makes for better rhymes and cooler names I guess.
    Haha, he's doing his ABCs <3
    You sound a bit different today though. Got a cold, or is that not it? (You also sound a bit happier?)
    >it was huge
    >3mm in diameter
    True, because Z is more oh a hard S, like it's the bastard child of S and K.
    Nobody ever guesses "zebra"? Haha, tough luck, they only have to call 4 common letters and they'll probably figure it out.
    Ah, don't worry. You'll figure some ideas out, and if you're running out, post more Immortal Space! ;D
    Also, going on the niceness of your voice, try your hand at narrating a chapter of IS sometime, would like to see how that'd turn out!
    /sneakily tunes out
    sowwy ):

  8. I've heard of "Zed", but only as slang for zombies. Never for the letter Z. Is that perhaps a European thing?

    1. Zed is British English. Indians say the same.

  9. you're always saying how you stay up to late, do u ever sleep, when?

  10. I think zed is used in Canada England ect and zee is used in America and by people being dominated by Amercian culture!

    You have a defeatest attitute? No f*ckin' way! I don't think that at all! Your so optomisitic its crazy! Defeatest attitude? F*ck saying your defeatest is like saying I'm sarcastic!! And I'm not sarcastic!!

    Good reading... next you should read the phone book, cause if you can make that sound good, your a true master!

  11. So, you know, your post title rhymed? or maybe it was just the way I read it in my mind. Anyways loved the podcast! :)

  12. Sniffles or Alergies? Really nice post! Following

  13. ha I forced myself to stay up later than I should also last night, but that's because Craig Ferguson was on a roll and I couldnt turn off the TV no matter how sleepy/heavy my eyes felt.

  14. I got through 7 minutes with Ray my work colleague shouting at me about how he couldn't hear the football and me telling him about he'd be getting a kick in the crackers, will listen to the rest later!

  15. I hope Nellie comes by and hears this - she will love it as much as the rest of us, I'm certain. What a beautiful poem you chose for her.

    Again, I got a kick out of the zee vs. zed LOL It always makes me smile!

  16. I like that your cat always wants to be in the podcast, and gets its way.
    You made me happier that you can possibly imagine. I am smiling so big, and so hard, that my cheeks might start bleeding. That is the nicest thing anyone has done for me. It sounds so beautiful.
    If you did a few more podcasts where you just read poetry, I wouldn't be angry. Not one bit. Oh, Walt Whitman! Of course, Shakespeare's sonnets.


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