Monday, 18 June 2012

Well That Was Weird

First of all a slight announcement of sorts. My computer is having serious internet issues. At first I thought it was because my Xbox was now connected to the internet and it was starting to tax the connection but no one has announced they have problems, and the Xbox itself has none. It taunts my laptop with it's abilities to stream a full movie with no problems when my computer cuts out while loading a webpage. It rubs it's mighty connection in my laptop's face. Anyway, to fix this problem I have ordered a recovery disk and I plan to wipe my computer. Now, I don't know when that disk will come, but if it doesn't arrive by Thursday, a podcast may not happen. Of course this announcement more than likely serves no purpose and is being kept in merely because I decided it was so well written it had to stay. Is it me or am I really beginning to sound like my former self?

Anyway, last week was rather surreal to say the least. It feels like it was months ago really. It's hard to believe just a few days ago I was at the end of my tether and disabled comments and suffered a highly depressive episode. Maybe I'm better at repressing things than I thought. Which is a scary thought really. I can pretend last week didn't happen and go about my days in blissful ignorance but that would be pretty ignorant. Plus it wasn't all bad. Only most of it.

Monday wasn't much, but hey there's a picture of Darren Hayes in that post and one of his songs. You're lucky I don't include a picture of him in every post. Imagine what that would do to my views though...

Tuesday was where it really started to get just down and out weird. It started with me talking about how I had things in my life I needed a whole lot. Then I started talking to myself. I really talked to myself, in a post, using italics to differentiate between the personalities. You want to see a descent in to madness, you read this post.

Wednesday was when I srs'ed the fuck up and stopped the self pity. Well, mostly. It was when things turned around at least. I enabled comments again, and explained why I disabled them. I explained some of my issues as well a little more. Specifically some weight things.

Thursday was my latest podcast which was riddled with problems. What happened here is why podcasts will be on hiatus if I can't fix my internet woes. It wouldn't upload properly. I was able to get it done, but a few people said they were still having issues. It should all be working now. It was a loophole exploitation. I decided the subject for V would be "Voices" and thus everything I said would fall under the subject and I could say and do anything I wanted. For the most part though I did stick with my voice, and my own thoughts on it. SPOILER ALERT; They differ slightly from yours.

Friday I wrote about, well, writing actually. It's the same stuff I've said before on the subject. I sucked majorly at it in school, but since starting blogging I've had a lot of fun writing, and it turns out that I'm not bad at it all really. I also mentioned that me and Bersercules have discussed the idea of doing a picture book. He's all for it, but I've got the problem with no story ideas. I'm considering an adult satire of a children's book. But I can only think of one joke. Bah. Sadly I'm a writer, not a comedian. You would think that being able to write a conversation well, and not being great at being descriptive, writing picture books would be great for me.

Saturday was of course the latest chapter of Immortal Space. It almost wasn't written and I wrote it as I wrote the post. I was incredibly unmotivated last week, and didn't write anything. In the story at least. It was a good one for learning more about Trent. I'm not sure how much stuff Trent has promised Geoff anymore though, so I'm not sure what I have to write about.

Last but not least Sunday, as well as being Father's Day (I totally missed out on the chance for a post there, still kind of depressed about that) I shared the awesome comedy of one mister Lee Evans. Who sweats more on stage than most professional wrestlers do during drugs tests. I could have come up with something funnier but I have wrestling on the brain. It's a serious illness and I'll thank you not to laugh. Ow, someone just elbow dropped my medulla oblongata. Now that's a joke. Thank you, I'm here all week, as you well know.

Enjoy your week folks. I'll try to enjoy mine. Seeing as I hope to shift my sleeping pattern though it doesn't seem like it's going to be very comfortable.


  1. No prob buddy. I was inactive last week as well.

    Yeah, Internet's being a whiny 4 year old to some of us. Are the aliens tapping into our satellites?

  2. For me, this week would be the calm before the storm. Steam Summer Sales are coming!

  3. If your laptop is having no issues but your computer is, then it may be your ethernet connection if your computer is connected that way. Not too sure where to go from there, but look into it.

  4. I hope you have a better week and that you get your computer functioning normal! I enjoy your podcasts - when the computer that I am using decides to let me!

    As for me...I feel a week like you just had coming on...I am hoping I am just tired and can snap out of it..sometimes thats too hard...

  5. Hope you get your computer sorted! I'm useless with comp stuff so I'd panic like a headless chicken if i was in your situation!
    Hope you have a better week next week :D

  6. Sounds like you are feeling a bit brighter which is good. I was a bit worried for you.
    Sending hugs

  7. For the first time since I've been following you, I actually need this update :) I read some of these posts - but not all. I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up again! And I hope you get your computer issue settled quickly because I know what a pain that can be.

  8. Minus the computer/Internet issue, I'm glad to hear things are looking up, and I'm glad to see comments are up again. I'm a bit of a represser myself, and yes, it can be scary how easily it just goes away, right?

  9. My computer was acting like that. The strangest thing fixed it. I always kept most of the pics I use for my blog in my files. When I deleted most of them, my computer went back to acting like it did when it was new (well, I can't really remember back that far). You wouldn't think those pics would be taking up that much space, but apparently they were. Anyway, I hope some miracle happens and you end up recording a podcast.

  10. Ok, this post does sound much more cheerful compared to what I've seen in awhile, so yay! :)

  11. heh my computer does that all the time. wireless bullshit just works when it wants to

  12. I've forgotten it already my friend.

  13. I date a lot of men that despise talking about their problems. That's actually why I end the relationships. You'd think I would choose someone more open. I must be doing it for a reason.

  14. lols I didn't even notice you disabled comments. Does that make me a bad follower?

  15. my laptop has been acting crazy since friday and even today, it's a bit slow. I'm glad things are better this week but you shouldn't pretend last week didn't happen. It's not good to suppress your feelings and go about like everything is fine.

  16. You are sounding like your "old" self, Mark. Good for you! Sorry about the internet issues. Hopefully you won't have to use that recovery disk. Ick. That is never a good thing, at least in my world. I'll be dedicating part of my day tomorrow trying to figure out how to convert .avi so my make will be able to open it. Fun!

    1. Um, that's Mac, not "make" LOL

  17. You should develop an avoidant personality disorder like me and avoid all the things that depress/stress you until you ultimately become indifferent towards most things! Actually, this is probably poor advice...

  18. Your X-bawks sounds like my new smartphone. Damn thing streams videos and websites better than my desktop...which is damn near ten years old. D:


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