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Trent; Origins. It Just Doesn't Have The Same Ring To It

To make up for last weeks short chapter, that was about half the length of a regular chapter, here is a long chapter that is about half as long as a normal one, coming in at one and a half pages of A4. This is one that will probably suffer many rewrites when I actually go back and give things a look over, as I'm not 100% happy with it. It details Trent's origin story. While this is the story I originally planned for him, I feel like it should change like a lot of other details. As such I left room open for it to change, and that this might not be his absolutely true origins. Anyway, I've done enough spoiling of my own work. Enjoy!

The shop service was pretty efficient;their new engine was waiting for them when they got to the shipyard. They directed the delivery men to their ship and had it moved in to the engine room. After giving them a small fee the delivery guys took the old engine back with them for scrapping.
“You really know how to install that yourself?” Trent asked Geoff, still a bit uncertain about the whole thing.
“Sure do,” Trent replied. “You wanna help me get it in?” Geoff picked up the tools and handed them over with a smile. “If you'll let me.” he replied. So together the two of them set to work installing the new engine. It wasn't exactly tough to do. It's a matter of knowing which wires go where, and screwing the right things in to the right slots. While they were working they did have a chance to talk a few things through.
“So exactly how did you become immortal then?” Geoff asked, while holding a panel down while Trent screwed it on. Trent gave a sigh and put down his drill.
“You really wanna know that badly?” he asked.
“If you'll tell me.” Geoff replied.
“Alright, I'll tell you. We'll have to swap jobs though. You screw this in for me and I'll tell you the story.” They swapped places and Geoff started drilling while Trent gave another sigh before starting his story.
“Well as you know I was in the army. I wasn't in the regular army though. I was in a secret section. After a few years they put me in a super soldier program. I'm not entirely sure of just what happened, but I remember I went in to the base one day and I think I was knocked out in the elevator. I woke up again of course. I was in a vat of liquid and I had a load of wires in my body. I was in a ton of pain as well. I couldn't see properly and every time I moved it hurt like Hell. When I was able to get up to get out, I was hit by a bullet right in the head. I didn't think I could hurt more but I was wrong. It didn't kill me though. I fell back in to the liquid but just climbed back up. I got out of the vat and walked towards the guy who shot me. He kept shooting me but I just kept walking and when I reached him I reached out and snapped his neck right there. After that some people came in to the room. They told me that they had somehow made me unkillable. 'Course I was also the only one who the experiment had succeeded on. Thanks to the guy I killed I could guess what happened to the ones who failed, assuming the pain didn't kill them. They told me there was some bad news though. The experiment had taken a few months to complete and my wife had been killed during the experiment. The pain, from the bullets, the betrayal, the loss, everything that had happened to me, made me snap. I took all of them out in a fit of rage. After that I blacked out, and woke up again what I think was a few days later. I was able to look at all the research and it seems like the liquid and everything they did with me messed with my genes. I deleted all the research and burned down the facility. I didn't like the idea of anyone playing God like that. We were supposed to die, and I knew what would happen if immortality fell in to the wrong hands. I knew how badly things could go, and I didn't want that. So I took it all out. That, as far as I know, is how I became who I am.” he finished with a solemn look at the panel, unable to look Geoff in the face.
“Wow.” Geoff said. He thought on the story Trent had just told him for a few minutes while they worked in silence. “Wait I got a question. What did you mean when you said “as far as I know”? Isn't that the actual story?” Geoff asked. “I mean, that's how you became immortal right? They messed with your body?” Trent looked up at him and grinned, as he always did. “Well I think there are plenty of holes in that story myself.” Trent admitted. “I'm not sure if that's the full story. Why was I the only one who survived their experiments? Wouldn't they have backed up their research? Why ain't there no other immortals? I don't doubt what I did that day, but sometimes I doubt some of the details. Maybe I'll know the full story some day, but for now it seems the only one who would know it is me, and I sure as Hell don't know if that's the right story. Now come on, we got an engine to install and you didn't do no work while I was talking.” Geoff grinned and started attaching the panel. They finished installing the engine in silence except for asking for tools, and Trent giving Geoff instructions on what to do. Within an hour their new engine was good to go, and Trent ran a few tests to make sure.
“Well this is it kid, you sure you're ready?” he asked from the pilot seat. Geoff was sat beside him looking pale, but determined.
“Sure as I'll ever be.” he replied before closing his eyes in fright.
“What you bein' scared for? You've been up in this thing before.”
“Yeah,” Geoff replied, still not opening his eyes. “But you have to go a lot faster to get in to space.”
“Don't blink or you'll miss it” Trent said with a laugh before lifting the ship up and out of the atmosphere. Geoff did open his eyes in time, and he didn't miss the beautiful sight that greeted him when they left the atmosphere. All around him he could see stars and other planets. There were a few meteorites too. One or two hit the ship but the shields protected them and reduced the asteroids to dust. The stars were an endless sea of fire and it was odd to see a frozen meteorite and a flaming star at the same time. The way the light danced off the ice made Geoff ooh and ahh. He felt like he could look out the window all day until Trent hit the hyperspace button and everything vanished. Replaced by a never ending sea of white.
“Where are we?” Geoff asked. Confused at what had just happened.
“We're in hyperspace now.” Trent replied, setting the ship to maximum speed. He unbuckled his seatbelt and stepped out of the chair. “We're going pretty far, so I had to take us in to hyperspace. Don't worry though I'll come out with plenty of distance between us and Serataur. You'll get plenty of time to admire the sights.”
“Hyperspace?” Geoff asked.
“You tellin' me you dreamed of coming up here for all them years, and never learned about hyperspace? What do they teach you in school boy?” Geoff blushed lightly but spoke with bravado. “I know what hyperspace is.” he said. “You just caught me a little of guard. Besides, I didn't know what it was actually like.”
“Well what did they tell you about hyperspace?”
“That it was some kind of alternate dimension, or parallel universe. In this world there are no laws of physics or anything like that. There's also nothing at all. You can go as fast as you want for as long as you want. You'll never hit anything, because there's nothing there.”
“Right,” Trent said with a smile. “But what's it's best quality? Why is it so useful for space travel?”
“That's easy,” Geoff said, smiling back. “Position is relative. If you move in this world, you'll come out how far away you've moved here. If you came here, and moved a few metres in one direction, you'd come out a few metres off where you came in.”
“Ding ding ding, we have a winner!” Trent said with a sarcastic smile, patting Geoff on the back.
“What did I win?”
“You get to sit still and make sure we don't hit nothing, in a sea of nothing.” Trent said, laughing as he walked out of the cockpit.
“Sounds like fun,” Geoff muttered as he sat down and pulled out one of his maintenance books for a bit of studying. An endless sea of white is bound to get boring eventually.


  1. I've missed out on this recently so it didn't make all the sense it should have but good writing as usual Mark. I actually think I'll go back to last week's post and the week before that's post as well.

  2. This Trent is practically God. He could just kill everyone on the planet if he wanted to, and what could we do about it?

  3. You've just inspired me to get back on my writing again! I always seem to feel pressure (in my own head) to knock out an entire chapter at a time and don't seem able to find the time to do it. Good for you, Mark. Kudos on the great writing!

  4. how do u highlight dem random words?

  5. The hyperspace conversation is interesting.I'm a little confused, though, about what it means that position is relative.

  6. First thing I thought, at the surface it's all pretty innocent but underneath the text and in your mind, Immortal Space is filled with BROMANCE.

    Also is the main plot going to be Trent trying to get the details on his past back? Like how he erased the research though, but I find it odd how he had the clarity to do that in such a situation.
    Hyperspace's cool already, though if it's empty, why is it white? Does the white radiate light? If it does, there's some major flaws in your theory there. ;D

  7. I don't usually like sci-fi stuff with spaceships and the like, but the way you right draws the reader in. Keep it up chappy *thumbs up*

  8. I can see where you've left room for Trents background story to change and I think you used an excellent device for it. It's more interesting to leave blanks to be filled as it gives the reader something to look forward to.

    I like the bit about hyperspace as well Mark. I too would like more details about it as I'm intrigued about it and because I was lousy at physics.

  9. I like how this is going... makes me inspired to start writing again, that's for sure.


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