Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My Xbox Went Live

As people who were following me a few weeks ago, almost a month ago, would have learned, I recently acquired a shiny new Xbox 360. Because it has wireless connectivity I thought I might as well get Xbox Live as well. I'm not about to get into a whole "Xbox 360 is SO much better than PSN" (Playstation Network) argument because, well, it isn't. It costs money, and it's a lot less equipped than the PSN. On both things you can download old games, but the Xbox game marketplace doesn't have a whole lot of choice. It has some cool stuff though, so it's still good. It has all the basics, Youtube, Iplayer and a few on demand services, but it doesn't have a proper browser. That is one major advantage that the PSN has. I find it odd that after so long they still haven't given Xbox a proper browser. Welp, whatever.

Xbox Live also a reputation for angry American kids calling everyone faggots and noobs. I only play one game online (Halo 3, please don't judge me!), which is infamous for this kind of behaviour. I've never really encountered it. Only once. I imagine though all the kids are on the current Halo game, instead of playing old ones.

Another thing I have recently acquired thanks to the magic of Xbox Live is Netflix. Though this isn't helping costs really. Xbox + Netflix = bah, expensive. I have one big problem with Netflix though. Because I'm not an American my selection is VERY limited. There are plenty more shows and movies available to Americans. I've accessed it on a proxy and seen it. It's GLORIOUS. It's like on Youtube where you get one of those shitty "this video is not available in your country, sorry about that :/" messages. I see two differences here though. One, you don't know what you can't have unless you take the time to find out, and two, I PAID FOR THIS. I'm not sure which is a bigger problem really. I can access the entire library on a proxy, but I'm yet to find a proxy that will actually play the content. I can understand why content is blocked on Youtube but like I said, this is a paid service. I'm paying money and taking time to watch things without pirating them. By not allowing shows just because I'm not a yankee (or not allowing shows at all, even to the yanks) you're encouraging piracy. One of, if not THE, biggest reason people pirate is because they can't access what it is they want to watch/play/listen to. Game of Thrones is supposedly the most pirated show, at least right now, and people are saying it's because the show is only on HBO. It's not on any on demand services or legal streaming sites, such as Hulu. It gets even odder some times though. I have some movies, but not their sequels, or in some cases prequels. I have Pirates Of The Carribean 1, but none of the others. I have the third in a series, but not any others. Or I have shows where I can only watch certain seasons, like South Park. They only have series 10-14. Even with British shows, like Doctor Who. They only have the David Tenant episodes. They're good, but that's like 3 or 4 series' that you can't access.

I'm done with that rant, for now.

If you have an Xbox and for kicks you want to add me my gamertag is Zavvy. For some reason this amazed the Xbox tech support. When I told them my gamertag, and spelled it, they both asked me if that was it. Apparently Xbox gamertags are long as fuck.

If my brother didn't have a PS3 I'd buy one.


  1. Congrats man! I was thinking of buying the Xbox as well. My friends say that the NZ$2 a day is really worth it, but when you add it all up...
    $2 X 30 = $60
    $60 X 12 = $720
    No thank you.

  2. Those americans are on different servers than you are, noob. Believe me they exist. Just don't tell anyone you're a girl. Oh, wait you're safe. ...lucky

  3. 4 letter gamer tag lucky lol half the gammer tags today are 'xXxSniperWarrior420xXx'. Back when i had xbox live i couldnt stand it. Its not just angry american kids, everyone damn player is mad

  4. Za v v y? or Za w y?

    X-box or PS3? make mine the nintendo from the 80's! I love keeping it simple!

    Seems like a lot of BS with Netflicks! Wish the world would grow up with its silly fictional lines all over the place!

  5. I have an xBox as well. I would've gone with a PS3 for the sole fact that players on xBox Live are extremely immature, but my friends all have xBoxes.

    I rarely play much anymore, but I'm on from time to time (usually for Netflix). If you want to add me, my gamertag is "Chiz Ma Niz" (yeah, it's a bit inappropriate I suppose). Dark Souls is my current game of choice.

    Also, I'm guilty of watching Game of Thrones online, but I feel that I make up for it because I bought the 1st season and intend on buying the 2nd once it's released.

  6. oh u went live on xbox. haha alrite, cant wait to here ya swearing in cod

  7. Lol, I can barely get what an Xbox is! I'm so confused... ;-)

  8. Most of this was in a language I do not understand but I just wanted to say that those, "no such luck in your country" things on Youtube SUCK. And I'm in the US, so I can only imagine what you go through with Netflix. Which is magic.


  9. the part about bratty American kids calling everyone faggots and noobs made me laugh and cringe so hard at the same time. It's funny (and sad) because it's true. HAHA.

    Netflix is pretty sweet though, yeah the online selection isn't all that wonderful anymore (sucks it's even worse outside the states) but its still fun to watch tv/movies without having to rent em.

  10. Don't worry there's angry, annoying and abusive adults on the PS3....

  11. this is why i prefer pc gaming, most of the time i dont have to hear people scream things, and letters are easier to ignore

  12. Hmmm, that is odd that the netflix movies are only available to Americans. I don't really know why this is. It befuddles me.

  13. Ohhh I wish I had an xbox! I was such a gamer when I was younger and deep down, I still am but I can't be bothered spending money on buying so I'm like eh, whatever.

  14. I know that feeling with Netflix as well. Canada gets the short end of the stick too. :(

  15. I couldn't do Xbox live anymore. It's rough being a female gamer. That's why their are sites like fatuglyorslutty.com. Sometimes I miss it, but it wasn't worth the price.


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