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Because a lot of you actually missed it, yesterday's post was very very late. Though that was why most of you missed it. I'm slightly sad that no one asked me on Twitter if I was okay because there was no post. Though I guess that's only because Anne is off. She has genuinely stopped by because my posts didn't show up in her reader. Bless her awesome soul :)

Anyway, yesterday's post was pretty cool. I advise checking it out as well as checking out this one. I even have a drunken podcast in there where I sing. I probably have some Irish in me. Or Scottish. They both get drunk and sing right?

If any of you are still reading after that, the reason my post was so late was because I had to get some things done. It's all explained in the post really. I had a very rough day yesterday. It didn't help I got about four hours sleep the night before. No siree Bob.

Anyway (Rambling Person Drinking Game; Take a shot every time I use the word "anyway" or a word to that effect) I've called you here today to bear witness to the latest chapter of Immortal Space of course. Seeing as I don't think it's a birthday next week, hopefully this will be back to it's regularly scheduled spot of Saturday. For now, enjoy a Sunday installment. What better way to follow up Church than an immortal southern spaceman fighting in a cage?

Chapter Twelve; View
Chapter Thirteen; View
The next few fights weren't much to watch either, but the crowd was really getting behind Trent now. Every time he won they got louder and louder, and Geoff still couldn't believe how good Trent was. He had expected Trent to win everything, but he hadn't expected him to do it so easily. Soon it was time for the final fight of the tournament. Trent was sat against the wall as usual but this time he was getting slightly out of breath. He had let some of the fights last a little too long to give the crowd, mostly Geoff, a good show. He was breathing deeply and getting his breath back as the announcer came into the cage to announce the last fight.
“This is it folks, we're down to the last fight. Still to my left, a newcomer who has been here since the start and won seven fights in a row. We know that he is a very impressive fighter, as well as his name. He is the only one we know of, Trent!”. Trent waved to the crowd again and smiled at all the cheers he got. “Making his entrance now,” the announcer continued, “the winner of the last tournament held here. The returning champion who won four fights in a row, Damien!”. Damien walked out to a mixture of cheers and boos. He was well liked but Trent had been very impressive, and the people didn't really want him to be beaten. Only one man had ever won every fight starting first, and they wanted to see it happen again. “Can the returning champion win? Or will Trent manage to become the second person ever have a clean sweep? Let's turn this over to the referee and find out!” the announcer shouted before stepping out of the cage and locking it. The referee signalled to Trent and Damien to start the match. 

Damien had seen Trent's fights and knew he would come out strong, and he was ready for it. Trent didn't disappoint and ran at Damien, pulling his fist back to strike. Damien blocked it, grabbing Trent's arm and trapping it with his own arm. Trent tried to kick him but Damien blocked it with his other arm and grabbed Trent's leg. Trent kicked out with his other leg and sent them both to the floor. Damien got up first and went to stamp on Trent, who rolled out of the way before attempting to sweep Damien's legs and trip him up. Damien jumped up and came down on Trent's leg, causing him to shout in pain. 

The crowd were stunned. This was the first time they had seen someone really fight back against Trent, and it seemed like Damien might even be able to win. Trent kicked his legs up into Damien's stomach and managed to connect. While Damien was doubled over Trent jumped to his feet and punched Damien in the stomach, winding him, before giving him an uppercut to the chin. Damien fell back and Trent picked him up and shoved him into the cage. He pulled him away from the cage and shoved him into it again. He went to pick Damien up again but Damien grabbed his arm and pushed him away. He stood up and spat blood on to the floor before rushing at Trent and shoulder charging him. Trent was taken off his feet and hit the ground hard. Damien jumped on Trent's stomach but while he was there Trent grabbed his legs and pulled them out under him. He landed on his back and Trent kept a hold of his legs and lifted him up by them. He dug his knee into Damien's back, making him shout out in pain. Damien wriggled one of his feet free and kicked Trent a few times to make him drop him. 

The two men grappled eachother, both men trying to gain an advantage over the other but neither would give one. Trent head-butted Damien in the chest a few times causing his grip to weaken, allowing Trent to pick him up and throw him to the ground. Damien had the wind knocked out of him again but Trent wouldn't let him get it back. He picked him up and threw him into the cage. Damien cried out in pain and was leaning against the cage like Max was earlier. Trent took a few steps back and started to run to Damien, who didn't get out of the way. Trent brought his knee up and dug it into Damien's stomach while he was against the cage. Damien gave one last cry of pain before falling to the ground and curling up in pain. The ref asked him if he wanted to give up but Damien said no. He refused to give up. Trent knew he would have to knock him out or it would never end. He picked Damien up and held him over his head. He dropped him down on to his knee stomach first. Damien cried out as Trent held him behind his back and dropped backwards, driving Damien into the ground and landing on him. The referee rushed over and at first Trent thought he might have gone a bit too far but Damien was still breathing. He was in a worse state than Max was though. The fight was over, and Trent had won. He was the second man ever, in over 200 years, to beat The 9th Circle in a clean sweep. The crowd was going wild but none of them could match Geoff who was practically jumping for joy and cheering.
“I told you he would win! I told you!” shouted Geoff to the man he had betted with. He begrudgingly took the money from his wallet and handed it to an expectant Geoff.

I originally planned for the end of the fight to be a lot more brutal, but it seriously breached the realms of believability. Enjoy the better spacing to help break up the wall of text. Technically it's longer, but it shouldn't feel it really.

I hope.

PS I may have used "non-sequitur" incorrectly. 

PPS; Here is a direct link to yesterday's post, for the lazy/patient people. View. Leah HAS seen it she just didn't comment. She went berserk on Twitter and Facebook though, in a good way of course. 


  1. The Welsh get drunk and sing too! I was at a rugby match and even when their team lost they still sung with us! Really good chapter, I'm not normally a fan of this kinda stuff but I really like it! :) x

    1. I guess I'm just British then :P

  2. I'm glad you didn't make the end of the fight more gruesome! This was graphic enough for me and I really could picture that last move where he lifted the guy up and dropped him... ugh! Great job on yet another chapter. And you know, I really thought the betting guy at the end was going to be a bad looser and punch Geoff out or something - so I was thrown by his calmly handing over the money. Good stuff when you can't anticipate what's going to happen next... Hmmmm....... how very unlike Nancy Drew mysteries! ;-)

    1. Things can still go wrong! It wasn't going to be much more gruesome, there was just going to be a back breaker in there as well. That's the name of a move, backs are rarely broken :) In a mystery novel you have to be careful. You want people to work things out as the characters work them out, but if you give away too much then it just becomes bad.

  3. Great writing man, Trent is a fighting machine, you've managed to make me pretty damn invested in his character throughout the posting of these chapters I've read.

  4. He reminds me of The Karate Kid, which I just came back from watching. Awesome match!
    If I could do animation, I'd make one of this match. It's full of details.
    However, I kind of felt, in the match, as if you were telling, not showing, if you get what I mean.
    Just honest advice. I know others won't feel quite the same, but my mind tells me there is not much showing.
    Please don't take it bad. I suffer from the same problem too.
    That's what our English teacher would have said, anyway.

    1. Oh, forgot.
      Also, yesterday a post showed up in my blogroll from your blog, named 'Test'. But the blog said that the page I'm looking for 'didn't exist'.I'm wondering if this was a scheduling procedure gone wrong?

    2. It was probably him testing out making a post using his smartphone.

  5. Reading the fight in such detail feels kind of dull, but that may be because I'm still a bit sleepy and can't be bothered putting much effort into fully understanding and imagining the scene you're trying to create.
    Also, 200 years? Impressive. Will we ever get more backstory on the 9th Circle?

  6. I'd have liked the idea of a more gruesome fight, to be honest.

  7. great fight...personally I loved all the detail.

  8. I'm glad Damien was still breathing. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be.

  9. My internuggets is actually screwed as hell, but MAN am I glad I popped back on with this submission!

    Speakin' as an "action writer" myself, your take on wrestling and fighting is really cool. :D Keep it up, Mark~!

    Gah, I was already pumped writing out this battle I think I'm gonna finish up Taboo 1~! I'm just rip-roarin' and ready for it now...thanks bro. :D

  10. Thanks for the lovely comment! The Summer Ball was great thank you. xxx

  11. have you seen the movie "PS I LOVE YOU and LEAP YEAR?", while watching that movies, I realized how I love your culture and your singing and drinking session :D

  12. A derp. Yeah... I've just been really bad for getting around to other people's blogs. Just been sporadic with them.


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