Sunday, 24 June 2012

Another Late Chapter

As I said yesterday I hadn't done any writing, and I was hoping to write some more yesterday instead. I ended up at my sisters for a while and did a bit of writing there. I ran in to a slight pitfall though. I made the mistake of applying math and I realized that if you move at light speed you'll end up at Mars from Earth in about a quarter of an hour. That's on average. The distance between here and Mars changes all the time. Anyway, the original plan was that we hadn't gotten past our solar system because I didn't really have the imagination to create a whole other planet. I'm just going to do what I do best though, and that's make it all up as I go along. Let this be a lesson to you people, LEARN AND RESEARCH BEFORE WRITING SOMETHING.  For now the situation is under control. So you can give this new chapter a shot and watch as I screw everything up.

When they walked in to the shop Trent walked straight to the counter while Geoff had a look around the shop. It was filled with an assortment of parts. There were engines, guns, and even some furniture for living quarters and containers for cargo holds. He even saw adverts for made to order parts such as hulls, where you could pay a bit extra for them to be custom made. He also saw a few manuals for ship maintenance and repair. They were small cartridges that could fit in to a mobile e-reader. He picked up a few of these, including a manual on the Piranha and took them to the counter where Trent was talking to the store owner, a man whose name tag declared him to be “David” about engines.
“Well I need something that can get me in to hyperspace. I'm headed to Serataur. You got anything in stock?” I can only see basic engines when I look around here.”
“I think I have a few in the back,” David said. “I'll just go check.” David turned and went through a door behind him.
“Maintenance, eh?” Trent said to Geoff, turning around and noticing the cartridges he was holding.
“Yeah” Geoff said, with a sheepish grin. “I like ships, and maybe I should learn more about them. Plus it could be handy to know how to fix something in a pinch. So I wanted to do a bit of reading up on it. You don't mind do you?”
“Nah,” Trent said, shaking his head. “If we have enough money left over we can get those too, and it'd give ya something to read on the journey.”
“If I can stop looking out the window long enough.” Geoff said with a grin.
“Well, I have trouble with it myself too.” Trent admitted.
“Haven't you seen it all a thousand times?”
“Yup, and I could see it a thousand more and it wouldn't be enough.”
The response Geoff was going to give was cut off as David came in from the back and said he had an engine. Trent and Geoff went in the back to take a look at it. It looked a little old, but still in good condition. “This can take you to half light speed so the journey should take a few days.” David said to them. “That alright?”
“That will be great thanks.” replied Trent, “how much is it?”. David flipped it over so a price tag was visible. It read “13,000 credits. No less, but I'll take more.” Trent took his bag of winnings from his pocket, along with Geoff's bet, and handed them both over.
“There should be 13,000 credits there. I'd also like these books the kid here has.”
David looked at the books, and then entered everything in to his cash register. The books together only cost 20 credits so most of the money from Geoff's bet was returned as it was. After thanking David and telling him which spaceport they were located at and reassuring him that he could fit it himself, Trent made his way out of the store with Geoff, who was carrying his books.
“I told you I was right to make that bet.” Geoff called, grinning, while Trent just sighed and shook his head. Geoff was right, but Trent didn't have to admit to it.


  1. I 'venom idea how long it takes to get to Mars from here either... I suppose with fiction, you could always make something up that's believable.

  2. Hooorah for books!! Books are priceless! :-) Take care

  3. Aww, that was so short. ):
    And yeah, research. Says the one who told me to throw realism out of the window. Very clever, boy.

  4. oh. why am I so lazy to do some research?

    13, 000 credits, is in a currency? hehe

  5. i wanna be a drunk space pirate.

  6. How about some theme music for Immortal Space? Wouldn't that be rad if every time you posted some more of Immortal Space, the Immortal Space theme music started playing...Just like the guy who looks like Freddie Mercury on "Cromartie High School" has his theme music playing, every time he enters a room. Totally rad.

  7. I LOVE it when I get so caught up in my story that I end up caught on some weird tangent like...well, like applying math, which is always a weird tangent in my book :-)

    Love the dialogue, by the way :-)

  8. Well, all is not lost, my friend. It can still be recovered.
    It'd have been really bad if you put it up, and the realized the error.

  9. I was impressed when you said you had done the math and figured things out... the thought of math scares me! I'm pathetic at it so, in my eyes, you're a hero ;-)

    I enjoyed the chapter - thanks :)

  10. go enroll in an astronomy class lol


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