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An Actual Retcon This Time

For once we have a chapter of Immortal Space on time. Well, when it's usually up anyway. On a fine Saturday morning. Because Immortal Space is a work in progress, and it's not even properly planned, details are subject to change. Right now is one of those moments. I'm changing the year from 3020-ish, to 2520-ish. I can explain why space exploration was delayed and things for a few centuries, but not a whole millennium. This means that Trent is (currently) 500-and something, instead of over a thousand years old now. As the original author I reserve the right to do this. It just makes a lot more sense this way. Now that I've said that, let's get on with the show! 

I figure that it's been long enough for me to just make an Immortal Space page and stick all the links up there. So if you want to catch up, just look at the shiny new page. I've removed the "Blogs You Should Visit" page. Barely anyone used it, and I was too lazy to update it. Maybe I should just get a blogroll or something. 

After Trent was done changing again and he had cleaned himself up, he walked out of the preparation room and saw Geoff waiting for him. Geoff ran up to him and before Trent could react, Geoff put his hat on him.

“I kept it safe like you wanted” Geoff said, smiling. “But seriously, where did you learn to fight like that?”. Trent adjusted his hat so it fit comfortably and started to leave the club. Geoff walked besides him and waited for his answer.
“Well when you live as long as I do, you pick up a few things. 'Course, being ex-military helps and all. But they don't teach people what I just did in the army. Not everyone anyway.” Trent replied. Geoff looked a bit surprised at this.
“Ex-military? But there hasn't been a war in centuries. There hasn't been a military in centuries.” he said matter-of-factly.
“You forgettin' how old I am?” Trent asked.
“No it's not that,” Geoff said sheepishly with a smile. “It's just it's been so long. I'd have thought you were out of practice.”
“This ain't my first rodeo kid. As you can see the martial arts are alive and well, even if they aren't being used for world conquest. There are plenty of places a guy like me can get his fill of practice. Plus, well, I make some enemies here and there.”
“Oh” Geoff said, looking downcast. “Did you, er, did you serve in the last big war?” he asked. Trent stopped in his tracks and Geoff walked a few steps before noticing. He went back to Trent, looking apologetic. “I'm sorry if I said something I shouldn't. Are you okay?”. Trent patted him on the head, giving him his signature smile.
“I'm fine kid. You're allowed to be curious. No harm there.”he said, bringing a smile back to Geoff's face. Trent looked serious again and held his locket in his hands. “I was in that war,” he said, letting out a sigh. “It was horrible, and what I lost wasn't worth what I gained.”
“You lost something?” Geoff asked. Trent held on to the locket tighter and Geoff thought he saw a tear form on Trent's face. “One of the most important things in the world to me. It's kind of sad and silly in a way. Almost ironic. I joined up to keep her safe, and in the end I lost her by not being there. I lost the most precious thing I knew, while trying to protect it.”
“Her?” Geoff asked, looking bewildered.
“I've talked about it enough for now.” Trent said, shaking his head and letting go of his locket. It swung a bit on it's chain but never quite touched where his heart was. “Come on kid, we got to buy us a new engine so we can go show you what's up there.” Geoff looked a bit surprised, and did his best to hide his disappointment.
“Oh yeah”, he replied, smiling himself and looking excited. "Look what I got!" he exclaimed, holding out his bag of winnings.
"Where did you get that from?" Trent asked him. "What did you do?"
"Nothing," Geoff replied innocently. "I just placed a bet that you'd win with the guy sat next to me. There's 1500 here, that should really help us get a new engine, don't you think? Trent? Trent?". Trent had stopped listening after Geoff said he placed a bet. He was now looking at the aforementioned man Geoff had betted with as he walked towards the pair, looking very angry indeed. "Wasn't him by any chance, huh Geoff?" Trent asked, pointing at the man. 
"Uhh...yeah, yeah it was" Geoff replied, looking scared at the look on the man's face.
"I KNEW IT!" He shouted, when he reached them, poking Geoff in the chest. "I knew you were in cahoots with him. I bet you got everyone to throw the fights for a split of the cash didn't you?"
"Hey!" Trent said, putting himself between Geoff and the guy. "You leave him alone. You hear?". The man grunted and poked Trent instead. "I ain't afraid of you", he said. "You clearly fixed them fights, you ain't nothing really, are you?". Trent grabbed his hand, and crushed it until he heard something crack. The man shouted in pain and Trent shoved him in the chest, knocking him to the ground. 
"You want to mess with me, you mess with me, but you leave the kid alone. You hear?". The man nodded and Trent let go of him, standing up and dusting himself off before walking on. "Come on Geoff, let's just get out of here." Geoff caught up with him and didn't really know where to look, so he kept his eyes on the ground. "I'm sorry Trent," he said "I just thought I'd try and help out a bit, you know?"
"I'm not mad at you," Trent said, "but just be more careful next time won't you?". Geoff nodded and the two continued on in silence until they reached the door. The guard with the tattoos was waiting there with a bag full of credits for Trent. 12,000 credits in all. He earned 750 credits for each victory and he had it doubled for lasting until the end of the tournament. 
“You sure got me. I guess you did know the guy who did a clean sweep after all.” he said, shaking Trent's hand.
“Yeah...” Trent replied, looking away. “You could say we're kinda close.” He said before walking out. As he watched Trent and Geoff leave the man looked at the wall on the left side of the room. On it was a picture of the last man to get a clean sweep. His eyes and mouth widened when he looked at it. He leaned out the door and shouted to Trent.
“Say, Trent! What's your last name?” he asked.
“Saxon! Trent Saxon!” Trent replied, chuckling to himself. The guy looked back at the picture, and then looked again at Trent. There was a familiar looking hat in that picture, along with the initials T.S and a very familiar smirk. It was also dated a hundred years ago though. There was no way what the guard was thinking could be possible.

Man this chapter received a serious rewrite. Plus it's the last full written chapter I have. Cripes. 


  1. There's nothing wrong with retcons when you're an up and coming budding writer like yourself Mark there really isn't, you're still refining your writing and figuring out what works and what doesn't so retcons and rewrites are perfectly fine. I loved this chapter for the record.

    1. Well even if they weren't, it's my story and I can do what I want lol. Thanks though man.

  2. The chapter was nice! Th 9th Circle was a good subplot, but in the end, it was just that - a subplot.
    I'm happy that we get to learn more about Mr Saxon, and indirectly you as well.

    1. I wasn't aware we learnt anything about me, even indirectly.

  3. Space colonisation can start early, but from the sounds of it quite a lot of space has already been explored so far (in your story), so 3000-something wouldn't really be a problem to be honest.

    “I'm fine kid. You're allowed to be curious. No harm there.”
    Best fucking line yet! 8D

    Trent is being a bit of a protective dad. What made Geoff so likeable to him again?
    Still a (not-so-)secret badass though!

    1. Well like I said in the email, I haven't expanded outside our solar system yet. We haven't gotten too far at all. In fact hyperspace probably makes little sense in my story. Also, feck, I haven't really thought up just why Trent cares so much about Geoff.

  4. nice chaptor. Ive kind of stop reading books, i just never find a book i 'cant put down' ):

  5. can't u just write one of those books that have pictures in it?

  6. Is trent a vampire or something that makes him live that long :O Or have I just got the complete wrong end of the stick?

    1. Trent isn't a vampire, but I also haven't revealed his uber secret origins yet. So there's no worries :)

  7. I've gotten very behind on your space story....

    Printed it out though. :D I'm pretty excited about it. I stuck it in my gym bag so I can save it for the elliptical. I need good reads at the gym.



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