Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'm So Offensive It Hurts (Other People)

In accordance with my very slow moving A-Z challenge (yes I'm still doing that) I am going to tackle the letter O, and discuss offense, and offensive things.

With myself.

It's a solo effort podcast this week folks. I've not been on Skype much, especially during the evenings which is when I would usually talk to Bersercules. So, that's why it's just me on my lonesome. Well, my cat was there too, which I think meant for some unintentional comedy. It would have been funnier if this was a video podcast.

Enjoy folks!


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  1. LOL you should check your subscribers again.

    I like your solo efforts more. I just don't know why.

    1. It doesn't tell me how many people subscribe actually. I'm not sure how to check it. I think I can be boring on my own, but me and Berserecules did bounce of off eachother quite well.

  2. Love what I've heard of this so far man, I hate offending people but I always seem to end up doing it haha.

    1. Oh I've managed to offend a lot of people, often without trying.

  3. Hey Mark. Great podcast and I'm happy I could hear you this time. You made me tear up a bit about yesterday's post :) I'm glad you received such a nice collection of responses.

    As to the whole flag issue - I don't think I would be particularly offended myself. However, it seems a bit distasteful to use a country's flag when you know that it might upset the more patriotic group. So, I think I would question the entertainer's judgement more than the offended public.

    A funny thing happened here last year. A group of tourists (I don't remember which country they were from) were attending a local boat race. In honour of the event they draped the Indian flag over their shoulders. They were not being disrespectful - it was just their way of showing appreciation. However, draping the flag over your shoulders here is considered terribly disrespectful... and they ended up being arrested ;-)

    1. But it's just a flag! If someone burnt my flag, I'd be all "It's just a flag." I wonder how they would have reacted if someone actually humped their flag. I can understand why people feel the way they do, to a degree. A flag is a symbol. By attacking the flag you are seen to be attacking the country it represents. But at the end of the day, it's a piece of cloth. To arrest someone for trying to show respect just seems bizarre and patently unnecessary. Knowing that it would upset people is why he did it :P He's a bad guy. Messing with the flag is "Heel Wrestler 101." It's the easiest way to get hated short of insulting the audience or the country directly. If someone did something to a flag, or to anything, in a movie or a play, they aren't immediately arrested because of it.

    2. I still don't see the point in insulting something someone respects for your own benefit though.

      It's impossible to argue the logic behind why someone respects something - that's why it's easier to just respect their respect - rather than try and understand it.

      What he did was intentionally disrespecting their beliefs or feelings... and in that situation I think it's fair for them to be upset. Respect can be a very serious thing for some people - I just don't think it's a smart choice to go out of your way to make fun of it. :-)

  4. waaaah! it's too bad I'm out and I don't have much battery, I'll try to listen to this when I'm at home :D you should talk to me in skype also Mark! haha

  5. Cool! The cat in the background had perfect timing :)

  6. Haha! The cat in the background! (I see other people noticed too!)

  7. inb4 never say never
    You should stop being so afraid of making mistakes and everything.
    "zet"? Is that the British way to say it? I always say "zee"...
    Dude of course she's not avoiding you. She's a real sis, don't be so worried.
    The microphone must seem like the most awesome toy ever.
    Oh wait yeah wrestling is just acting. ;D
    Yeah people shouldn't be taking offence as often as they do, especially when it's not really their business.
    Britland! :D
    In a desire to not offend people, we end up making harmless stuff offensive too. And good point on the "we put others in trouble" thing too.
    (dude do you visit /x/? Or is the ancient aliens dude thing meme already making its way outside of the internet?)
    Malicious little cunt. xD
    There's a cool word for that: schadenfreude. It makes us feel better about ourselves because our bus didn't blow up and we didn't get our towers destroyed, etc. etc.
    A friend of mine takes this a step further and laughs at the part of a WWII movie when a group of jews got gassed. Or in horror movies when someone's being brutally murdered. That's just sick.
    Sex with a flag. Canada is now my new favourite country.
    Sounds like you got a text or phone call near the end.
    Nah, nationalism causes wars. More on that from me in a future post.
    Santa Clause battlefield movie? Blockbuster. We'll be making millions.

    Also add me on Skype. I'm not on often, usually either for work or gaming, but here it is anyway: mdf4ng

    1. Dude you suck you have skype and you never told me your ID. BLUH. x'D. I'm going to add you now, you know.

      PHEAR ME.

      (Also 'Have I Got News For You' is just the original version of Dit Was Het Nieuws, if you didn't know. :'D).

    2. Holy shit he hasn't even replied to my lengthy and thorough comment yet. What sorcery is he being influenced by?

  8. This was a fantastic post!!!! I loved it, Mark!! So many great points, I could write a post back. I also love that you say "zed" and I say "zee". Screw the fact that the A-Z challenge is "officially" over. It's an idea that someone came up with, take your time and enjoy it. That's the important part, that you have fun doing the challenge.

    You are so right! PC has gotten so damn crazy. Yes, I'll get offended if someone jokes about 9/11 - I'm from NY, I grew up with those towers but you know what? I'll get over it and move on with my day. It's not anyone's job to protect me from my own feelings, it's MY job. If I find something tasteless, whether it's music, a person, a television or radio show, then I simply avoid it.

    I used to worry about losing followers too because my blog is so serious, but then I figured I write the blog for me and to help others and people followed because they found it interesting and I've been fairly blessed not to have any rude or mean comments. If they step outta line, I put them on smack down LOL

  9. i dont think your offensive

  10. wow this is one thing i'm good at -offending people and feeling offended. LOL~

    "if you're going to make a joke about something make sure you're laughing with them and not being laughed at by them"

    -got it! next time i accidentally fart in public i'll say "Haha!" to anyone who makes eye contact LOL!! (oops, sorry if that offends people...)

  11. you have such a chill, like SO RELAXED and it's comfortable to listen to. And aww, your message to Leah was so cute! And you had really good points. LOL "everybody knows it's reptiles or ancient aliens" :P Great podcast!

  12. Offensive things can be fun though. ;p

  13. I never actually realise I'm offending people when I do...I call it speaking my mind! I nominated you for an award on my blog! :D x

  14. I'm sure the Leah chick is not avoiding you. After all she just put on that big production for your birthday. Anyway, it's weird how I am sometimes on the same wave length as you on podcast day. I once again was discussing ancient aliens expert Giorgio Tsoukalos in the entry I just wrote before coming over here to listen, and you by happenstance, spoke of the whole aliens deal. As I was trying to formulate my comment in the deep recesses of my mind, I was thinking that sometimes things people express verbally may not be the best indication of whether or not they are a just, good, or moral person. For example, it is possible a man who is prone to making racist remarks, then might be the one guy to help out a person of another race stranded on the side of the road in the dead of night. It is possible I suppose. But then I thought "err, no"...because I remember what my hero Dax Flame once said, ""Words hurt worse than if someone throws a sledgehammer and hits your crotch over and over. And if you're a girl, then they would just hit your face with it." But you were also discussing offensive actions such as desecrating the flag of a nation, so that is not literally speech I guess, but may also cause a hurt equivalent to a sledge hammer to one's crotch.

  15. I agree with you on the 'taking offense, rather than giving it'.

    ...This is annoying because I'm commenting at the end and I cannot remember the entire thing, but about the Christmas, for example, I completely agree. It's just like here in the Netherlands we have these sort of.. confectionary items that used to be called 'negro kisses' because they're covered in chocolate, but they were deemed politically incorrect a couple of years ago and now are just called 'kisses'. Nobody gives a fuck, we still use the old name. Conversely, we have 'Jew cookies' and 'white custard', but apparently these aren't offensive enough or something. Although everybody's always saying they might as well be changed too. >,>.

    The Dutch national flag could be shot with a bazooka for all I care, I really don't give a fuck about nationalistic symbolism like that. I know there are people who do, though.

    Also, in a bit of a different vein, I get the same thing with some types of swears. Like when people use a horrible disease as an indication that something is really bad. I mean I understand people don't like it when teenagers go around saying cancer this, cancer that, but I don't really care all that much. Don't get me wrong, I lost my grandfather to it too, but for me personally saying 'cancer' is the same as saying 'fuck'; I don't in any way connect the swear with the disease itself. I had a period of seriously overusing the word, but I've toned it down immensely - I tend to avoid letting it slip in public since everyone is really anal about it. Maybe I'm just insensitive.

    Also 'Visit London, it's a blast'. x'DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

  16. Yes, you should do a video podcast. :D

  17. You certainly are not offensive and have such great podcasts!

  18. It's 3AM in the morning on a Friday at the time of commenting. You need to vlog your cat for the good of mankind.

  19. You still sound so very sad. I am sorry you haven't been able to get a hold of Leah. Maybe that's changed since you recorded this.

    Honestly, I laugh at a good 9/11 joke. Everything else, I will take offense to. I make the most inappropriate jokes, but my sense of humor runs and hides when someone else makes a joke.

  20. Arrgh! I missed this podcast!... AND NOW IT WONT LOAD!!!! ARGH!!! I'll be back...


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