Monday, 30 April 2012

This Is Last Week, Today

I am not doing too good at all really. I have some ideas though, which is always a nice change. Plus I already teased May was going to be something nice. I'm sorry to let you down guys but it's going to be less special than originally planned. For now, let me just say congratulations to everyone who made it through the A-Z in April Challenge and BEDA, which I'm not sure but I think means "Blog(ging) Every Day in April", though I wouldn't be surprised if that's wrong. If you did either challenge then congrats. Now let me get on with talking about last week so I can go back to adopting the fetal position.

Tuesday I shared the picture that I had won in Mynx's giveaway, and I thanked her for it and spent some time praising her. She is a wonderful artist and I'm very glad I won. It's quite a vibrant picture so even though I'm dark and broody I have something bright to look at to stop myself getting too bad. Thanks again Mynx.
Look at all the pretty colours
Wednesday was about my most recent driving lesson in which I hit 50mph and traveled further and faster than ever before. Sadly I have no update for you on the condition of my instructor, who has suffered a stroke. I think my dad wants to wait a few more weeks before considering getting me a new instructor. He also said that on my next birthday (which is soon) he will add me to his insurance so that I can practice in his car.

Thursday was my latest podcast. I talked about what some of my favourite blog posts were and decided that even though I have no one favourite post of my own, one I really enjoyed doing was the post about five minutes inside my head. It allowed me to take the blog in a new direction and discuss more personal topics. Even though now feeling like I need to stay personal is becoming a problem, I'm still glad I took those steps.

Friday was another spectacular effort by me to say I have no ideas for a post in as many words as possible. I think I really outdid myself this time. Although as I was writing I did discover a few things to write about. Oddly enough this was the most viewed post of the week. In the end I talked about how I'd spent two hours on Skype and teased a few secret projects. All of which will be revealed this week. One that won't go as planned.

Saturday I posted another chapter from Immortal Space. This one featuring nothing but Trent. It was a look into his mind, and his huge vault in the desert where he keeps all his stuff. It seems that once again I was able to write what I wanted to, and get across what I wanted to, even if it felt like I didn't to me. One of these days I'll accept I ain't half bad. At least, when I get descriptions down.

Sunday in an effort to get a laugh, and give one too, I posted some videos of Bill Bailey sharing his comedic musical talents. It kind of worked in that you guys got smiles, but as the day wore on I felt worse and worse. Here's hoping sleeping helped.

Well that's that for last week. Time to hopefully get to work on this week. Which, along with the rest of May, could still get interesting even if plans have changed. See, originally I planned to start my own challenge. I was going to call it May To Z. Basically the 26th of May holds some significance to me (if you know what this significance is then don't say, let's not ruin the surprise) I was planning on going through every letter of the alphabet without taking a break at all until I hit Z on the 26th. This plan fell through the floor though when I realized that with how many themed posts I already do per week, it just wasn't a really viable option, and I have other things happening.

I am still going to go through every letter of the alphabet though, I'm just not sure how long it would take. See, I wasn't just trying to be different from everyone else by doing an A-Z challenge in May, but this could have positive psychological benefits for me. By making 26 posts on random topics, I can allow myself to post about random, non-personal things. Or maybe even mix in some personal experiences. As such, I will still be doing it, it's just going to take a whole lot longer than originally planned. Hell, it could even go into June, and probably will.

Have a good week guys. Here's hoping I do too.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bill Bailey

Once again I didn't have anything prepared, and this time I didn't realise it until about 8 am this morning. I do have an excuse this time though, other than the fact I'm slowly going more insane each day. Me and Jessie went to my sisters 16th surprise birthday party yesterday, and, well, we were pretty out of place there. I'll have to tell you about that some other time though, this way I can do a post about it some time next week and exist for slightly longer. I wonder at what point my insanity and lack of ability to think and write is going to outweigh my desire to post something every day. That would be the point I lost to it I think. Anyway, in the spirit of needing a good laugh, and boy howdy do I need a good laugh, I have a couple of videos for you this time. As you might have guessed the comedian is Bill Bailey, who is not just a comedic genius, but a musical one too. He plays a lot of songs during his shows, and he is very good at what he does. So, for your amusement, and mine, Bill Bailey.

Seriously, how can I feel pain?
One of the most brilliant racial unity songs I've ever heard. I also didn't know it was a tribute to Bryan Adams, which makes it a lot better really.

And finally a damning look at both the music in the charts and texting

Have a good day folks.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Into The Vault

Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Chapter Five:
Chapter Six:
Chapter Seven:

So it's Saturday, which means I get to post another piece of the story. This is a very Trent heavy chapter. In fact he's the only character in it. If this was a TV show or a movie, this would count as fan service. I really need to write more though because I think I have one chapter left I haven't posted. So yeah, I really need to write more.
Trent walked back to the shipyard on his own. Part of him was wondering just why he had offered to take Daniel with him. He told himself he owed Geoff at least one ride, but what was with asking the doctor? He held his pendant in his hands and thought that maybe he had just been alone too long. He didn't know why he had been shot down, but he was starting to think it wasn't too bad. His old ship could only fit one. He bought it maybe a hundred or so years ago when he just wanted to be alone. He didn't like to buy a new ship while he had one that was still in one piece and working. He had met many people during those years, but he still felt a bit sad that when he was alone in space he was, well, alone. He shook his head to clear it and looked ahead to realise he had made it to the shipyard. You were allowed to leave your ship overnight there and all the ones for sale were tightly locked up. He walked up to his new ship and stepped inside it. As he sat down in his chair and fired up the engines he thought to himself that even though he did enjoy his own company just fine, and the stars were enough with him, it might get more fun with Geoff around. He entered the co-ordinates in the navigation computer and set off. He looked out the window of the ship, taking in what he could. Space was nice, but Earth had it's beauty too he thought. He was then hit by the thought of how boring things could get with a man like Osbourne around and let out a chuckle as he sat back and settled in for the journey.

He arrived at his destination about an hour later. It looked like just a nondescript piece of desert. There was nothing else around for miles. He stepped out the ship and made sure he was where he thought he was. He opened up the pendant and pulled a pin out of it, careful not to dislodge the picture inside it. He pricked himself with the pin and let the blood drop into the sand. DNA locks were nice and effective at keeping intruders out, but he didn't feel like going barefoot in the desert. Not for the first time he wondered just why he had to go to such extremes, and why he had to have his vault in the middle of nowhere. As a door opened up in the desert though, revealing a staircase he remembered. He treasured his collection, and he wanted to protect it as best as he could. "What's a little blood when it won't kill you?" he thought to himself.

As he entered the vault proper he turned the light on and looked around, letting out a sigh. Everything was exactly where he had left it. In the few years he'd been gone nothing had changed, though he hadn't expected it to. It was always a relief though. He had quite a large vault which was why it was in the middle of a desert. It was the only place with enough room for all the shelves upon shelves of things he had collected over the years. They were lined with music, books, even video games and systems and some very very old TV's. He thought he had the largest collection of antiques ever, especially as he had several of things to ensure their survival. He was a nostalgic man at heart and wanted to treasure the memories he had. He wanted to remember the good things in his life. If that good thing happened to be a particular movie or TV show, then so be it. Plus he felt that some things were just worth preserving. Part of him was preparing for a dystopian future when he would have to restore society and keep a hold of knowledge but so far that hadn't happened. 

Still, he wasn't here to get any of those things, and walked across until he found a side room where he kept all of his clothes and smaller valuables. He was a fan of travelling light so only opened up just one bag and filled it with what he could before changing. He left the clothes Geoff had given him behind, yet another memento. He put on a black shirt, found himself a nice pair of jeans to wear and pulled his boots on. Tucking his jeans into his boots he decided to grab an extra coat just to be safe. Grabbing the bag and holding it behind him over his shoulder he grabbed a spare key for his box and the last of his spare money to fill it with before heading back out into the main room. Seeing as he had already told Geoff he'd be gone until tomorrow he decided to spend the night in the vault. It had been some time since he had been here after all. He laid down on a couch in front of one of the TV's and decided to watch it until he fell asleep. 

A quick note. I don't want it to seem like Trent is living in the past. I tried rewriting it but all I could do was add the bit about him preparing for a potential dystopian future and possibly needing to restore society. I don't know how well it comes across, but I don't want it to come across that he is living in the past. It probably does though.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Hey There

Hey guys. To be perfectly honest I had no idea at all what to write about. Even though I did something awesome last night, and I'll be doing it again tonight, hopefully (sadly it did not involve women) I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to say. Can you consider this a secreproject? Possibly. Now, I'm not the type of person to just say "Hey I've got nothing" and leave you be. So instead I'm going to sit here and see what I can write about.

I spent two hours on Skype, which is why I wasn't able to think of something else to post. All I did was talk, and occasionally play with my cats. One of which went outside in the rain and ruined my trousers. I need clean trousers by Saturday so I really hope that I actually have a clean pair, or a not so dirty pair, lying around. It'd help if I washed my clothes as soon as I changed them, and kept clean clothes in my chest of drawers, but that would be efficient. Far far too efficient for me. It would also help if my cats didn't go out in the rain, but that would be far, far, too smart for them.

I also have a secretproject concerning May, but the more I think about it the more I'm not sure I want to do it. I'd talk to you about it but, well, secretproject. One does not simply talk about their secretprojects. I mean, I'm not Fang. Though he doesn't really talk about his either, he just mentions he has them.

Either way it's reaching the point where it stops being really late at night, and starts being really early in the morning, and I suppose I should sleep. I guess. I haven't been up this late/early in a while. I don't wanna go to bed just yet either. I suppose it could be okay. I have Jessie over on Saturday and we always stay up late anyway. I can return to a normal sleeping pattern after then if my sleeping pattern gets really screwy.

I'm also hoping for some mail pretty damn soon. The counselor I called gave me NO FRICKIN DETAILS AT ALL. She said that it would all be in a letter. A letter she told me she would send 2-3 weeks ago. My appointment is on the 5th of May and I have no clue where I'm going or when. At least I remember the doctors name. I think I should call them either today or Monday. Looking at my calender reveals that the 5th is a Saturday. So the 5th can't be right. God I hope I don't miss this just because they didn't send me a letter. The longer this gets held off for the more likely I am to wuss out and not go.

Anyway this has dragged on long enough. See, if I have something going on in my life, I can make long ass updates about nothing specific and write them a few hours before I set them to publish.

I'm awesome.

I'm also tired and really need to stop writing.

P.S Speaking of Fang, he asked me to tell you guys that if you experience any downtime with his site, it's because the server change went through and he had to wait until he was able to upload anything. He'll probably come along and comment on how he wanted me to say something different.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A True Ramblingcast

Hey it's Thursday so it's time for another podcast. This one got a bit weird. I'm putting that down to me being tired and recording it at midnight because I realized I hadn't actually recorded one yet. I'll give a bit of a rundown as best as I can, because I can't remember some of it.

-I started off by saying that I'm not really in a very good, which I wasn't at the time. I was feeling like crap, emotionally and physically.
-I explained that this isn't the KB interview I teased last week because I haven't updated my podbean account yet and so that should be either next week, the week after, or the week after. SOON.
-I also explained that even though I have three people (four if you count Madeline) to do collab podcasts with I haven't done any of them yet. I feel this sucks.
-I eventually somehow got into the point of the podcast. To talk about some of my favourite posts. The favourite posts of mine I've done are the ones where I post poems and stories, they seem to show I have some form of confidence. I also liked the post where I basically wrote what happened in my head over a five minute period. It made me open up and opened me up to doing personal posts.
-After that it just gets weird. Not as weird as I can be though I guess. Maybe some other time

It's here if it's not working:

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Well That Wasn't So Bad

Before getting in to this post I just want to let you know that I received some bad news about my driving instructor. He recently suffered a stroke and had surgery. I'm not sure when I'll get another lesson, or if I'll even get another from him. I hope so, he was a really cool guy and I wish him a speedy recovery. He's also a friend of my dads. His wife called me on Monday and only told me what had happened to him, and didn't say anything about lessons. My guess is if he feels up to it again then he'll contact me.

This is the post I was going to make last week when I decided instead to post about my weight loss.

I had myself yet another driving lesson. Well I do keep having them, until I pass my test, so it shouldn't be that much of a surprise. Once again I did something I have never done before. I went into a small town down the road. That's right I live in a small town next to a small town. Anyway this meant that I did three things I have never done before.

1) I went into third gear
2) I went 50 mph (about 80kph if you're wondering)
3) I went past some small roundabouts.

Because the law works in more mysterious ways than God the small patch of road between the two places has a speed limit of 50mph and on the way back its a big downhill. So whether you want to or not you'll probably hit 50.

I was scared when I hit 30, imagine how I'd feeling going that fast. I got used to it though. Once I got over the initial "holy cow I'm going pretty fast here" I was okay. I didn't panic or anything. I did keep my foot over the brake though, just in case. I didn't hit anything though which was great. I was able to drive past construction, at 50mph, and not smash into anything. Yay me.

The roundabouts were easy enough too because it was just a painted circle in the road. Not like the roundabout outside where my mum lives which is HUGE. I don't really plan to go around that. I can't anyway until I pass my test because I have to hit the motorway to do that. Can't do that until I pass my test.

The things I did not so good on as per usual was my braking. What's kind of odd about that though is that sometimes I'm perfect with the brakes. I make even myself proud. Sometimes though it just goes all wrong and I brake too sharp, or not enough. I got both of those done today. I also got some great braking in of course.

Apparently I'm also making some mistakes with turning. Well, STILL making mistakes with the turning. But a new one has appeared. I shouldn't be letting the wheel adjust itself after a turn. Normally when I make a turn I just let go of the wheel and let it flip back to it's original position unless it's a really sharp turn. I should be turning it back myself though. It took him a while to say this to me mind, I've been doing it all the time. Ah well.

Focus on the good stuff. Like going faster and further than I've ever been before and managing it okay. Plus he told me I have been improving. He also says that I need to have some form of control in order to go on the main road at all. He must have some confidence in my ability if he had me go onto it properly lately.

I guess.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

An Arty Post

The delightful Mynx of Lizard Happy recently ran a giveaway on her site where every comment you left counted as an entry. Because I am a commenting machine, I commented at least once every day. Even so I wasn't expecting to win. Well guess what happened? I won of course. Well, there were four winners (pretty sure it was four anyway) but I don't think I've ever won something. Especially a giveaway. Hell I barely ever win at things like tombolas. So yes I was very happy to have won something. Plus I think her art is really good, so it does feel good to own something she painted. It arrived on Saturday but I've kind of been waiting for the right time to post about it. That time is right here, right now.

She signed it too :)
This is the painting she sent me. I think it's great.
 She emailed me about it and said that she felt like this picture just fit me, and I do agree. She also said how great it is that someone on the other side of the world is holding her art, and that people all over the world has seen it. That's been one real upside of the interbutts. A lot of people have seen my writing, and I never really thought I would say that.

I just wish I had a real place to put it, or at the very least a stand for it. A frame wouldn't do me much good because it's attached to the orange and I can't hang pictures in my room. As I recently learned when I tried to hang my other picture.

Still, she signed it, so about 10 years from now, and especially 10 years after she dies (which hopefully won't be for a while) I'm going to be able to say I have an original Mynx from before she was "discovered". Say hello to ten times the value!

Though of course I'd never sell it. Ever. Buy some more of her pictures though? That I may do eventually.

Monday, 23 April 2012

One Of These Days You'll Ask Me Something

One of these days I'm going to start writing posts in advance again. That doesn't mean I'm not, but I'm not writing them days in advance. I don't have a backlog to fall back on. Now I mostly write them the night before when I realize "Oh shit I don't have a post ready." At least for things like round ups I kind of have to wait until the day before so I have a link for Sunday's post to include. Oh well. Speaking of round ups here's another one for you.

Tuesday I responded to yet another tag. But this one was different. This one was good. It included the brilliant answer to the question "How would your best friend describe you?" and I had Jessie write an answer for me herself. It's incredibly accurate so if you want to know what I'm really like, from the person who knows me best, it's worth a look. Plus it was cool anyway.

Wednesday was about my lil miss kittykat Kadie (I wonder if kitty cat Kadie is technically an alliteration because they all start with the same sound) was not very well and had to go to the vets. An update is that the vet gave us some special food for her sensitive tummy (I think I mentioned that) which she really enjoyed. Sadly she doesn't like the other sensitive cat food we got her so much. She doesn't really like dry food so if any of you have tips for encouraging a cat to eat dry food I'd like to hear it. I'd mix some meat in but, well, meat is what got her sick in the first place. I am happy to report though she's only been sick once, and I suspect she ate part of my plant for that. All in all she seems better.

Thursday was my latest podcast. I talked about a few things before getting into the real subject of the podcast. Good old fashioned television. I talked about some of my favourite shows growing up, and a bit about TV in general. I also curse the name of Michael Bay and demand justice for what he has done to my childhood with his terrible terrible adaptations. As movies they are good, but as adaptations? Not really.

Friday was a reaction to some of the comments from my podcast. I mentioned that I had lost 20 pounds "without realizing it" and some people took this to mean that I did it without even trying. I cleared up the confusion and said just what I had been doing (which is a lot more than I made out in that post) to lose the weight. I meant that I had become so focused with the little losses, and especially the little gains, here and there, that I forgot to realize how much overall had been lost. Most commas ever used in a sentence? Possibly.

Saturday was a rewritten version of the next chapter of Immortal Space. I missed out a word still and Fang pointed it out. The error was corrected and I won at life. In this chapter we get some much needed plot development, and I have a go at writing sex appeal. Possessing none myself, I of course had trouble writing it.

And finally on Sunday there was a nice video where George Carlin turned the 10 commandments into two simple commandments that are possible to live by, debunking several other commandments in the process. Though as the comic in the post proved, Zach Wiener was able to beat even that, and come up with one simple commandment. Don't be a dick.

Well that's that for now folks. I think I've somehow got enough stuff to get through at least another week. I hope. Here's also hoping that somehow my clusterfuck of a life doesn't explode more, and cause even more problems. I've always admired my life's ability to just totally fuck up without me doing a damn thing.

You'll note that my About Me page has changed slightly. There is now a link to my Formspring page. If you go there you can ask me any question you want. You don't even need an account there as Fang found out. So if you feel the need to ask me anything, and I do mean anything (seriously I'm bored and no one asks me anything) then feel free to go there and spam the hell out of me with your questions. If you don't have an account you may need to check back to make sure I left a reply. Hell maybe some of the really good ones will get a post made about them.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Two Commandments

In the interests slightly politically incorrect comedy (yes I'm segueing from something I wrote last counts!) I have for you another true master of the art. The gone too soon George Carlin. I could probably post his infamous "Seven Words" routine, but that would be something most people know. This is him breaking down and adjusting the Ten Commandments. Now I'm all for freedom or religion, and I'm a believer in God myself, but even I found these hilarious. Plus he makes some excellent points. Especially "The more devout they are, the more they think killing is negotiable." I know not every religious person is like that. I'm not really looking to start a debate, just share a good lesson wrapped in good comedy.

Although I must say that the comic genius Zach Wiener from SMBC has him beat by having just one commandment.

PS if you're religious I really did mean no offense. I hope you can see the funny side.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Much Longer Chapter

I was indeed able to do some rewrites on this chapter. I didn't take anything out, I just added a few bits in here and there. I was able to do it yesterday after waking up at 7AM. I need to wake up that early more often. I got more done in a few hours than I have this week. Anyway, in this chapter we get something that I think we've been lacking. PLOT DEVELOPMENT. OH BOY. We also get some suave southern gentleman but we got that before anyway.

Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Chapter Five:
Chapter Six:
Chapter Seven:

As usual let me know what you think. I'm trying to basically say that Trent is handsome and smooth with the ladies, I'm not sure how well that came across. Also Daniel's pet peeve about his name really is one of mine. I absolutely hate being called a bastardization of my name. Or a variation of it. Sadly Trent's suave, attractive  ways are not based on personal experience. Probably why I had trouble writing them.
When they arrived back at the hospital they went up to the reception desk where they were greeted by a blonde woman who recognised Geoff.
“Good afternoon Geoff. You're in kind of early.” She said. She looked next to him and saw Trent. Trent smiled at her and she smiled back. Her cheeks reddened a little when she saw him and she had trouble looking him in the eye. “My,” she said, “who's your friend?”
Trent put on his best smile, flashing her his teeth, which just reddened her cheeks more. “Trent Saxon ma'am” he said. His accent sounded a little different but Geoff couldn't quite put his finger on what it was. Trent extended his hand for her to shake. Thankfully this particular lady had not heard that they recently pulled in a dead guy by that name so she was more than happy to shake his hand. “Me and Geoff” he started, patting a stunned Geoff on the back, “are just here to visit Dr. Daniel Osbourne, could you please tell us where we can find him?”.
“Sure thing” she replied before checking her computer. “Let's see. Ah, at this time he's supposed to be in his office. You can find it on the second floor, I think Geoff knows the way anyway, don't you Geoff?”. It took another quick pat on the back by Trent to bring Geoff back into the world.
“Answer the nice ladies' question Geoff.” Trent said, “Do you know the way to Doctor Osbourne's office?”.
“Errr...yeah.” Geoff said. Shaking his head and snapping back into reality properly he continued “Yeah I know where it is, thank you very much.”
“Oh it was my pleasure” the receptionist said, with one more look at Trent before he walked off with Geoff, waving goodbye to her.
“What was that about?” Geoff asked Trent as they were walking down the corridor to the stairs.
“What was what?” Trent said, playing innocent. His voice seemingly back to normal.
“What you were doing to her. Just what were you doing?”
“I was being nice and respectful to a lady, no one ever teach you to do that?”. They reached the stairs and started climbing up. Geoff was silent on the way up but he started talking again when they were heading down the next corridor.
“Sure they did, but not...that.”
Trent just laughed and noticed a door that had Dr. Osbournes name on it. “Well maybe you should do it as much as you can” he said before knocking on the door.
“Come in” Osbourne said. He was sat at his desk surrounded by paperwork when they walked in but as soon as he saw them he stood up and motioned to the chairs in front of his desk. “Welcome back boys, have a seat.”
“Thanks Danny” Trent responded before sitting down and relaxing, crossing his legs and leaning back with his hands behind his head. Geoff sat down in the other chair, resting his forearms on his legs and leaning forward slightly.
“What did you call me?” asked Osbourne, looking aghast.
“Danny” Trent responded without missing a beat. “Cos your name's Daniel see.”
“Exactly. My name is Daniel, so, call me Daniel.”
“Danny, Daniel, what's the difference doc?”. At this Daniel looked pretty mortified.
“Doc? I thought I told you about that already?”
“Yeah you did” Trent said, pretending to ponder the question, “but again, doc, doctor, what's the difference?”
“There's a lot of difference” Daniel said. He was going to continue but instead he just sighed and sat down himself. He leaned back in his chair before sitting forward again, leaning against his desk. “So what are you here for anyway?”
“Well,” Trent started, leaning forward himself, “With a bit of help from Geoff, I was able to get myself another ship. Now, I've asked Geoff if he wants to come along, and he's said yes. I'm now going to ask if I can actually borrow Geoff, and I'm also going to extend the same offer to you. You're welcome to come with me.”
“Please let me go” Geoff pleaded. He'd actually not thought about this. He wanted to go but he knew that he wouldn't be able to if Osbourne didn't give him permission to. Well, he could go, but then he would have to lose his job. Daniel leaned back again, giving it all some thought. He leaned forward again and looked at Geoff.
“You can go Geoff, your job will still be here waiting for you when you get back” he started before Geoff's celebratory “yes!” interrupted him. Geoff looked away sheepishly. Daniel then turned his attention to Trent. “But I'm afraid I can't go too. I just have too many commitments here. I have a  demanding job and my family to consider.”
“I can understand that” Trent said, standing up. “Thanks for letting me borrow Geoff though, I'll have him back in one piece.”
Daniel grimaced a bit at that. “Please do, he's not as indestructible as you. Don't forget that.” Once again, things Geoff hadn't considered. Trent was quick to reassure him though. He placed an arm around him.
“Don't worry none about him Doc, I'm only taking him on a journey, nothing dangerous. Just a bit of exploration.”
Geoff let out a sigh of relief. “Thank you from me too Doc-” Daniel raised an eyebrow at him “-tor Osbourne. I'll be safe, I trust Trent. I just want to see some of the things he's seen is all.” Trent ruffled his hair with a smile on his face.
“That's the spirit boy. I need you to be a bit patient though. I need to go back home before we can leave.” Geoff looked a little sad at that.
“Where is that? Will you really come back?”
Once again Trent was quick to reassure him. He took his hat off and placed it on Geoff's head.
“I'm just going down south to pick some things up. I'll be back tomorrow. To pick up you and my hat. You be a good boy while I'm gone.” Geoff punched him playfully in the ribs.
“I'm not a kid you know, don't treat me like one.” he said. Trent laughed at him as he let him go and walked towards the door.
“Then don't act like one, now, I'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget to prepare for the journey yourself” he said as he left the office, leaving Daniel and Geoff on their own.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Clearing The Confusion

First of all I want to clear up some confusion about yesterday. I didn't lose that weight without effort. A lot of effort went in to it. I've been exercising almost every day and I'm watching what I eat. Though if anything I now eat a bit more (turns out I was undereating, so I found it hard to lose weight because my body was retaining as much fat as possible. That's my explanation anyway). I lost it without realizing. I was so hung up on whet I weighed, and the fact it didn't seem to change much, or I put a bit more on here and there, that I forgot how much I weighed at the start, and didn't realize just how much I've lost. I really did work hard to lose that weight, and I'm still going to have to work hard to lose it now.

In fact screw it I'll just talk about this and save the post I was going to do for next week. Wheee I get a free post.

I've actually not shifted what I eat too much. It's not like my diet forces me to miss out. One reason for this though is that I weigh so much that I have to eat a high number of calories. Yes you read that right being overweight means I have to eat more. It also means I burn more because my body works harder to move me. I'm convinced that after years of lugging my weight around I have the leg strength of a God and when I do lose the weight I'll be able to kick a hole in a wall and run a mile in 3 minutes. Maybe not to that extent but you get my point. Which was kinda that exercising also builds muscles. Given how unfit I was, I wouldn't be too surprised is if one of the reasons I had trouble losing weight is because I was so unfit, and so weak, that even cardio was building muscle mass. Though they do also call for strength training to be done. I do that too but not as often as I do cardio. Which is bad. That is it's a bad thing for me to do.

I'm also cooking more of my own food now, and I'm not that horrible at it. The only thing I can really cook though that isn't premade or simply a matter of shoving something in a microwave, oven, or grill, is a pasta bake. Maybe I'll share the recipe for that one day but it's pretty damn good. It's also surprisingly healthy in that it contains very little fat (yes I've learnt fat can actually be a good thing, in the right amounts, just like everything) although I don't make the sauce myself, so meh, you may get different results to me.

I still want to learn how to cook more, but when you live on a kind of budget like I do you have to make sure you're going to eat what you buy and make with it. I can't really experiment in the kitchen.

PS If anyone knows an egg substitute I'll love you. I like eggs, and they're one of the few things I can cook, but I never really realized how much fat they had in them. So I eat them sparingly. Despite just saying I haven't really changed what I eat much. I haven't though. Well, whatever.

I think I've said enough now except for that the site I'm using for all this is That link is my refer link. If you sign up I get free stuff. Yay for free stuff. Though really I think they are great if you're looking to lose, or even gain weight. Let's not forget that as well as being overweight, there are plenty of underweight people.

Here's to more awesome weight loss. Hopefully.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Idiot Box

I'm here once again with a podcast. For the benefit of those who don't get to hear it, or for those who want to know what they're getting in to, I shall give you a quick rundown of what to expect.

-A thank you for all your nice comments yesterday making me feel better about myself over lil miss kitty
-An update on my goal to lose weight. It turns out I lost 20 pounds without even realizing it. Which is awesome.
-Good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm going to see a counselor. The bad news is that I can't sing, and I'm never going to sing in a podcast. I recorded myself singing, and was going to put it into a podcast, ,but no. So so awful. Sorry guys.
-I talk about TV for like ten minutes. Mostly shit from my childhood. I also RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEEEEE at Michael Bay. .
-I got my kitty to purr into the microphone. I'm not sure it picked up but I hope it did.

As per typical usual it can be found here:

I really need to upgrade my Podbean account now. The only question is do I choose the system with a huge amount of space or do I pick the one with less space, but monthly space increases? I'll probably go with the second really. ALL THAT SPACE. Plus I won't need it immediately.

PS Sorry about all the sniffling. I haz teh poorlyz. This is not a very healthy household.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kitty Not Well

Me, my dad, and my girlkitty Kadie went on a merry trip to the vets yesterday. Lately she's been kind of sick. She's been throwing up and making messes these past few weeks. It kept going away though so we weren't too sure of if she had to go to the vets. We finally gave in though and got her there. See would be sick, and then be fine for a few days, then do it again. Oh well.
The poor mite on the way
When we were at the vets we got some less than pleasing news. Don't worry she's not in any real danger. She just probably has worms, which the vet nicely treated her for there. She also has fleas. Which probably gave her worms. It also seems that by giving her ham occasionally I made her sick. She might have a sensitive tummy and as such we have been given special uber sensitive food. We got 12 pouches of it, and she has to be fed it three times a day. This is also all she's allowed to eat. There are a few problems with this. One, it's freakin expensive (that's not so much of an issue I guess), and two, she's a scavenger. She eats most of the things she comes across. I've even seen her eat cardboard and wood before. She eats pretty much anything and that also probably made her poorly. I don't know if she'll stick to this, and it's not like we can force her to. 

There is one thing that really sucks about all this though. I feel like shit over this. If you're a mother, and you've ever felt like you did your kids wrong, like you let them down, then that's how I feel. But I reckon it's probably worse. I really really care about my cats, and they are ever so precious to me, and I feel like shit that I made her poorly. It's my fault she's sick. Still I suppose it's going to be okay. She'll recover, and as long as I accept the lesson that I wasn't treating her right, she should be okay later on too. 

I <3 my kitties. More than I love almost every person outside my family. 

PS I count Jessie as part of my family.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Yes More Questions

I'm almost sorry to do this to you guys, and I know I do these kind of posts a few times a month, but I was tagged again. Kind of. It wasn't officially a tag. Whatever. The basic point is someone answered some questions and then asked me to answer them too. I simply adore answering questions, and I couldn't think of something to post, so this is what you're getting. That person, by the way, (direct any and all complaints to her) is Bozo

1. Book or movie or TV show and why?
Well it depends on what it is. I prefer books to movies, and if a TV show is turned into a movie, I tend to prefer the TV show. If something was always a movie, then I can enjoy the movies. I can still enjoy movies based on TV shows though, such as anime movies, which are awesome. Generally I'm just going to prefer the original version of something. I like watching TV shows though because they are short and sweet, and I don't have the attention span I used to.

2. Real book or e-book or audio book?
I dedicated a whole post to this: Though I never really gave my own opinions on what I prefer, and I didn't mention audio books at all. I prefer real paperbacks, or hardbacks of course, to ebooks but I can read an ebook too. I have plenty of ebooks I have to read. As for audiobooks I'm not a big fan really. I read faster than people can talk to me, and I find that when I'm listening to something, such as a podcast, or something like an audiobook, I'm not paying total attention, so I may end up missing something. I prefer reading to listening, and I prefer paper to pixels. Hey that could make a cool slogan. "I prefer paper to pixels."

3. Funniest thing you've done in the last five years?

I can't think back that far. One of the funniest things I've done in the past five days though was last week when Jessie came to town with her girlfriend. It was the first time I'd met her girlfriend, ever. They've only been going out four years and four months. I don't think it took long enough. Anyway we just had a whole lot of fun. Whenever me and Jessie get together outside the confines of my room we forget we're in public. This leads to us singing as we walk around town, laughing at the people around us and talking about them, and I even tried on a girly headband that I believe had a bow on it. I think I looked good in it really. There isn't much to do in my town, but we made the most of it.

4. Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?
I don't insert myself in to the books, that's called self insert fanfiction, but I do find myself relating to characters and sometimes even feeling genuine emotion towards them. Or what feels like it. I've found myself wishing I was in another world, but I don't actually see myself in it while reading or watching. A girl can dream though. I would correct myself but "a girl can dream" sounds so much better than "a boy can dream".

5. How would your best friend describe you.
I actually asked her this, and this was her answer. If you want to know what I'm really like, this is a good idea of it really. "Shy, hopelessly romantic, quiet, warped but great sense of humour, faithful to a fault, movie and music obsessed, interesting, deep, self doubting, kind, reclusive, dreamer and inward thinking. But such a complex person, who is so deep and contradictory, so always changing and thinking cannot be described in such benign and simply terms, you are you and very special and unique and thinking so often it may change at a moments notice and then change but the constants are loyal, dreamer and romantic. Yes, you are a people pleaser and that causes more self doubt, hatred deprication as you hold yourself to a high moral and personal standard but you feel bad for pleasing people and not standing by what you think sometimes. You beat yourself up for days over little things. I think if you could or you try even now you would live to the old knights templar code. I think you do try and live as and envision as a knight, but to me ATM you are a starry eyed prince who will mature in to a knight " Some of the sweetest things someone has said about me. I'm also wondering how she knows me so well, but I guess if you're around someone for nine years you pick a few things up.

6. Favourite kind of car and why?
I'm not really that into cars. I like Jeeps though and other 4x4's because I don't really know. But when I do pass my test I want something like that. At the very least I want something that would cause more damage to the person I crash in to than to me.

7. Would your choice for a party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?
Hmmm...I think it can depend. Some situations call for catering, some can call for a nice barbecue. Typically though I prefer indoor catered affairs to barbecues. I don't mind a barbecue but there's more choice at a catered meal and it's typically healthier. That said, cheeseburgers and hot dogs rule.

8. What's your favorite season and why?
Winter of course. I love the snow. Though we don't get much. I also prefer the cold. I would easily rather be too cold than too hot. I walked barefoot in snow once :D It gets better. I actually dug my feet into the snow. It was cold sure but it felt great. If you're wondering why I did that my boss kind of told me to. I was walking to work and I got a lot of snow in my shoes, and this made my feet more than a little smelly, so he suggested I walk out in the snow to wash my feet. I'm not sure he was serious but I took the chance to do it. I'd do it again too. DO IT. ALL OF YOU. IT'S AWESOME.

9. What specific lesson have you learned - Spiritual, educational, occupational?
Spiritual- I guess the same one Bozo learned. Just because you do some bad things, it doesn't fundamentally make you a bad person. I've done a lot of bad things in my time, but most would describe me as a good person. Really being a bad person can help make you a good one. Though there are generally good people. I've also learned that the likelihood there is such a thing as a soul mate is pretty high. I just wish I could accept that hey, I'm not such a bad guy.

Education- I learnt that 2+2 = 4 and sometimes I'm not so sure about that. I can't really remember a great deal of what I learnt in school, but I'm sure it will come to me as I need it. Oh I know all the continents, I think. Europe, Asia, Australasia, Antarctica, Africa, America, and I think the other pole is one of it's own, but I don't know the name. I'm off to google that. Turns out I'm wrong. I was almost there. North and South America are individual continents. Oh and Australasia is also just known as Australia. Meh.

Occupational- My boss can be a dick but he means well. In my time at work though I have completed an on the job training course. I've learnt several things at work, such as how to use a cash register (it's slightly more than just a big calculator) and how to arrange things properly so they look neat and to encourage people to buy things. The retail industry is all about the subliminal messaging. You'd think I would enjoy the psychological aspect of it.

10. Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?
Play video games, listen to music, and watch TV shows on my laptop. That's about it really. I also enjoy reading but I'm not sure I do it enough (outside reading blogs) to count.

11. What's one place you can be found at least one time every week?
My sisters house. Even if it's a school holiday and I don't have to go with dad to pick my niece up from school, I usually end up there. I don't mind though, it gets me out the house. Also the shops.I really don't get out much.

And that's that. I had a whole lot of fun with this one, and I hope you did too.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Nothing To See Here, Just A Round Up

You know even though this was a round up, and I wasn't really going to write anything, it still took a while for me to do it. All I'm doing is saying what I've already done and I don't think I can do a good job of that? Fuck. I guess I should really call the therapist today. My doctor couldn't refer me herself, she gave me a number to ring, but I hate using phones, I really do. Still, my need for therapy is stronger than my hatred of phones. Enough misery, on with the show!

Tuesday was a guest post by the always outrageous Pickleope. I'm not really sure I can accurately say what it was about. Basically he was considering the implications of Superman's powers on the darker side of teenage life. I deemed it NSFW really, at least compared to what I post. Compared to what HE posts, it was about average. Still hilariously funny though.

Wednesday, partly because it was an idea, and partly to make up for Tuesday, I introduced you all to the latest member of my family. She's a new niece called Laney-May, and she's downright adorable. I also spoke a bit about how she softened my heart in a way that my nieces and nephews never have, and almost made me want children of my own. I don't think I accurately described how much that feeling freaked and weirded me out.
For those of you who missed it
Thursday was my latest podcast. This time about a problem I have had with blogging lately, and some questions being answered. The problem, for those interested, is that after doing personal posts so much lately, I'm having trouble doing non-personal posts. If I can get over that, and I really should, then I can blog for years to come because I can do a whole post from just one word really. Depending on the word.

Friday I told you all about the May 1st international general strike. Yes not everyone likes strikes, and yes, there have been some in the news lately, but think about the impact that an international strike could have. Not just one company, or one union, being on strike, but several countries.

Saturday I posted a rather short chapter from my story Immortal Space. I would have posted two chapters because one was so short but I wanted to do some rewrites. I really hope I find the time/motivation to do it.

Sunday I borrowed an idea from Anne and posted a video of Irish funnyman Dylan Moran. One of the best Irish comedians there is, and someone who isn't (or wasn't) afraid to push social boundaries. The video was a short routine of his on Germans, and he even got some English hating in there.

Welp there you have it, that was last week. Here's hoping we make it to the end of this week.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Dylan On Germany

If you see this Anne, then know that I did in fact give you credit. On her blog Anne recently posted a video of not-so-politically-correct comedy by Dylan Moran on the subject of Americans. I couldn't think of anything to post, so I thought I would borrow her idea and post another of Dylan Moran's comedy routines. He's an absolute comedy legend, and this is what he had to say about Germany.

Please note if you ARE German, this is all in good fun. It's just comedy. I laugh at English stereotypes.

PS Sorry that it comes in off a joke, and goes off during a joke. I didn't upload the video, so it's not my fault. But I still apologized.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

A Short Chapter

Well it's Saturday and that means another installment in what is becoming a not so bad story after all. I only have a short chapter for you today because, well, the chapter was short anyway. But I feel like I should do some rewrites to the next one. I figure this could do with some rewrites of it's own but that's time restraints for you.

Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:
Chapter Seven, well that follows this. Enjoy!


Trent woke up a few hours later, looking at his watch to see just how late it was. When he looked at his hand he noticed something and laughed out loud. Geoff walked into the room.
“You're awake now? What's so funny?” Geoff asked him, leaning against the door frame. Trent held up his hands with a huge grin on his face. Geoff looked at them for a few seconds before he realised what had happened. His jaw dropped before he started laughing too, in disbelief though really. Trent had four fully formed fingers on each hand, complete with two thumbs as well. Somehow, amazingly, his finger had grown back and he had two complete hands.
“Did that really happen?” Geoff asked. Trent stuck his hands in his pockets and fidgeted, and he did pull out the fingertip that he cut off.
“Somehow,” Trent replied, playing with the finger “that did in fact happen.” He laughed again and pocketed the finger again. He pointed at Geoff, still laughing. “It seems like you owe me a date”.
Geoff buried his face in his palm. “Why are you keeping that thing?” he asked.
“Well that Osbourne fella might not believe us”, Trent replied. “But you're avoiding the point. When can I meet your sister?”
Geoff shook his head before replying. “No no no you aren't getting to meet her. Is there anything else? I did not expect this to happen, and it will not happen,” he said.
Trent stroked his stubble, wishing he had a beard. He gave it some thought and slapped his hands on his legs when he was done.
“The ship”, he said, “I'll call it off if you call off that I owe you money for the ship. I'm out of money and I need the money I can get for myself, so I can be off on my way”.
Geoff was a bit sad at this thought. He didn't really want Trent to go, and he did see this debt as a way to keep him around.  “Do you really have to go so soon?”, Geoff asked, before he could stop himself.
Trent put his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling. “I think I'll be around for a few weeks or so, I don't know how long it will take”. Geoff's face dropped. “But”, Trent continued, looking at Geoff, “You can still come with me if you want. This would still be partly your ship you know”.
Geoff looked back up, smiling again. Trent smiled back and got out of bed.
“Say, just when does your man Osbourne finish work? Can we still go see him there now?” he asked Geoff. Geoff checked the time, and saw that they could still catch Osbourne at work. So the two of them headed out and started walking towards the hospital. Trent was joking about how his date with Geoff's sister could have gone while Geoff was laughing it off and thanking Trent for saying he could still go with him if he wanted.

PS He's not God-moding life by being able to regenerate, it's seriously restricted and several other people in fiction have had unrestricted regeneration.

Friday, 13 April 2012


Today I'm coming before with a much anticipated activism post. Yes I know it's been a while, and this is something I've been wanting to share with you, but the time just wasn't right. I think I may have possibly left it too late, but there's still the chance I didn't.

If you're up to date with things you can probably ignore this, but if not, then you should read on.

This May 1st is going to be quite a big deal. The world is going on strike. If you're unionized, then go on strike, and if not, then just call in sick, or skip work altogether. If you're too young to be in a union, or have a job, then don't go to school. Fuck everything, and tell everyone you aren't taking their shit anymore.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Fight for things people. It doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you fight for it.

More info can be found at

Thursday, 12 April 2012

More Questions And Some Answers

I kinda didn't realise how late into the week it was. Well I have another podcast for you as always. This is another two parter, with a bit before and then an entirely different subject. First of all I talk about a problem I've had with blogging, and then I answer just a few more questions people asked. If I get asked any more then for now I'll probably just answer in the comments.

As per usual is where you can find it if it's not working here.

If you can't listen to the podcast for whatever reason, and are interested, the problem is that I don't feel so good about making impersonal posts now I've started to be more personal. Still, it's my blog, and I can do what I want. Ha.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Prepare To Awwwww

I was going to post this on Sunday, because Easter is also about new life and all, but then I thought of using Easter to get a free post and saving this post for this week. I figured I also needed something to make for Pickleope's post yesterday, so I decided to post it today.

There is a new addition in my family, this time from my second oldest sister. She only births girls for some reason. Seeing how three of her four children are by the same man, he is the one to blame. Science taught me that the sperm of a male decides the gender of the baby. If I'm wrong then do correct me!

Anyway, this is also her second child to be born with ginger hair. I actually got her other ginger kid to respond when I called her "Ginger", but I'm not mean. I want her to not associate it with insults, as it will probably be thrown at her as an insult. As the title suggested, prepare to awww as I throw at you some baby pictures.

Lil' baby Laney-May.  At first I didn't think that was how you spelled it, but it is.
I can't really put into words how tiny she is. She was a Caesarean birth so I wasn't expecting her to be so small.

This baby has had a strange and profound effect on me though. I'll put this simply; I'm not really fond of babies...but I'm fond of her.

She made me feel all maternal, and when her mum was fighting with her sisters, she was holding my finger while I made sure she was quiet and was okay. I even stroked her head to help soothe her.

This is not me. Not at all.

I find babies cute, sure, who doesn't? but they never hit me like that. Plus I was told I'm not allowed to say maternal. I'm paternal. It just feels more maternal than paternal. Whatever, damn semantics.

Does this mean I want kids of my own? No, not yet, I don't think so anyway. I still aim to have them in my late 20's. But I think I am more open to the idea of children.

Seriously, I'm never like that with kids.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Super-Pervert (A Totally NSFW Guest Post)

I think that you guys will get a laugh out of this, but seriously, I'm going to have to give it a PG-13 rating, at least. It's by our good friend Pickleope, so you know what kind of crazy stuff to expect. Remember folks, it's all a joke! Don't kill me or him.
Firstly, let me thank the Rambling Person himself for allowing me the opportunity to sully his corner of the internet. And sully I shall.

Knowing how depraved adolescent boys just discovering the joys of their penis are, can you imagine what Superman was like when he was in his early teens? All his origin stories focus on him running around a farm, lifting tractors and such, but they overlook what happens when he discovered his powers and his wiener at the same time. Sure, he’d probably stop a 3-story tall rampaging robot, but he’d also be masturbating constantly (he’d never get chafed, he’s freaking invulnerable). No one would look at him like a hero if they knew what he got up to when he was exploring his super-sexuality. “Sure, he saved that bus full of kids, but did you see that video of him supersonically masturbating on the moon? That dude’s messed up.”
Besides, aren’t all teenagers cynical dicks? He wouldn’t be running around the globe saving people. Emo-Superboy would be in his room listening to the Smiths, bemoaning overpopulation and putting holes in the ceiling with his super-ejaculate. He’d probably fly to Hollywood first chance he had, buy a map of the stars homes, then put his x-ray vision to use super-peeping on everyone from Miley Cyrus to Betty White (Betty White is everywhere nowadays, even Superman’s pervert list. Why won’t she just retire?).
He wouldn’t waste his time catching every dummy reporter that falls off a roof; he’d use his super-speed to selfishly help his favorite sports team.
Besides, the more you “save the day”, the more it becomes expected. Then when you fail those expectations, people start complaining that Superman is never around when you need him. Who needs that headache? If you save the occasional old lady from being hit by a car then piss-off for a few months, people will fawn all over you. Let’s not act like he doesn’t have a massive ego, prancing around in that ostentatious cape. Superman LOVES the attention.
He’s also an alien, so how can we be so sure all his parts are in the same place? The bulge in his underpants might be another hand for all we know and his sex organs are on his calf. For that matter, is his physiology the same? What if he only has oral bowel movements? Or his belly button sneezes (that would be really weird, think about it).

On the other side of the equation is Batman. Dude was so focused on getting revenge and training that he was probably a virgin until he ran into Catwoman. By then he had to have been damn near 30. But he certainly had a toy or two in that utility belt to get him through a lonely night. Or maybe his sexual urges were too much of a distraction from his ultimate cause and so, “Bat-Chop!” Batman’s a self-inflicted castrato.

I think what we’ve learned here is that you shouldn’t watch a superhero movie with me as I’ll probably spend most of the time talking about the protagonists underlying perversions. Just wait until the Avengers movie comes out, then we can discuss how boring Captain America would be in bed with his 1940’s sentiments (all missionary with that guy).

Thank you again, Mark, for indulging my special brand of madness. You are a gentleman and way too good for such nerdly musings.
There's going to be a lot less smut tomorrow. Though I imagine some of you guys may be disappointed by that.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Round Ups Are Fun

Round ups really are fun, even if you don't know it. Well at the least they allow me to go another day without realizing my total lack of ideas. Well I have one idea, and I have a guest post. If I can record a podcast and come up with another idea then I fend off having to admit my failures for another week. Unless that counts as admitting failures. Whatever. I guess if you're still reading this, you might want to know what I posted about last week, unless you're someone that read every day (<3 to you) in which case, well I don't know. There's some original writing in here somewhere you can enjoy. It's not copying ideas if I'm copying my own. Behold my ultimate victory!

Well anyway, Monday was a surprise podcast about stuff I'm not even too sure about anymore. Oh that's right, I was talking about a lot of personal crap such as my total and utter lack of confidence which was leading to my lack of ideas for posts. It wasn't just that I didn't have any ideas, but that I felt like I couldn't do anything good with them anyway.

On Tuesday I did my first original post in a while in which I debated the pros and cons of ebooks over real books. Well really I was just saying that ebooks aren't all that bad, and was shedding some light on their pros. In the comments we came to the conclusion that while ebooks have some positive sides, they are no replacement for real books, and never should be. They're a substitute, not a replacement. Yes there's a difference.

Wednesday was a guest post by my good bloggin buddy Kbbudding writer, in which he shared a poem he wrote with us. Well he shared it with me and said I could share it with you.

Thursday was another podcast (that's right folks I did two in one week, don't get used to it) this time it was in two parts really. The first part was some more personal stuff, but then I picked back up and answered some questions set by the indistinctive writer, and a few set by you guys. Literally two. After some mild disappointment more questions popped up, so I might as well do another one. Really, if you have more questions, then do ask them. I don't want to do another one for a while.

Friday was about my most recent driving lesson in which even though things went wrong, I didn't let it get to me. I just picked myself up and tried again, and I do seem to be improving. My instructor is on holiday this week (again! driving instructing seems to be pretty damn lucrative) so I won't be able to fall back on writing about that this week. Shame.

Saturday I finally posted the next installment of Immortal Space after over a month. Which barely anyone read. Or at least commented on. Which makes me paranoid it was shit and people were being nice.

And on Sunday I took the chance to be lazy as fuck and do a post on Easter. Including crazy shit a crazy preacher told me. Yay!

So, there you have it. Overall it wasn't too bad a week. At least I don't think so.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

It's Easter And I'm Lazy

I know I usually try to avoid doing what everyone else is doing, but, like the title suggests, I'm lazy. Well it's not totally that, I'm not going to miss up the chance of a free post. I had an idea for a post, and so far it's the only one I have, so I have to save it for next week. I should start writing about the news or something, there's always news, right? My problem with that of course is that I like to mix things up and talk about different things, I don't like being bound to one subject, and I hate repeating myself. Anyway, on to Easter. Otherwise known as Zombie Jesus Day.

Sadly I only have one egg, and two chocolate bunnies (one of which is missing it's ears) as I had to buy chocolate for myself. That's a sign that you're getting old, when you have to buy your own Easter chocolate. When you're really old you only buy it for other people. Still I am supposed to be on a diet aren't I? Sweet delicious chocolate though. I seriously rarely ever eat chocolate. Seriously. Stop laughing it's true.

I'm not going to let the day pass without throwing some useless trivia at you though. I learned recently just what Easter eggs are about. Or what some crazy American preacher told me they were about. (I was at some kind of open air Easter gathering thing in town, and they had an American preacher) He told me that at first, they had normal eggs, which represented new life. This I could understand. He also told me though that they represented the great stone in front of Jesus' tomb, and that cheese rolling festivals and what not, were originally symbolic of the Angel moving the stone from Jesus' tomb. This I had a slightly tougher time believing. Plus he threw an Easter egg and wasted good chocolate.

Still not sure how the chocolate egg thing came about, but he told me to make sure that people knew what the eggs represented, and that they weren't simply chocolate.

The more you know.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

It's Been Too Long

Hey guys it's been quite a while since I did this, but I did have my reasons. Thanks for being so patient and understanding. In case you have no idea what I'm doing, I'm going to post the next part of Immortal Space. Sadly I haven't written anything more on it, yet, because of the whole confidence thing I guess. Plus lately I haven't felt like doing anything, but I still have a few chapters to fall back on. In case you can't remember, we left the story with Trent and Geoff going out into Chicago to find a new space ship for Trent. A chapter list for you;
Chapter one:
Chapter two:
Chapter three:
Chapter four:
Chapter Five:

To make it up to you for taking so long (well actually I did write it this long) you have a super long installment of the story. I'm not totally happy with this, I thought it could have done with more descriptions, but I know that is a big problem I have. I'm never sure how much detail to go into. I can see it all in my head, but I don't quite know how to write it down. Anyway, enough dawdling, it's story time.

Trent and Geoff were walking down the street. Trent was taking in all the sights, the skyscrapers that were mostly very thick glass, the smaller shops with signs in the window proclaiming the various items they had for sale. The way the sun reflected off of the buildings made for quite a sight. He could see people going about their business and he could see the occasional slacker here and there too. He was also thankful to see a few spots of nature like a few trees dotted around the place. He knew they were planted by man but he was still always glad to see them. He pulled a leaf from one and stuck it in his pocket before turning to Geoff. 
“Okay so first things first, I need some grub. You know anywhere nice then?” He asked him.
“Sure do” Geoff replied, pointing to a shop in the distance. Trent could make out some tables outside, which identified it as a cafĂ©. He sped up a bit, causing Geoff to run to keep up with him. Opening the door his nose was hit by the smell of well cooked food. Looking around he spotted some free tables and went up to the counter to order his food. 
“What can I get you sir?” Said the guy behind the counter. Typical grease covered teenager you expect to find working at a fast food place. Some things never change, Trent thought to himself. Smiling at his thoughts he looked up at the menu and checked how much change he had. 
“Just two burgers and some soda please” He said, turning round to Geoff asking him if he wanted anything.
“I'll take the same” Geoff said, after checking his own money. 
With their food in hand they sat down and started eating. Trent ate his first burger in a few bites, he didn't realise just how hungry he was. After taking some of his soda, he decided to take the second burger a bit slower. He decided to ask Geoff a question instead of digging straight in.
“Say, where is the shipyard around here anyway?”
Geoff swallowed the burger he had in his mouth before replying. “There's one a few blocks away. This is the closest food joint to there which is why I brought us here”.
Trent chuckled and took a bite out of his second burger. “Well I figured it wasn't the food. Still, when you've not eaten in a few days anything will do.”
“When was the last time you ate?” Geoff asked him.
“I think it was a day or two before I crashed. I was on my way back to Earth to resupply actually.”
“Oh”, Geoff replied, eating his burger again. Then a thought struck him.
“Wait you can't die, do you really need to eat?”
“Well yeah”, was Trent's sarcastic reply, “My body still needs proteins and energy, and I get hunger pains just like everyone else. Let me tell you after going longer than most people can without food, you really start to hurt, and you get pretty weak too.”
Geoff hadn't actually thought of that. The rest of the meal passed mostly in silence. When they were done they threw away their rubbish and headed out the door.
“Alright, which way now?” Trent asked Geoff.
Geoff looked around and pointed to a skyscraper. “It's just past that place over there”, he said. “Homeworld Shipyard”.
The two of them headed off together down the street. Trent was taking in the sights again. He really had been away for too long. Though he was a big fan of natural beauty, which he supposed explained why he enjoyed being in space so much. He had some favourite spots on Earth but he was always being distracted in space. If he had stopped staring at the sun and turned round just a few minutes earlier, he might not have been shot down actually. Though he considered the trouble worth it for that sight.
They reached the shipyard and Trent let out a whistle as he looked around. There were ships of all sorts here. Some destroyers that were mostly military class but civilians were able to get some of them, mostly for protection. A few merchant ships that focused on hull space and shielding, with some weaponry. Most merchants typically took an escort though if they expected any real danger. He found a desk in the middle and walked up to the it, this one operated by a tall woman with long blue hair.
“See anything you like sir?” She asked Trent with a playful smile.
Trent looked behind her and pointed to a ship that was a good size for him. It was small but liveable, just what he was after. Something he could live in, but not so big that he'd get too lonely and be tempted to take too many people with him. From the information on the board above it, this ship held 4 or 5 people comfortably. It was also known as “The Piranha”. The weird names people think for their ships thought Trent. Still he wasn't much use at naming things himself sometimes.
“How much for The Piranha back there ma'am?” He asked her.
She looked slightly disappointed at this reply before regaining her demeanour and checking the records. “Let's see here...” she said, thumbing through the pages “Ahhh here it is. The Piranha, 4 person ship but can handle five, 2 manned gun turrets and 3 automatic ones, missiles can be mounted but you need a license for those”. At this Trent pulled out his license. The lady gave it a once over and handed it back, “okay so you can have missiles attached. It also comes with a heavy duty shield and an engine that while not that powerful, can be upgraded. Though it's light speed engine is out, and you will have to buy a new one. Because of the engine it is on offer and will currently cost you 30,000 credits.”
Trent checked the money in his pockets. He was just shy, having only 28,000. It had been a while since he had needed a new ship. He turned to Geoff.
“Hey Geoff could you lend me two grand? I'll pay you back pretty quick.” He asked.
Geoff was taken a bit off guard, but he had grown to like Trent, and thought having a reason to keep him around, like him owing money, might not be too bad. He thought he might have made the decision a bit fast, but once he had made it, he knew he wouldn't be able to convince himself not to. “Um, okay, but let me just go get it.”
“There's a cash machine over there sir” The lady said, pointing to an ATM that was outside a bank across the road.
Geoff thanked her and went to the machine. He came back a few minutes later, two thousand in hand. He handed it over to Trent who handed it over to the lady along with his own 28,000 and asked her for The Piranha. She took his money, put it away, and gave him the keys. Trent and Geoff went to the ship, opened it up and had a look inside. It was roomier than Trent thought. He found the cockpit, which had two main chairs at the front and then three smaller ones behind those. He found a kitchen, complete with a fully stocked fridge. Though he wondered about the quality of the food, and decided he should check it out later. He found a main sitting area in the middle with a large table, and what looked like a projector in the middle of it. He found that the ship had 4 bedrooms. Each one had it's own bed, causing Trent to believe something on some other part of the ship became a bed. He found a medical bay, and a fairly large hold too. All in all he had found a great ship. Or so he thought. It was then he found the engine room. The lady wasn't kidding about the engine. He figured he was going to need a new one. He already owed Geoff money too. After finding everything he went back to one of the bedrooms and laid on the bed there.
“Now what?” Geoff asked him as he walked into the room.
“Now,” Trent replied, shutting his eyes and sticking his hands behind his head, “I try to get some sleep. Neither of us slept last night, you must be tired to.”
“A bit”, Geoff admitted.
“Well get yourself on a bed and get some sleep. This ship is partly yours you know.”
Geoff walked off to another bedroom with a smile on his face. He couldn't really believe he did actually partly own a ship. He found another room, laid down, and dreamt about what he might see if he took off in this ship that was partly his. 

Friday, 6 April 2012

Best. Lesson. EVAR

I had a really good driving lesson yesterday. Not in that I didn't make mistakes, boy howdy did I make mistakes, but overall it felt really good. I did things quite well really. I'm doing better at staying in the lane, and even though I don't have brilliant depth perception (this was my biggest problem with starting driving) I'm getting better at understanding where I am on the road. Not perfect sure, but I don't know how I achieved this level of it so it's probably good. That is it's good that I'm getting better at this and doing things more naturally, which shows I have potential, and hopefully that I can in fact drive. Or will be able to. Eventually.

I drove in the town centre today too. I was around more traffic and people than I've ever been and I handled it a lot better than I imagined I would. Actually when I realised where I was I said "Oh dear God" which made my instructor laugh. I even stalled it right there in the middle of the town centre and made one great noise because I didn't stick to exactly what my instructor said. He told me to put the hand brake on but I didn't because the car in front of me moved off. It turns out a beginner like me shouldn't do this. I still had the clutch down (for people who don't know clutch all the way down means the car won't move) and when the car started drifting backwards I panicked and put the accelatrix on, to try and move forward. If I had taken the clutch off when I had the accelatrix on the car would have shot forward, and there would have been a crash. But hey I didn't crash so it's all good. 

No matter what went wrong I was able to laugh it off and move on and focus on what was going well. I made some mistakes sure, but I'm going to learn from them.

This positive experience kind of made me think I shouldn't go into therapy after all, but I know I should. One positive experience doesn't fix everything, and I know I have a lot of deep rooted things I should get sorted out. I might be better when I'm out of the situation that causes me problems, but the problems are still there, and they will come to me in the day. Avoiding situations is no way to live really. 


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