Saturday, 3 March 2012

It's Not Much But It's Something

Well I don't really know what to say, I couldn't really think of anything to put here. While I have money now I haven't begun work on trying to salvage my hard drive, and I'm not sure I can start it yet. Jessie is coming today and I'm buying pizza. It may be my one and only chance to treat a girl to a night in, and there's no chance of getting laid.


So in the interests of giving you something, here's my latest poem. I'm not too happy with it really. I tried having a go at longer verse, but it felt like I was making it rhyme for the sake of rhyming. I know poetry doesn't have to rhyme, but to me I just don't feel right unless it is rhyming. Part of the reason I stick to short verse is so that it still makes sense and I don't just arrange words or use them to use them as a rhyme. Anyway I've ranted enough (that'll never really happen) so here's your poem. This one has no title.

I can see it
That guiding light
From where I walk
In the night
I'm not sure though
If I want to see such a sight
If I'm even ready
If it's even right
Can I even do this
The light seems so bright

I'm almost afraid
To leave what I know
What would I do
Where would I go
I really do like the dark
It's not just for show
There is beauty in moonlight
I'll have you know
Do I really have to leave
If I want to grow

Will I allow myself to feel
To take the good with the bad
To go back to being happy
After feeling sad
To see the good in me
Even if I am bad
Is it so hard
To even feel glad
But is what I do and am
All that bad

I like who I am
I won't change for you
I won't change for anyone
And there's nothing you can do
There is more to me
Than you ever knew
Some parts of me
I don't know too
I'm still discovering who I am
That much is true

Who I am though
Seems easy to me
For I am all that I am
And can ever be
I can change who I am
Do you see
I can become anything I want
This I do decree
Though who I am isn't all that bad
Sometimes not even to me


  1. I love myself too! ^_^

    Mark! I tagged you. sorry :)

    1. Hey hey, let's not get crazy here. I'll get to the tag when I can :)

  2. Wow, your blog is such a refreshing change from those numerous self help blogs out there. Ive been hunting down on blogs that are more like mine and less sciency or techy.
    Im following you.:)
    Cheers!! :)

    1. Anyone can tell you I'm more into self-deprecation than self help.

    2. I present my evidence.

  3. "Though who I am isn't all that bad"
    How can it even be a bad thing ever?

    Not too shabby, not too shabby. Keep on writing!

    1. I don't think I know how to stop at this point.

  4. That was pretty good. My attempts at poetry always end up being comical.

    Anyway, there's an award awaiting you at my blog.

    1. There's a room for comical poetry too, and thank you for the award :)

  5. Now I want pizza, too.

    The sense of self and the willingness to change for another is what I gathered from your poem. Good work, Mark!

    1. I think there was an unwillingness to change in there, for others and for myself.

  6. Amazing poem, great job again Mark!

  7. a talented poet as well...great work

  8. Pretty well written, the only thing is I feel I read countless poems about individuality and not changing yourself for others. Not that that's a bad thing though.

    1. There are a fair few out there like that, but my next one isn't.

  9. Try condensing lines to fill out ideas more, instead of just a few words per each. That's my suggestion. Also, synonyms are a poet's best friend.

    1. Thanks for the advice, always thankful for it.

  10. Indeed, this is a good poem! The sense of self really is in there...

    God I wish I could say something different, but sometimes groupthink is right. :3

  11. Yep, no need to change yourself for other people.

  12. You, sir, are an excellent poet. Could I borrow this by any chance, for my English poem dissection/response? Comment back with the answer, please, as IDK why, but the subscribe by email doesn't work.

    1. Well I tweeted you my answer.

  13. you're a regular pat hatt

  14. I enjoyed reading this poem - I like the rhythm and the starkness of the emotions!

    Happy weekend - hope you had a great pizza time with Jessie!

    Take care

  15. *applause*
    I'm not really into poetry, but this was lovely!
    I think it's actually quite hard to accept yourself and come to love your entire self for who you are, so kudos :D


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