Friday, 16 March 2012

Guest Post: Dirty Cowgirl

This is the first guest post I have for you guys from my good friend Dirtycowgirl (yes everyone who does one gets a link, it's just common decency) and it's a post she had on her blog some time ago, so some of you may (amazingly) remember it. Either way you're probably going to enjoy it.

How much do you care about your blog ?
I mean really care. A while ago I was talking to a friend about mine and I realised that I actually feel quite maternal towards it.

And no, this isn’t some strange side effect of my son growing up. If that was the case my cats would probably be dressed in baby clothes.
FYI they’re not.
I like my arms the way they are ie not covered in scratches.

But anyway.
My friend thought I should’ve been offended as I showed him a very negative review that had been done about it on another blog, I had submitted it for a dare as this particular site is well known for ripping it out of other blogs. He said if he had put work into something that someone else then slated he wouldn’t be happy and he couldn’t understand why I wasn’t bothered.
I only showed him because I found it funny and the silly twat got all defensive of me. Bless.

I said it’s all rather subjective, I’ve seen plenty of blogs that I don’t like. Nothing particularly bad about them, they just didn't interest me, and I never really thought anyone other then the few personal friends who know about it would read mine but here I am with my very own flock.
Just call me Bo-Peep.
Nah, scrap that - she lost hers.
If any of my followers leave me I will hunt them down like a motherfucker.

But it was talking about that, and the fact that my words are now read by people all over the world and how pleased I am about that, that led me to realise that my blog is in fact my baby.

If I don’t post for a few days does that make me guilty of neglect ?
And if there are other bloggers who feel the same about theirs maybe it’s time we had Blog Protection Laws - what constitutes blog abuse ? Can you bully a blog ?
Is making a back up of your blog like getting your kid inoculated against mumps and measles ?

And will my blog eventually grow up, develop a mind of it’s own and fuck off and leave me.

Every once in a while there seems to be a rash of people posting that they are having problems with gadgets and commenting ( although usually when blogger are making changes) I guess like all babies our blogs can get sick. But there's no need to be getting all panicky and bothered, it’s the same in any playground when a virus goes round, everyone gets sick sooner or later.
And Dr Google always finds a cure.

I like the fact that the people who follow my blog did so because they read it and wanted to see more. But I can understand that it must be quite disheartening to think that of all the many millions of people who now belong to blogger there is nobody who wants to read yours.
I suppose it depends why you blog really.
And the size of your ego.
I’ve never had a problem with self confidence, and I don’t need the approval of other people to validate myself. Of course it’s nice to be appreciated but I wouldn’t lose any sleep if no-one liked my baby. As long as Mummy loves you you’re ok.

But I guess the blogs with no followers are the internet equivalent of the kid with nits and a snotty nose that nobody wants to play with.
There are a few I follow that have readers in the thousands, that takes some doing - and talent.
Well unless you want to fill your page with porn pics. Yeah those blogs (which I stumbled on purely by *ahem* accident) often have tens of thousands of followers. And no doubt just as many anonymous ones.
I’d never do that - it’d be like sexually abusing it.

And the other thing about followers is that like a lot of people I would rather have just a few that actually read it, left an occasional comment and participated then thousands that are just pictures on the sidebar. Sometimes a new one appears, leaves a comment with a URL inviting me (a middle aged sarcastic bitch) to follow their blog that's about either computer games or being a "mommy" (they clearly never read my posts about Son). Or my pet hate, endless pictures of idiots falling off skateboards/writing on drunk people/dribbling babies, all stolen from other sites and music videos from bands I have never heard of, but no actual written content although they do have 25 adsense banners.
And when I don't follow back they pretty soon remove themselves from my list.
Good. Fuck off and don't come back.

My precious child does not want to play computer games and be influenced by the 'special' kids.
Given that it’s the product of my grey matter it’s got enough to contend with.

The blogger awards are nice too. I appreciate the ones I’ve received, but it got a bit silly for a while - there were a few that seemed to be going around given with instructions to pass to 4587 other people. Great. But then I realised that if everyone had one they lost their value.
When I first got some I was very pleased indeed.
Now it’s like attending the end of term presentation, swelling with pride because your child’s won an award only to find that every kid got the same certificate.

But anyway, my baby has been backed up and protected.
And now I realise how much it means to me I’ll smash your face in if you hurt it.


  1. I don't think of my blog as my baby, I think of it as a stage to perform on, to present my work and a place to communicate with the people who comment. I try not to be mean to people either. There's enough of that in the real world and I don't like bringing it here.

    1. I think there's much more hate in the online world than the real world, but I've been on Youtube and Facebook and Twitter. My blog is a mix of my baby and my stage. I want to present my work and perform, but I also want to take care of it.

    2. Who's being mean ?

      And Mark, I don't kow about more hate, I think it's more that some people who might think but not act or say get braver when they can hide behind a computer screen.

  2. I consider my blogs less of a sentience and more of a canvas, a journal. I even present it the way I would if I kept a journal, but doing it for public consumption, y'know?

    Heeeey, since you're accepting guest posts of previous blogs, perhaps I could submit some of my own? Or perhaps poetry, or even the lyrics I post? Just curious. :D

    1. I have very few journal style posts, and I only started doing them recently, but I do get what you mean. We're discussing the second part of that comment in emails too :)

  3. Oh my. Well, if there are any bloggers out there who have no followers and are considering killing themselves after reading this post...don't do it. There are zillions of blogs out there, you might be a diamond in the fact you probably are. A lot of it has to do with marketing yourself so that others are able to find you. Just don't give up or be discouraged if you don't become a blogging superstar overnight. That is my advice to the huddled blogging masses (not that anyone asked).

    1. Well it is very good advice :) At first I didn't have many followers and then I just whored myself out.

    2. Good grief ! This post was meant to be funny - if it drives anyone to suicide then I think they have bigger issues to worry about then no followers.

  4. I like the Blog Protection Laws, it gets taken away from you if you neglect it....

    1. I like the sound of that, as long as the fecker is taken off of the blog reading list as well so it's not cluttering it up.

    2. Haha

      At least someone gets it.

  5. Dirty Cow Girl is one of my favourites so it's good to see her do a guest post, awesome stuff DCG.

    1. Why thanks Yeamie, I can always count on you :)

  6. I totally agree that the blog needs to be backed up. Learned it the hard way, though, when I lost an old blog connected to Friendster.

    I personally think a blog is like a garden, the more you care about it, the better it grows. And for me, the blog performs as a scrap book and a diary/journal - minus really personal stuff.

    Will hop by dirtycowgirl's blog in a bit.

    1. There's other things you can do that help protect it, when you pop by take a look at my blogger tips page.

      Love the garden analogy too.
      Except I always manage to kill plants, whereas my Son has made it to 26.

  7. Replies

      Me ? Girly ? I wish you could see how much I am laughing right now.

  8. I may not exactly feel "maternal," per se, but I remember that I once totally FREAKED OUT when it had appeared that my blog had been deleted. o_O Not. Cool.

    -Barb the French Bean

  9. was expecting some wrangler type cowgirl pics ;/ lol good post regardless

  10. Replies
    1. Hey I heard that! ( ^___^)(>__o )

    2. oh! haha..yeah, I remember you posting something like this :)

  11. without my blog, I'd have to work. D:

  12. "I’ve never had a problem with self confidence, and I don’t need the approval of other people to validate myself."

    I like you, DCG.

    And damn, coincidentally I just made a post about backing the blog up, too.

  13. I'm 134% game for the Blog Protection Law. Sounds like a really good idea, though I don't know if it's going to be manageable seeing as how you have to keep millions of blogs in check.

    Still, my blog is precious to me. It started as a bit of an experiment, to see what I could squeeze out. It's more a personal blog now, but I still love it and couldn't possibly do without it.

  14. I started to blog in memory of my sister-in-law, so my blog is a kind of adoption. I know that I don't have many followers, but I appreciate the ones that I have.
    I totally love getting comments in return, but I don't quite know what I'm exactly doing at the moment. Basically I'm just re-posting stuff or finding a poem that I like.
    And, yes, this blog is an adventure to me...I'm just seeing where it will lead me.
    Very good post.

  15. I quite like my blog actually, and thanks to it, I'm much more involved in gaming news.

  16. nice
    where is the birth certificate
    good post

  17. My blog is my therapy. And my gallery. And my fun place.
    As far as followers go, I have no idea how many people actually read my dribble and I like it that way.
    It gives me freedom to spout absolute crap if I want to.
    Now I am going to check out yours.

    “Lizard Happy”

  18. When someone follows my blog, I check out their blog.. of course, that would be the polite thing to do. However, I don't feel pressured on following his/her blog.

    It is annoying when someone leaves a note "I followed you, follow me back" on my blog. I've got to admit, I used this technique when I started blogging. That is to gain just that.. "followers", not readers. But after a little while, I realized that it's great to have followers AND readers, at the same time. :)

    I only follow blogs I can relate to. Sometimes, they follow me back.. sometimes, they don't. Which is not really a big deal. It's their choice anyway.

    I don't really think of my blog as my baby.. But it is important to me, yes. :) I think it would be great that someday, I will open my blog, read the posts and say "Whoa... I wrote that?!".. XD

    I feel the same way about the award tags, too. But oh well, it still feels good to be recognized, I guess.. :)

    Excellent guest article! :)

  19. My blog is a slut and i treat her as such


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