Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Yearly Round Up

Why the hell did everyone fixate on the tuna burgers yesterday? O_o Still I'm just glad the post got the love it did, being as late as it was. Anyway, I know I'm late to do this, but I didn't want to put anything off and it's better late than never. Everyone else has been talking about how 2011 was for them, I figured I might as well jump on the bandwagon and take a dip in the gravy train. Even though I generally try to avoid doing those, gravy is nonetheless delicious.

It's no secret I have a crappy memory so to be perfectly honest I can't remember much of 2011. Some might say this isn't totally a bad thing though. I could probably do with remembering less of my life, it's probably why I do.

I had a lot of moments of weakness in 2011. Such as going back onto World Of Warcraft after five months of not playing it (yes this means that I quit and started again in the same year). Blizzard, the bastards that run Warcraft gave me a free week to enjoy their new patch, but even before then I was tempted. I logged on to discover I had been hacked and lost everything, and in the time between then and finally getting all my stuff back, my friends on there had bought and made me a lot of things. I really had to play, I felt I owed them. I enjoy the people way more than I enjoy the game, and so I count it as both a bad and slightly good part of 2011. I got to meet some old friends, and even make a few new ones. This doesn't mean I have to be happy I did it. Though I am happy I met those friends again.

In what has become a yearly tradition for me since I was 17, I loved and lost again. This time it was a lovely Australian girl (sadly not Mynx as she is married and has kids). After she left me for someone else (again a tradition. I've actually been cheated on and left for someone else by every girl I've ever gone out with. One time a girl left me for my ex. I created lesbians. Thank me later) she actually hit me up again, trying to rekindle our friendship. We were able to talk for a while but I sent her an email she never replied to. Not too long back I sent her another, and I don't know if I'm going to get a reply, or if I should have even bothered sending her something.

I discovered blogging and my actual ability to write things people seem to enjoy. Don't worry I'm not going to self-deprecate again. I'm really not. Blogging this year has been a wonderful experience for me. I've discovered something I'm good at, but most of all, I've discovered you guys. I've gotten to know you, and you've gotten to know me, and you haven't left me like the crying little baby I am.

I discovered MLP. I know you don't really like me bringing it up, and I have brought it up a lot, but it has become a part of my life. I just wish I could actually tell people I know besides Jessie that I like it. I've now found two people who do like it, so I do have someone I can talk to about it. Now I just wish I could safely use a Fluttershy background.

I finally got myself some long term goals. I plan on writing things that are going to take a while to do. I'm not very good with long term goals, with things that could take a while. I prefer things to happen as quickly as possible. I'm not very patient but at the same time, I can be very patient, it just depends on the circumstances.

I got better at cooking and I hope to keep this up and keep getting better. To cook more meals at home and such.

I distanced myself from the people at work. I don't know if this is good or bad really. I wasn't very close to them anyway, but I still feel like I've let them down. Part of me feels like I've let myself down somehow actually. I think I will be going more in the new year, especially when I get my drivers license, but I'm still yet to work out really why.

That's about all I can think of really. I start driving lessons at the end of this month, so you have that long to pray to your impotent God's and decide what things of mine you want, assuming you survive too. Jessie has dibs on my inflatable sheep*

*sadly I do not in fact possess an inflatable sheep and if I did, he would be buried with me

P.S I've used myfreecopyright.com to copyright the place. Thanks to Barb, I saw it on your site and checked it out. Normally I wouldn't really care, and while you are free to use anything I say for yourself (a nice mention would be nice though), if I'm going to be posting an actual story I plan on turning into a book one day, I should probably take this step to try and hope that no one steals it and claims they wrote it. The biggest worry I ever had with writing and putting a proper story up here is that someone would steal it and claim it's theirs.


  1. =) I'm glad to hear blogging has helped you as much as it's helped me.

  2. I'd say blogging is the ultimate therapy, its actually surprising as to how much it does for people :D

    Tuna burgers! :P


  3. I'm glad you jumped on the bandwagon as it was nice to hear what your year was like. I, like you, only did it because everyone else was doing it. Now we can both move on lol!

    It sucks that you were cheated on, I hate that!

    And I think you're wise to get copyright if you're gonna be writing stories you may publish someday! :)

  4. @Miss Sassy Pants It has yeah, I'm glad it's helped you too.

    @Tay Tay It can make great therapy, but only depending on how open you're willing to be :P Then again even if a person isn't very open, and doesn't even have a personal blog, it can help them just by allowing them to meet new people. I knew people were going to obsess over them again and I have no idea why I mentioned them -_-

    @Hazel I can't move on! I actually can't. Anyway, glad you liked it. The worst thing about being cheated on is when you see it as your fault, even if it wasn't. I don't mind being a living example that girls cheat too. I have the wisdom of someone half my age.

  5. I agree about blogging being a sort of therapy but all those relationships ending.......

  6. Best highlights: blogging and MLP, definitely. (How can you not have put those on the top of the post, like really.)

  7. I lol'ed at "impotent God."

    It's really nice to know that blogging helped you a lot. And by MLP, is it My Little Pony? Wow, I heard a lot of people talking about that show. Anyway, I hope this year's gonna be awesome for you!

  8. @The Angry Lurker It can get to you but hey you go on.

    @Fang Well I wanted to end on positive notes :)

    @Rickroller It's from Hellsing, but it's true. Yeah MLP is My Little Pony and yeah a lot of people are talking about it lol. Hoping that this year is pretty decent too.

  9. Interesting news!

  10. LOL at My Little Pony:) But hey, it's cool. I have a thing for the teenage Robin.
    And it's terrible that you've been cheated on. Especially as you seem so nice.

  11. @Cricketfreak Thank you for thinking I'm nice ^^ Well, watch it and love it. If you mean the teenage Robin as Robin from Teen Titans, you have a very good point.

  12. If MLP is to you what Homestuck is to me... What can I say, the love of a fan is a powerful one. (Not the whirly air-cooling variety.)

  13. we fixated on the burgers because it's just sooo odd! ha. Blogging has carved a special little place in my usually black heart as well so I know what you mean about that part too.

  14. I need to know what MLP is immediately.

    Other than that, I'm really happy I found your blog. You're cool as beans, Mark. It's like chatting with an old friend when I read your posts. :-)

  15. Don't knock inflatable sheep.
    They're not baaaaaaaaadddddddddddd.
    I know.

  16. Hopefully 2012 will have you finding a stable significant other.

  17. I don't even remember my breakfast. :S

  18. @The Rambler I would say it is. I wish it was the air conditioner variety though.

    @MRantrhope I don't think it's that odd. But I don't know if my tiny black heart has room for other things.

    @B Cheers brah. MLP is My Little Pony. The longer I avoid using it's full name the longer I can have people think it's not a kids show for girls.

    @Al Penwasser Good God the puns.

    @DWei Well that's if I'm supposed to get one. But if traditions continue and I find someone else, I too hope it works better this time.

    @My 2 Pesos I didn't even have any.

  19. I think this whole MLP thing started as an 'ironic' thing where guys are like, "Hahaha look at me, I'm watching a cutesy girly show" and the rest of you have started taking it seriously. Unwittingly.

  20. @Henry I don't really know how it started. I held out on watching it for months too wondering what the hell was up with those people.

    Now I am one of them.

  21. This year I began to play Ocarina of Time again.

  22. @Interwebs Fails that is actually pretty damn awesome. Good luck with it!

  23. I'm a first time reader and I would like to personally thank you for the additional lesbians.


  24. @Jas You're also the first one to thank me for that. lol. More than welcome. It was an odd experience for me to say the least.

    @Generally Disgruntled Meh if I went there then someone would just steal my idea anyway.

  25. I've really enjoyed getting into blogging as well. It's been a really cool experience and i'm happy people want to listen to my music. I'm glad blogging has been a good experience for you too! Good luck on getting your driver's licensee.

  26. I quit WoW in February and then started again in November. I can't make up my mind. :/

  27. Creating lesbians is not something guys usually brag about lol

  28. The reasons why apparently so many are interested in MLP remains as unclear as ever to me. At first I thought it was some kind of joke, but apparently not...

    Anyway, I'm hoping the year 2012 brings brighter days to you.

  29. @Ala Mode 7 Cheers I'm probably going to need it lol. I'm glad blogging went well for you too.

    @Heaven At least you lasted longer than me? What server? If you read this that is >_>

    @Shaw I like that the world has more gay people lol, plus guys actually love lesbians.

    @The Beholder That seems to be the thought, that it was just some joke, and sometimes I wish it were. I hope so too.

    @Bersercules Some, but none ever stay.

  30. @Mark: Horde on Alleria (which is totally dead and awful!) and Alliance on Darkspear.

  31. @Heaven No one I know who plays WoW is ever on Azuremyst. Do we suck that badly?

  32. @Mark: We must :( I did raid as a huntard, so maybe that contributed.

  33. You can talk about MLP with me, doesn't mean I likes it :P and Clancy the Inflatible Sheep is mine :D also I can't help but think that a 2011 post should just be a massive piccy of me :P

  34. @Jessie Well it's for you to share pictures of you. I don't have any that can be seen by human eyes.

  35. I'm hoping, as you're British, you will understand me when I say you're slipping. As it's the first time I've seen your blog, I checked out your profile, before reading this post. You've suddenly gone from somewhere between '13-25' to 17-25.

    I feel very much like Sherlock Holmes right about now.

    Great blog, by the way.

    GM x

  36. @Gaping Mind Hmmm maybe I'm getting older. Fuck that would be disastrous.


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