Tuesday, 10 January 2012

TayTay Owes Me

I'm partly doing this because I'm a bastard but also because I like to have fun, occasionally. Plus it gives me a great chance to promote someone else's blog and say to you "Hey, read it, now!". TayTay from http://lovehaterelationshipwithworld.blogspot.com/ recently asked her followers to vote for a picture for her, and she decided that if we did, she would owe us. She then went back on it and said not to take it that seriously, but ^el bastardo.
This is my proof :D

She has a really fun blog, and she's had to switch sites recently due to some personal issues. So I'm really just spreading some love for her new blog. Plus her in general. And she called me awesome (after I did it but it still counts). 

She seems to be very talented at accidental public nudity, especially around new years. Here's hoping that somehow I am invited to 2012's new years party at TayTays (assuming the world lasts that long). Yes, part of the reason I made this post was also to try and humiliate Tay but she's openly admitted that on her own blog, she can't be that embarrassed by it. That is a woman confident in her body folks.

Anyway, to wrap things up http://teenink.com/art/photographs/84324/When-You-Make-Me-Cry/ was the original picture that I voted for (just by rating apparently), so feel free to do so yourself, or at the very least, look down a little bit more as I attach it to this post.

In case you don't know, I love pictures like this, known as "bawww" pictures. I have a whole folder of them, which is always expanding. Like my poni folder and my love of cats.
I also said very nice things about a story she wrote and said the right things when she was upset. She's under the impression I'm a nice person. I'd like to correct this error but I can live.

I also found out it really IS true you can only follow 300 blogs. I need to go through my very long list and start unfollowing some blogs that don't go anymore. Boy that sounds like a fun excursion. One very last note, I'm doing a guest post on Mynx's blog today. Keep an eye out for it.


  1. I have read too many posts of TayTay
    Do follow me Please

  2. I will check her blog out, defo. And I think I'm good with the 300 blog thing-I'm pretty sure I only follow about 100.

  3. Aaah I'm not sure whether to be excited and bouncing around or embarrassed and running away :P Thank you for promoting my blog :P and I didn't even have to ask. That makes you officially officially awesome :P

    There's not much I can do about the public nudity thing really, I just cover up, walk away and blog about it :P

    Yes I do owe you now :P when I opened my reading list and saw "Tay Tay Owes Me" I was like *oh dear* what now? :P hehe but you've made me all smile and embarrassed at the same time. Thankooh :P

  4. I have enough trouble keeping up with the 100+ blogs I have on my list.

    Thank you for the awesome guest post. It was great fun having you play on my blog.

  5. @Faraz Ezazi I think yours was one I tried to follow but couldn't because I had hit the 300 mark.

    @The Angry Lurker Cheers good buddy.

    @Cricketfreak I thought I only followed about 180 or something and then they tell me I follow 300. But thanks she's a fun gal.

    @TayTay The plan is working. Good. I think you should be a bit of both. Bouncing around all exciting thinking "Dear God did he really say that?". I'll promote things that I think are worth promoting, and you certainly are. I'm glad I made you smile, and I am definitely glad I embarrassed you.

    @Mynx Meh I don't read that much, I follow 300 but I only read maybe at most 50ish.

  6. Is there such a thing as "accidental public nudity" or is it really just "spontaneous public nudity"?
    And she can't take it back, she absolutely owes you. Collect.

  7. Alas I think I'll have to cull some of the blogs I follow too! No point following blogs that haven't updated in months lol

    P.s good job on the guest post, it was a really lovely poem :)

  8. public nudity? I'm in.

    I remember telling DWei about the 300 limit! Is that were you heard it from? I took five hour one day looking through all the blogs I follow and unfollowing the ones not used for a long time!

  9. Ah, you can only follow 300? Shit. I think I'm close to 200 at this point and constantly adding more.

    Tay tay is crazy! But I love her.

  10. Hi, I noticed you dropped by my blog. Thanks. Never knew there was a limit to the blogs you can follow. Maybe someone should say something to the blogger crew. :)

  11. @Pickleope I'm trying to work out how I can get her back for this. I'd like to think there is acceptable public nudity but I doubt it. Shame.

    @Hazel Thank you ^^ I tried to unfollow some but Blogger is playing up :(

    @Bersercules Me too. That is where I heard it from yeah. I'm trying to unfollow blogs but it's not going to well.

    @B I love her too ^^ She's awesome. You can only get to 300 yeah. Bah.

    @Pytr0nix I really am!

    @Terra Shield I think I tried to follow yours too, I'll try again after I've got rid of some more.

  12. I like to think it's accidental public nudity, I certainly never wish for these things to happen. My unfortunate experiences tend to amuse people though which is why I blog about it, might as well get some good out of it :D

    But I'm going to either take your advice and invest in a corset or just wear two tops from now on.

    Aww I feel so loved right now :P

  13. @Izdiher she is ^^

    @TayTay Hehe yes you might as well get some good out of it. Slightly good to hear you are not in fact an exhibitionist. I think you should go for corsets just because they're badass. More people should be wearing them. You should feel loved, you are.

  14. Oh and I'm hoping you will put your award on your blog :P I didn't make it for it to be printed and framed at home where no one will see it you know :P

  15. In the words of Brave Saint Saturn "I, I can't wait for tomorrow".

  16. owe us or owe us boobs? amirite

  17. I'll be heading over to her blog in a second but it shouldn't be too hard to prune out dead blogs.

    Generally blogs that haven't posted in the last 4 days get removed from my watch list.

  18. @Bart I was trying to avoid that route personally.

    @TayTay What? Tune in tomorrow.

    @DWei I tried to unload some blogs but it still kept saying I was following 300 and I can't access my following list settings. Shit sucks.

  19. I was *ahem-ing* at the boob thing

  20. I imagined as much, which is why I was trying to cover my own ass. So to speak.

  21. It's been some months, but I'd like to make it back to the 300. Dwei's 4 day lag cut may be harder to make, but either way I'll follow me some Tay-Tay.

  22. I am about to go check out Tay- Tay..... its like I always say.. "Accidental nudity happens ..... officer!"

  23. She has a good blog.

  24. @Shcogrubz I'd like to get away from the 300 lol. You'll like her.

    @Steve Bailey Accidental nudity does happen, it's something we all have to live with.

    @My 2 Pesos she sure does.

  25. Get together all your image folders and tell my how many items are in them in total. God you're totally hoarding everything.

  26. @Fang 11320 not counting the pictures in random places.

  27. Isn't it great when someone mistakenly thinks you're a nice person? You want to do the evil laugh but that would blow the whole game.

  28. Will have to check out her blog :) ....Best check out mine back LOL

  29. @AllensTesch I know right? It's so gay. It's gayer than me.

    @Jessie Hope she does, but I'm glad at the least that you're looking her up.

  30. I will check out the blog!

  31. @Baur Good

    @Decadent My pleasure.

  32. Well hey if you speak highly, I'll have to check it out.

  33. Checking it now.

  34. wow, I didn't know there was a blog follow limit
    I don't even really know how to unfollow efficiently >_>

  35. This is quite interesting thanks for sharing it :)

  36. I'm a bit surprised there is a limit to how many blogs you can follow and of course I'll be looking out for your guest post.

  37. @Copyboy Thank you but I wouldn't take my opinion that highly. But I am me.

    @Interwebs Fails and Heaven Cheers guys.

    @Shaw Well right now the system is broken anyway. Plus it says I'm actually following 350 blogs. You can't unfollow deleted blogs anymore because of an error that's existed for months they seem to be in no hurry to fix.

    @Chris No problemo

    @T. Roger Thomas Try to beat 350 when there's a 300 limit. OH YEAH!

    @R.gers Me too actually. Especially considering dead blogs. If they can't fix the error the least they could do is remove the limit.

  38. I follow a lot more blogs than 300.. Most of them aren't active. Going to unfollow some. Later. after this..

    Oh I've read your guest post. Love the poem.. and the picture. All of us wear masks.. Just keep smiling, though we're hurting inside.It's easier to say you're happy than to explain why you're sad.. but not all smiles are fake. There are moments in our lives than can create genuine smiles out of us. :)

    I've been to Taytay's blog once or twice.. Follwoed her old blog, but I believe it's already gone?

    1. I get those moments occasionally. It's nice. There are also people who just don't want to explain that they're sad, who would rather no one even asked them why. Her old blog is still going, but she doesn't post there anymore.

  39. I like her blog and already follow :) lol you know what? I really like the way you write. I know that's random but I felt the need to say it. Yup.


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