Monday, 9 January 2012

On Time And Feeling Tired

Well I did remember to write this properly this week. Yay me. Now if I could stop being depressed I'd be a happy man. Though that did just make me laugh, so I guess it's a start. Anyway, here's what you were expecting to see here, a clip show without the clips of what I wrote/bitched about last week.

Tuesday was my own personal obligatory new year post. I talked about some of the things that had happened to me last year, and a bit about what I hoped happens to me this year, and what I hope to accomplish. Starts sad but I tried to end on a happy note. Note I said "try". But I think I was actually able to do it.

Wednesday I entered a giveaway which may not even be happening anyway. Less said about my retard moments the better people. Though it did give me some ideas for doing my own giveaway.

Thursday I brought attention to three bloggers who said very nice things about me. As I do. I really do cling onto everything nice people say about me -_- Pathetic much? Oh well. Either way it's nice to say thank you.

Friday I talked about the NDAA and SOPA. Got into a bit of a debate in the comments too. Was awesome. One of the reasons I reply is in the hopes that people reply back and we can get some back and forth going, and I do love a good debate.

Saturday I posted the prologue to the story I'm writing that I teased about last week. It's sci fi, and about 1000 years in the future, so expect me crapping myself over not coming up with 1000 years of history and technological advancement. Though on the advice of Fang I have in fact come up with a bit of backstory and a sort of timeline, and my good buddy Generally Disgruntled is helping with blunt and honest criticism. Once I stop crying over what he says, I pull up my big girl pants and write even better. So if I end up great one day, he will be to thank. Being a good writer does not make me a good storyteller, and we all know how much I downplay my writing ability anyway.

Sunday I posted what was actually part two of the story. The prologue was so short I felt like being nice. Although this itself was short too. Plus most people thought this was the prologue. To be honest I might make it the prologue. I might cut out the part I posted on Saturday and just have it start here, so I don't have to address just what happened so quickly. But I'll see how I feel. There's no need to get depressed and ragequit. Yet. There was also a song, Daylight by Brave Saint Saturn. Though YT was being shit as usual and not letting some people hear it. Shame, it's a beautiful song.

Overall I think it was actually a pretty decent week. I was able to get serious and emotional, something I set out to do, but always tried to avoid really. Hell I've even sent a post to Mynx to use as a guest post because I thought it was too emotional to post here.

I kick ass.

Enjoy your week folks, hope you had a good weekend too..


  1. Nice week, hope u will do better :D

    Following ^^

  2. weekend was (like every weekend) to short. Lets hope the next one comes soon ;D

  3. Your guest will be up tomorrow. Thanks so much for coming to play on my blog :)

  4. Seems like you had a very intersting week :P

  5. @Pytr0nix Thanks, I hope I can do better too.

    @Mekkor I'm surprised you can remember yours.

    @Mynx Thank you ^^ It'll be fun to play there, you have pools, wine, and hunky men.

    @Chris I had a good one at least.

  6. Wait, so you don't post emotional stuff here?!

  7. @Bersercules Read the post I sent Mynx tomorrow and you'll see what I mean.

  8. You go boyo! You indeed kick ass! Alas my week was dominated with doing past papers.

  9. GO YOU MARK!! Another week down, another week ahead to become even more awesome :D

  10. @R.gers Ahh that sucks. My week was dominated by bad games and sleeping while cursing my body for being ill.

    @Jessie You are 20% cooler.

  11. Sorry about Wednesday. Oooo about Sunday.

  12. Good luck with the sci-fi story. You've got a great start going. And frankly, while research is good, I hate hearing about how people spent 2 years researching a novel that took them 1 year to write. Stop wasting your life and just write it! It's fiction - you can have a few liberties when you're writing about future technology!

  13. excellent recap of the week.

  14. That sounds like a pretty good week! I also finally got around to reading your first two exerts and loved them! (I'm terrible for checking the blogosphere on the weekend so have to do all my catching up on Mondays)

    Hope to see plenty more of them in the future, or better yet, a book (e or otherwise) that I can buy.

  15. @Copyboy Eh I lived ^^

    @ABFTS I can indeed lol. I don't like over-researching things too. I prefer to write on what I already know, and all the planning and research and such just takes it out of me and makes me not want to write at all anyway. I shouldn't be afraid of hard work though.

    @Bart Cheers.

    @JOutlaw Thanks lol. The plan is to release part of it here every week and then compile it into a book. It's only got I think 8 parts to it so far, but that does give 2 months to write more. People not reading much in the weekend is part of the reason I do posts like this.

  16. There's some self-confidence! Yeah.

  17. @Henry I'm just oozing it right now.

  18. I don't remember my weekend. :S

  19. @MRantrhope No problem

    @My 2 Pesos that just means it was a good one.

  20. Monday again? I thought it was Wednesday.

  21. "I kick ass."
    But do you chew bubblegum?

  22. Totally agree with ABftS. You are not writing about current time, so you can bend the geography and history a bit. Helps make a more believable alternate world.

  23. @Interwebs Fails I miss Wednesday.

    @Shaw I'm all out of bubblegun :(

    @Kbbuddingwriter Yeah but I find myself sticking to the original as much as I can. I'm finding it hard enough to create a whole other world for The Spirit.

  24. Yes you do kick ass!

    I consider myself a better storyteller than a writer. Well at least I know what I have to work on right? The most important thing is to keep writing!

  25. @Ginny Thanks :) You should also stick with what you're good at while trying to improve the things you aren't so good at :)

  26. Yes, you do kick ass. In large part because you're writing even though you're tired, unsure of yourself, etc. Good job on the serious ass whoopin. ;D

  27. Aww man Mark my heart is sad for you :( Don't be depressed! Why dont you join a dance class or a drawing class? It may give you more confidence. You're welcome to pop along to my tap or ballet classes?! Hehe.

    Your writing is most glorious <3 xx

  28. If you're passionate about something then you need to keep at it. Everyday.

  29. Don't be depro... I'll kick you ass if you are :P Just smile and be happy :P
    *sings that song "Don't worry be happy"*

    Quite a productive week you've had, I wish you many more :P (^^,)


  30. This shows how much I have missed on your blog, gah!
    I'm going to go read that prologue right now, excited :D

  31. Thanks for commenting on my Blog :)
    Please do follow my blog too

    I am surely following you too
    Nice Blog you have indeed :0

  32. @Victoria Dixon Honestly I'm at my most creative when I'm at my most tired.

    @Tilly Thank you ^^ but running this blog is giving me more confidence than failing a dance class ever could :P

    @Novelpiece Thank you for giving me another reason why I write every day :)

    @Marco Walter I always enjoy some of it at least.

    @T. Roger Thomas I shall try.

    @TayTay Who wants to be more productive? Who wants to be happy? Depression breeds the best art. Though in all seriousness, bring it :P

    @Purplemist I know you read it so thank you ^^

    @Faraz Ezazi thanks.


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