Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Internet's Video Game Giveaway

You knew I was going to do it eventually, I can't go a week without whoring myself. That's one thing the new year won't change.

Anyway, our good friend THE INTERNET is running a giveaway over on his/her/it's blog. As it is the internet, it is technically an "it". The rules of the contest are very simple.

1. You have to be following the blog.
3. You have to link to the blog. Check.
4. You have to email at the address provided on that post a link to the post you made. I can do that.

Okay that's all the requirements filled out.

See, I'm doing this because I love video games (big shocker amirite?), and I will not turn down free stuff. Hell with the $60 limit he's offering I can get me a lot of good stuff. Most of the stuff I want is as old and cheap as a Vegas hooker. You know, the unsuccessful kind who has somehow managed to survive years in a world dominated by STD's and cocaine.

At this rate though I could be one of the only participants. While I would like to win, winning just because I was the sole contestant would be a hell of a hollow victory.

In case you're wondering why I've never done a giveaway, I'm a poor bastard. However if I did, I also wouldn't know what to do, maybe a Steam one. I also have a quick question about Steam though. If I had to wipe my hard drive, would I have to repurchase everything I already have from Steam? Or can I just log in and redownload it?

Huh, repurchase is a word but redownload isn't. Oh well.

As a final PS the contest closes on the 14th of this month.


  1. Well, I hope you have a game in mind to win. I'm not planning to join though, good luck.

  2. I know of Steam. I dont know the answer to your question but my son uses Steam.
    I'm thinking of a give away myself. They are usually good fun

    Good luck with the one you have entered.

  3. Sounds like a good contest, but since I don't play many video games I'm not gonna enter. Good luck on winning!

    As for having your own give away, you could give away a lock of your hair, not that I want a lock of your hair, I'm just saying.

  4. I'll wander over to see what's occuring....lock of your hair?

  5. Haha why oh why do you want to wipe your hard drive? :P

  6. Haha good comparison: " Most of the stuff I want is as old and cheap as a Vegas hooker. You know, the unsuccessful kind who has somehow managed to survive years in a world dominated by STD's and cocaine." *high 5*

    Haha hope you win it :D


  7. Steam is DRM free, all purchases are account-bound, and thus redownloadable wherever.

    (*whisper* the internet is basically using a cheap advertisement trick here)

  8. Sounds like an interesting contest!

  9. @R.gers I have plenty. For sixty bucks I could get a lot of games lol.

    @Mynx Thank you. I use Steam but still didn't know the answer lol. I wouldn't mind doing a giveaway myself, but I can't really afford one. Maybe when I bring out a book I can do a giveaway with that. Or maybe I'll have the money to do one before then.

    @Bersercules I think you are possibly the only person who would want a lock of my hair lol.

    @The Angry Lurker You want one too? This could work actually then.

    @Hazel I've had some driver issues and I can't listen to CD's on my computer anymore. No fix is working and the only option left really is a complete systems wipe.

    @TayTay That was one of my more proud moments *high five*

    @Fang I know it's essentially a cheap trick, and even if there is no actual prize, I'm helping out someone and I used an awesome line, thus proving I can be funny. Thanks for the answer to the question though, makes me very happy. More things need to be DRM free. GO STEAM GO!

  10. @Mark Theres only one way to find out.

  11. If I win this, do I have to claim it on my taxes?

  12. @Bersercules Fight? Diplomacy sucks.

    @AllensTesch I have no idea.

    @My 2 Pesos me too.

  13. I wish I had more free time to play video games.

  14. @Mark No hold a contest to win a lock of your hair. See who enters.

  15. @Interwebs Fails Make some :)

    @Bersercules I'm casually mentioning that tomorrow, and possibly next week. I think you and R.gers may be the only people that would enter.

  16. The internet? I love that guy! I'd enter, but I don't play any new consoles to be honest...

  17. @Ala Mode 7 Well Steam is on a PC anyway :P

    @G Please do.

  18. I think I'll pass on this chain ad trick.

  19. FYI I tagged you on my blog if you're interested

  20. greeeat post amazing blog =)

  21. I'd enter for the lock of hair. I refuse to believe that Bersercules is creepier than I am.

  22. @Kathy S Thanks ^^ I am interested.

    @Heaven.........Thank you? But I know how you feel, I refuse to believe that either of you are creepier than me.


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