Monday, 2 January 2012

I Almost Forgot

As I was cooking my tuna burgers (more on that some other time) it occurred to me quite suddenly that I hadn't prepared a round up post for today. I normally write them on Sunday night, but I totally forgot. I was, and still am, pretty ill, so you'll have to forgive me. I'm not expecting too many to read this cos it's pretty late in the day (for me at least) and I know not everyone checks blogger every few hours like me for new posts,  but dammit I'm posting anyway. Now with more casual swearing! Anyway, here we go;

Tuesday was a delightful story about how I came out as bisexual to my family, in response to a post Jessie made on her blog about her own disastrous coming out. Mine went much better, and was basically as simple as me saying it in passing. Watch and be amazed as I turned two sentences into an entire post!

Wednesday I discussed the possibility of maybe trying to change some things about myself and see the new year as a fresh start. The possibility of getting a hair cut, and going into work more often. I'd like to say I have started to change but I've been ill, and haven't really done much of anything. However I have started work on keeping better track of my weight and making my own meals (again more details at a later date).

Thursday I talked about how blogging was becoming fun for me again now Jessie had started her own blog. This has been slightly hampered by her going to her girlfriends house and not blogging herself, but I can live. I think. Contains gratuitous self deprecation, not advised really.

Friday I explained some of my self deprecation without getting into yet another unnecessary apology. I also revealed that from this Saturday I was going to be posting a story I was writing instead of the usual picturey stuff I had been doing on Saturdays. It is my hope that by doing so I will stay on top of the story, as well as having something to always post on Saturday.

Saturday For one last big picture post I went all out, and just picked ten weird and wonderful pictures. I recruited several people to the Sith Empire, and spread some love in the form of Fluttershy. That wonderful, adorable, poni.

Sunday to start the new year right I posted the song "Listen All You People" by Darren Hayes. God to us all.

I hope you have a happy new year guys. Enjoy it, it will be your last! Wooo end of the world!


  1. Good thing you remembered lol, happy belated new years!

  2. HOLY SHIT MAN TUNA BURGERS but that's old news I read it on your Twitter. ;D
    (Also, the header text says "musings and ramblngs", missing an I.

  3. I'm so proud to be one of the few who comes online all the time to check for new posts. LOL.

    What can I say? Work is boring.

  4. You also come online every few ours to check for new posts? *phew* I thought it was just me :P
    Tuna burgers are awesometastical.

    And Happy (belated) New year :D


  5. Never had tuna burgers before... But Happy belated New Year!

  6. tuna burguers! I would like to knoww about the exact recipe!

  7. I don't know about tuna burgers but I've seen tuna steaks before and they just look weird...

    And you're not alone, I check blogger regularly for new posts/comments all the time lol!

  8. @Fang You have confusled me, good sir.

    @B So is life lol. I have to have something to do.

    @TayTay so far I'm glad it's not just me too. I follow enough blogs that checking once a day would just not work.

    Belated new year to you too.

    @That Random Guy Belated new years good sir!

    @Orang3 One day :)

    @Hazel I find tuna steaks weird too, but I love tuna, and this was a very very easy recipe, so I had to try it. I thought you were one of the people who did :)

  9. What? tuna burger you say?
    I have to try that.

  10. At least you remembered.

  11. Tuna burger?

    Oh, hey everyone noted about your tuna burgers.

  12. @My 2 Pesos They're awesome.

    @Interwebs Fails I did remember.

    @Henry They did, it's a shame the recipe isn't mine. Oh well.

  13. I'm going to be clever and comment about the tuna burgers. Are you sure that's the food to eat when you're ill? Those don't even sound good now and I'm in great health. Or maybe I'm just imagining taking canned tuna, squishing it together into a patty, and barbecuing it.

    Okay, now I'M sick.

  14. Tuna burgers....we're all waiting on that one sir!

  15. I'm gagging on the tuna burgers! I'm a red meat eater. I think you're post is fun and I look forward to the next one.

  16. @ABFTS Tuna is awesome. That is all.

    @MRanthrope Why is everyone fixating on those? Why?

    @Barb Thanks. Not really a big fan of red meat. Though I do love meat.

  17. Happy new year!!!
    But you lost me at tuna burgers.

  18. I've always liked blogging, it's something to break up the day with. IE not studying.

  19. @Marco Walter Thanks, you too.

    @Cricket freak ~_~ Why is everyone fixating on those? Either way, thanks and you too :)

    @Heaven Thanks but so far no luck.

    @R.gers Studying, like most things, is overrated.

  20. Not expecting many to read this? I bet it becomes your most popular post!

  21. @Bersercules lol sadly it did not.


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