Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Black March

Okay so I lied last week. Activisim post incoming! Though actually I'm not going to be saying much, I'm just going to copy things from http://blackmarch.info/. The point of Black March? To hit the entertainment industry where it hurts. Their wallets. In fact you can do this by doing nothing. Seriously literally nothing. That's what Black March calls for you to do. I quote;

"With continuing campaigns for Internet-censoring litigation such as SOPA and PIPA, and the closure of sites such as Megaupload under allegations of 'piracy' and 'conspiracy' the time has come to take a stand against music, film and media companies' lobbyists.

The only way is to hit them where it truly hurts.
Their profit margins.

March 2012 is the end of the first quarter in economic reports worldwide.

Do not buy a single record. Do not download a single song, legally, or illegally. Do not see a single film in the movies or cinemas, or download a copy. Do not buy a DVD online, or in stores. Do not buy a video game. Do not buy a single book or magazine.

Wait 4 weeks to buy them in April: see the film later, etc. Holding out for just 4 weeks, maximum, will leave a gaping hole in media and entertainment companies' profits for the first quarter, an economic hit which will in turn be observed by governments worldwide as stocks and shares blip from a large enough loss of incomes.

This action can give a statement of intent:
"We will not tolerate the Media Industries' lobbying for legislation which will censor the internet."

All you have to do for Black March is to just hold of on seeing a movie, or buying a CD. This is the Hollywood Boycott, and boy will it be fun.

Though technically I am too poor to buy anything anyway so chances are I would have participated without even realising it, but some of you can deliberately do it! See it as a chance to play the games you've had for ages but not played, see the movies you own and haven't seen in a while, and read the books you keep putting off. 

I'll try to restrict the activism for now.

Scouts honour!

...Like I'm a scout.

+100 internets to whoever gets the reference.  

You have one month to prepare, use it wisely. 

Another quick note I would have included in last weeks post if it wasn't already getting way too long, the super secret guide to safety by Anonymous. 
Anonymous – the uber-secret handbook

Monday, 30 January 2012

I Have No Strong Feelings For Monday's

Hey guys, it's Monday and you know what that means. If you read every post last week you can just skip to the end and leave a generic comment. Though even if you didn't you're still free to do that I guess. I can't stop you. So let's not delay, here's what I considered "important" enough to write about.

Tuesday  was a guest post actually by Kbbuddingwriter. Kb shared a story and I shared one written by Jessie. It's a good read too. If you'd like to do a guest post yourself just let me know.

Wednesday was about a bit of a follow up to the closing of Megaupload. Several other file sharing sites have closed their doors voluntarily, or become simply online lockers. I had quick bitch and tried my hand at being inspirational.

Thursday I talked about how I was scared to love. Well,scared of falling in love. Well, scared of love yeah. Basically I'm afraid of love, and I wrote about it.

Friday I toyed with the idea of doing podcasts, and just what I would do them about.

Saturday was the next instalment of Trent's adventures in space. Yet to contain much space. He'll get there eventually folks.

And Sunday was a video to really get you thinking about humanity, and where it's going to go, and if it can even get there. I found it interesting and decided to share it. Actually Henry posted it on his blog too. I don't know if this means I'm inspirational or if he just liked it.

So there you have it. It seems kind of short doesn't it? What can I say, I'm tired. It turns out I wasn't eating enough, even though I thought I was. Plus my sister is making me insanely jealous because she has a husky and I want one so much. I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want one. Even though I usually end up adopting her pets I can't see her giving him up, and I already have two cats. I has a sad.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Thinking Big

No music for you today, instead I wanted to share this video that Anonymous posted on one of their Twitter accounts. Don't worry it's not in the slightest bit activism. They are more than just activists. Anyway, it's a video to really make you think about society, and what is stopping us, and just what we can eventually become. I found it really interesting and hope you do too. Enjoy.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

The Fourth Wall Remains Intact

Two things first, the title of the post is a reference to the fourth wall. Basically if someone breaks the fourth wall they are acknowledging and possibly even explicitly addressing the audience. I'm tired of people using it incorrectly. Though I'm willing to retract that statement if it turns out I'm wrong.

Second, as per request, and because it seems a smart thing to do, I will now start linking to all previous chapters, at least until such a time that it becomes an annoyance to do because there are so many. For now though I don't mind linking. Maybe I can just create a page and put all the links there when it gets too many. So, here are your links
Chapter one:http://theramblingperson.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-almost-broke-tradition.html#en
Chapter two:http://theramblingperson.blogspot.com/2012/01/chapter-two.html#en
Chapter three:http://theramblingperson.blogspot.com/2012/01/chapter-third.html#en

Third(bet you didn't see that coming) if you're following me on Twitter, I won't be tweeting today as part of the "Twitter blackout" to protest the twitter censorship, however, I will still be retweeting things I think people should know as there are people who are dedicated to the cause of spreading information enough to keep at it. I however tweet crap so there's no need for me to not do it.

Chapter four is below

Trent noticed that Geoff had stopped, and so he stopped himself.
“B-b-but-” Geoff started.
“Not this again”, Trent interrupted, “spit it out kid”.
“But everyone dies.” Geoff said, “Don't they?” he added after a few seconds silence.
Trent shrugged and walked on. “Guess not everyone does. You saw how I was, you know nothing could survive that, believe what you want to believe.”
Geoff caught up with him and stood in front of him to stop him.
“No way, no way can you not die. There's no such thing as someone that can't die.”
“Yes there is” Trent said before pushing past him. “I'm living proof. I probably always will be too”.
Geoff caught up with him again.
“Prove it”, Geoff said. He pulled out the scalpel he had earlier, having kept it in his pocket.
Trent stopped, took the scalpel from Geoff's hand, and plunged it into his chest, where his heart was. After a few seconds of not dying despite having a scalpel in his chest, Trent pulled it out, and gave the blood covered instrument back to Geoff. Geoff stood, once again, dumbstruck. He was able to snap out of it though and once again catch up to Trent, who had continued walking again.
“So, you really can't die?” Geoff asked.
Trent sighed, “Yes, I really can't die. You know that scalpel isn't fake, and you saw how far I put it in.”
“What about if someone cut a piece of you off?”
“There was one time I lost a finger actually. I went to bed and when I woke up, it was back.”
Geoff made a shocked face,“Seriously?”
Trent once again took the scalpel, and this time cut off the tip of the little finger off of his right hand. After a brief moment of screaming in pain and an extended moment of cursing he handed the scalpel back and put the fingertip in his pocket.
“I suppose we'll find out won't we?” He said.
“Wait, you have no idea what will happen? Why did you do it?”
Trent held up his hand and looked at where part of his finger had just been.
“Well, you can always learn something new, even at my age.”
“Just how old are you anyway?”
This time Trent was the one to stop. He thought about it before answering. He'd never really thought about it.
“I actually don't really know,” was his eventual reply. “When you live as long as I have, the days just meld together you know? You lose track of these things. I'm not even sure what year it is.”
Geoff, however, didn't know. But didn't point that out. What he did point out though is that they were coming up on the Janitor's closet, and with that, the lost and found box, and with that, hopefully, some clothes for Trent. He also knew what year it was.
“By the way,” He said to Trent as he looked through the box, “it's 3020, that's what year it is.”
“Really?” Replied Trent, picking out a pair of trousers, a black shirt, and a pair of boots. I guess that makes me about one thousand and forty years old. Give or take. These clothes will do for now too thanks.”
He pushed Geoff out of the closet and shut the door before getting changed. Leaving Geoff, once again, dumbstruck.
Yes this one was a bit of a shorty but next weeks one will be a full blown epic. As per usual I'm looking forward to people pointing out where I did something wrong. I actually am, is that sad?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Podcasts;Because Not Every Title Needs To Be Witty

If you're wondering about the title seriously I couldn't come up with a way to mention podcasts in a witty way. Anyway, our good blogger friend AllenTesch (yay for more shameless plugging!) recently did a podcast on his blog. It was about how a girl seemed to be proud she got an HIV test every year. That's not the issue here (though it certainly seems like an issue), no the issue is that under his podcast was the people who he was signed up with to make them, Podbean. This isn't actually an issue by the way I have no problem with podcasts, which is mostly what this about.

See, I have mentioned before that hey, maybe I could do a podcast. I just had a post that I wanted to turn into a video and there have been times before where I've wanted to do this stuff. But I don't really like doing videos because I'm still so self conscious. These guys can give me that chance. It's very easy to get one set up there and everything. The thing now though is, can I even do it? Sometimes I'm low on ideas for blog posts. It's kind of fun that I'll go a few days with no ideas and then suddenly out of nowhere ideas everywhere. But there's still the point that I have a lack of ideas.

I could do maybe a central podcast, have it be about something specific but then there's the problem of well just what do I do it on?

I think the best chance I have of getting a podcast to work for me is to just do a reading of a post maybe once a week and turn that into a podcast. Or just collecting an amalgam of things and talking about each of them in turn if I can't find one thing to go on a tirade about.

I'm not entirely sure what the point of this post is. Or what you guys could even comment on. It's simply I found a way to do podcasts and I'm thinking about doing it.

I'd also like to point out once again that I'm not stealing Allen's idea. I've broached the subject of podcasts before. If I steal an idea it's usually from Hazel. Two shameless plugs in one post? I am a whore.

I suppose I could go a bit into the why of doing one. Well I think getting used to speaking would be an advantage. There are some things that should be heard and not read too. When something demands emotion. Such as most of my recent activism posts. Sometimes I can write emotionally, but sometimes it's best to be safe.

Hell maybe I can even do readings of my book as well as writing it down, that way when I'm done it's already in audiobook format >_>

Oh and because I want to do three shameless plugs in one post. Yesterday the chaps at A Beer For The Shower wrote the story they told me to write during the giveaway. I dared them to do it. It turned out great, which is why I wanted them to do it. Check it out at http://www.abeerfortheshower.com/2012/01/dollar-menu-time-travel.html. I think three shameless plugs may be a record.

This post has gone on way to long.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Scared To Death

This post is inspired by the H.I.M. song Scared To Death, specifically these lyrics;

I'm not afraid to say 'I love you'
any more than I used to be, babe
I am scared to death, I am scared to death
to fall in love

After having heard this song, I said to Jessie that I would write a blog about it if I could put it into words, so let's see how good I do at doing that. For you see, I am indeed scared to death of falling in love. But I have no problem with saying those three words. That's one reason I'm scared of it. I don't even know what love is. Though I know someone who would disagree with that because I recently refused to say "I love you" to her. I hope I didn't hurt her. If you read this, again, I'm sorry. 
See people use the word love in several senses. You can love someone and you can be in love with someone. I can say I love my parents and my family (that's a bit of a shock for me too) but I can't say I love my friends. I can't differentiate between them. I can't tell the difference between being in love and loving. There's a lot of backstory to this, but nothing I'm really willing to go into. Suffice to say I was hurt by someone long ago and he screwed up what love was to me. It was years ago but I'm still suffering for it today. Very few people know the full story actually. 

But anyway, the point remains. I am scared of love. I also know I'm not ready to love. I'm in a huge effort to do something good for myself for once. I'm trying to lose a lot of weight, and I want to do it for myself. One of the reasons I was never able to succeed in the past, as well as getting discouraged and depressed easy, was that I was trying to do it for someone else. I was trying to improve myself for another person, who quickly left my life, leaving me alone again.

I'm afraid to love, I'm afraid of being hurt. 

Let's face it if I end up in a relationship I'm going to be the girl. I can't decide if my life is a soap opera or a romantic comedy. The person who's afraid to love because they've been hurt so much in the past is such an archetype cliché from them.
Not to detract away from the point of this post but several people did express a desire to see me actually do a reading of yesterdays post. I must express if I do, I will of course be hiding my face (I even have more fun options to do it!) so you may want to rethink your stance on that.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I Wanted A Fight

Please note all information is correct at the time of writing and may be subject to change. This is also the last activism post I plan on. For now at least unless something else major happens. This covers several major things.

So, quite possibly in the wake of the Megaupload stuff that went down last week, one of the other biggest file sharing sites Filesonic has closed it's doors. Kind of. They've become specifically an online locker. All you can do is download files you uploaded personally. They've taken the "sharing" out of "file sharing" and added the "pussy" into...well, "pussy". But don't get me wrong, I can understand why they've done it. They may be scared that after Megaupload was gone they would be next. They didn't want that, and I guess I can appreciate that. If I happened to own a huge file sharing site (sadly I don't) I may have done the same.

But I do wish they had stood up. I wish they had fought back. I wish they hadn't done this. If they do this, what about other people? What about other file sharing sites? Will they do it too? Is everyone going to stop just because one person was taken out? Imagine what would happen to every revolution ever if this happened. It might be a bit far calling this whole thing a revolution but in a way it is. The internet users are standing up for their rights and fighting off oppressive legislation and governments. We stand together or we fall alone. People think in order to stop a revolution you just have to kill as many revolters as you can, eventually the rest will stop. This works, providing people want to stop. If you don't want to be in the fight then get out. Fight for your freedoms, fight for your liberties, fight for your rights. Piracy may be a crime, but file sharing is not. Online storage is not. Censorship might not be but it should be.

People will treat you badly if they think you won't fight back. They will use and abuse you. Show them that you aren't afraid. Fight for what matters. Fight for what you want. Fight because they don't think you will, or can. Act against internet censorship. Act against oppression. Act against the corrupt powers that be. Most of all, act against ACTA.

I would like to see the file sharing sites stand together, I would like to see them show the world they aren't afraid, I would like to see people using them with impunity, I would like to see everyone fighting for what is right, I would like to see an end to corruption, I would like to see the bastard who blatantly admitted to bribing politicians in jail, not the advocates of freedom of information, I would like to see an end to corporations being able to buy laws, I would like to see a world I don't mind living in and being a part of.

I am not likely to see what I want.

This pains me.

While I have your attention, assuming you're still reading this, I would like to bring your attention to this petition against ACTA. https://www.accessnow.org/page/s/just-say-no-to-acta I have signed it, and I urge anyone and everyone, regardless of creed, colour, and country to sign it as well. ACTA is world wide, we must ALL band together to save what we hold dear. Our friend, the internet. Also please take note of this video, which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about ACTA. It turns out Orwell was off by about 30 years.

One final note. Part of me wants to record myself saying this stuff, the speeches. But I know I'll only do it if i can say to myself "Well, the followers wanted it." So let me know if you want to hear those speeches in my badass British accent.

One ultimately final note (let's face it you aren't reading still are you?) IRISH SOPA. That got your attention huh? http://www.tjmcintyre.com/2012/01/irelands-sopa-faq.html All you need to know. I'm mostly including this for Anne, and I believe Angry is Irish too.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

War And Love

Hey guys. Are you shocked? Yep dear sir, Mark ain't here. People do deserve a break, whether it's a candy break, lunch break, or even patience break. Happens to everyone, doesn't it?
You - yes, dammit, I'm talking to YOU, the viewer/reader/guy with lots on time on her/his hand (Ladies first, anyone?) - would probably be wondering, "Man, who the hell is this anooying brat? Ain't he got no respect for such a dignified person like me at all?" Well, if you're not a reader of my blog, my answer is, "Not many, if any." (I hope you realize I'm kidding. Mark's probably going to send a noose for me if he realizes I made his readers go away - which ain't nice.)
So, dear friend/fiend, my name's kbbudingwriter. At least, my blogging alias is. Not many people know the the meaning of kb, and hell, I'd like it if the people who knew it, kept it a secret. An open secret, if you will. But the world doesn't revolve around one person, does it? If it did, I'd be the richest man on the face of this multiverse, although technically I'd just be a speck on it.
And yes, the name's true - I am a writer. Now now, don't 'sheesh', writers are humans too. Not many realize the fact, though.
So, I am a blogger, and I'm going to shamelessly plug my blog anyway, even if it ruins my dignity and my first impression. It goes by the stupid name of "The world, the way I see it". Lame-o, I know. I'd happily give up chocolate cake for a decade if I got double the readers I have now. No wait, check that.
So, my birthday was on this past 21st (which makes me a year older than what I was before). I'd appreciate if you showed some respect and compassion - qualities nearly gone from this world (true story) - and included a 'happy birthday' in your comments.
I also wanted to showcase my superb (TONGUE FIRMLY IN CHEEK) writing skills. I wrote a little short story, dedicated to the kind, compassionate, always well meaning, and counsellor-esque Mark that he is (you can be sure of it, if it is included in the post and he didn't edit it out). It's about relationships, and a bunch of fighter planes. I solemnly admit that I've never touched the subject of love and fighter planes before, so I'm a bit weak on this one. I do recommend you to check it out. Here's a little what you call 'ishneak-peak':

It took quite a while for the webpage to load. I sat there, in my armchair, looking at the bookshelf right across me. It was untouched for a decade, dust and grime now permanently settled on the shelf and the covers of the books in it. It reminded me of naughty pranksters standing still in a corner, serving punishment while their fake tears covered big, goofy grins.

The video loaded, and as soon as it played, I was dying in my rocking armchair (well, it had a picture of Led Zeppelin on it). It was a relatively new rendition of ‘sitting on tha toilet’, although the rendition itself was a couple years old. I had last watched it five years ago – with Zack.
The full story can be read at:https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=9BCC08510AA9DAAE&id=9BCC08510AA9DAAE%21136&sc=documents#!/view.aspx?cid=9BCC08510AA9DAAE&resid=9BCC08510AA9DAAE%21145 . If you think it's bad, say it. If you think it's good, say it. Free speech is appreciated, unlike what the US govt is trying to apply using the SOPA and PIPA. Oh yeah, I've taken my shot at them too. HAHA!
So, that's going to be probably it. Oh, forgot. you can check my blog out - hell, it's RECOMMENDED - athttp://karanbattu.blogspot.com . 
And please, I BEG YOU, to,
Have a nice day!

A quick note from me, because I wasn't totally gone, I've read the entire story and it is worth the read. So do it! The story is technically called both "The One They Called Nemesis" and "War And Love". Kb decided to change the name after sending it me. Also while I do prefer to stick to one point in a post, Jessie also wrote a very very good short story at her blog, you can find that one at http://theconstantinopleexpress.blogspot.com/2012/01/short-story-elizabeth-everstone-and.html. Go, go now!

Monday, 23 January 2012

Round Rage

I think I need to put more references to SOPA/PIPA/ACTA/Anonymous into my posts. My page views were through the roof yesterday too (sadly not my earnings but that's a whole other matter entirely). Though now I'm going full tinfoil hat mode and suspecting the eff bee aye. It's not like I'm a political activist or hacktivist though, so I guess I have no reason to be worried. Though going down for advocating free speech and becoming a martyr is somehow one of my dreams. Anyway, here's a nice little round up for you.

On Monday (because there was no round up post last week) I revealed the winner of the writing giveaway to be Kbbuddingwriter. I also still owe Hazel a guest post. The actual post itself would wait until Thursday though.

Tuesday I shared 3 simple recipes with you. How to cook scrambled eggs in a microwave, how to cook spaghetti in a frying pan (with water not fat or oil) and how to make tuna burgers.

Wednesday I went in a bit on how I'm at my most creative when I'm very tired. When my mind is just free to wander because I'm not holding it back. I also talked a bit about how I hate sleep anyway.

Thursday was the winning post. It was basically what went through my head in a five minute time period. Though I overran and altogether it was about 8 minutes. Despite my own feelings about being so personal it actually got a pretty good response. So thank you everyone for supporting what was difficult for me to write and post.

Friday I talked about the end of Megaupload, why it was a travesty, and internet censorship in general. I'm proud to report my brethren that SOPA and PIPA have been shelved. I don't think we've seen the last of them though. Until then we have ACTA to worry about too. Something that's actually been around a lot longer, and people are only just taking notice. The battle never ends, and neither does the lulz.

Saturday was the next instalment of Trent's adventures. The working title is now Immortal Space, and I'm going to at least try to start linking to earlier chapters. Would have been easier if I did it right from the start but oh well.

Sunday I shared a song that someone posted as a comment to Thursday's post, and a video from someone to Anonymous thanking them for what they had done, and declaring his support for them. I couldn't resist, in light of what had gone down during the week.

Here's hoping I can come up with some ideas for this week.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

From The Comments

In response to my deep ass post on Thursday, which was then corrected by boobs on Friday, which then never happened and was replaced by RAGE, My 2 Pesos left a comment with this song in it. I thought I would share that song with you all. I think it does fit the style of that post. If I didn't dislike it when people put music into the code of their page so you couldn't turn it off, I would probably weave this song into that post. Anyway, I would say enjoy, but it's as black and bleak as ten minutes with me and a six pack.

For some reason Youtube insist on making embedded videos 800 and something whatever wide, and I have to change the code myself so a huge video player doesn't take up the screen.

Oh well.

As a bonus feature, in respect of all the SOPA and PIPA stuff that's gone down this week, I present to you Mahalyc33's message to Anonymous, those fancy bastards protecting our internet. They deserve all the support they can get, and everyone is important in the fight, from the people on the front lines with their cannons, to the people who make videos like this, and even the people who simply retweet and spread the message.

SOPA and PIPA may be gone, but ACTA is still here, and it is worse than both of them, and must be stopped. I told you it would be back under a different name. That name, is ACTA.

EDIT: Fixed a typo and corrected a mistake.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Chapter The Third

Wow, yesterday I got a lot of page views. I should post more political RAAAAAAAAGEEEEEEE.

A few days ago I totally rewrote the remaining chapters I had already written so hopefully there won't be too much to criticise. For your reading pleasure, here is the next instalment of Immortal Space. That's just a working title, I don't know if I'm going to change it or not. Anyway, here's your story, enjoy!

Geoff was totally flabbergasted. He naturally held out his hand and Trent shook it.
“What's the matter kid? You look like you've seen a ghost” Trent asked him.
“I think I might be” Geoff said, snapping back to reality. “Aren't you supposed to be dead?”
“Wouldn't be the first time, probably won't be the last,” Trent said, flashing Geoff a smile. “Though I have to say that you guys are getting pretty rough. I'm lucky I was able to pull myself together.” Trent thought for a second before adding, “Well actually I guess I don't need luck, I'm good. Say, you got any clothes?”
Geoff stood in silence for a few seconds before finally answering. “Well the ones we found you in were pretty damaged, all but this hat.” He pointed to a cowboy hat that had been left on the floor. Trent picked it up and dusted it off before putting it on.
“Well I'm glad my hat survived at least. What about my ship, where you keepin' that?” He asked.
“I'm sorry sir but your ship was too badly damaged, we've had it scrapped. Anything important we found was placed in a box and put into storage.”
Trent pondered this information.
“Can you go get it for me?” He asked, “Or at least tell me where it is, and give me a gown to put on or something. It's cold in here.”
Geoff was glad for any reason to look away and opened a locker, pulling out a surgeon's gown and handing it to Trent and then he pulled out a box while he waited for Trent to put the gown on. He handed Trent the box. It was kind of small, so Trent didn't really know what to expect, but he opened it up anyway. There wasn't much. There was a safety deposit box and amazingly enough, one of Trent's leather jackets neatly folded up. He put the jacket on, feeling the comfort of the leather around his knees, and searched in it's pockets, producing a key. He took the key and opened up the box, taking out the only things in it before putting the empty box in his jacket pocket.
“What was in there?” Geoff asked him.
Trent was tempted to reply it was none of his business, but the boy had been kind to him so far. He held up in one hand a seemingly large amount of credits, and in the other he held what appeared to be a locket. It was a cross with a circle in it. Geoff could make out a hinge on the circle, implying it could be opened.
“How did they survive the crash?” Geoff asked, again.
“Well, it was mostly the box” Trent replied, “This baby can stand pretty much any amount of heat and force. I won it in a poker game actually. It's where I keep my most prized possessions”. He held up the money and locket again, to show what he meant.
“Money is one of your most valuable possessions?”
Trent smirked and put the items in his pockets before answering. “Not quite. Let's just say that this isn't the first time a ship has been destroyed on me. This money here is enough to buy me a new ship in an emergency, and allow me to go back out into the stars. Those are my most valued possessions” he said with a far off look in his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling.
“What about the locket?”
Trent looked back down, not quite meeting Geoff's eyes as his face darkened. He looked almost sad. “That was given to me by someone who was once very close to me. I'll never forget her, and I'll never give this up either.”
Geoff frowned, and looked at him apologetically. “I'm sorry”, he said.
Trent smiled and hit him playfully in the chest.
“No harm done kid. I just wish I had more clothes, can't exactly go out in these now can I?” he pointed down at his strange ensemble of a surgeon's gown with a leather jacket over it.
Geoff laughed and remembered that there was a lost and found that might have something in it.
“I think I might know where to get you some clothes, just come with me and we'll see what we can do”. He walked towards the door and motioned for Trent to follow him.
“A'ight then”, Trent said, walking out the door and down the corridor with Geoff. As they were walking Geoff suddenly realised something.
“Say, just how did you survive that autopsy? And being stuck in that freezer. And that crash actually, I've seen the pictures, it was pretty brutal.”
Without breaking his stride Trent nonchalantly answered “Well what do you think happened? Isn't it obvious I just can't die?”
That stopped Geoff in his tracks.

That's right folks. You may have guessed it by now, but the other person I originally wanted to thank for their part in this story is Henry. He gave me the idea of writing an immortal character who is happy with his life.

Friday, 20 January 2012

What The Actual Fuck

Sorry about the swear in the title but it really was the only accurate response. At first yesterday I didn't have anything ready for today, and then Fang left a comment on Twitter I write a post about nipples. I did actually end up writing a post on nipples and to a lesser extend boobs but then something happened. Something that was wrong in many senses of the word.

The feds shut down Megaupload.

That's right folks, Megaupload is gone. It's founders have been prosecuted to.

This is of course fuel for a righteous fire. The internet is pissed off, and we have every right to be. This is what could happen to any site under SOPA and PIPA. It's almost infuriating that this was done without SOPA, it just adds more worry to the fire. Plus it fuels what was already there about what will be done under it.

It's all well and good saying "They were a file sharing site, they deserved it". No good people they did not. They did not deserve this at all. File sharing is an amazing thing, it just has the stigma of piracy. Without file sharing all my collaborations with Bersercules could not have happened. In fact under SOPA his blog wouldn't exist anyway because he uses clips of copyrighted shows (though he very kindly points out the real copyright holders at the end). Fair enough, he's Canadian and is probably protected from being the meat in a prison rape sandwich, but still, his blog isn't. It's hosted by Blogger, which is hosted by Google, which I'm pretty sure means it's hosted in America. One word from SOPA and bam, any and all blogs are gone.

The sad truth is that I'm not being sensationalist. I'm not overreacting. I'm not saying things that will never happen.

This stuff is real, this stuff is happening, and by whatever deity you worship something has to be done about it. Internet censorship is not the answer, and it never will be.

As someone on Twitter said "Closing down Megaupload is like burning down a school because one kid didn't turn up."

It's also fair enough to say that this isn't to do with SOPA and is a separate issue (which it kinda is) but this is an indication of what could, and ultimately will, happen under SOPA. I repeat, file sharing isn't a bad thing. Megaupload is gone but piracy lives on. They will never win this war and they should stop trying.

I would of course like to point out I'm not advocating piracy, I'm advocating freedom.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Five Minutes With Me

In case you're wondering why I didn't take part in the SOPA blackout, the simple fact is I actually forgot when it was. If you follow me on Twitter you saw the insane amount of crap I posted about it though. I would apologise but I had fun. 

This is what I came up with for the writing giveaway. The original idea was "Try describing 5 minutes of being alone, like sitting on a beach, or just chilling in a playground with kids playing and other kids fighting. I tried it once and it did wonders for me." To be honest I rarely spend time thinking with myself. I hate silence because I hate being left alone with my thoughts. I'm almost always listening to music or something. So prepare to stab yourself as we take a look inside my mind.

I found myself thinking about her again. As I always do when I'm on my own. Hell sometimes when I'm with others I'll think about her. Life can be funny like that. No matter how far you run, you're never really out of reach of the past. How no matter how many people you have around, you can be lonely. There's a difference between being lonely, and being alone, and boy do I know the difference. I suppose that's one of the reasons I can't find love, I don't really love myself. I can't expect someone to love me if I don't love myself. But that doesn't mean I have to be so lonely. I have Jessie sure, but she can't be there for me all the time, she has her own life, her own problems. I'm trying to be a better person I know, and I'm trying to improve myself, but does the road have to be this fucking lonely? Do I really have to stay by myself? I've held plenty of people's hands, who is here to hold mine? Not that I'd ever let anyone know that. No, I'm way too proud. No one is allowed to know my burdens but me. No one should have to deal with them but me. You'd think with how many people I've helped along the years I would have accepted by now you can't conquer everything on your own. You think I would have learnt that it's okay to seek help. Why is it okay for people to come to me for help but not for me to do the same? Why is it okay for others to show their emotions, why do I encourage it in others, when I can't even do it myself? Come to think of it when was the last time I cried. I really don't know. All I know is it hurts. I hurt. How did I end up like this? Can I stop this? Can I even be better? Can I even win at life? Does anyone win? When it comes down to it, is anyone here for me? Now that's just pathetic and we know it. Jessie is always there for you. She has her own troubles but she'd do anything for you and you know it. So stop it. I know I have her, I just wish she was all I needed. Everyone else piles their problems on to her, she doesn't need mine too. I can handle them, and I should. I will handle them. I just don't know how, or when. This is all I really know. I know I lost her, and I know I gained others, and I know I have people who would be there for me, all I have to do is reach out and ask. But why the hell won't I do that? What is stopping me? Fear? I suppose it's fear. Worry too. I don't want them worrying about me. I'm not special, they shouldn't act like I am. What I do is nothing special. It's almost ironic in a way that my biggest worry is that they will worry about me. I just don't want to  burden others with my crap really. I wouldn't be the first though, and others have done it for me. I shouldn't be so concerned. There are people that would do anything for me, and I know it. Why can't I accept that? Why are there so many things I can't accept? Ahhhh fuck. I need to put some music on and get away from this shit. Or Frasier.Oh Frasier, you make me laugh like no other man has. Except perhaps Niles.

Okay that took longer than five minutes to write because I really couldn't stop once I started. This ones for you Kb, I'll see the rest of you after you get out of the hospital after slitting your wrists. This is why I avoid getting emotional on here. Once I start, I really can't stop. 

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Creatively Tired

As I've mentioned before I'm usually at my most creative when I'm at my most tired. I really did recently have a time when I was trying to lay back and get to sleep but my mind wouldn't turn off and I kept breaking out the notepad. The main reason for this though was that I was trying to solve some problems with my book, and when you're just relaxing, doing nothing (like how people tend to try to get to sleep) your brain is going a mile a minute. When you're not really do anything your brain is working hard in the background solving problems. It's why if you can't solve a problem the answer will randomly come to you when you're laid in bed. The only problem with this is that it's usually forgotten by the time you wake up.

But as well as being to do with problem solving, it is also creativity with me. I've managed to think up pieces of dialogue for stories, even occasionally a full poem while trying to get some sleep. But I seriously hate sleep. There's just something about being that vulnerable that I just do not like. I get "enough" sleep. I appreciate that you need sleep really. This does not mean I have to enjoy the idea of sleep. It takes me so long to get to sleep because I fight it so much. The more tired I am the less I want to sleep. As well as being more creative, I'm also more active while tired. Or at least I have the potential to be. I want to do anything but sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if my aversion to sleeping is deeper than simply not wanting to be vulnerable, who knows? I really just don't like the idea of being completely unprotected.

Still, I now take my phone to bed with me (I use it as an MP3 player, I'm not just that weird. I never call or text anyone or receive them. I'm so ronery.) and I use the memopad on that, so at least now when my brain refuses to shut down, I have something I can write with should I get an idea that just has to be preserved.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Damn Tuna Burgers

I made you wait over a week, because I'm a dick, and because I could, for this. You see, in an effort to start losing weight and being serious about it, I've decided to be serious about a website I joined four years back. Or three. It was a while ago anyway. This particular website is sparkpeople.com. They help you out with your weight loss and they even have their own huge supply of recipes. I've started to build up a little cookbook on there actually of things I think I can do, and things I would never have imagined I could do. Like making grilled chicken by coating it with instant mash potato flakes. I would seriously have never thought about that. I love cooking workarounds like that. I cook scrambled egg in a microwave, and I cook pasta and spaghetti in a frying pan. Much freaking simpler. So I thought for once I would share three recipes with you, including the now infamous tuna burgers. They are very very simple, and don't take too long at all.

Scrambled Eggs in a microwave;
What you need;
Eggs (duh), 2 or 3. I use two but you can use three for a larger serving.
A jug
A microwave
Consider salt
Yes I'm being pedantic and condescending but dammit I'm good at it. I love it too.


What you do;
Break the eggs into the jug and stir in some milk. Remember this is going to expand, so be careful about how much milk, plus too much milk and it will be too runny. Not good. I recommend also putting in a little bit of salt, without it the taste is very bland. It took me a while to realise that I should consider putting salt in the water when cooking spaghetti to improve the taste. Or I just have bad taste buds. Mix it up a bit with a fork, being careful not to beat the eggs too much. When you've done that just put it in the microwave for a few minutes (or until something explodes) and you're done. You will have a giant block of scrambled eggs though so you might want to run the fork through it again to break it up.

Pasta/Spaghetti in a frying pan.
What you need;
a frying pan
a cooker
What you do;

Fill the frying pan with cold water, not too much or you'll have to drain even more and the pan will get pretty heavy (I always always use too much water). Then you put your spaghetti or your pasta in. Turn the cooker on if you haven't already. Then just keep stirring up the pasta so it doesn't stick to anything. Keep this up for 9-12 minutes, like you would if you were boiling it, or (again) until something explodes. If you're cooking spaghetti there's a good chance that the spaghetti will not fit into the pan. In this case just get it in as best as you can, and gently press down on it while it's cooking. Eventually it will absorb enough water and be soft enough that you can swirl it and make it all stay in the pan.

Tuna burgers (yay)
What you need
A tin/can of tuna
A tin/can opener
An egg
Half a cup of breadcrumbs
Half a cup of grated cheese (optional, but I made them with cheese)
A mixing bowl
A grill

What you do;
Open your tin of tuna and drain it. I didn't drain it all the way but you can. Put it into the mixing bowl along with the breadcrumbs, cheese (if you're going to use cheese), the egg and the breadcrumbs. Mix it all up and make patties out of it. Then simply put the patties into the grill and leave for 8-10 minutes. Or fry them or whatever it is you do to cook burgers. Personally I stick mine in a grill for about 10 minutes. I did that with these though and they were a bit overcooked, so I suggest slightly less. The original recipe said that there was enough for two patties, but that guy must have been making huge ones. I used two and still had enough of the weird mix left to make probably 2 or 3 more.

Yes, I seriously suck ass at writing instructions, and no, I'm not liable if something actually explodes. Enjoy your food poisoning!

PS If you know any other cooking workarounds like the first two please let me know. I'm a lazy fucker and I'm always looking for simpler and faster ways to do things.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Winners And Losers

Today is going to be a round up post, but it's also the results of the giveaway! The winners will be the person who wins, and the losers are...you guys! Because you have to read this crap. I'm only kidding there though. You guys aren't losers. I love you all. In case you're wondering why I'm so happy it's because the winner of the contest was something I could actually write. I know that does put most of you out of the running though. So, there. Okay I think I'll do the results first. Overall there were eighteen entrants into this thing, and you were given a number assigned on the order that you posted your comment with the story idea. So even though Generally Disgruntled commented early, his story didn't come until later, and so he had a late number. Here is a rundown of all the entrants.

1.Zap McBlowfistJan 12, 2012 04:17 AM
I want a story about someone that writes a self help book to get people off being addicted to self help books /swoon +following

2.The Angry LurkerJan 12, 2012 04:30 AM
Modern zombie story.....

3.BerserculesJan 12, 2012 05:03 AM
A homoerotic story about a man and a mushroom (who is also a man) that takes place in a secluded beach and features another character who is a italian war hero!

4.Experiment HouseJan 12, 2012 05:23 AM
How about…a person (girl or boy) who grows up without their parent, and then their parent gets back in touch? The confusion of having a parent who never played a big part in your life try to start an instant relationship with you. I reckon that'd be interesting. Seen through the eyes of the kid perhaps.

5.Pytr0nixJan 12, 2012 05:31 AM
A story about a storyteller who doesn´t know that he is a storyteller and is normally a wrestler which is making money with Cocain :D

or a zombie story, that would be cool too ;)
 6. FangJan 12, 2012 06:00 AM
Dude, Mark, there's reply buttons now, at least use them ;D

I want you to write a story about an alternate Sburb session. Guess you can't do that without reading Homestuck first ::::D
7. A Beer for the ShowerJan 12, 2012 06:18 AM
Reply buttons? Wow, about time, amirite?
Also, idea for a story: a man and his deaf lover, who speaks only through interpretive dance, find a magic, speaking taco capable of time travel. It takes them back to the 16th century where they discover love, art, and the works of Leonardo Di Vinci, but when our heroes get hungry and eat the annoying, time traveling taco, they find themselves wondering... will they ever make it back?
You're welcome. I've never wanted to win a contest so much in my life.
8.WorkingdanJan 12, 2012 07:50 AM
How about a story of a man who starts a blog and becomes obsessed with the first bloghe ever visits...oh wait! That's my story!

You know, in light of it being 2012 and the world is to end this year, write about all the chaos that is leading up to our final doom!
9.ReillyJan 12, 2012 08:08 AM
 Doctor Who Storyline :D
Or you could just write about how you ate the time traveling taco! Seems off the wall and could be funny

10.HazelJan 12, 2012 08:54 AM
I wasn't too keen on the reply button at first, but I think it's slowly growing on me though.

Story Idea 1: Seeing as you hate Twilight so much, rewrite it making it better :P

Story Idea 2: Expand one of your own dreams into a story - if dreams spawned Twilight and Harry Potter, who knows what you might create!

You can write one of these, both of these or neither.

And you can stick me down as an interview candidate too. Do I interview or you interview me? I'm cool with either.

11. Jimmy FungusJan 12, 2012 09:43 AM
Well how about a story in which a zombie is in love with a vampire.

12.GJan 12, 2012 04:18 PM
How about a satirical story where there is a zombie/vampire/illuminati/Inuit plot to reverse global warming and plunge the world into another ice age

13.  kbbuddingwriterJan 12, 2012 04:28 PM
Try describing 5 minutes of being alone, like sitting on a beach, or just chilling in a playground with kids playing and other kids fighting. I tried it once and it did wonders for me.

14.ShockgrubzJan 12, 2012 06:58 PM
Since a few of those stories were once real dreams, I was thinking maybe a story where there are multiple levels of dreams/visions where each level increasingly gets more interesting and exiting. They could overlap and culminate in the ultimate learned lesson for the character/characters.

Just an idea that I got from one of the dreams my brother had recalled to me.

I commend you for sticking to your writing. To have a giveaway with your writing as a prize, I had to get an entry in.

15.Generally DisgruntledJan 12, 2012 07:07 PM
Alright, Red Leader, you ready?

The stories about an American who flees the bigotry of his family and his friends after coming out as a homosexual. He ends up living as an expatriate in (Country of your choice), but hides who he is because of the recriminations of his past and his own fear of rejection by those who he is close to, despite keeping a relatively solitary existence. He questions whether he made the right decision in being true to himself, or should have forsaken his own happiness to remain close to the people he cares about. Here's the kicker: It's written from the point of view of a local girl who serves him in a cafe and her speculation about him based on a letter to his father he accidentally left on the table.

Flex those writin' muscles, son!
16.Mad Mike BrewingJan 12, 2012 09:03 PM
I would like to hear a story about how you would spend/invest 20 million in 4 days...

17. normal.is.overrated.Jan 12, 2012 10:02 PM
to be honest I can't think of anything right now..hmm let me think...hmm how about a superhero who actually doesn't like being a superhero/saving people cause he doesn't like the people in town? LOL LAME!! forget that:PPP

18. ShawJan 12, 2012 11:22 PM
Write a story about Funkasaurus Brodus Clay from Planet Funk visiting earth for the first time.

 The winner was unlucky number 13 Kbbuddingwriter. The post will go up this Thursday, and I recommend tissues and razor blades. I doubt this will be the only time I do this kind of thing either so there will be other chances. Though I did love most of the ideas and will probably do them at some point. This was another problem I had with a giveaway really, restraining myself from doing everything.
Random numbers provided by Random.org
The lucky runners up who have a guest post are 

Angry Lurker
Jimmy Fungus

Should you wish one, let's chat on the comments, and if you don't (or don't claim it) then someone else can have your post.

This has lasted long enough (who thought I would ever say that?), so I think I'll forgo the round up. Maybe I can do it tomorrow and do even less with my week than planned.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Skyrimming Once More

I just had to share this video with you. There was no way I couldn't. Jessie shared it with me and I just didn't really know how to react. The word "epic" is thrown around a lot but this one does deserve that. It's slightly late but it's a totally dignified and accurate reaction to the Skyrim trailer. It's kind of a shame that this feeling wears off when actually playing the game.

Also you may have noticed a new look. When the new reply buttons came out, I noticed that Hazel had a little pen next to her comments, and some people even had highlighted comments. I came to the conclusion that I had screwed with the html so much that I didn't get the default settings. I then changed the blog template, so it would reset to total default. I picked the wrong template, because I'm a moron, but I thought to myself that the new look wasn't so bad, and decided to keep it. I would like to think this is the last time I play with the look and layout, but I've said that before.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chapter Two

It's time for another instalment of my space story. Even though this is chapter three in the word document, I'm classing it as chapter two as I made the first "chapter", a prologue to the story. Enjoy guys. This is longer than the other ones. Plus it has conversations, so the writing quality is about to dip!

Dr Osbourne's autopsy proved what he already knew. The guy died when he suffered a large amount of trauma to his head. He was lucky to be dead before his body ended up like it did. He put everything back where it belonged, and stitched the body back together and stuck it in the freezer. He didn't know what kind of funeral the guy would have, he wasn't even able to find any next of kin for him. After his work was done, he headed home to his family to wind down and prepare himself for yet another day of being a doctor. He counted himself lucky to have been able to find a wife and have kids with her when he had such a demanding job, but she understood and of course love played an important part.

Geoff was the guy in charge of the morgue that night. He didn't really understand why the dead people needed watching, but they didn't bother him none, so he liked his job just fine. He liked the peace and quiet that came with it. All he had to do was sit in a chair and keep an eye on guys that can't move anyway. Pretty cushy in his opinion. That was until he heard someone knocking on a door.

He jumped out of his seat, thinking it was one of the bodies. Rationality took over though and he walked to the morgue door to see who was there. When he opened the door though he didn't see anyone. While he was checking the corridors to see if he could see who knocked, he heard it again, this time from behind him. There was no denying to himself this time that it came from one of the freezers.

He shut the door and sat down, rocking backwards and forwards. He couldn't believe this was happening, didn't want to believe this was happening. In his two years on the job this had never happened before, and he didn't want it to start now. He jumped as he heard the knock again, this time it was more impatient.

“W-wh-who's there?” He asked, his voice quivering with fear. But he didn't get an answer, just a louder knock in response. He thought he was an idiot to respond and let whatever was in there know he was around, and cursed himself for not just running and finding some help. Though he doubted anyone would believe him anyway.

The knock came again, and he knew this time which freezer it was coming from. He finally got up, and went to it. Looking at the tag he saw the name “Trent Saxon”, and remembered that there was a guy brought in today with that name. But he'd already been autopsied. He'd been taken to pieces and then put back together again. If they had accidentally put a live guy in the freezer, someone would have noticed, and if they didn't, he would be long dead by the time the autopsy was over. Whatever was in that freezer wasn't alive he thought.

Yet more knocking snapped him out of his thoughts, and back to reality. He grabbed the sharpest thing he could find, in this case a scalpel, and slowly opened the freezer door. He didn't think he could do much with the scalpel, but a sharp object is a sharp object. When the door was open all the way, he hesitantly began unzipping the bag. The body was totally still, and was still blue from the freezer. He looked in the freezer to see if something had somehow got inside, but couldn't spot anything. While he was looking something grabbed him from behind, with one arm around his neck and a hand around his wrist that was holding the scalpel.

“Where am I?” Geoff heard someone say. It sounded male. Low and husky. With a southern touch.
“I-i-i-in the hospital” was Geoff's nervous reply.
“Which hospital?”. The man squeezed harder on Geoff's throat and wrist.
“I-it-it-it's Northwest Community Hospital.” Geoff answered “Um...sir”, he added, for good measure. Geoff felt the man let go and then pat him on the back.
“Ahhh Northwest Community. Not my first visit here, but the first time I've met you, what's your name kid?”. Geoff turned round to look at the man and saw that he was covered in stitches and scars. He was also naked and still slightly blue from the freezer.
“G-G-Geoff. My name is Geoff. Yours?” He asked, though he expected he knew the answer. The man held out his hand for Geoff to shake it, “Trent's the name, Trent Saxon. How do you do?”
As per usual I would like to point out that I absolutely suck with conversations. I also want to say I picked a random hospital from Chicago with a name that sounded like it would still exist then. Even if the current Northwest Community Hospital isn't around, what's to stop them from building another community hospital in the northwest and giving it the same name? It's unimaginative but so am I, and I didn't like the original name I gave it. 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Why Choose The Lesser Evil?

I'm going to talk about politics again, if I may. Hell it's my blog so yeah, yeah I am. This time though I'm going to try to avoid comparing everyone to Nazi's and blowing a situation wide open. I'm going to talk instead about political apathy.

This is basically when you've been screwed over so much you really don't care. This is the main reason people don't vote, and why the guy who was already in stays in, as people will just vote for whoever is in power. Fair enough if they're doing a good job, keep voting for them. That's fine. But one of the things it mostly boils down to is being sick of choosing between two evils. I'll say it again but Cthulu really is the answer there. Why vote for the lesser evil?

In the last English election people DID vote for the lesser evil. This time around he was known as Nick Clegg. I tend to vote for Labour because I don't like David Cameron much as an individual (though I did enjoy the way he stood up to Europe) and I don't like the conservatives much anyway. They say you should vote for the party and not the individual but I doubt anyone does. Tony Blair managed to win several elections because he was seen as a pretty cool guy overall. He had charisma. He could talk you into letting him stab you. Gordon Brown on the other hand...no. The less said about him the better. He got into power without winning an election, and seeing as the last election ended in a hung parliament, he technically never lost one either.

I really think though that one of the worst things you can do is not vote. I don't really know all that much about the American political system. It seems you spend a while deciding between several candidates on who gets to run for each party, the Republicans or the Democrats, and then you get to choose between the parties themselves. If you don't like either one, you really are left with little choice but to not vote. At least here in England if you really want to vote for no one who means anything, you can vote for the Monster Raving Looney Party. We have several options for if you really don't give a damn.

I understand not wanting to choose between two evils, and that you've been screwed over a lot. I mentioned Nick Clegg earlier, he was voted for by a lot of students because he promised (he even signed a written document) that he would end tuition fees, and make higher education free again. He entered into a coalition with the Conservatives, and raised (that's right people, he RAISED) tuition fees. He shat on the students from such a height that they thought God himself had defecated upon them.

Barring some form of miracle, I really do not see Clegg ever having a chance in the next election. The coalition doesn't seem to be going to well either from where I sit. But, at the next election, I will vote for anyone but the guys who piss me off. I will tell them with my vote that I don't like them. I would rather choose the lesser of two evils than let the bigger evil have a slightly better chance at coming in.

Then again most politicians are dicks and hide their evil well. People might cite Obama as an example, but I don't live in America, I don't know all the details, I'd like to avoid putting my foot in my mouth.

In summary, please do vote people, even if it's for who you think might be the lesser of two evils.

P.S Ron Paul 2012. Assuming Cthulu is not a late entrant.


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