Friday, 16 December 2011

Terrible 200's

My apologies to JOutlaw who was the only person to comment on this one, but I put this up a day early. Looking at things again, TODAY should be, really really should be, the 200th post.

If I've done my maths right (and it turns out I didn't and have no idea why) this is my 200th post. Boy we've come a long way here. From not knowing if I'd update more than once a week, to randomly reviewing old TV shows when no one was reading, to adopting the post a day system and somehow sticking to it. All in the space of just six months, and 200 posts.

To be honest it does feel like a lot longer, both post wise and time wise. I know everyone says it, but I really never imagined I would get this far, go this long, I really didn't. Can you imagine how I'm going to be when my little baby blog turns one? Assuming it happens of course.

I would have liked to have done something special for the big 2-0-0 but I couldn't really think of anything. I had  a conversation with Jessie though in which she asked me what I'm proud of this year, and what my resolutions for next year were, so I thought I would go into them a bit, share some things with you guys.

You can stop reading now if you want.

I'm not too big on the whole resolution thing. For me, the days just roll together, and I don't see any day as different from any other. Once the presents have been handed out, and dinner has been served, and I'm back at my dads, Christmas is just any other day. I haven't celebrated a birthday properly in some time, and again it's just the same system. Once I have presents, that's it, it's just a normal day. Though for my last few birthdays I've spent them with Jessie, which is nice. She gave me a fuckton of shit on my 21st. I'm not kidding about how much it was either.

So yeah, I don't really do the whole resolution thing. I don't see the new year as the new start that other people do. I don't see anything special about it. It's probably not good to be this pessimistic and cynical but I'm still alive, so something is working. Or my enemies can't find me.

There is still the matter though of what I'm proud of. I can't really remember much about the first half of the year, so I'm going to have to say this place. I've been able to amass a somewhat small but still there following, I've been working hard and I can say it's paid off. Even if I did some things this year I'm not happy I did, such as not going to college after all, I can say I'm happy I put the effort into this place, I'm glad that I worked at something for this long. I dedicated myself, and I don't do that much, if at all. It's why I get nothing done. I have no dedication, no motivation. I have nothing.

I'd like to say that this place isn't the only thing I'm proud to have done this year, but really I don't think I've overcome any of the other major obstacles in my life, though hey, there's still a few weeks left to get that done. Or maybe I could see the new year as a new start. Start bending life over a table and making it my bitch.

Either way I wrote this at quarter past one in the morning, which explains a great deal of it. Here's to another 100, and the fifty something more that will make a full year.


  1. congrats on making it all the way to 200 posts! I'm not even a quarter of the way to that yet!

  2. Did you remember to reset the Schedule to Automatic? Otherwise Blogger posts it back at the original posting time. I had to scroll back to before your Another Short Story post on my feed to re-click on this one.

    Congrats, though. I'm a few posts behind you, today's going to be 193.

    Also, what maths did you have to do? Doesn't it say how many Published posts you have in parentheses on the control panel?

  3. @Henry Thanks for the tip, I had wondered why no one had stopped by! It does tell you how many you have published, but I clearly wasn't paying enough attention, or didn't count a post when I should have. Here's hoping eventually more people check out the post. It shouldn't be too much longer until you hit 200 yourself.

  4. It's pretty impressive that you have a solid following and you've only been blogging since June.

  5. Congradulations! Heres to 200 more!!!

    I agree with you about not looking at life in terms of years. I don't care for new year celebrations or birthdays! But I do hope this blog lasts for years! If you keep blogging I'll keep reading!

  6. Congratulations!

  7. @Ginny Thanks, sometimes I'm impressed by it too. It could always be bigger, but that it's there means I must be doing something right.

    @Bersercules Well that's because we're homies now, we've gotten to know eachother a bit off the blog as well. So now you have to read lol. But, thanks. I would say here's to two hundred more but that means I'll have to say here's to 300 and 400 and so on. I'll just stick to each hundred.

    @My 2 Pesos Thank you.

  8. holy damn, 200 post you are the man!!

  9. @Christopher Franko Thanks a lot.

  10. Congratulations! That's a lot of posts.

  11. I'm going onto my 5th month at by the end of December I'll be around 60.

    If I continue at this rate I'll hit 100 at around April so plenty of time to plan something special for that day. :P

  12. @Heaven Thank you :)

    @Interwebs Fails Thanks, it is a fair bit.

    @DWei I doubt it somehow man. I knew it was coming up, but still didn't plan for it at all.

  13. Congrats on reaching 200! I'll actually be reaching 200 posts myself pretty soon lol

    As for new years resolutions, I always make them but never keep them :(

  14. Huzzah. A long, strange trip it has been. Congrats, bro

  15. @Hazel I don't think anyone actually keeps them. Part of the reason I never make them is also because I never keep them :P

    @Generally Disgruntled It has been a strange trip, but those are the best kind. Thank ye kindly sir.


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