Thursday, 8 December 2011

Super Blogger

This is kind of late, but recently Lex made a post where she decided upon a super hero version of herself, and then tagged many other Bloggers, telling asking them to do the same, and it's took me long enough to get around it.

If you ask me what superpower I would love to have, I would really be stumped, so please don't. But I can never really decide, but if I had to say one, I would say mastery over time and space, like Hiro from Heroes. But that power is wayyyyyyyy to OP and God-mode. You could just freeze time, teleport behind your enemy and kill them before they've even finished blinking.

Wait heroes don't kill do they? No they just lock them in jail where they stew and get more insane, or lock them in some weird ass dimension thing and send them off into space. That was a reference to that Superman movie where he does that, but I want to point out I don't think I've seen that movie.

Anyway, so, what less than God-mode powers would I choose then? I would have to say superhuman senses. My sense of sight, hearing and smell would perform at beyond human capability. Think Wolverine. Despite the fact he doesn't shoot cool shit from his hands he is very hard to defeat, even without adamantium on his bones. The guy survived for over 200 years (I think) before that happened to him. Most of this was down to his healing factor sure, but his super senses certainly helped. You don't want to get on the bad side of that guy or he'll add you to his list of shit he wants to fuck up today, and you don't want to be on that list.

Mentioning Wolverine gives me a chance to use this image
Now everyone knows that it's not really about the powers, it's about the badass costumes. Lex asked for pictures too but I suck at drawing, so I can't provide one. But my costume would of course be black. Complete with hood, mask that covers the entire face, and a cape. If I had the balls I would wear a hooded cloak in public, I really would.
Kinda like this, the Nightingale Armour from Skyrim
Not exactly the same as that mind, that's just how I imagine the mask and cape. I'd need a utility belt of course, complete with shark repellent spray that makes sharks explode. I would have a lot of Batman-esque gadgets though.

Basically I would be Batman but with superhuman senses. It's kind of sad to write out all of this and then be able to sum it all up in one sentence. As for my badass superhero name? I'm incredibly unimaginative and can't think of one.


  1. I'd go with the Wolverine powers and more like the movie than the early comics.

  2. @The Angry Lurker For the costume at least. In any form and clothing Wolverine is badass though.

  3. I'd make a lousy superhero. I'm far too evil. My idea of a great superpower would be to shoot lasers out me tits like the Fem Bots.

  4. Lex tagged me too and I've yet to do it so yours isn't late at all lol!

  5. Forget Wolverine, I'd just be Hugh Jackman. Have you seen how well the man can sing and dance? That in itself is a super power, I'm sure.

  6. @Anne Interesting choice. Evil has way more fun. I'd be more of an anti-hero.

    @Hazel Maybe it's just that both of ours are late lol.

    @ABFTS Being Hugh Jackman would be pretty badass. I bet Wolverine is just what Hugh Jackman calls himself to hide his secret identity.

  7. Though not really a superpower, advanced synesthesia would be damn awesome. (You know, combining senses, like seeing smells or tasting colours.)

  8. @Fang That does sound pretty awesome. Very trippy too.

    @Film Geek Bastard I think I'd rather have pyrokinesis but like I said I could never really pick.

  9. Your superhero name could be Markius Marksman.

    If I could have a super power it would be the ability to control peoples minds and minipulate there thoughts and make them see what I want them too... how that would help in crimefighting wouldn't matter! I'd us it to try and take over the world! Sure to make it a better place but most people would call me a villian!

  10. i'd wanna be michele pfeiffer as catwoman. not that she really has much in the way of superpowers, per se - i'd just wanna back flip around town looking that good in that suit.

  11. No way! Not batman! Totally Moon Knight. Yes, I'm a comic dork.

  12. I'd like to have the most powerful farts.

  13. Well in that case, you shall be known as: Mark.

  14. Wolverine powers sounds good!

  15. @Bersercules I think that's too close to my real name lol, but I was expecting you to come up with something. I do wonder how many bad guys out there really are just trying to make the world better. I read a great comic that managed to explain perfectly how Lex Luthor is really the good guy.

    @Kage Maybe that IS her superpower. But yeah she looked pretty good in that suit.

    @Copyboy Comic dorks are some of the best dorks there are.

    @My 2 Pesos There's some competition there.

    @Heaven Love doesn't begin to describe my feelings for that crazy Canadian guy.

    @Henry Doesn't really strike fear into the hearts of evil doers though does it?

    @Interwebs Fails Wolverine is just an all round badass.

  16. I think I'd like to be Bill Gates.
    I wouldn't have any super powers, but I'd be rich as hell and could buy anything I wanted.
    Including a superhero to be my slave.
    Except Aquaman. Because I wouldn't give a flying crap about a dude who smelled like fish and could ride a giant seahorse.

  17. @Mark I read a comic where Superman refused to help poor Mexican who were being opressed and told them they should help them selves and not ask his help! Then he went and helped rich white people. Superman is evil.

  18. @Al Penwasser Aquaman is one of the least impressive heroes there is. But I suppose as long as the problem is water related, he's your guy.

    @Bersercules He was quite a dick, but eventually most heroes/vigilantes are.

  19. I like wolverine.. He's one of my favorite super heroes. You're costume is a bit scary for my taste. hehe.. but it's cool. :)

  20. I would want to be like Iceman from X-men. To me, it's the raddest super power.

  21. Teleporting is interesting super power. I like it!

  22. I'd like the ability to become intangible and invisible at will, like a ghost. I'd be a master thief! Guess that'd make me a villain ;)

  23. @Mayen Well I have no real powers, so I have to rely on stealth and fear, like Batman. Though I'm with you, Wolverine is one of my favourite heroes too.

    @MRanthrope It's certainly got it's uses, but I think it's just been too overdone. Everyone has an Iceman now.

    @Generally Disgruntled He died like one too. I actually had a harder time getting to him than I did killing him. It was the first time I lowered the difficulty.

    @Tim I would argue that it's only Hugh Jackman that's hot, but nah, Wolvies hot in the comics too. Dat sideburn.

    @Marco Walter It is, but it's just too God-mode. At least Nightcrawler has his acrobatics and such.

    @Shaw Not so, Catwoman and Felicia from Spidey are master thieves (though not invisible) but they've had their share of the good guy side.

  24. I'd love super strength and super speed. :) I'd be beatin' them bad guys like a bawwss awww yee. :D

  25. @Jodie-Ann Nah too God mode for me. One or the other, though if you hit something AT super speed, you can be sure it's going to do a lot of damage, you don't really need both.


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