Saturday, 10 December 2011

Scenes From A Blackberry

I don't know if I've mentioned it before now, but I was given a Blackberry as an early Christmas present. If you want to know why I chose a BB over an iPhone it's because I need a Blackberry for BBM so that me and Jesse can basically talk as much as we want for a month, because it costs £5 (somehow now £5.30) a month. But given how much we can talk, it costs more than this. When I was on holiday most of the money I spent was on phone credit and beer. Anyway, this thing, even though it's an old one, still has a nifty camera, and my laptop has bluetooth, so I thought I would share some of the pictures I have taken with it.

Warning; Contains kitties of varying cuteness

Garfield sleeping (well not in this picture but he did sleep) in a computer bag

I got bored at a CafĂ© and made this. I would have stacked more but I would have felt odd getting more. It was surprisingly sturdy too. 
Kadie in her cat bed. She looks very condescending here. Maybe she could read the price on the tag.

I got proof that she will in fact come inside when the weather is too cold. Here she is, at 1AM, in my BATHTUB. She also pulled the towels down herself.

I couldn't resist this. Even cats like computers.

I just thought having one on either side of the glass looked pretty cool. Yes I'm aware my backyard is a mess. Work in progress.
And as a special treat for Hazel, the blue dragon that guards my bookcase up close. It reminded me so much of Malygos from Warcraft that I just had to get it. Plus I freakin love dragons.


  1. Cool dragon statue you got there!
    Also, protip (though I'm not sure if it's available where you live): T-Mobile has this family pack data plan. You can add 1 landline phone and, what, 5 mobile phone numbers to it, and you can call and text those for free!

  2. How many cats DO you have?!
    I'm still waiting for any presents I might get *sigh*

  3. Hmm.. I don't have any BB, Android or iPhone. I'm stuck with my old Samsung phone.. but hey, it still works! :)

    Not much of a cat lover.. but those kitties are adorable, indeed! :)

  4. @Fang T-Mobile IS here lol, but I can't afford a contract or plan like that. Jessie is also the only one I ever use my phone for. When I have a definite source of income, and more people to talk to, I'll consider it.

    @PeeVee Just the two, that's my dads limit. I've asked him before if we can go to a shelter and pick one up. Or two. Or five.

    @Leah How can anyone not be a cat lover? I had an old Samsung for years too. The screen broke but it still worked. I just saw an opportunity here and took it, I was happy with my little phone.

  5. Love Your kitty Cats. So cuTe. Trying to do this on the iPad so you are getting typos. Love the dragon too

  6. @Mynx Hehe that's okay. I love them too, and the dragon. One of his wings is a bit broken so I got him either very cheap, or free, can't quite remember.

  7. Such a cute cat!:)

  8. Aww wow that dragon looks amazing! I would probably buy that style of dragon statue someday too :)

  9. I still need to get me an upgrade to a somewhat smart phone. I really want one of the newer droids, but I'm sure I'll have to downgrade from my hopes.My girlfriend has a pre-paid verizon phone (she has AT&T) so she can talk to me for free. Though it does cost me a buck a day.

    Cute cats btw

  10. @GT Thanks, he's less cute when he's laid on your lap obstructing you though.

    @Hazel It was great lol, so happy when I found it. It has a chain on it's leg too in a nice bit of attention to detail.

    @Adam I'd still be happy without a smart phone, I just need a phone that lets me take and receive calls, but I wasn't about to pass up a chance to talk to Jessie as much as I wanted lol. A buck a day is a small price to pay for your girlfriend.

  11. Haha, those pictures Could make a good "badger" song.

    Cat, meny, cat, cat, cat, DRAGON!

  12. @Michael hehe there were more cats than that. Possibly too many cats.

  13. Hey I am the exact same.... Nearly all of my vacation travel money and time is always spent on beer and photos too. Cheers!

  14. Aww kittiesssss! :3
    And OMG WTF. I want a Blackberry. It's 250$ CAD. -.-' So I have to start saving up.

  15. @Steve Bailey I r confus

    @Heaven Kitties, kitties everywhere! Oh, if only.

    @Jodie-Ann kitties make everything better :) I got this in exchange for my dad buying £100 worth of Christmas presents for my nieces.

  16. I'm looking to get an Android sometime this month. No iPhones for me, those things break so easily and I have a tendency to drop my phone.

  17. @DWei I've dropped my Blackberry so many times already it's not funny anymore. Unless you're watching me do it. iPhones for me have bad keyboards as well. I want an iPod touch 4G for the app store, but I'll be using my BB for mobile browsing if it comes to it. Probably.

  18. You know why you don't need an iPhone? Cuz from all you've told us about yourself, you aren't rich.

  19. @Henry Haha that's true. That's pretty true. I couldn't afford one no. Far from poor as fuck though seeing as I have a laptop, and a good internet connection.

    @My 2 Pesos Adorable

  20. I like that dragon.

  21. @Interwebs Fails Thanks, it is pretty cool.

  22. aw so cute! makes me miss having a kitty around to love my face, at least ;)

  23. The cat pictures are great!
    Isn't having a handy camera
    I took quite a few pictures at the mall this afternoon which I plan to put into a post sometime this week.
    Mrs. Penwasser always runs the other way when I whip it out (the camera, too).

  24. the dragon is so awesome! and the kittens are so damn cute. :D


  25. Heya Mark. well, maybe because I haven't had a pet cat in years. My family's really into dogs.. and you know, cats and dogs fight! We can't seem to find a way to get them live in harmony.. :| Those poor kitties..

    So I grew up with dogs.. I adore dogs. :)

    I think Samsung phones are great. But I would love to have a BB or an iPhone. Hope I could get one this Christmas. hehe

  26. Kadie looks a bit like my cat

  27. @Kage Kadie barely does that lol, but Garfield is very affectionate. Kadie can be, but not so much.

    @Al Pennawasser I don't like being on the receiving end of a camera either, but I couldn't resist taking these.

    @Rickroller Thanks.

    @Leah Ask Santa really nice :P Or so persistently he gives in. I like dogs too, but I just find cats to be cuter. I knew someone who lived with five dogs, a cat, and two rats. I have no idea how it worked.

    @Shaw My cats are pretty common, except Garfield. A ginger tom cat is probably more common than a tortoiseshell tabby, but he has orange eyes too.

  28. Your cats are so pretty! It made me laugh that kadie was just chilling in your bathtub, my tabby used to use the bath as a toilet (when he was really tiny)when he couldn't get to his litter tray. We quickly got his out of that habit!

    Glad Kadie is using the cat bed, she looks comfy as well as a bit annoyed haha xx

  29. @Charlotte She was a bit annoyed because my niece just picked her up and dropped her in it. I'm glad you got the little guy out of that habit lol.


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