Saturday, 31 December 2011

Picturing The Post

Well this could be one of the last picture posts for a while because of what I was on about yesterday, I would like to put a story up here. As such I'm going to try and go out with a bang. So let's see what we can find in my huge pile of pictures.
What a day to be a man.

The ultimate showdown. McDonalds Sephiroth versus Colonel Sanders Cloud.

Seriously, WHY vote for the lesser evil? At least he's honest about wanting to kill and eat your family

My kinda kid.

I know you're trying it because I tried it.

Yes Neil Patrick Harris. Yes I do.

I'm behind Darth Vader, are you?

Jessie told me this became her computer background.

Just a pretty background really.
And a special treat for Fang. Welcome to the club, I hope you already have a girlfriend because you aren't likely to get one now! It's a .gif, I don't know if it will play itself. It didn't in a preview, you might have to right click and open in a new tab.

Party Soft.


  1. All good pics. Looking forward to what is coming.

    Happy New Year to you

  2. Oooh I'm so joining Darth Vader's Army!! :P He's awesome.


  3. Aww Fluttershy, that's so cute <3 Thanks Mark!
    But nope, no girlfriend. Forever alone, I guess? :c

  4. @Mynx Happy New Year to you too.

    @The Lover Everyone needs to join his army.

    @Fang She is adorable ^^ You could always go gay, or hope to find one of the rare creatures known as a pegasister, a girl who likes it. Can you believe girls like MLP too? I can't.

  5. An awesome selection of pictures. I'd join Vader's army.. :D

  6. @Megan Everyone should, he was way cooler than Luke. Though the rebels did have the ultimate badass that was Harrison Ford.

  7. The first picture was screen capped 47seconds after it was posted, so the poster screen capped it. Did you post it?

  8. I'm joining Darth and the dark side!

  9. @Bersercules No I didn't post it, but I was the one who capped it. I got very lucky to find it on the list of newly posted questions. I have neither a wife, a maid, or jungle fever.

    @Workingdan Yay!

  10. God damit, is till can't do the triforce with my hands. I lack the dexterity I guess.

  11. HAha wow the things people ask on yahoo answers....

    Also, go Seph. I love Cloud, but that mustache just ain't flattering.
    Cthulhu 2012 hell yeah

  13. @R.gers I don't have much dexterity but I was able to pull it off.

    @Baur Sadly not one of the worst I saw that night, but one of the funniest.

    @The Rambler I haz triforce too. I have the triforce of awesome. I think Sephiroth and Cloud just needed to accept their love for one another. Cthulu should definitely win 2012.

  14. Nice, I have the Imperial Enlistment wallpaper too!

  15. @Henry I sure hope you DID enlist.

  16. Fluttershy is so cute! Happy New Year Mark :)

  17. My reaction to the triforce pic:

    *raises hands to try*
    *reads your caption*
    *lowers hands*

  18. Also, I'm totally in on Vader's army. I'm thoroughly convinced that the Sith are actually the good guys. Jedi are too soulless.

  19. @Hazel I'm glad that the magic of Fluttershy's adorableness has touched so many :D Happy new year to you too.

    @Lolitcal News You tried. I know you tried. But I succeeded. The Jedi are very soulless, I've never really thought of it like that.

  20. I tried to do that hand gesture but failed.

  21. Happy New Year!! :)

    I bake using magic... that's why my cookies are so awesome.

  22. @Based You can get it if you keep trying.

    @Bookish Spazz Happy new year to you too. Wish I knew magic.

  23. I'm looking forward to your story. It's hard to come up with platinum for Episode 1, but we'll see how that goes.

  24. Totally not trying the triforce.

    I've never played any Zelda games :)

  25. I will start a gang just to do the triforce as a gang sign :O

  26. @Interwebs Fails Happy new year to yyou too.

    @Kbbuddingwriter You sure know how to fill a guy with confidence.

    @My 2 Pesos You too gent.

    @Heaven. You haven't lived. You'll try it out of compulsion because it's awesome, and then you'll play Zelda.

    @Shaw I will join that gang.

  27. Ooh.. I'm so joining Vader's army! He's awesome! Star Wars is HIS story.. Epic character, that Darth Vader.

    Eek! That kid's kinda scary.. :P And I tried the "Triforce" picture.. took me about two minutes to actually do it right. Damn, I'm so slow.. :P

    happy 2012 to you, Mark! :)

  28. @Leah Happy 2012 to you too :) I'm glad you would join the army, and managed to do the triforce.

  29. Colonel Sanders is a badass!!! But they should both be glad that Ninja Wendy isn't there.... she makes delicious shakes and goes for the jugular!

  30. @Steve Bailey I think Wendy would be Yuffie in that situation, and no one likes Yuffie.

  31. Its STILL my background :D I like to start my day with Vader congratulating me on my gayness, it puts a spring in my step. Also I am so gonna become a 'Merican just to vote for Cthulhu

  32. @Jessie you best get your ass in gear, voting has already started! I think that if I started my day with Vader, I'd be much happier.


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