Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Constantinople Express

I know I usually post a picture or something here, and while I did have one of those ready, something else happened. Instead, I will be doing more whoring of everything me. Seeing as she penned her first post using her name, I guess she doesn't mind if people know it's her, but my friend Jessie (well let's face it typically when I talk about a friend I'm talking about her) has started her own blog.

She actually started one the same time I did, way back when, but she never updated whereas I did. She just didn't have any direction I guess. Although I myself have forgotten just how most of my posts come about. I really don't remember. Anyway, this time she's back, and she's talking about her life as a transgendered person. She has some amazing life stories of her own anyway, as well as some of the crap that happens.

Ultimately, my point is, my friend started a blog, would you please follow her and show the same level of love you show me. Actually, more. Show her more love than you show me.


I actually found a MLP shirt with that on, and while I would love it, I'm not quite ready to come out yet, so I can't buy it. Anyway, this isn't about me, or the things I weirdly love, it's about Jessie, and here is, at last, her link.


  1. :D The way you ramble? Makes me smile.

  2. She has another follower :)

    And I will show you and her plenty of love (at least when things get back to normal, sorry I have been a little awol)

  3. YAY more readers :D awww and that was sweety hehe *hugs* well except for the MLP shirt....... I need more minions since my army of teddies needs reinforcement :P

  4. @PeeVee Thanks lol, it's nice to occasionally live up to my name :) It happens more when I get excited, and well this got me excited.

    @Mynx Yay thank you ^^

    @Jessie More people need that shirt. One can never have enough teddies but you don't have a huge Spyro teddy leading your army!

  5. Hey, I really love your blog, so I've passed on a blog award to you :) Take a look if you get a chance xx

  6. @Charlotte Thanks for the award :) For some reason that post didn't show up in my timeline.

  7. Merry Christmas man, don't stop blogging. +following.

  8. Very cool and Merry Christmas eve

  9. Merry Christmas! And heading over to check out Jessie's blog now :)

  10. I'll show her all my love. :)

    Wait, that sounds dirty.

  11. What's the significance of the name?

  12. @Energy Drink Blog Merry Christmas to you to. I doubt I'm about to stop blogging.

    @Baur You too.

    @Heaven. She'll enjoy that. At least she would if it wasn't for her girlfriend.

    @Henry If you mean the name of her blog I'm not totally sure. Constantinople is an old name for Istanbul, and there have been a few songs with that name.

  13. I will definitly check out this blog!

    Merry Christmas Mark!

  14. @My 2 Pesos and Interwebs Fails You too guys. You too.

    @Bersercules Thanks, and merry Christmas to you too.

  15. i'll have to check her out.

    happy holidays mark!

  16. Wow hey dude don't discourage the poor girl, if she wants to show me some lovin' who am I to hurt her feelings by rejecting her? I'm not hearltess now! J accepts all ladies regardless of age, race, gender and disabilities.

    Also the name I thought sounded like some old timey newspaper and to me TCE could also sound like a Victorian steam train, which I think look just beautiful, and Constantinople in my my mind sounds like it was a wonderful, magical place so a train taking me to a place of beauty kinda represents to me at least my transition. Oh on a side note Peter Jackson wanted one of the areas in the LotR movies to look like "Constantinople at dawn"

  17. @Kid Shuffle Thanks. You too!

    @Izdiher you too.

    @Jessie Some disabilities are encouraged too! That is actually kinda interesting. I was thinking of some steampunkish victorian style thing too.

  18. Will check it out,

    MLP has gone too far though.


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