Monday, 14 November 2011

Rounding Up To Today

So last week was a bit hectic around here, I missed an update for the first time (though to be fair I had been robbed and had no internet, and was using my library and my sisters to update the place), I've been able to catch up on most blogs but some haven't been updating all that much. But possibly best of all, the Hasidic Plumber has managed to crawl out of his raccoon infested hole and return to us. The downside is I don't get to be an internet hero and trace where he lives and save his life. Though I couldn't do that anyway. For now though here is your round up post of the shit I said last week.

Monday was a post I missed so there's nothing to see here.

Tuesday was my return post in which I apologised for missing a post, and talked about how I planned to read every update I missed as even though I was able to get a post out here and there, I wasn't able to read any. I also talked about updating the blog every few days, but as per usual when I did this, nothing came of it.

Wednesday I did a post about Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day (We call it Armistice Day because of the Armistice between the two sides that stopped the war, though no one calls it that anymore anyway) and about the group of people planning to disrupt the two minute silence as much as possible in a protest. If you're wondering what happened (someone asked me on Twitter what happened) the protest was banned in the end, so nothing happened. Though a few people were still arrested.

Thursday I had a bit of an internet love in where I thanked everyone for sticking around, and leaving comments even when I couldn't really be around.

Friday Was another award post because it was the first time I got the Tell Me About Yourself award. Check it out for seven more things you may not have known about me.

Saturday Was a lazy day in which I posted funny pictures of Harry Potter. I'm aware that the pictures are too big for the post, but I'm having trouble. Normally when you upload a picture it fits to the size of the post, and you can click it to make it bigger, but this won't happen with me. If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be most appreciative.

And on Sunday I went back to doing an actual music post, this time it was Michael Jackson's Heal The World.

It feels good to be back. Really I could have survived without the internet a fair bit if I wasn't running a blog lol. I'd just need to check my emails every few days. Without blog comments I barely get any. Anyway, have fun and stay classy.


  1. Glad the plumber is back! I knew the raccoons would never get the best of him!

  2. nice to see you back :]

  3. you've been robbed? that's just terrible! O_O

  4. Interesting news!

  5. what? I missed that harry potter part. checking it now :)

  6. This post is sort of like one of those Simpsons clip-reel episodes. Good to know one can always condense one's existence into a few paragraphs, amirite?

  7. @Danjor21 I'm looking forward to his epic story of escape where he falls in love with the raccoon princess.

    @Orang3 Thanks, nice to be back :)

    @Indistinctive Writer Yeah it was a few weeks back, the day before Halloween actually.

    @The Angry Lurker Cheers for looking back, nice to know people are doing that and this isn't all for nothing :)

    @Mai Yang Haha yeah you did :P And yes you checked it out too ^^

    @ABFTS It feels pretty good to know I can condense a week into a few paragraphs at least. Though it makes me wonder what the point of writing a 5+ paragraph post is when I can just turn it into one paragraph.

  8. Rafi is back? Whew, I was wondering where he disappeared to. It's been so long, I was afraid he'd been eaten by raccoons or something.

  9. I was there for the love part. Love it. :)

  10. Wasn't the plumber dead?

  11. Was a good week.

  12. dude you need more fans from france

  13. OMG OVER 10 000 VIEWS! I know this has nothing to do with your post. xD I read the post but OMFG 10 000 VIEWS!!!!!

  14. @DWei We all were lol, but his blog has seen a few updates.

    @Copyboy Thanks. Maybe I won't feel so bad about being emotional next time. Then again it's me, I always feel weird being emotional. The bad kind of weird.

    @My 2 Pesos If he was then he has returned to us. He shall be our new messiah.

    Interwebs Fails It was a pretty good week yeah.

    @Maybe You I'll settle for just more fans :)

    @Jodie-Ann Haha it is, I already celebrated over 9000 views though, I'm not going to celebrate another one thousand.

  15. You know you could always go into HTML mode and modify the image size manually, it's tedious but I think if you want something done best, do it the hard way.

    10 000 views = blogpost +1
    :P just saying.

  16. @R.gers I could probably do that, but I think all the messing with the HTML is probably what caused it in the first place lol. I could celebrate 10,000 and get a free blog post out of it, but it still just seems...not right to celebrate only having a thousand more than the last time. It's my six month-aversary soon though (or it's passed) so I can get a free one out of that.


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