Monday, 28 November 2011

Round Up For 21-27

Damn I've been lazy lately, I've not got any posts ready, and I really hope I can change that and get some written. Anyway, for now, I can be lazy again and just stick to doing a round up post. See they help me as well as help you. First though I was kinda sad at my lack of views and comments over the end of the week, but hey, it was Thanksgiving, so I can kind of understand. Anyway, let's get started with Tuesday,

Tuesday Was about how I finally got my provisional driver's license, and how I managed to use a car for a few seconds. I'm not getting lessons yet but for now I can be proud that I managed to stall a car five times before moving it a few feet. Did I say proud? Is that really the right word?

Wednesday was a link to the tutorial on energy saving mode, and how to apply it. It was also a short discussion about a news article concerning gaming, and how gamers tend to have a larger "reward hub" as they put it, in the brain. I made a point of talking about this because the science-y folksters said that they didn't know if gaming caused this, or if this caused gaming, which pleased me. They didn't instantly demonize gaming.

Thursday  Was an award post after I got an award called the "I am thankful for you award" and I gave an acceptance speech about what I myself am thankful about. I didn't learn it was actually Thanksgiving that day until later oddly enough. Me and Bersercules also had a hell of a chat in the comments section.

On Friday I posed the question of if a bad person can be considered good as well. If a bad situation ultimately results in a good outcome, was it a bad situation? I thought to apply this logic to people. In the end we decided that while good can outshine bad and people can be redeemed, there are some acts that can't really be counterbalanced, and also that we shouldn't be judging people anyway. We shouldn't see them as good or bad, just as people. Also of course, that the evil of men lives on. No matter how good you were, you will be remembered for that one bad deed you did, and the truly good are forgotten long before the truly evil are.

Saturday I shared some more pictures. This time of alternative art. Things being re-imagined in other styles. Mostly Mario ones, which I didn't really realise until after I had made the post. In my defence I had had 3 hours sleep.

Sunday I posted another sketch by Fry and Laurie, and in the comments Fang gave me another writing challenge. A story about something diabolical that is 666 words long. I don't mind doing this but the pedantic in me has to make it 616 words, the actual number of the beast.

Well that's it folks, another week down, and (hopefully if I can get to writing) another week to come.


  1. Sounds like quite the week, yeah also agree that good can redeem, in most cases.

  2. I think we all got low views/comments this Thanksgiving weekend. Something about people wanting to spend time with their 'families.' Pssssh. Also, it was great to catch up on the Mario one. I like how in most of them he's tall and buff. Yet in the video game he's a short, fat little guy. In most video games, that'd be the other way around (in game - big, tall, buff guy. How we'd imagine an Italian plumber in real life - short, fat, pedo mustache).

  3. @Pat Hatt Thanks, it was a decent week yeah.

    @ABFTS Mario does have quite the pedo moustache. Not celebrating Thanksgiving I just did the traditional spending time with my family by staying in my room.

  4. Sadly I didn't get to congratulate you on Thurs. So congrats!

  5. I agree with ABFTS I had low views/comments as well I just chock it up to many people being away from home and eating turkey rather than surfing the interwebz

  6. I had a nice spike on Sunday but Saturday was just dead for me. I blame it on the Thanksgiving comas.

    Also, you know you could modify your posting schedule, give yourself more time to think of posts and what not.

  7. @Copyboy Thanks lol.

    @Aamedor The bastards! Who would trade the internet for their families love?

    @DWei I know I could lol, it was part of your latest post. I had even worse views on Sunday, but hey that was well, it was a Sunday.

  8. and i thought you just forgot to do the energy saving post! god bless the weekly round ups!

  9. @Maybe.You and she's one I worship on a regular basis.

    @Kid Shuffle Haha glad you found it then :)

  10. @My 2 Pesos Rest is for the weak, and the tired.

  11. LOOOOL "Rest is for the weak, and the tired."
    It wasn't my Thanksgiving anyway xD

  12. @Jodie-Ann Well it is. Sometimes I realise I'm both though.

  13. Thanks for the recap, I was out of town over the weekend for the holiday :)

  14. It's great to catch up on posts I missed. You deserve the rest anyway.

  15. @Heaven. I thought some people might have been :)

    @R.gers Haha thanks. I'm yet to think that though.

  16. I cant blame thanksgiving for not reading and commenting but rather a crippled husband and a crazy busy week.

    But I am trying to catch up tonight. Good luck with the learning to drive. Wish my son was a little more enthusiastic about it

  17. @Mynx Thanks but I'm not that confident lol, I'm mostly enthusiastic because I have to be really, it's my only real chance of being out and about because I don't like being outside. I have no problem with walking, it's the people I can't deal with.

    Good luck to you as well dealing with your slightly less crippled husband and unenthusiastic children.


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