Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's Over 9000, And 200

Well this is something I probably should have done earlier, but if you've been keeping up with me this week, you'll know I wasn't in a celebratory mood. Still not really. But there are things to celebrate here. I've hit over 200 followers, and over 9000 page views. If you get that reference then I hope you're the kind of person who also knows that the real number was over 8000. If you knew both I now have slightly more love for you.

A huge thank you to Jessie who was my first follower, and all that came after and will hopefully continue to come. Not all of my followers are readers, and I'll always differentiate between the two, but I still love both followers and readers.

9000 views isn't really the orthodox one to go crazy at (that would be 10,000) but like I said earlier, over 9000 is a reference, so it pleases me. Plus doing anything unorthodox pleases me. I'm not saying I still won't celebrate 10,000 views, but I'm not that likely to. I really love you guys a whole lot, and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blogs. Last time I lost the internet for a few days, I spent a whole day catching up, so you know I'm good for it down the line.



  1. Yay! Over 9000! Thats great! If 9000 is a reference I get it! I wont say I spesificaly get the reference cause I b that kind of guy! I keep things mysterious, like how magnets work and what the hardest metal is.
    Did you ever watch my video review of the Battletoads TV show?

  2. 200 followers? You're catching up on me D:

  3. wow! glad that made you happy big time! ^_^

    I was happy too when I reached 200 followers..and page views of???

    I dunno, in my stat counter, it says there-7k something but when I checked my google stats I have like 38k or so for my all time history, but I don't believe that crap. haha! So, I'll go with that 7k then. haha! ^_^

  4. Aww wow well done! That's awesome :)

  5. gratz, well deserved achivments

  6. Congratulations are in order:) Small milestones mean a lot to us bloggers:) It's like a baby that you watch, grow.

  7. Congrats! Can't even begin to imagine thousands of page views.

    I think half of the views for mine are myself! =p

  8. Grats.. yeah I get the reference. I don't think you're too unorthodox by making it though, because it's a bit too overdone for that. :/

  9. I don't think anyone doesn't know about Over 9000

  10. yeah haven't read the ENTIRE post cuz i'm tired but WOOOOOT gratz:)

  11. You should have celebrated 8999 views to be "that guy" but congratz anyways haha.

  12. Well done !
    I don't take too much notice of the page views, I have four different counters and they all say different, it's followers that count really. Because every time someone does that they are saying they like what they see.

    But even then the discrepancy bothers me, twice this week the number has increased but no new pic has appeared in the gadget.
    Hmm...stalkers eh ?

  13. congrats on the numbers and for your blog's success!

  14. Congratulations!

  15. Congrats on another achievement!

  16. Congrats on 200! I have slightly over 250 followers and 5000 views myself.

  17. @Bersercules I have seen that review, it saved me from watching the show myself, and that villain was way too hot for a kids TV show. I think I'd have watched it for her alone...

    @Fang I'll overtake you soon enough lol :)

    @Mai Yang I'm not too sure how many views I have properly either :) I have some conflicting stats, and they just sound so unbelievable really sometimes.

    @Hazel Thanks :) It is pretty awesome ^^

    @PeeVee Hehe well I couldn't really imagine getting views like this when I was pulling in 10 views a day, most of which were mine. I can't imagine getting really high numbers still either.

    @ipenka Keep at it :) I couldn't really imagine doing this either.

    @Bob Making the reference isn't that unorthodox. If I wanted to do it with the reference I'd have celebrated at 8000. Kind surprised I didn't now. But it is kind of unorthodox to celebrate at 9000 views and not at 10000.

    @Generally Disgruntled Better luck next time.

    @Henry Probably not now really. It's so overused that even people who don't get it have come across it and probably found out what it's about. Probably without actually trying to.

    @Maybe You LOL Well thank you :) The point of the post is gotten across even if you don't read it all.

    @Gryt I would have done if I could think of it, which I didn't :( But it's hard to be that precise anyway. It'll be nice to do though.

    @Dirtycowgirl That is a bit weird. It could be a very delayed reaction lol. I have followers who don't read so I don't place a great deal of stock in followers either, but it's still good to celebrate :)

    @Everyone else Thank you all very much :)

  18. @DWei Thanks :) Those are some really good stats too ^^

  19. Congrats on your milestones.


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