Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm 3 Years Old And What Is This?

I'm at my mums this time, still without the internet at home. But I decided that while I was home without the internet, I might as well write some posts, so I can set up some more updates if necessary, and if not necessary, well I have some posts to fall back on. To be honest I'm still not thinking all that well, but it could be that I don't have the internet. I'm not really exposing myself to much without it.

Anyway, in a supreme bout of boredom that resulted in me watching 60's Batman with Adam West (If you read this Bersercules you have to do a review of that. I saw two episodes, and there was more than enough material in there for you.) I watched some comedy DVD's of my brothers. Well, Russell Howard specifically.

He has a routine about how in Australia there was uproar when they wanted to teach 3 year olds about homosexuality. Apparantly some of the people there were complaining about how it was akin to child abuse to expose them to homosexuality at such a young age. I don't really know what happened in the end, or if people were actually against it or anything, but he was making jokes about how when you're 3 all you really are interested in is custard and jumping. But he makes the great point that at 3 you don't really have a moral compass, you say things for how they are. Kids can be some of the cruellest things in the world, but hey, they're just kids, they really don't know any better.

If you ask me, the kids not having a moral compass actually makes them perfect to teach about gays. I'll agree you can expose a child to too much, but they've been exposed to their parents, so they know a thing or two about love. That is one of his jokes actually “Son, sometimes a lady can love another lady”, with the kids response being “Like in Daddy's videos?”. Always gets me laughing.

But like I said, kids don't see things as right and wrong, they just see them as stuff. You can explain to a kid that men and women can love other men and women, and that there's nothing wrong with it. It gives the kids a better understanding of both love and homosexuality, and it helps create less hate later on in life. Your opinions on things are affected quite a lot when you're young, especially how the people around you react to things. If you grow up in an abusive family, you have a higher chance of becoming an abuser yourself. It can destroy you. But it can also be used for good really.

If you explain to a child with no sense of right and wrong about some concepts such as gay people, they can grow up thinking that there's nothing wrong with it. Though at the same time, I do still believe that people should be allowed to have their own opinions on things. When that lady person in the beauty pageant a few years ago got in trouble for saying she didn't believe in gay marriage, I was more annoyed that people were giving her shit than that she was homophobic. You can tolerate something without accepting it.  

I also looked at my stats while I was here, my views seem to have gone down, this saddens me :( I'll live though, soon enough I'll have my internet back and can go back on other peoples blogs and earn some views. 


  1. I have always tried to answer my kids questions simply and honestly. You do have to be careful with very young children not to get stuck in a "why" cycle. "but why?" can drive you around the bend

  2. What do 3 year olds know, not this yet.

  3. where is this love coming from? and what's it all about? hehe

  4. Kids should be taught from an early age about those sort of things. Especially since same sex families are more common these days. It shouldn't be treated as some sort of taboo that no one speaks of lol

  5. Just thought that, since you're so damn good at rambling, you should try your hand at the NaNoWriMo ;D
    The month is still young, you know.

  6. Be cautious with kids...they absorb you like a don't want them learning the wrong things!

    Now get your ass out there and earn yourself some pageviews!

  7. @Mynx I think I said "Why?" a lot as a kid. I did ask a lot of questions, and correct a lot of people lol. I was a bitch.

    @The Angry Lurker They don't know a great deal, that's for sure, but they might know more than we think!

    @Mai Yang See we need to make it more about love :) I don't know where love comes from, some say rainbows, some say the bottom of a bottle of whiskey.

    @Hazel I agree, I can understand not wanting to expose them to gay sex, but we shouldn't really be exposing them to straight sex either I guess. Teaching them just about how you can love someone of the same sex could be beneficial. My boss at work says he's known he was gay all his life, imagine how good it would be as a kid to realise something like this about yourself, and be taught that it's nothing bad.

    @Fang lol I've missed the start, I wouldn't be able to catch up. Maybe next year :)

    @Danjor21 You don't want them to learn the wrong thing nah, but I doubt that the concept of two people loving eachother is the wrong thing. I can't earn pageviews yet because it would take so long to catch up.

  8. I agree that sometimes people who preach tolerance in turn don't tolerate people THEY don't consider tolerant...

    Simultaneously, though, there's a difference between being intolerant of, for example, racism and homosexuality. Tolerating racism promotes hate; not tolerating homosexuality also promotes hate. This is the sort of thing, IMO, that we need to be mindful of. :)

  9. @The Rambler Well sure, there should be some things we should be less tolerant of :) I don't think anyone really wants to tolerate racism besides the people who profit from it :P

  10. Hey kid go to sleep!

  11. I'd review the Batman TV show (which I love) but I can't find copies of the episodes to use (I'll keep looking thou!)

    As for the teaching kids thing. People don't want kids taught about gays cause they hate gays. Exposing young kids to it makes it exeptible in their eyes. My parents talked to me about sex at age five (even had a kids book about sex) and cause of that I have no sexual hang ups. The people who don't want their kids exposed to it use the "abuse" thing as a disguise! They don't want their kids taught it cause they know if kids learn about stuff at a young age their more likely to exept it and not have a problem with it as adults. Kids don't get bothered by things like adults do, infact kids will often act bothered by something if they think they need to (cause a parent is bothered by it). Kids mimic others fealings as a way to fit in.

  12. I accept nothing and tolerate everything.

  13. People are crazy. Why not teach tolerance?

  14. i agree that how you act about it will make a huge impression on your kids. i think being open and honest about it right from the beginning teaches them that there is nothing wrong with it :)

  15. they normally haven't any problem with that until a friend tell them their parents said this is bad.

  16. Campy Batman doesn't need more jokes. It's had plenty. "Bat Shark Repellant" anyone?

    As for teaching children about homosexuality, let's remember this though: if they aren't old enough to learn about 'sexuality' they aren't old enough to learn about *homo*sexuality. Don't make Bert and Ernie some kinds of spokemen for gay awareness. Kids that age should not be burdened with these issues just because adults are.

  17. I don't know why, but this post depresses me. Btw, do a guest post on my blog already! :D

  18. Some people are so close minded its just sad...

  19. @My 2 Pesos Sleep is for the weak and the tired. Right now I'm both, but mostly tired of still having no internet.

    @Bersercules They have to be somewhere lol. I'd tape one and send it to you but I can't really tape them...or send them to you! It's a review I would love to see though. That is a point I attempted to bang in with this but I was heavily distracted :) It's true though. Teaching them young like this is the best way to ensure that they accept it, and that the cycle of hatred is broken. But people don't really want this, and don't want to come across as huge homophobes (which they are and which they do). I don't remember my parents ever teaching me about sex, but I plan to to do it with mine, and while they're young like you were.

    @Interwebs Fail One of the best ways to be really. That's a lifestyle choice I can totally support.

    @Heaven Most of them seem to not realise that homosexuality is not a choice, and are afraid that by teaching kids about gays, the kids will grow up to be gay. This is one of the only logical solutions I can find.

    @Orang3 Kids are wonderful and yet disastorous for that lol. It is true though, they get most of how they should feel about something from their parents.

    @Henry Someone else who knows about Bat Shark Repellent? Awesome! I watched about a few minutes of it once, and it was the shark repellent moment. Why the fuck did the shark explode? Where were PETA?
    I agree about being careful what you teach them about sexuality, but you can teach them about the love side of things, without teaching them about the sex side of things. When people talk about heterosexuality they usually think about the "hetero" and less about the "-sexuality"

    @Michael Westside I'd be more than happy to do one man, just give me a topic. I have one coming up on another blog if she accepts it :) More than happy to guest post. I'm just not good with picking subjects.

    @Gryt It can be sad, but these people are entitled to their opinions too

    @Ezazi Cheers!

  20. :D LOL at that Daddy's videos joke.

    "You can tolerate something without accepting it" - so true. I apply that to a lot of things like smoking and doing drugs. Homophobia is an actual mental condition, it shouldn't be taken lightly or attributed to narrow-mindedness.

  21. @PeeVee I'd be pretty proud of my kid if he came back with something like that. Then I'd wonder how he saw my videos. I'm quite accepting of smoking and drugs. Even if I don't do them myself, I know people who do smoke, and well it's their choice, let them make it.

  22. @Mark We totally agree on this topic! YAY!

  23. @Bersercules It's always good when someone agrees with me :)

    Though I would also like to change a few minds about things lol.


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