Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Don't Know If I Should Be Proud

I don't really know if I should be proud of this, but I used a hashtag on Twitter that when I clicked, came up with no results. I feel like I've really achieved something here. I was original...on Twitter. Hard to believe really. I'd like to thank Jesus, and God. I know I couldn't have done this without them. I'd also like to think my followers who have stuck by me until I reached this point and who I hope will continue to stick by me even though I've now reached the pinnacle of Twitter. It feels good, and I hope that one day you too can join me here.  The weather is great.

Now, there was some stuff going down involving Bieber (It was bound to be about that little...thing) and people had gotten "BLOCK BIEBER TOPICS" to trend. First off I hit them with this (by the way someone said that they block Lady Gaga topics, this makes no sense.)
This was actually retweeted, yay me. Plus it's necessary to tell the whole story
After that I made the mistake of looking at Biebers Twitter account, and I saw that she had about 13.8 million followers. I then thought of this, which includes the brand spanking new hashtag.
The way I see it, there are roughly 7 billion people in the world now (I thought it was too much when it was 6 billion, oh well.) so I applied some maths to the matter. My reaction to finally coming up with a hashtag no one else had used and not deliberately using one that no one else had was....very dignified.
I was very humble in victory
Hopefully, normal intellectual service will be resumed when I'm feeling better. I sure hope I feel better by the end of the week, it's my nephews birthday and Jessie has been invited to the party. After that we're going to the pub for a fireworks display. I don't have any money though. Feelsworsethanbeingillman.


  1. Oh come on, stop hating on Bieber. Why does he get so many fans and yet so many haters? He's just a kid. His music really isn't that bad.

  2. Congrats on your originality.

  3. @Cricketfreak I'll admit his fans are way more annoying than Bieber himself is, but boy are they fun to piss off. Plus I love pointing out logic like this. It was a combination of things I love.

    @Pieter Cheers.

  4. Congrats for being original. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    Something also tells me you'll like a video I'll be sharing in the near future...

  5. One day you'll tell someone "I was the first to use it" and they'll be like; "No way people have always used it and everyone says they're the first one! BS!"

    So quick go back and screen cap the page as proof!

  6. Also on the right side of your page is a list of people who like the Rambling Person on facebook. One of them is a large fellow named Mark Noyce, is that you?

  7. Grats, I guess.. you also won my silly pop Quiz, so now you have twice the reason to celebrate. :)

    Bersercules: Lol, you shouldn't have written that here. Now the internet stalkers will have an easier job finding him. :P

  8. @cricketfreak: I hope you're joking.

  9. It seems Twitter can be funny.

  10. Not to be a buzz kill, but it would make more sense to compare Bieber followers on Twitter to total Twitter users.

    But I'm definietly being a buzz kill...

  11. You are becoming everything I hate.
    People should stop fuzzing over Justin Bieber, haters and fangirls alike. The haters jokes are getting pretty damn fucking lame and repetitive, and they're just spreading the word about him even more. You guys are kind of contradicting yourselves.

  12. What the fuck is this Beiber thing I keep reading about ?

  13. Why is everyone hating on Bieber?! He's just some dude who was discovered through Youtube because he has actual talent. I'm not a fan. But, the guy can SING. I don't listen to his music, I don't find him hot. I just think he has talent. If he didn't he wouldn't be filthy rich, now would he?

  14. I congratulate you on your Twitter prowess. I have tried it but it did my head in.

  15. Twitter slightly depresses me, hence me not having one. I heard that the "mother of Bieber's child" said he only lasted 30 seconds in the bathroom they did the dirty in.

  16. Congrats! I tried starting a new hashtag on Twitter.. Didn't work. lol..

    Aww.. I'm a Bieber fan. His songs are good, I think.. but well, I respect those who don't like Justin. To each his own, I guess. :P

  17. Felt like you went high on math! All those tweets makes me think you were intellectually high rofl.

  18. @DWei Cheers, and that's if I get to see it lol. God only knows when I'm going to have my own stable internet at home again.

    @Bersercules I already have all the proof :) I imagine someone has said it off of Twitter, but I seem to be the first to have said it on there (or their search doesn't go back that far). That is a point that Jessie made on that page, that if people really wanted to know who I am, they could trace me through that page quite easy. To be honest it makes me tempted to remove it, but I already have 10 likes.

    @My 2 Pesos I hope so too lol, but each to their own.

    @Interwebs Fails I'm funny, don't start thinking Twitter is. Remember, guns don't kill people, people kill people, and the people on Twitter are occasionally funny.

    @Lot's Wife That's not much of a buzzkill lol, that's logic I can like ^^ There would still be a big difference going through that, but most of Bieber's fans are online, as most of them are part of the younger generation that all have internet. I wouldn't be surprised if all of his real fans that actually like the music, are online.

    @Henry You are you just don't want to admit to it.

    @Fang I'm closer to everything I hate. Don't worry I totally agree with you, it's just that I couldn't resist the temptation.

    @Dirtycowgirl Tests are still going on to determine just what it is. No one is truly sure.

    @Jodie-Ann actually there are a lot of talentless people out there that are rich because they can play the game, and a lot of really talented people who aren't able to play the game, or aren't noticed.

    @Mynx I mostly use it to chat to people, like I said I couldn't resist the temptation here.

    @Gryt I was happier not reading that. Everything in life has a depressing side, I got used to it a while ago.

    @Leah Just keep trying lol. And trying to find good music :P I'm kidding, you aren't one of the really bad ones, so I'll leave you be like you left me be :) Plus you let me write a guest post.

    @Dilord Math is a real natural high lol. If I tweet enough maybe people will think I'm all smart.

  19. lol that was awesome and selfish

  20. @Maybe You Thanks a lot lol. I don't think it was all that selfish though. I'm quite a selfless person.


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