Thursday, 17 November 2011

I Did A Guest Post

Not every title has to be some witty line about the content of the post (and lets face it some of them aren't funny anyway) and so today we have a title that quite simply says what happens in the post. That is of course that I did a guest post for Leah of

It's about education, and how it doesn't end at school. Rather than bore you with all of that, I'll just post the link: and let you read it. After I talk some more of course. I just didn't want to put the post in it's entirity here. What's the point of doing guest posts if you aren't going to say thank you to the person who let you do it by letting your readers read it there and hopefully look at other things on there? (hint hint). Guests posts are a two way system, not only do I stand to potentially gain some of Leah's readers if they like what I wrote and then check me out, but some of you guys might check her out too, like I already said.

The guest post came about because I saw a note on her blog saying she was looking for people to write guest posts, and they should email her, so email her I did, and after a quick discussion it was decided I would write about education. She had a series of subjects to pick from (though I was free to decide a different one of my own) and so I wrote it and sent it to her. As far as I can tell she's made no edits, which is always good.

I am more than happy to do guest posts on other blogs, I've said that before and I'll more than likely say it again, it just rarely happens. It's a lot easier for me if you tell me what to write about, for specialist blogs like gaming blogs and review blogs this is pretty simple, but for broader "everything" blogs, not so much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the guest post, and remember, I'm probably one of the only people who would write a simple post about how they did a guest post, and turn it into this monstrosity of a post.


  1. Next you should write a guest post about your prior experience guest posting, then link it back here and post about it :D

  2. I always love having a guest on my blog. Did a whole month hosting gorgeous Blogger Blokes a while back. Anytime you want to, you are welcome on mine and not just cause I am lazy and love a night off lol.

    Going to check it out now

  3. @Saw LOL I need a blog that can be a guest post for, but it is a good idea.

    @Mynx Thanks for the offer. I'm more than happy to write them it's just that not many ask for them :P

  4. Great post Mark, although I'm a bit edgy on the typeface, which isn't your fault. I certainly agree what you say, especially social skills. If we can't communicate or stand up and present, knowing everything in the world isn't going to help anyone.

    You know nothing Joh- Mark.

  5. Great post. And yeah, I have to say, that is definitely the longest, I did a guest post post that I've read yet :)

  6. Oh you made a post!! hehe..

    I thank you for the very awesome guest post.. Of course, I didn't make any edits. It IS YOUR work, after all. And really, there is no need anyway. It's perfect. :)

    Again.. THANK YOU. You're awesome! :)

    @R.gers: Oh my.. I'm so sorry if you got a bit edgy.. çoz of the typeface. I edited my blog a while back, made some changes in the font.. I received some very positive feedback. But after a while, some bad remarks about the font surfaced.

    So I changed it back to calibri. Nice, simple and very readable font. Hope to see you back in my blog.. Thanks. :)

  7. I really thought my first comment was published.. :( Oh well..

    Thank you for the wonderful guest post, Mark. It was concise and awesome. :) Again, thank you very much.. See you again on my 3rd guest post series? :P

    to R.gers:

    I'm really sorry if you got a bid edgy on the typeface. I changed my blog font a while back.. got some positive feedback. But then after a while, I started getting some negative reactions about the font. So I changed it back to Calibri.

    Hope to see you again.. in my blog. :)

  8. Ah yes, the guest post. AKA, taking a day off and letting someone else do the lifting:) We need to get on board with that. Will head over to have a look...

  9. I'll check it out.

  10. @The Angry Lurker Thanks :)

    @R.Gers I know a few people who are incredibly smart, clever, and adept, but still lack the social skills necessary to really put themselves out there. Hell some might consider me one of those people.

    @Kathy S Thanks, and it's always good to be the best, no matter what you're the best at.

    @Leah I had fun doing it as well. Let me know if you ever want me to do another. Thanks for the kind words too :)

    @ABFTS Man maybe I should look into getting people to write guest posts for me lol. I could do with a week, or two, or five off.

    @My 2 Pesos and Copyboy Thanks guys :)

  11. I've always wondered about guest posting. But I don't think anyone would want their name associated with my blog.

  12. @AllensTesch Eh, if people are willing to get me associated with their blog, then someone is going to be willing to be to associated with your blog. Me, for example. Lol.

  13. I should consider hosting a guest since it takes me so long to write my own posts!

    Off to check it out...

  14. I should consider hosting a guest since it takes me so long to write my own posts!

    I go to see your post now...

  15. @Interwebs Fails Thanks

    @Danjor21 lol it's an idea to consider.

  16. It's just one big incestuous blog family

  17. You have a great post on that said site. Thanks!

  18. Awesome job on that guest post.

  19. @Generally Disgruntled Keep it in the family lol. I think we all do better when we stick together.

    @Macro Walter I should be the one thanking you, and I am. Thanks :)

    @Jammer Thank you ^^

  20. @Knick Knacks and Jodie-Ann Thanks a lot :)

  21. oh!!! it was you? haha! I didn't know because I didn't read it. but of course, I'll read it now..


  22. whoa. hahaha! when the topic is serious I don't know how or what to comment :D I think I just posted a horrible comment. hahahaha!

    great post @Leah :)

  23. @Mai Yang haha you've been around here longer than most, I would have expected you to know how to handle a serious issue :) But thanks for the feedback ^^


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