Thursday, 10 November 2011

Emotional, Or Just Ghey? You Decide

Part of me wanted to call this post "I'm on my period" but I spend more than enough time to try and convince people I'm not a sexist (but everyone makes sexist jokes, even women!). Anyway, the point is that I am more than likely going to get a bit emotional here.

I just wanted to say thanks for sticking by me even though this place was incredibly impersonal. I was just scheduling updates that weren't really about anything, there was some intellectualism here and there, but not a lot. I also was replying to comments sporadically, something Bersercules commented on, saying it was better now I was back properly and replying properly. He's one of the guys who sometimes has a decent conversation with me in the comments.

But even though that happened, and even though my views went down a little, my comments barely went down at all. You guys still came, you still responded, and you were still awesome. It means one of two things. One, you like this place, or two, you like me. There is the impossible third option that it's both, but you all probably know how much I play myself down, and how hard it is for me to accept that hey, people can like me and my work.

So I just wanted to say a nice big thank you to all of you for sticking by me. Also a short apology that my 100 word one syllable story contained a few two syllable words. I didn't proof read it properly, which seems amazing because it was only 100 words. I did edit out some two syllable words, but some escaped me. Shit sucks. There are two things that could happen here, one, I edit the story again so it counts, or two, start from scratch with a new one.

Thanks to my love of originality and original content, I'll probably try and write a new one entirely. 


  1. Emotions are good to share, but the way you express them is a persons biggest downfall! Enjoyed reading your post!

  2. I come for the prose...your prose, words and emotions.

  3. Well I got here when you weren't well so I cant wait until you are top of your game.

  4. @Jason I'm not very good at expressing them lol. Especially spoken, but I can write them okay.

    @The Angry Lurker Cheers for that :)

    @Mynx LOL Well the bad news is I'm always ill. It's more about how much I'm willing to push through.

  5. Some times we have a decent conversation some times I just say dumb crap! Epic!

    I commented on your stuff when your gone anyway cause I know you'll read it and comment back when you get back! (and I always read what you comment back with [but I don't always comment a second time])

    Your a good guy! I do like you and this is a good place! I also think your a good writer! So keep up the good work!

    (maybe write a story with only multiple syllable words!)

  6. You get reassurance from comments.
    Reassurance that you wouldn't necessarily get from people in your everyday life that you meet and talk to.
    Comments are like having a double espresso. They give you a kick start to the day and make you smile!

  7. hey! hahahah! what's this all about?

    what's with all this drama? haha!

    I LIKE YOU!!!

    and welcome =))

  8. Interesting post, I will think about it!

  9. Yesterday you were like TEN FREAKING COMMENTS ALL OVER MY BLOG and I was sitting there "wow this dude is all over the place"

  10. Nothing wrong with a little emotion.

  11. Yeah me too. No drama on my end. All is kosher.

  12. You go on and be as sexist as you want to. (O_O)-b

  13. Very emotional. :P

  14. Don't get too worked up over things. It's the internet, man.

  15. Key thing is to have fun right?

    Plus, everyone makes sexist jokes.

  16. I would tell you, how much sexist you are, but I am a man, so I actually try to use a brain, before I talk.. oh wai--

  17. It was intredasting

  18. You go ahead and have all the periods you want. You can have the ones I'm no longer getting too if you like.

    Someone needs to.

    And hey, I did tell you that you didn't need to pressurise yourself into posting ALL the time as once people are following they generally stay.

    Well apart from the ones that leave.
    But we can just pretend they never existed.

  19. @Bersercules Thanks for that, and thanks for another idea for a post lol. I think I should do less stories though. Then again I guess if I write enough I can put together a short story collection and start selling out even more. Sometimes dumb shit can be a good conversation.

    @Miss Teacher Only the good ones lol. That is true though, commenters are going to be more honest, if they say they like me, they really have very little reason to lie.

    @Mai Yang Thanks :) I was really just saying a thank you to everyone who stuck by me in a slightly difficult time. It means a lot to me what you guys think.

    @Fang I read ten updates in one sitting, that is why there is ten comments! "all over the place" can typically describe me quite well.

    @SCS It's a lot of emotion that causes problems. And a total lack of emotion.

    @Copyboy Kosher is good, bacon is better.

    @Henry I don't really want to be all that sexist lol. I just imagine someone would have complained if I made the joke that I must be on my period to be so emotional.

    @My 2 Pesos Could have been worse.

    @Allenstesch When your main source of society is the internet, you can take it quite, well, like this.

    @MRanthrope Me too.

    @Ipenka The key is to have fun usually. Everyone makes sexist jokes but some women think only women should be allowed to stereotype men, the reverse is against everything.

    @Bob By brain you mean penis right?

    @Interwebs Fails Thanks

    @dirtycowgirl according to their disappearance from the followers gadget, they have disappeared lol. Apparantly men have periods too, we just get heightened emotions and no bleeding. I'm not sure if it's true or not though.

    @Heaven Thank you :)

  20. Now I feel bad because I've been lackluster in my responses and postings over the past month or so.

  21. @Generally Disgruntled Well people are still sticking with you too, so you are proof that as long as they come once, no matter how long, they will come again.

  22. Heehee! Well, I quite like this blog. Even if I didn't comment on a post, I read it, lol. XD
    Two possible reasons why I didn't comment:
    1) Laziness (top reason)
    2) Was busy and only had time to read.

  23. @Jodie-Ann That's cool :) I know another person who reads but doesn't comment, we chat a lot on her blog sometimes actually so I don't mind. She comments enough on her blog in reply to me that she doesn't need to talk to me here lol.

    @Bersercules on all counts!

  24. Don't worry, as long as you keep posting we'll keep coming back.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. :P

  25. i've been enjoying your posts man keep doin what your doin

  26. Awww... no need to be emotional, I think someone is cutting onions nearby though. Why do they always insist on cutting them at the worst possible times?!

    Here is a wub <3 (I'm not ghey, no bromo).

  27. This post was emotional AND ghey.

  28. @DWei Yes this has been proven to me kind of here, and definitely on other blogs :) I'm sure there's a masturbation joke in there somewhere.

    @lowfrequencies Thanks :) I try to.

    @R.gers Nah man, it's the rain. It's just the rain. You don't need to be gay to have a bromance lol.

    @Shaw It really was both, so you get the best of both worlds.


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