Friday, 4 November 2011

100 Words Later

Back when I did my 200 word Minecraft story, someone left a comment saying that they knew someone who had written a 100 word story using only one syllable words. I considered this a hell of a challenge, but I can't think of much else to write, and so I thought I would finally have a go at it. Plus I'm in “Take whatever idea you can get” mode. So let's see if I can actually do this. 100 one syllable words turned into a story, here goes:

I saw him look at me from the bar. He gave me a nod and went back to his drink. I left the pub not long after and heard him leave too. I sped up, a bit scared.
“Hey wait up” I heard him shout. This just made me speed up more. “Wait, I need you to wait.” I did not stop but he caught up and tapped me. I jumped and turned round. He handed me my purse. I dropped it at the pub. I said thanks to him, and sorry. After that he walked me home.

Sweet. That is precisely one hundred words, all written on the fly. So keep those challenges coming folks. To be honest I really did that a lot better than I thought I would be able to. Maybe I don't suck that much. But I doubt I'll be thinking that for quite some time.  


  1. Impressive! I don't think I could do that using just one syllable words.

  2. @The Angry Lurker Cheers I'm just glad that it does actually fall into 100 1 syllable words. I did have to do a slight edit because I accidentally included a two syllable word.

    @Danjor21 Thanks, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

  3. I have done several 100 word stories, not with just one syllable words though.
    Someone told me once they are called "Drabble". Good job

  4. Aren't "after", "sorry" and "handed" two syllable words though?

  5. What Hazel said, I noticed those too.

  6. 400 word story. You are not allowed to use the letters M, A, R or K.

    Have fun.

  7. I'm impressed. :D

  8. Wish I could write like you do.

  9. Great story! Fast quick and kept me interseted! You ARE a good writer.
    On the subject matter; did you write it as a girl? Or as a guy in drag? Cause the whole time I was reading it I imagined you in the lead role and when it got to the purse part I then saw you in drag! Then the guy walked you home and an image popped into my head of you in drag and a guy in bed!
    You want a challenge? Write that story!
    Write and erotic story of you in drag in bed with an other man! (who rescued your purse!)
    Oh and like DWei said: 400 word story. You are not allowed to use the letters M, A, R or K.

    Good luck!

  10. Great job! I'm guessing if you had continued writing...

    100 words = romance novel (Girl meets boy)
    200 words = suspense (Will Girl survive Boy?)
    300 words = horror (Someone dies)

  11. Nice. (Short comment for a short post.)

  12. Now write some Haikus, hahaha.

  13. 100 words, I can manage with some effort. 100 words and that too one syllable? No effing way.

    So, awesome that one:)

  14. @Kage Thanks

    @Kathy S it was kinda fun, and I'll have to pay more attention if I try it again.

    @Mynx It'd be easier just sticking to 100 words rather than constrain yourself with one syllable too.

    @Hazel Awww nertz. I will have to do better next time :(

    @Fang You're so mean! Kidding. But yeah, I screwed up.

    @DWei That's a fucking challenge alright. I really want to give that a shot. Gonna be tough to not use A though. Very common letter.

    @Film Geek Bastard I sure plan to.

    @My 2 Pesos Thanks, but I'm less impressed after finding out I failed :(

    @Interwebs Fails Cheers for that :) I'm still always trying to improve though.

    @Bersercules is the four hundred word story the erotic one? You expect me to write gay slash fiction without being able to use "ass"? LOL.

    @Heaven Thanks :)

    @ipenka If it had kept going it would have probably just ended up as a normal little romance dealy. I'm not much of a horror fan so I doubt I'd write it much :)

    @Henry another good reason I stick to super long posts.

    @Gryt That's a lot easier lol.

    @PeeVee It turns out I failed that one, but I'll have to try it again.

  15. @Mark yes use words like: butt butthole buttox poopshoot and not words like: arse anas ass bum rear. Might make it sound more interesting!

  16. @Bersercules Sadly I can't write that particular story, at least not publish it. It would offend a friend of mine, and my sister sometimes reads this place. It's best for all involved if I don't.


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