Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Halp Me

I'm not sure how many of you own cats, or know anything about cats. I do know that some of you (Fang) don't like cats much and prefer dogs. But that's another topic, one we were going to discuss together (I'm still up for that!).

I come to you seeking help, and I'd rather ask people who are less likely to laugh at me and call me retarded than say, the people at Yahoo Answers. Who do laugh at you, and act like you're retarded. Though a lot of their users either are or just ask, retarded questions. I wonder how many times I'm going to say retarded.

ANYWAY. The problem is that one of my cats, the lady one, called Kadie, doesn't like staying indoors. I don't mind this too much, but the weather is getting colder, and while she has a little hidey hole in the backyard that might prevent her from getting too windy, I don't think it protects her much from the cold, and things will be worse when there's snow.

Is there any way I can try and encourage her to stay inside? I tried to lock the catflap when she lost her collar. She actually lost two in two days. We still don't know how, but this one is staying on. But she broke through it, if I didn't want her to stay inside so much I'd be impressed. Screw it I am impressed.

So, is there a way to encourage her to stay inside? Or should I just give up and try and put a nice warm cat bed in her hidey hole? Will messing with her spot make her want to abandon it for that matter?

This is the cat in question, note the lack of thick fur for fighting cold

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Victory For The Internet

I never ever thought I would say this, but way to go EU! The EU (European Union) has ruled that a web piracy filter would infringe upon peoples rights, potentially block legal content, and breaks something called the "E-Commerce Directive".

About seven years ago, some rights holders complained, and at the time, were awarded with an injunction that said that an ISP called Scarlet had to filter content so that their content was not pirated. At that time the ISP complained that this injunction was against EU law, and now, the EU has finally agreed. 

"Such an injunction could potentially undermine freedom of information since that system might not distinguish adequately between unlawful content and lawful content with the result that its introduction could lead to the blocking of lawful communications," the court said in a statement.

Right now in the UK, BT and TalkTalk (two of our ISP's, BT is mine as I've mentioned before) are currently in a fight themselves against the Digital Economy Act, which also lays out laws for fighting piracy. While the two cases are similar, the head of TalkTalks's regulatory affairs says that while this old case is relevant, the two are not directly linked. So I guess they won't be citing precedent. 

Either way though, this is a huge victory for internet freedom. I still have no idea how that piece of crap in America is going, all I can say is stop censorship now, and quote Zach Weiner. It works two ways, while the government may say that if we're doing nothing wrong, we have nothing to fear from government censorship, if THEY are doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to fear from free speech.

As per usual I got this from BBC News and the full article is here :

Monday, 28 November 2011

Round Up For 21-27

Damn I've been lazy lately, I've not got any posts ready, and I really hope I can change that and get some written. Anyway, for now, I can be lazy again and just stick to doing a round up post. See they help me as well as help you. First though I was kinda sad at my lack of views and comments over the end of the week, but hey, it was Thanksgiving, so I can kind of understand. Anyway, let's get started with Tuesday,

Tuesday Was about how I finally got my provisional driver's license, and how I managed to use a car for a few seconds. I'm not getting lessons yet but for now I can be proud that I managed to stall a car five times before moving it a few feet. Did I say proud? Is that really the right word?

Wednesday was a link to the tutorial on energy saving mode, and how to apply it. It was also a short discussion about a news article concerning gaming, and how gamers tend to have a larger "reward hub" as they put it, in the brain. I made a point of talking about this because the science-y folksters said that they didn't know if gaming caused this, or if this caused gaming, which pleased me. They didn't instantly demonize gaming.

Thursday  Was an award post after I got an award called the "I am thankful for you award" and I gave an acceptance speech about what I myself am thankful about. I didn't learn it was actually Thanksgiving that day until later oddly enough. Me and Bersercules also had a hell of a chat in the comments section.

On Friday I posed the question of if a bad person can be considered good as well. If a bad situation ultimately results in a good outcome, was it a bad situation? I thought to apply this logic to people. In the end we decided that while good can outshine bad and people can be redeemed, there are some acts that can't really be counterbalanced, and also that we shouldn't be judging people anyway. We shouldn't see them as good or bad, just as people. Also of course, that the evil of men lives on. No matter how good you were, you will be remembered for that one bad deed you did, and the truly good are forgotten long before the truly evil are.

Saturday I shared some more pictures. This time of alternative art. Things being re-imagined in other styles. Mostly Mario ones, which I didn't really realise until after I had made the post. In my defence I had had 3 hours sleep.

Sunday I posted another sketch by Fry and Laurie, and in the comments Fang gave me another writing challenge. A story about something diabolical that is 666 words long. I don't mind doing this but the pedantic in me has to make it 616 words, the actual number of the beast.

Well that's it folks, another week down, and (hopefully if I can get to writing) another week to come.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

A Bit More Fry And Laurie

I didn't really know what to put up today, and I also have no posts ready for next week (eep!) but at least I finally got today covered. Another funny sketch from Fry and Laurie for you today, with Stephen Fry as "the understanding barman". Some excellent wordplay here.

Here's hoping I can get some ideas and write my ass off!

Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Alternative

I find it kind of odd that not only did I get no comments overnight, but no other posts I was subscribed to on other blogs got any. I think that's the fewest emails I've ever woken up to find waiting for me. Did everyone just stop or something?

 Anyway, I got 3 hours sleep, and couldn't get back to sleep, so I'm going to be very very lazy today and post some alternative art. This is basically art work of things in different styles. Damn I hope I can get a nap in later. I also hope these pictures work okay, they don't work in normal Blogger style and my guess is it's all the changes I've made to the HTML.
Dr Mario as House MD

The South Park Guys (slightly too big but the next size down was too small. You can make out nearly all of it anyway)

Wild West Assassin's Creed

More Communist Mario

Most of the Mario ones are creepy but this is quite cute.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Can A Bad Person Be Good?

I've talked before about how if a bad situation ultimately results in a good one, can it still be considered a bad situation but now I'm going to talk about if this can apply to people as well. Is it possible for someone who is considered evil to also be considered good?

One person who always comes to mind when people think of things like this is Hitler, who was an vegetarian, animal loving, Christian. Although because I've mentioned Hitler, as per Godwin's Law I have lost the argument. Godwin's Law (of the net at least) states that the longer an argument goes on, the more likely someone will call comparison to the Nazi's, and the moment that person does, they lose the argument.

But, Hitler was a pretty bad guy (if you really really really don't know why, stab your history teacher), but like I said, he had less than evil qualities too. Can he really be all that bad a guy? Well, yes, but he was quite an extreme example.

Let's say there's a racist (not Hitler) who donates regularly to charity, who volunteers his time, and tries to spread his wealth as much as possible. Should we judge him solely because he is a racist? Should we judge him on his more charitable deeds? Should we judge him on everything he does rather than either just the negative or good sides? Is he still a good member of society, because he gladly gives his time and money to those who need it, or is he inherently evil because of his particular beliefs?

By the way I realise that I volunteer my time, but I don't give to charity, so I'm not secretly admitting to being a racist and being scared of whether or not I'm actually a decent member of society. I know I'm not.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I'm Thankful For...

The delightful Kathy from That's What She Said has decided that she is thankful for me. Well, other people too actually. She came up with her own award (at least as far as I know it's hers) and because this is an original award, and because it's the first (possibly only) time I've gotten it, it's going to have an award post. 

Now, I could end the post here but where would the fun in that be? Instead I'm going to get all weepy as I run off a list of some of the things I'm thankful for.

My family, for one. Obvious choice, partly because my sister reads here and partly because well it's true really. They might keep me out of the loop sometimes, but they've always stuck by me with all my problems. Sometimes I could have probably done with a bit more pushing, but I think I came out pretty good compared to most.

Jessie who has, again, stuck by me through everything we've been through, and even after two years apart regards me as the greatest of friends. That has, and always will, mean so much to me. Plus she's never busted out a restraining order on me. Or is just yet to enforce it.

You guys of course. I'm thankful for every follow, comment, even view, that I get, and that Hazel also hasn't seen fit to put a restraining order on me. Or sue me for plagiarism. Fang and Shaw have introduced me to new games, which is always good. Bersercules has put many a smile on my face and introduced me to TV shows I might not have gotten a chance to experience. Bob has introduced me to Kazz, and more anime and manga than I can shake a proverbial stick at. Pope Tim even made me a saint. Or at least I think he did. You're all just pretty damn awesome. Keep it up.

Nintendo for bringing out the Nintendo Entertainment System (or NES, or Famicom in Japan) and really bringing about the video games that we know and love today. Sure there were consoles before then, but for me the NES really made home computer game systems.

SEGA for the Dreamcast and Sonic, by far the most awesome hedgehog of all time. For Shenmue as well. Damn I miss SEGA consoles, but that's an entirely different rant that will probably never see the light of day.

Shigeru Miyamoto for creating Zelda and Hironobu Sakaguchi for creating Final Fantasy, by far two of the greatest gaming series' evar. Though FF could do with a kick in the arse.

And many, many more. Oh and because it's customary, God and Jesus, for making me. Though effectively I covered that by thanking my parents.

I also got a  "One Lovely Blog" award from PurpleMist but you'll have to forgive me, this has lasted long enough, and I've had that one before, so typical policy applies. Take it if you want it, and it goes in my trophy cabinet. Damn I need an awards page.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Saving Energy And The Game Brain

Real first off, some of you might have noticed this post up yesterday. This was actually yesterdays post but due to human error I published two posts at once. This was officially yesterdays post but because the other one about my driving skill (or lack thereof) had received more attention than this, I decided to pull this one down, and not that one. Hopefully this won't happen again, but at least I'm more prepared for if it does

First off Kid Shuffle asked how I added energy saving mode to this place. If you haven't noticed it happening just don't move your mouse for five minutes and you'll see it. I think I set it to five minutes anyway. Two minutes was too annoying. So, the answer to that is to follow this simple link and look at the post that told me how to do it, on Caroline's blog. I'd go through the thing myself but I'd like to get her some views while I'm at it.

I'm glad I'm finally getting round to making this post because the news story that inspired it has been open on my browser for days so I don't forget to make it. It feels good to be able to close that, damn my internet browser is always so clogged with tabs. 

Anyway, scientists have made a discovery to do with gaming and the human brain. There's a part of your brain known as the ventral striatum  which is where your brain keeps it's "reward system", basically this part of your brain is "usually activated when people anticipate positive environmental effects or experience pleasure such as winning money, good food, sex". according to Dr. Simone Kuhn. This is the part of the brain that really motivates you by providing rewards. 

Why am I bringing this to your attention? Well they did something wonderful. They said they don't know whether or not this is caused by frequent gaming, or whether this is causing frequent gaming. Basically they aren't instantly saying that video games are evil and need to be burnt. Hell in the article they even say that games can provide increased reasoning. 

For me it's good to see something like this. Given how that part of the brain is related to drug addiction I'm surprised they aren't comparing gaming to drugs and saying that playing a lot of video games increases your chance to be addicted to drugs. Seriously I'm honestly surprised no one has said that.

If you're interested in some of the more science-y details you can find the article for yourself here

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I'm One Step Closer Towards Crashing A Car

I'm not sure if I can stretch this into what I would consider a full post, but a short post won't kill me. I think. It could. Who knows? Anyway. I've talked before about how I'm still waiting for my drivers license to come through, well good news everyone (you read it in his voice even though I didn't put a picture didn't you?), it finally came this Saturday. I finally have my (provisional) drivers license. 
I've used this picture before but I still like it and it was my reaction. Plus pictures=views and attention.
My dad says he would rather pay for lessons than teach me himself, even though my brother insists it would be better to learn straight from my dad. He even claims everyone he's taught has passed their test on their first go. But I'll go by what my dad wants seeing as he's either going to be paying for them/teaching me himself. I have no monies. But that's not the point. He did teach me something though on Saturday, when I had my first driving experience.

It went pretty bad actually. I stalled the car I think five times before I managed to do it right, and he showed me how to do it twice. Talk about a fucking failure. It was all my own fault though. When you start a car up (or at least his car) you turn the engine on with the car perfectly neutral (ie the gearbox is neutral and the handbrake is up) then you hold the clutch down and move the car into gear and move the handbrake down, then slowly lift your foot off the clutch while accelerating to get the car going. I was just taking my foot straight off the accelerator, which caused it to stall.

I was only able to go a few feet though, it was mostly for me to get a feel of what it's like to be behind the wheel. I even skidded the thing lol. He didn't want me flying off the back so I put my foot down hard on the brakes and clutch (he called it a "beginners stop") and even though I was going say...2 or 3 miles an hour, I somehow heard a screech.

Those tire marks must be tiny, but hey at least I got a car to move. Now I just have to wait patiently for lessons. My dad has been spending money left right and centre recently, and now that my brother wants to trade in his bike, he'll be spending more.

I can wait though, the roads are probably safer with me off them.

Lookit that, I did manage to turn a simple, tiny story about me stalling a car five times into a full length post. I even turned this story into a simple tweet and those things are 140 characters long, max! Anyway, here's to me (hopefully) becoming a better driver. Sheesh even though my brothers only just passed he still made it look easy. It isn't that easy. If I could afford an automatic I'd just get one of those, so I don't have to worry about the clutch, but I'm not that high up the food chain. Maybe one day.

Monday, 21 November 2011

That Last Week In Paragraphs

Before I get going with this round up, I actually want to give a shout out to Mai Yang who recently caught up on my posts herself before catch up day. Not sure how that came about, but it was a nice thing to do. So, thanks. Okay now on with being lazy.

Last Tuesday was a post about just how old is too old to be considered for IVF as one of Britain's oldest mothers is saying that IVF should only be available up until 50 (she had it at 59). I talked about if even fifty is too old.

Wednesday was about a crazy dream I had where I was president. It's sad it didn't last very long, and I didn't get to do much, but I was able to get in some political-ness here and there in the post, even if I didn't really get a chance to in the dream.

Thursday I did a post about how I did a guest post. Possibly the longest "I did a guest post" posts ever.

Friday was about how I don't get much spam. I've read things on other blogs about all manner of spam from sex toys to penis enlargement (somehow penis enlargement is more prevalent on girls blogs...) but I never get them. Not that I want sex toys and penis enlargement.

Satuday was a series of pictures like last week, but this time on Twilight. Love or hate Twilight, you'll love or hate me for posting these. By the way the last picture didn't show up. It was a picture of Twilight and footballers and it said "Twilight is like soccer, they run around for two hours, nobody scores, and a billion fans say you just don't understand". Yes I'm aware both Twilight and a soccer game actually go on for roughly 90 minutes.

So there you have it, that's what I wasted my own corner of the internet on last week. If everyone has their own corner of the internet, just what shape IS the internet? How many sides must this thing have?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

I Am Ironman (Insert Riff Here)

I'm stealing an idea (again) from Hazel (again). She posted a How It Should Have Ended video, and so I thought "Well, why don't I as well? I get to make a post, and some great guys get some more attention". Plus they give you the code for the videos, they want you to pass them out. So, enjoy this short video of How Ironman Should Have Ended. I saw this movie, and it was actually pretty damn good. I might just be thinking that because I never read the Ironman comics though.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Sparkle Sparkle And Now I Feel Dirty

Seeing as Breaking Dawn is coming out, and Hazel recently did a post about how Twilight should have ended, I thought today I would share some more pictures with you, this time from my Twilight collection. Sorry if they don't fit the post, I have trouble with that, I'm used to Blogger automatically resizing them if they're too big and allowing you to click them to see the bigger picture. Anyway, if you are a hardcore Twilight fan (see ANY Twilight fan, okay not all of you are bad) then I recommend looking away now. Remember, I have read the books, and I am free to badmouth them because of this, my sister who is a huge Twilight fan has agreed this with me. Anyway, on with the show!
Courtesy of I know this is might be too small, but there was only one setting higher, and it made it take up too much room and you couldn't read it.

Sadly this was the only resolution I could get this in. Again, courtesy of Head Trip.

Probably one of the least funny but meh at least it's tame.
I actually had to scour the net for these because I seem to have lost my folder on my computer with Twilight pictures on -_-. Relax though they were this, satirical/just taking the piss kind. I don't have actual Twilight pictures on my computer.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Where's The Spam?

This is sort of an odd thing to post about, or even wonder about, but I do wonder where the spam is. On a few blogs I've noticed people complaining about their level of spam. Including but not limited to adverts for sex toys. But I never get any. Spam or sex toys. No I'm not wanting spam so I know where to buy my sex toys. Though I'm willing to concede it looks like that.

I also barely ever get spam off the blog, though I put that down to google mail's spam filter, or I just haven't been opening myself up to spam. On my hotmail account I get so much spam. It's pretty unreal really. On gmail I'm lucky if I get a spam email a month.

I'm also yet to have people try to scam me. I'm yet to win the Spanish lottery I never entered, or find myself the sole heir of a Nigerian princes bank account. Or help him donate his money to charity.

I'm not really saying I want this to happen, I'm just wondering why it happens to everyone else but me. Back when I was playing on WoW I didn't get much spam (though I got a spam filter, it alerted me when it had filtered spam, rarely happened) and my account was never hacked. Even though I didn't buy an authenticator and the people that did got hacked (I have to have a cruel chuckle at that).

Nothing fun ever happens to me. Though please, by God do not sign me up for any mailing lists or anything. I don't want the spam, and even if I did, I want it to happen naturally, don't force spam. Finally lols I set up the labels of this  post as "Spam, WoW", and all I could think of was Shamwow.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

I Did A Guest Post

Not every title has to be some witty line about the content of the post (and lets face it some of them aren't funny anyway) and so today we have a title that quite simply says what happens in the post. That is of course that I did a guest post for Leah of

It's about education, and how it doesn't end at school. Rather than bore you with all of that, I'll just post the link: and let you read it. After I talk some more of course. I just didn't want to put the post in it's entirity here. What's the point of doing guest posts if you aren't going to say thank you to the person who let you do it by letting your readers read it there and hopefully look at other things on there? (hint hint). Guests posts are a two way system, not only do I stand to potentially gain some of Leah's readers if they like what I wrote and then check me out, but some of you guys might check her out too, like I already said.

The guest post came about because I saw a note on her blog saying she was looking for people to write guest posts, and they should email her, so email her I did, and after a quick discussion it was decided I would write about education. She had a series of subjects to pick from (though I was free to decide a different one of my own) and so I wrote it and sent it to her. As far as I can tell she's made no edits, which is always good.

I am more than happy to do guest posts on other blogs, I've said that before and I'll more than likely say it again, it just rarely happens. It's a lot easier for me if you tell me what to write about, for specialist blogs like gaming blogs and review blogs this is pretty simple, but for broader "everything" blogs, not so much.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the guest post, and remember, I'm probably one of the only people who would write a simple post about how they did a guest post, and turn it into this monstrosity of a post.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

President Ramblingperson

First off, being a British citizen I'm quite sure I can't be president of the USA, but I just think I ended up President of the US rather than Prime Minister of England. I just got that feeling. Not being able to run a country you weren't born in saved us the horrors of President Schwarzenegger (though could he have been worse than Bush or Obama?) so it's a rule I can live with.

Anyway, unless you haven't realised yet, I'm talking again about a crazy ass dream I had again. Sadly I didn't get to enjoy being in charge for very long, I woke up not long after I assumed power. So far my only business had been to get a suit. But I did find myself arguing with some filthy hippies. I actually don't mind hippies too much, but that doesn't mean I can't call them filthy.

Oddly enough it wasn't anything to do with OWS or any actual current events. They were telling me that they were protesting because they wanted me to close the concentration camps and replace them with expensive holiday camps for the rich. I also made them laugh when I said I hoped what they were smoking was tobacco. It clearly wasn't. Sadly though I told them they shouldn't be smoking in a government building so I hadn't gotten around to ending the smoking ban, even if I did seemingly end up in a war. If I was in charge that is one of the first things I would do (heck that would get me elected, all the smokers would vote for me, and the tobacco companies would fund my campaign). Ending the smoking ban will give a huge boost to the economy, not just in tobacco sales, but it's been well proven that a lot of pubs and other establishments went out of business because people weren't going there because they couldn't smoke. They would rather just grab a few beers from a shop and smoke and drink at home.

I started an argument with the hippies about how they were for Capitalism but I never got an answer. Partly because they were high, and partly because after I made the point about it, I asked the guy in charge of the building why the hippies hadn't been arrested. I didn't get an answer to that either because that was when my alarm went off. I set it early to be up in the hopes to get the mail so that I could get me my internet hub.

I hope this is a dream that reoccurs.  

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How Old Is Too Old?

One of Britain's oldest mothers (or possibly our actual oldest mother) has called for 50 to be the eldest that a woman should be given IVF treatment to have a baby. She had one at 59, and she's 61 now. It kicked up quite a fuss when she did it, as over here we have no actual regulations on IVF. We just have guidelines. You can get IVF on the NHS up to age 40, and up to age 50 if you go private, but people bend the rules, and patients lie. Presumably it was just someone bending the rules for the 59 year old woman to have one.

She's said now that she was in fact too old to have a baby, and it's really hitting her that she won't really get to be there for her daughter. She might not see her get married, or have kids of her own, and when you're that old, it's hard to take care of a child. As such, like I said earlier, she's called for the limit to be 50.

Not being a woman, this is kind of a touchy subject for me, and I really hope none of my female readers come after me with rusty spoons to gouge out my heart and feed it to me, but I think that 50 might be a bit much. IVF is mostly for people who are infertile, not for women who missed their body clock and missed out on their chance. Sure, if a woman isn't too far past her menopause, then it's not such a bad thing, but there is a time when it's just too old.

Don't think of just yourself, but also of the unborn child. Ask yourself if you can really take care of the kid, if you can really be there for it, if you can really take care of it, and how unfair it could be if you died while it was still fairly young, and possibly still quite dependant on you. I say this as someone who is heavily dependant on my parents (mostly to my chagrin).

I think there should be actual regulations on IVF, but is even 50 too old?

By the way, the woman says that one of the main reasons that she's having trouble is that her husband left her, and that really the kid is probably what broke the relationship. I don't know if she's saying that, but others are.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Rounding Up To Today

So last week was a bit hectic around here, I missed an update for the first time (though to be fair I had been robbed and had no internet, and was using my library and my sisters to update the place), I've been able to catch up on most blogs but some haven't been updating all that much. But possibly best of all, the Hasidic Plumber has managed to crawl out of his raccoon infested hole and return to us. The downside is I don't get to be an internet hero and trace where he lives and save his life. Though I couldn't do that anyway. For now though here is your round up post of the shit I said last week.

Monday was a post I missed so there's nothing to see here.

Tuesday was my return post in which I apologised for missing a post, and talked about how I planned to read every update I missed as even though I was able to get a post out here and there, I wasn't able to read any. I also talked about updating the blog every few days, but as per usual when I did this, nothing came of it.

Wednesday I did a post about Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day (We call it Armistice Day because of the Armistice between the two sides that stopped the war, though no one calls it that anymore anyway) and about the group of people planning to disrupt the two minute silence as much as possible in a protest. If you're wondering what happened (someone asked me on Twitter what happened) the protest was banned in the end, so nothing happened. Though a few people were still arrested.

Thursday I had a bit of an internet love in where I thanked everyone for sticking around, and leaving comments even when I couldn't really be around.

Friday Was another award post because it was the first time I got the Tell Me About Yourself award. Check it out for seven more things you may not have known about me.

Saturday Was a lazy day in which I posted funny pictures of Harry Potter. I'm aware that the pictures are too big for the post, but I'm having trouble. Normally when you upload a picture it fits to the size of the post, and you can click it to make it bigger, but this won't happen with me. If anyone could tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be most appreciative.

And on Sunday I went back to doing an actual music post, this time it was Michael Jackson's Heal The World.

It feels good to be back. Really I could have survived without the internet a fair bit if I wasn't running a blog lol. I'd just need to check my emails every few days. Without blog comments I barely get any. Anyway, have fun and stay classy.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Music Post, For Once

I couldn't really think of a fun comedy routine to post, so I thought I would cop out, and post a song. Given the news this week, maybe this will be appropriate. So here for you today I have something by the gone but not forgotten Michael Jackson. It's a great one, with Heal The World. Regardless of what the may or may not have done with his personal life, he made some beautiful music, with some great messages, and this is one of them, so let's try to remember him for that. Or at least, let's try to remember the messages he sent out with his music.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Potter, Potter Everywhere

Seeing as it's a Saturday and no one really wants to absorb too much information, I present to you stupid pictures! These are from my Harry Potter collection. I have a lot of these, but I decided to limit myself to just five. If I can really pick just five. Enjoy the show, and enjoy the brain cell loss that will inevitably come from looking at these pictures.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Tell You About Myself?

This is, once again, an...award post! I got an award from Jodie-Ann from
I'm sad that there isn't a "bee" pun
I don't mind getting all these awards, it means I don't have to work so hard to come up with posts. I can just write award posts. Yayyyyyyyyyy. Don't read that as sarcastically as I did, I am glad to get more awards, and I am glad to not have to try so hard. Hey I'm tired leave me be.

So this one calls for another seven things about me. I can't remember what I've already said so you'll have to forgive me if I'm repeating myself.

1. I love Doctor Who. I'm currently re-re-watching it. I'm talking about the newer series' that is. I have recently found all the original episodes online. If I find the time and the stars are right, I might try to watch it. 

2. I'm still waiting for my driving license. I applied for it a while ago, and after a few weeks they sent me two letters. One saying I didn't fill the form out right, and I had to fill in the questions I didn't. I also had to go to one of their opticians, because it doesn't matter I went to my own the day before I applied. Ah well. My stepdad says it can take like six weeks to process, so I'm just going to have to keep waiting I guess. Hopefully they will send me a letter even if they decide I can't have one even after two opticians say I can see more than good enough to drive.

3. My iTunes music collection is 13.87gb big. This is STILL NOT ENOUGH. NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH.

4. It still pains me that the 90's were 20 years ago. Damn I miss the 90's. 

5. I haven't written anything in my book in so long it is becoming painful -_- It's doubly annoying because the action is picking up, it's stuff that I shouldn't be able to stop writing. Some would probably say that writing this blog is one thing that stops me writing my fiction. Eh. It's possible I guess.

6. I cancelled my preorder of Skyrim. Don't worry I'll still end up playing it, but I don't really have any income (old news) and I had just enough to get my dad a Christmas present. I chose to get him that present. I am getting some money at the end of the month (yay) and most of it's going to go to him as well.

7. I still hold out hope for Shenmue 3. Most Sega fans know at least about the Shenmue series, about how fantastically amazingly awesomely spectacular awesome it is. But they never made 3 because Sega went, well, it went how it did, before then. All the fans want it, and one day, it will happen.

It will!


I'm also supposed to pass it on, but...should I do it? I'm too tired to think of people to pass it on. 

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Emotional, Or Just Ghey? You Decide

Part of me wanted to call this post "I'm on my period" but I spend more than enough time to try and convince people I'm not a sexist (but everyone makes sexist jokes, even women!). Anyway, the point is that I am more than likely going to get a bit emotional here.

I just wanted to say thanks for sticking by me even though this place was incredibly impersonal. I was just scheduling updates that weren't really about anything, there was some intellectualism here and there, but not a lot. I also was replying to comments sporadically, something Bersercules commented on, saying it was better now I was back properly and replying properly. He's one of the guys who sometimes has a decent conversation with me in the comments.

But even though that happened, and even though my views went down a little, my comments barely went down at all. You guys still came, you still responded, and you were still awesome. It means one of two things. One, you like this place, or two, you like me. There is the impossible third option that it's both, but you all probably know how much I play myself down, and how hard it is for me to accept that hey, people can like me and my work.

So I just wanted to say a nice big thank you to all of you for sticking by me. Also a short apology that my 100 word one syllable story contained a few two syllable words. I didn't proof read it properly, which seems amazing because it was only 100 words. I did edit out some two syllable words, but some escaped me. Shit sucks. There are two things that could happen here, one, I edit the story again so it counts, or two, start from scratch with a new one.

Thanks to my love of originality and original content, I'll probably try and write a new one entirely. 

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Remember Remember This 11th November

The 11th of November is Armistice Day, also known as Remembrance Day. This day is a day of remembrance for the war dead. Mostly for World War I, but over time has been for WW2 and all the other wars we've found ourselves in. One tradition of this day is a two minute silence, but this year a problem has occurred.

There is a group of Muslim extremists who are planning on making as much noise as possible during the silence in protest of our military presence in Afghanistan, and their own war dead over there.

Short of attacking a veteran, this is one of the most offensive things they could have done. Needless to say a lot of people are angry, and are calling for such a thing to be banned. But, for there is always a but, one of the main things the people in the war fought and died for is freedom, including the freedom to protest. The right to say and do what you want. There are actually people on both sides of the debate, even though the people on the “ban this” side are saying there shouldn't even be a debate, it should just be banned.

For me, I really am right down the middle on this. I can agree with both sides. I'm a firm believer in “I don't believe in what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it” (apparently not said by Voltaire), and “Free speech is free, it's just that you don't like it when people say what you don't like” (said by me and possibly others).

This protest is going to cause a lot more racial tension, and is going to increase hatred towards Muslims though. Other Muslims are telling them not to do it. I agree that they can protest about the loss of their own soldiers and civilians, and as well as people wearing a red poppy, people also wear a white one which shows remembrance of civilians as well. I think if they really want to protest about the the loss of Muslim and Afghani people, they should probably choose a better way to do it, or a better date. Such as the anniversary of the original invasions after 9/11.

They want to protest as much as they want, and to be allowed to remember their own fallen, but if they want to do this, they should let us remember our own fallen as well.  

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A Late Update And More

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I missed an update. I didn't schedule an update in time, and as such, there wasn't any updates. But I come with good news. My dad got on the phone to BT (our ISP) and they gave us a replacement hub. To be honest, now the cycle has been broken by things beyond my control, I'm contemplating switching the update schedule, and doing less. Even if just temporarily. That is doing a bit less updating, I'll still be reading all day every day.

My brain hasn't been working right for quite some time really. I should have used this time to write some more posts, but without the internet I've not been exposing myself to much, so I haven't had much to write about. I've been really distraught lately still, and my bedroom window isn't on properly and a lot of cold air gets in, so I've been in pretty shitty health as well. Though my dad has sealed most of it, so maybe I won't be too bad later down the line, until winter really kicks in.

But something badass happened on Saturday. I was at my nephews 1st Birthday party (though his birthday was actually Monday) and my sister hired someone dressed as Mickey Mouse to entertain the kids. What's awesome about this you ask? Well it was a woman in the costume and I was worried one of the kids would hug “him” and realise Mickey was a girl (they actually saw her without the helmet on after her performance and ruined it for themselves) and Jessie, my new God, fist bumped Mickey Mouse. Who else can say that they fist bumped Mickey Mouse? I tried to shake his hand but he didn't hear me. I was rejected by Mickey Mouse..

This has depressed me.

Anyway. Now That I do have the internet back, I would read a weeks worth of updates, but frankly that would destroy my mind. As such, here's the deal. Starting from tomorrow (or today if I do it) when you update your blog, I will read not only the update, but all the ones I've missed. I follow over 180 blogs (most of my followers are people I followed, and there are people I followed back too). If I don't leave a comment, rest assured I probably read the posts, but I'm also very polite so I'll probably still leave a comment.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's Over 9000, And 200

Well this is something I probably should have done earlier, but if you've been keeping up with me this week, you'll know I wasn't in a celebratory mood. Still not really. But there are things to celebrate here. I've hit over 200 followers, and over 9000 page views. If you get that reference then I hope you're the kind of person who also knows that the real number was over 8000. If you knew both I now have slightly more love for you.

A huge thank you to Jessie who was my first follower, and all that came after and will hopefully continue to come. Not all of my followers are readers, and I'll always differentiate between the two, but I still love both followers and readers.

9000 views isn't really the orthodox one to go crazy at (that would be 10,000) but like I said earlier, over 9000 is a reference, so it pleases me. Plus doing anything unorthodox pleases me. I'm not saying I still won't celebrate 10,000 views, but I'm not that likely to. I really love you guys a whole lot, and I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with your blogs. Last time I lost the internet for a few days, I spent a whole day catching up, so you know I'm good for it down the line.


Friday, 4 November 2011

100 Words Later

Back when I did my 200 word Minecraft story, someone left a comment saying that they knew someone who had written a 100 word story using only one syllable words. I considered this a hell of a challenge, but I can't think of much else to write, and so I thought I would finally have a go at it. Plus I'm in “Take whatever idea you can get” mode. So let's see if I can actually do this. 100 one syllable words turned into a story, here goes:

I saw him look at me from the bar. He gave me a nod and went back to his drink. I left the pub not long after and heard him leave too. I sped up, a bit scared.
“Hey wait up” I heard him shout. This just made me speed up more. “Wait, I need you to wait.” I did not stop but he caught up and tapped me. I jumped and turned round. He handed me my purse. I dropped it at the pub. I said thanks to him, and sorry. After that he walked me home.

Sweet. That is precisely one hundred words, all written on the fly. So keep those challenges coming folks. To be honest I really did that a lot better than I thought I would be able to. Maybe I don't suck that much. But I doubt I'll be thinking that for quite some time.  

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm 3 Years Old And What Is This?

I'm at my mums this time, still without the internet at home. But I decided that while I was home without the internet, I might as well write some posts, so I can set up some more updates if necessary, and if not necessary, well I have some posts to fall back on. To be honest I'm still not thinking all that well, but it could be that I don't have the internet. I'm not really exposing myself to much without it.

Anyway, in a supreme bout of boredom that resulted in me watching 60's Batman with Adam West (If you read this Bersercules you have to do a review of that. I saw two episodes, and there was more than enough material in there for you.) I watched some comedy DVD's of my brothers. Well, Russell Howard specifically.

He has a routine about how in Australia there was uproar when they wanted to teach 3 year olds about homosexuality. Apparantly some of the people there were complaining about how it was akin to child abuse to expose them to homosexuality at such a young age. I don't really know what happened in the end, or if people were actually against it or anything, but he was making jokes about how when you're 3 all you really are interested in is custard and jumping. But he makes the great point that at 3 you don't really have a moral compass, you say things for how they are. Kids can be some of the cruellest things in the world, but hey, they're just kids, they really don't know any better.

If you ask me, the kids not having a moral compass actually makes them perfect to teach about gays. I'll agree you can expose a child to too much, but they've been exposed to their parents, so they know a thing or two about love. That is one of his jokes actually “Son, sometimes a lady can love another lady”, with the kids response being “Like in Daddy's videos?”. Always gets me laughing.

But like I said, kids don't see things as right and wrong, they just see them as stuff. You can explain to a kid that men and women can love other men and women, and that there's nothing wrong with it. It gives the kids a better understanding of both love and homosexuality, and it helps create less hate later on in life. Your opinions on things are affected quite a lot when you're young, especially how the people around you react to things. If you grow up in an abusive family, you have a higher chance of becoming an abuser yourself. It can destroy you. But it can also be used for good really.

If you explain to a child with no sense of right and wrong about some concepts such as gay people, they can grow up thinking that there's nothing wrong with it. Though at the same time, I do still believe that people should be allowed to have their own opinions on things. When that lady person in the beauty pageant a few years ago got in trouble for saying she didn't believe in gay marriage, I was more annoyed that people were giving her shit than that she was homophobic. You can tolerate something without accepting it.  

I also looked at my stats while I was here, my views seem to have gone down, this saddens me :( I'll live though, soon enough I'll have my internet back and can go back on other peoples blogs and earn some views. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Don't Know If I Should Be Proud

I don't really know if I should be proud of this, but I used a hashtag on Twitter that when I clicked, came up with no results. I feel like I've really achieved something here. I was original...on Twitter. Hard to believe really. I'd like to thank Jesus, and God. I know I couldn't have done this without them. I'd also like to think my followers who have stuck by me until I reached this point and who I hope will continue to stick by me even though I've now reached the pinnacle of Twitter. It feels good, and I hope that one day you too can join me here.  The weather is great.

Now, there was some stuff going down involving Bieber (It was bound to be about that little...thing) and people had gotten "BLOCK BIEBER TOPICS" to trend. First off I hit them with this (by the way someone said that they block Lady Gaga topics, this makes no sense.)
This was actually retweeted, yay me. Plus it's necessary to tell the whole story
After that I made the mistake of looking at Biebers Twitter account, and I saw that she had about 13.8 million followers. I then thought of this, which includes the brand spanking new hashtag.
The way I see it, there are roughly 7 billion people in the world now (I thought it was too much when it was 6 billion, oh well.) so I applied some maths to the matter. My reaction to finally coming up with a hashtag no one else had used and not deliberately using one that no one else had was....very dignified.
I was very humble in victory
Hopefully, normal intellectual service will be resumed when I'm feeling better. I sure hope I feel better by the end of the week, it's my nephews birthday and Jessie has been invited to the party. After that we're going to the pub for a fireworks display. I don't have any money though. Feelsworsethanbeingillman.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Illness And Dreams

Happy November everyone. I can't believe it's November already, feels like just yesterday it was last Christmas, in which I gave you my heart, and the very next day, you gave it away. Why would you do that? Anyway, if you follow me on Twitter (not having a Twitter account is no excuse not to) you might be aware I was pretty sick for a few days last week. I don't get sick all that often, besides a cold that never goes away and heartburn which are more likely caused by weight and will hopefully leave me the hell alone, but when I do, it's pretty bad.

I was laid up and asleep most of the time, but every time I woke up, I felt a bit better. As much as I hate sleeping I can't deny the good it can do you, especially when you're ill. I'm the same with baths. I don't really like them much, or water for that matter, but I can't deny they make me feel good, and occasionally smell nice. I've been having more baths since I started exercising more. It's either that or buy some sweat bands.

Anyway (again) while I was sleeping, I had me a weird dream. I don't remember my dreams all that much, but this was one of those times when the real world started affecting my dream. Because it takes me so damn long to get to sleep, I go to sleep listening to music, and I have been doing for as long as I can remember. This has lead to some strange dreams as the music influenced them but by far the weirdest thing that happens very very rarely is when I can hear the music in my dream, and no matter what I do I can't turn it off.

It can sometimes be pretty fun when it happens though, like I said it's incredibly rare. I can't remember too much about the dream, I went on a trip somewhere and came home to find 3 of my nieces at the house. This should have let me know it was a dream, as only two of them are ever there at the most thanks to something that went down not too long back. I love that moment in a dream when you say to yourself "Oh wait, this is a dream". Sadly though I'm yet to be able to take control of my dreams, even after realising it's just a dream.


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