Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Something Kinda New

Short post today, well this one has the potential to be kind of short. It depends how much I start rambling. Anyway, I was going to do another Q&A post, I get a lot more comments these days, and I'm lazy. Well, only both of those are slightly true. But I'm not going to do any old Q&A post, I'm going to do a video Q&A. Don't get too excited I'm not actually going to allow myself to be seen, my webcam has some kickass avatars. Or maybe I'll stop being such a wimp and will just post a video of me lol. But anyway, yes, ask any question you want at all in the comments, last time there was some VERY random questions, and I will record myself reading them out and answering them. I'll give you until the end of the week to ask questions and then post the video as part of my round up on Monday. I'll probably get it recorded Sunday night, or Monday morning when I will be alone in the house and feel less weird about talking to myself.

I was contemplating the idea of turning this into a podcast, but when I saw about how to make one, it was way too complicated for me. Having said that if someone can explain to me in very simple ways how to get it done, I'll consider it, and maybe turn a post a week into a podcast instead. Or just do a video of a post instead. This would have served two purposes. One, my blog would be more out there, and two, randoms might see the podcast, give it a listen, and check me out. But the same can be said with making an occasional vlog on Youtube.

For my 100th post a while back, I was playing around with doing a vlog, but I couldn't decide on what to do one on, so instead I'll just do it now. Why am I choosing to give you my voice? Well, I'm English, so you'll all be fawning over my accent (except for Hazel, Dirtycowgirl, and any other English readers I have) plus I can be funnier in person, I think I also tend to ramble more in person.

Look at that, I managed to make it into a long post after all, so a quick recap for those who have forgotten the start of the post, leave a question in the comments, and come back Monday for a video of me answering them! PS I won't let the video run for more than 10 minutes, if it does, I will make several videos instead, depending on how long really. How long would you guys say is too long?

Also you may have noticed that Fangs giant link to the left is gone, it should have been down on Monday really, the deal was until the end of the week. Did I get anything out of this deal? Not really. Also what should be noticeable is that to your right the Facebook plugin I installed is now working correctly. It turns out I'm retarded, and was putting completely the wrong code, in completely the wrong page. I will also accept any questions posted to me on Twitter @RamblingPerson and on Facebook.


  1. wow. this is so cool haha!

    I gotta think of something that is very interesting for you to answer..


  2. What is your ultimate fantasy?

    (This may or may not be inspired by a game of truth or dare we had last night. Don't bother asking.)

  3. what is the worst thing that ever happen to you? or should I ask another?

  4. This is not a short post or you have rambled...what song would you have played at your funeral and why?

  5. im always fascinated how you manage to write a long post when your first 3 words are "short post today" ^^
    Anyway, i actually have a question:
    When you could ask a question and would get an answer, regardless how stupid or complex the question is, what would you ask?

  6. Who are your inspirations in life.

  7. Awesome! I was thinking of answering my Q&A in a vlog style too. Mainly so people can hear my voice properly this time - last time I was too quiet lol!

    Q What's your favourite animal?
    Q Would you like to get married some day?
    Q Star Wars or Star Trek?
    Q Did you ever have an imaginary friend?

  8. I'm so tempted to answer the questions now dammit! Argh I didn't realise how painful this would be :( Anyway.

    @Fang That's going in there.
    @Mai Yang I don't know if I can answer that one actually, you can ask as many as you want, but I doubt I'll be able to give the true worse thing that has ever happened to me.

    @Angry Lurker Okay that's in there too
    @Mekkor It fascinates me too, originally I was just going to talk about wanting questions, but then I got the podcast idea so the post just kept bloody growing
    @Kathy that's in there
    @Hazel All going in there. I didn't know you did a vlog, I would love to hear your voice ^^ I have headphones so I'll just turn the volume up :P

  9. i was just thinking of maybe posting an accent vlog challenge like charliesocoollike in youtube! are you a mind reader or something? LOL~
    it's like you read a number of sentences i different accent thing ^_^

  10. Just post a picture of yourself already. God

  11. @Indistinctive Writer I'm kind of good with different accents but I don't think I can pull it off without sounding racist lol, but there was a question in there.

    @Michael Westside, technically not a question lol, but I'll see what I can do.

  12. This blog post is great. I've been reading your blog posts regularly and I think they're great! Keep up the excellent work! Followed!

  13. Michael is so curious about you Mark. haha.

  14. A short post made are a rambling person aren't you?

    Q: Kind of off the wall and disgusting but...have you ever pooped any letter from the alphabet?

    I poop J's occasionally and sometimes even O's!

  15. Lol yeah I made one to celebrate my 100th posts! Have fun trying to listen to it :)

  16. 4 minutes seems reasonable to me.

    What does your face look like?

  17. I don't have a question but a request. Sing a few lines of your favorite song.
    (plus: just video yourself. Its not like anyones gonna use the picture of you to put a hit on you or anything!)

  18. @Jason Thank you very much :)

    @Mai Yang Just a bit yeah :P

    @Danjor I can fit that in I guess.

    @Hazel Maybe I'll check it out some time ^^

    @DWei Well that's one way to exploit a loophole -_-

    @Bersercules I'll see. I hadn't considered they would take hits out on me, but now I am.

  19. A podcast or vlog would be a great idea. It'd be something different from what everyone else is doing.

  20. @Allenstesch It would be but like I said making a podcast seems frightfully confusing, and I have no idea what to do with it, what to do to make it a regular thing. I could turn a post a week into a vlog/podcast, but I don't know. A vlog is a lot easier than a podcast, I already have a Yewtewb account.

  21. Why not make podcast M W F? Least those blog entries can have more by making it a M W F Scheduled "show" on your blog?

  22. Oh and I have no question but. Why are you such a loner?

  23. how quickly we turn a short post into a full on rant? haha. I have the same problem man. My last movie review was supposed to be "short and to the point" and ended up as long winded as ever.

  24. What is your social security number? :P

  25. @Dilord I don't think I'm going to make a podcast, but I'm happy to make more vlogs if this goes well. That question will be answered too.

    @MRanthrope This is actually usually the case with me, it can start out small but just keep getting bigger and bigger. INB4 "That's what she said".

    @My 2 Pesos Tune in Monday to find out!

  26. This is an awesome idea. And a good reason for me to bother turning on my computer occasionally (I too am a sucker for peculiar british sounds coming from peoples' mouths).

    Question: If you were never able to wear shoes again, what would you put on your feet instead?

  27. @StigmataHandjob that's a good one.

  28. Look at songs you've loved for a long time. Chances are it has little to do with the song and more to do with the point of life you were at.

  29. I think we can consider you a prolific poster (144 in 4 months, very impressive). If you were forced to choose 3 of your favorites that you would want us to read, what would it be?

  30. @Noah Homola this is true for a lot of songs.

    @ipenka That's a toughy, but it's in there.

  31. Mmm, I too have considered doing a vlog. That plan existed simultaneously with my blog plan, only the blog part has come to fruition as of yet though.

    I expected you'd obscure your face on your cast though I don't think any of your loyal followers will be disappointed or surprised. I would suggest a Manycam filter though, rather than a still image, just so we can actually see your face, after a fashion.

  32. @Henry I've been tossing the idea around for over a month now, like I've said before I contemplated doing one for the big 100. My laptops webcam has things like the manycam stuff on it itself, some are even better too actually. It won't be a still image, but a 3D avatar that moves as I do, and "speaks" when I do. It can even track eyebrow movement, but it's a bit dodgy at times. However, I will consider something like a manycam mask or something, again, my own webcam has these.

  33. @Henry But thanks for the suggestion ^^ I don't think people would be all that surprised either if I hid myself. I mean, I even said no when Mai begged me for an IRL picture for her post.

    I never say no to a woman.

  34. What is your favorite fighting game?
    What is your body mass index?
    Do you think I'm bald?
    Are you bald?

  35. That's actually a very very good idea. I don't have any interesting (and random enough) questions right now. But i promise to come back later with questions that will blow your wig away.

  36. Concerning the length..
    I sometimes watch podcasts, that are 1 hour or longer, so I don't really mind pretty much any length. Of course, if I won't get bored after 2 minutes.

  37. @Bob Okay those are going in.

    @Plumber I know you'll think of something. I'll have to put a wig on just so you'll blow it away.

  38. * I meant listen to podcasts.. "watching" them wouldn't make much sense.

  39. @Bob I am confus I can understand watching podcasts makes no sense, but I see no mention of watching them. I was at the optician today and she claimed I have very good eyesight too.

  40. Mark: You should go check again.. it might've gotten worse in those few hours. :(

  41. This is "short"? hehehe... :D Oh, before anything else, thanks so much for the votes, Mark. You're great! :)

    Hmm.. questions.

    1. Which do you prefer... Coke or Pepsi?
    2. Are you more comfortable being a leader.. or you're more comfortable following the crowd?
    3. Do you like to read books? If so, what books do you read, and when was the last time you've finished reading one?
    4. Are you a cat-person.. or a dog-person?

    It would be great if you'd post a video of you.. All of us (I'm very sure) are quite curious and interested to see you. Really. :)

  42. Preliminary questions:

    Who would win in a fist fight, you or Oscar Wilde?
    If you could bang anybody, constrictions of time do not matter, who would you bang?
    Would you bang Oscar Wilde?
    Why the fuck do I keep mentioning Oscar Wilde?
    Lord of the Rings: Books or movies?
    What are your thoughts on Apartheid?
    The Industrial Revolution changed the face of the modern novel forever. Discuss, citing specific examples.

  43. vlog?! wow that's a cool idea!!
    hmmm for the question, this is the question i always ask people during our first meetings.
    "if you were given a chance to have a super power, what would it be?"

  44. @Bob, Yeah I see it now, but some podcasts ARE video podcasts, and you can watch them ^^

    @Leah You're welcome. If I didn't bring up podcasts this would have been short.

    @Generally disgruntled Those are good, and definitely going in

    @Yen More people should ask that in a first meeting :)


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