Thursday, 20 October 2011

Oh Twitter

I got bored/tired/ill/I think I'm going to die/whatever and basically my brain was fried. I couldn't think of anything to post, and I remembered that some time ago I think I threatened hinted at the possibility of a Twitter post.  Seeing as I've made nearly 300 tweets (most of them retweets really, I also tweet less now) I couldn't be bothered was too ill to pick between them. So I thought instead I would share some of my own tweets that were retweeted. Minus the ones that are links to this blog lol. So, here you are, some Twitter shitness "goodness".

A lot of my retweets are Bieber hate, but this is the only one I'm putting here. I'm slightly proud of it and more people need to be aware of "Whistle while you work, Hitler is a jerk/twerp"

This was my response when Jesse told me she wanted to carve someone's name onto her chest, we were both very drunk

Me and @Poor_Leno (great guy) were talking about charities, and I came up with this idea. Don't worry I ruined it by saying we call it Abandoned Animals For Abandoned Children, then saying that they could eat eachother to save on food costs, just to back up and say I wouldn't let the animals eat the orphans, as I didn't know where they had been. If there's one thing I've earned in my life it's a ticket to Hell.

Mine and Jesse's response to my niece constantly saying we were gay.

I never got an answer to this

This was in response to Hasidic Plumbers post about the ice cream shop that was thought to be something to do with the KKK. Someone actually liked this on my Facebook as my Twitter posts show up there too.

They really are fucking right. Shove that up your arse, censorship! (Also seriously spell check, fuck you "arse" is a real word. I'm English)

This is a joke I stole.

Again, another joke, but still true. If I have kids I might have to teach them this.

This is in response to someone saying that whores are like stamps. I can't remember all of the original joke, just that it  contained licking them and sending them on their way.
So there you have it folks, ten very good reasons you should be following me on Twitter. Maybe one day I'll do my own top ten or something, rather than what has been retweeted.. But like I said, I'm tired and I'm ill.

Also, a late entry, something I tweeted that was actually favourited by someone (Again, fuck you spell chcek, that is how you spell that word, if it even legitimately exists). I think I have a few favourited tweets but Twitter won't tell me who favourited stuff, just who retweeted stuff, the wankers.

Favourited by our favourite (heh) Pope.
One final late entrant (I hope this is the final one) is part of a conversation, but you need the background too. As far as I know this reaction IS genuine.
"I am totally not being sarcastic! I wish I had an element of sarcasm in me though, because it's very recessive." is how he claims it to be genuine
Okay it turns out I lie. I was going to go to bed last night, but before I did, I made this amazing Tweet. If I'm going to be in Twitter I might as well do some good.
All those hash tags and "WHO WANTS TO BE MY BABY" and "Love On Top Video" were all trending, so I turned them into an uber tweet.
Oh and if you're wondering about the #TeamQueer thing, Leno tweeted about how everyone was part of a "Team" for a celebrity, like Team Bieber and Team Edward and whatever, and so I suggested we come up with our own team name. Team Euthanasia didn't sit too well with him, and Team Gay would have made people proud of us, so we went with Team Queer. You HAVE to capitalise it, for #TeamQueer stand for good grammar, as well as good tweets.

 Also don't forget to check out Wednesdays post "Something Kinda New" to post a question for me to answer in a vlog. It's kinda nice I'm actually willing to do something more. 


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  2. I don't understand twitter but I still tweet now and again and will tweet this...well I'll try....good grief.

  3. @Mai Yang I make it work somehow, thanks for the follow :D

    @The Angry Lurker Cheers, I don't tweet all that much, I just have periods of a lot of tweets.

    @Mekkor I recommend avoiding it really. I still feel shame and disappointment with myself for using it.

  4. If I had Twitter I would follow you but alas I don't so I can't lol. I found your tweets really funny though! Especially the charity one. I'll see you in Hell.

    P.s Amen to spelling arse and favourite correctly!

  5. @Hazel At least I'll have some good company in Hell! I'm English, it's how we spell things. You know, the correct way.

  6. You are far too clever for Twitter. You should be posting about what you had for breakfast, screaming about politics, and reposting ads related to spam.

    In all honesty, though, this made me yearn to use the Twitter account we created a long time ago but have never actually used. @ABeer4TheShower.

  7. @ABFTS You guys have 2 followers (counting myself) and no Tweets. I think you have one of the best Twitter accounts ever. Good luck with trying to survive in there lol, and cheers for the kind words ^^ I've seen people as clever as me on Twitter, it's not all that bad. It's still bad, but...not THAT bad. Depends where you look. The same can be said of Blogger.

  8. The world can always use more Bieber hate. Nothing wrong with that.

    And if you're lacking ideas for a blogpost, run out and find something new and/or stupid/crazy to do. And then write about the experience or why you refused to do it.

  9. @DWei LOL Yes the world could do with more Bieber hate. I could also do that, but I'd just get a lot of "I ain't doing this cos I be scared" posts.

  10. Haha, carve the name on the forehead was funny.

    I'm not sure I'll ever be able to figure out tweeting.

  11. @Kathy S I always feel like crap most of the time ^^ I'm used to it. The day I wake up perfectly healthy is the day I'm seriously worried.

    @ipenka It's funny because it's true. I'm not that sure I WANT to figure out Tweeting sometimes.

  12. My twitter is

    I seem to go through phases of posting pointless things of what I'm doing without being witty though- which I know can be annoying haha -.- nice blog!

  13. HAhahahahahaha #TeamQueer. I also don't tweet as much anymore considering I always have something random coming out of my mind. I think I'm motivated now to use twitter again but in a couple of days laziness will hit me and here I am again just sitting here.

  14. oh yeah as far as you can remember I am @DoubleDandT. I rarely tweet and I'm not sure If I added you already.

  15. @Battlegnomes thanks, that is less annoying than all the Bieber freaks.

    @Dilord LOL It gets to me too, you added me there before I added you, but yeah I am one of your followers and you are one of mine :)

  16. I hate Twitter. :)

  17. @Lemur and My 2 Pesos Good :)

  18. You went from hating it to a twitter junkie in no time hahahah
    Also...easy on the retweet button cowboy hahahah you sure love to retweet stuff.

  19. @Hasidic Plumber Just cos I use it doesn't mean I like it lol. I retweet a lot yeah, I have over 500 tweets now but a lot are retweets. I just like to share things that I've found good others have said. Or what's made me laugh.

  20. You carve someones name on your chest so just before you fuck them you can rip of your shirt reveiling their name and get exited and fuck! Its a private thing for you and the person you love to enjoy!

    Whores are like stamps lick them and send them on their way? Why would anyone lick a whore? You wrap your dick in plastic and shove it in them but you never touch them or kiss them and especially never lick them! Who ever made that joke up obviously doesn't understand how to use whores!

    I like your tweets but I never use twitter, maybe you should post a twitter tweet a day on your blog so non twitter users can see them!

  21. FUUUUUUUUUUUUU I never thought of it like that...That's deep man. Real deep.

    I think whoever made that joke is now dead because of all the mistakes they made with whores.

    It's a good idea, but I don't tweet all that much really, most of my tweets are retweets and I just usually have a time where I'm tweeting a lot, followed by no tweeting at all.

  22. Imma create a Twitter account to follow you.

  23. @Interwebs Fails I'mma let you finish, but I'm the greatest Twitter follower of all time.

    Though if you actually do that, major thanks.

  24. what's your twitter? i gotta follow you!

  25. @Caroline Thanks, it's mentioned in the blog description, my nice bar at the bottom has a Twitter follow button that has my Twitter, and it's mentioned about 13 times in this post :P It's @Ramblingperson. And yes, I'm a sarcastic ass. As much as I love to say "arse" instead of "ass", sarcastic ass sounds way better than sarcastic arse.

  26. No Twitter. I have NO TWITTER!! (/>.<)/

  27. you make me wanna use the twitter, if only i could be arsed to find out how...

  28. I hate twitter, I have one, ouch.

  29. I don't have twitter. I would like to stay the hell away from it.

  30. Blogging about tweets. I feel like that's breaking some rule, somewhere.

  31. @Henry Sometimes I still wish I didn't, but I've had some fun on there I guess.

    @Kage Seeing as you are now following me I guess you worked something out :)

    @JDC I have over 500 now, but a lot of them are retweets

    @Orang3 I go through that thought process a lot still.

    @R.Gers we all would. We really all would.

    @Shaw It does seem like it does huh? I don't think there are that many rules to blogging though, and if there are you get more views by breaking them.

  32. Ok. I have a Twitter account, but I never use it. Seeing as you ( and a few other bloggers I like) are using it I guess I'll follow you there too.

    Way to waste even more time on the internet.

  33. @Dirtycowgirl It is one way to waste time, and depending on who you follow, one of the more fun ones. Cheers for the follow :D

  34. played old post roulette and wound up on this one. I follow you on twitter, but I am sad to say that I've not conversed on there for a while. Maybe it's back to the little birdie for me.


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