Monday, 24 October 2011

Last Week In LOLs 17th-23rd Plus Some Videos

Welcome to another round up post by me. Or am I me? Anyway, here's what went down in this place last week, and at the end of the post, my answers to the Q&A. I'm more interested in feedback on the videos than on the posts I think. I also set up long descriptions of the videos saying just which questions I had answered so that you could find the one you were interested in, but I did something wrong, and Youtube didn't keep the descriptions. I was too lazy disheartened to write them again too. Anyway, from the top,

Last Tuesday (should I really point out last Monday was a round up post? Actually I should change the date in the title if I'm not going to do Mondays) was my reaction to being made Holy Blog Of The Week by our resident Lunatic Pope, and if this place was really all that personal like he said. In the end I defeated my own argument, as I usually do.

On Wednesday I made the post about the Q&A and that was where people left questions for me. I also briefly contemplated the idea of doing a podcast, but then I looked up how to do one, and it seemed very confusing. So I think that vlogs would win over podcasts if I wish to branch outside the normals of blogging.

Thursday Was a post dedicated to some of the more humourous  and intelligent things I've said on Twitter. Remember, you can always access my Twitter feed using the bar at the bottom of the screen. While this does rob me of the chance of doing a Twitter post now and then, it saves my Twitter followers the pain of reading the same crap twice.

Friday I did a good old fashioned 2deep4U post about how we should all try new things, including the gaming and film industry. But also we as people.

Saturday I did an actual short post (I'm as shocked as you are) about how I didn't really know what to do with Saturdays now I was posting the round up here on a Monday. In the end I came to the conclusion of taking some ideas, and firing up a random number generator to decide just which one I do that week.

And finally on Sunday I posted a short video of a clip from the classic comedy show "Whose Line Is It Anyway". The US version that is.

So now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the videos. I explain in the videos, albeit not very well, that the reason I chose to use a custom animated avatar rather than my actual face, was a matter of anonyminity rather than a matter of self consciousness. I don't have much anonyminity remaining, and so would like to clutch at whatever bits of it are left.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (Which somehow has a random view and comment O_O I think I might have to make my videos so that you can only see them if I gives the link)

Enjoy, and I think I'm happy to do something like this again. Also my voice sounds incredibly snooty in these videos. I'm actually surprisingly low class.


  1. @The Angry Lurker Cheers, and cheers for the Twitter follow too.

  2. Omg I did not expect you to sound like that at all lol! You're very posh :P

    You gave some really funny answers too :)

  3. @Hazel I'm not posh >_< I blame watching QI before I made the video, I really do just emulate everything around me. I live in the middle of nowhere in a small market town, it's not possible for me to be posh.

  4. hahahahah! gosh. this is really funny! a bruise? seriously?

    okay..gotta listen to the rest. hahaha

  5. haha! Michael should listen to this. hahaha!

  6. I really have to listen closely to understand.


    I enjoyed listening. hehe

  7. har har har. What a posh accent you have there.

  8. @Mai Yang a bruised toe bone seriously hurts. Like I said the worst things that have ever happened to me ultimately resulted in good things happening to me, so I can't see them as all that bad.

    @Henry I'd like to think I'm not that posh, I reall would.

  9. *Really. I might not be posh but I am a grammar nazi.

  10. I'm glad you post these, so I can catch up. Seriously. I don't get to read blogs as much as I'd like, but dammit, I try.

    Also, love the vlogs. As the others have said, you have quite the accent. If we ever want our readers to think we have the slightest bit of intelligence, we're going to hire you to read our books on audio. ABFTS: Turning crass to class with just one accent.

  11. Hey this helps since i was out last week. Bonus!

  12. ABFTS I know you guys try to read blogs but you can't do it everyday, one of the reasons I switched to doing on Monday actually was because you guys were here. I'd be happy to read your audiobook, mostly because I would love to see something with that name.

    @Copyboy That's the main reason I do it ^^

  13. That avatar, where did you make it?

    It's like the ginger version of myself, all thin and dead looking. D:

  14. Psst, your avatar is a ginger, does he know that?

  15. That face is scary :((
    Also what's that "HSSSSSSS" periodically heard in the background?

    Hah.. I kicked a wall once too. I broke my little toe. I also punched a wall once and the joint above my middle finger is a bit screwed up now.
    But that's just me being easy to piss off.

    I don't think I'll read the first two posts, since they're aboutt christianity.. don't care about religious stuff, sorry.

    I just shaved my head yesterday, so I'm bald. :P

  16. Hhh, I really enjoyed watching the videos :)

  17. @DWei I made it myself with my webcam, it's hair is supposed to be brown. My hair is way longer, but I couldn't give it long hair without making it look like a woman.

    @Pieter He's really not supposed to be lol, I have brown hair.

    @Bob I didn't think it was all that scary. The "HSSSSSS" could be one of 3 things, my fan, my laptop, or the furnace. They are about Christianity, but it's more about the foibles and how people don't really follow their religion, not about how you should be religious.

    @Gizmo Cheers, I'll consider doing more if I find a reason. I might want to consider changing the avatar.

  18. I'm waiting for the round up of the round ups.

    I don't think you sound posh - just well spoken and not nearly as Northern as I would've expected, but then to a lot of non english people we all sound posh. Well apart from scousers, geordies and brummies but even I don't understand them half the time.

  19. Where are you from?

  20. Watched the three videos! My favorite? Part two! Why? Cause you said my name! I've never heard Bersercules said in a "british?" acsent! It was great!
    Your voice is very "posh" like Hazel said!
    I watched the first video watching the avatar with your voice but I listened to the other two as I blogged elsewhere. It got boring watching the avatar not moving (and speaking when your silent like at the 3min6sec mark of the first video were your not talking but your avatar is still moving its mouth!)
    As for being a loner I can relate! What did I do last saturday night? I edited some videos while my girlfriend knitted some socks! (and if I didn't have her in my life I would have no friends and be some crazy shut in!)
    I enjoyed your answer to the who would you bang question! Jesus! I was on the edge of my seat wondering who you would say and then wow! Jesus! (but if Jesus ain't gay does that mean you'd have to rape him?)
    I enjoyed these videos! If you do decide to do more I have topics I could suggest and there are questions I could ask! (ones specificly designed to let us better understand you!)

  21. I would much rather bang Lord Tennyson than Oscar Wilde. Dude was PIMP.

  22. @Dirtycowgirl given that I do extra content besides the round up, I should probably consider adding the round up post to the round up post. Even the Irish girl thought I sounded posh lol, I'm not northern nah, I'm from the East Midlands. I'm pretty much smack in the middle of the country. I'm yet to understand how scousers and brummies understand eachother.

    @My 2 Pesos Cheers

    @Interwebs fails I'm from merry old England.

    @Bersercules I'm for that, the damn thing uses facial recognition, so if I move my mouth it moves its mouth even if I'm not actually talking. At least you have a girlfriend, so you must have some kind of life. Jesus loved all his fellow men, dude was clearly gay. I wonder if I'd go to hell for raping Jesus though.

    @Generally Disgruntled Tennyson had a pimping beard but I think Wilde is more bangable.

    @Biff Tanner Thanks.

  23. I liked the videos a lot. Thumbs up on all of them.

  24. Your voice reminds me of Simon from misfits :<

  25. @R.gers Cheers :)

    @Shaw never seen it so I don't know if that's good or bad.

  26. creepy-face you. The green eyes are awesome, though.

  27. @Fang I don't understand why people keep saying it looks creepy. My own green eyes are way more awesomer though.

  28. CREEPY DUDE. I actually expected you to sound like this haha.

  29. @Dilord Why does everyone keep saying it's creepy? :( I don't think it is. But cheers.

  30. Oh! and I somehow have the same hair as that character you put on the video to dub you. except mine is black.

  31. Hahaha mark watch the next video and look closely on it's face on a dark and scary night. give it a dark background and viola! Scary ghost haha :D

  32. @Dilord If I had given him long hair it would have made it look too much like a girl, so I had to settle for short hair I wouldn't mind having. It's supposed to be brown but everyone is saying it's ginger.

  33. @Dilord I had the chance to not have a background and just have a black screen behind it but I opted to have a background.

  34. Such a creepy face. :P

    You don't sound at all like I expected, though.

  35. @Heaven It's not that creepy :( I'm English, not a whole lot of ways I can sound really.

  36. Well that's creepy. No more animated faces.

    1. Wow, you commented on a very old post. Anyway, this was the only time I did this don't worry.


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