Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ain't No Problem Can't Be Solved By Kickin' Ass

Hey guys. Being pretty ill I can say that I'm glad I can just be lazy today. The comedy posts have gone down well, so I thought today I would combine the two concepts of comedy and music, with this absolutely amazing song called Kickin' Ass from the great comedy show A Bit Of Fry And Laurie, starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. That's right House was a British comedian before he was an American Doctor. Anyway, I want to stop thinking now so enjoy! Looking at my archives has revealed that I posted this while I was on holiday, but my viewership went WAY down at that time, so I doubt anyone who follows today possibly saw it. Even if you did, now is just a chance to enjoy it again. I'm ill, and I'm tired.

Also holy shit holy shit holy shit I have 199 followers. Come on people let's get that 200!


  1. If that was sung infront of an American audience they wouldn't have laughed when they said "kick ass" they'd have cheered!

    As for Hue Laurie and Stephen Fry when every I think of them I think of the TV show BlackAdder!

  2. @Bersercules They did do a Song For America that would have Americans either cheering or raging lol. They were great on Blackadder, but it's hard not to be great on something like Blackadder.

  3. Also, I like your blog. Here's your 200th one. Congratulations.

  4. @Michael It is, and I still feel bad for the times I thought Hugh Laurie was American myself. Also THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  5. They should kick the retard's yelling ass off of the stage xD

  6. @Fang You show respect boy that's Stephen "I'd fuck your mother but I'm gay" Fry. He's actually incredibly intelligent, and witty. Which just makes it more amazing that he could pull off being retarded so well. But hey it's all comedy so let's laugh and save the death threats for a later date.

  7. I didn't know you weren't well. Feel better soon sweet. And thanks for te giggle

  8. hahaha! Thanks for this, I enjoyed watching it. :D aww,, you're not feeling great. Well, get plenty of rest.. and drink lots of water. It helps.. really. :)

    I received your mail. Sent you a reply. :)

  9. Feel better soon! CONGRATS ON 200 FOLLOWERS! It's time to post a nude if you want to hit 500 over a week.

  10. @Mynx I hope I feel better soon too. You're more than welcome.

    @Leah I'm drinking nothing but water, and trying to get some rest :) For some reason bedrest is only working when it's daytime :P Gonna read your reply now.

    @Lemons Don't Make Lemonade Thanks :) That plan would only work were I female.

  11. he got bored..

    then he left..

    came back with some crazy moves. hahaha!

    congrats anyway. ^_^

    oh! and one more thing..

    Let's get better soon =))

  12. Lol, I had to read that he is hugh laurie to really see it, I just can imagine him as house.

  13. I didn't realize that it was Hugh laurie. I absolutely hate his character on House but love the show i watch it every week

  14. @Mai Yang Thanks, and thanks for the get well wishes :)

    @Orang3 It really is him. I had to read it was Hugh Laurie to believe it in Blackadder though.

    @Ann Dr House is amazing, as is his show.

  15. Congratulations.

  16. Congrats on 200.

    Wait, even in this one he had an American accent though. Didn't realize, he's actually a British comedian. Cool stuff.

  17. stephan fry is awesome
    house is okay too

  18. Ohh get better soon! O_O Keke i like your comedy posts! xx

  19. I love Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry's stuff. Always hilarious.

  20. Ho ho, I can truthfully say I did know that he was a comedian before House. *hipster*

  21. here, I followed you, am I 200th one? What's my prize? XD

  22. Hah, I love both Steve and Hugh. I think their performance in Blackadder goes forth is fantastic.

  23. Funny how this could be about current events.

  24. This video is excellent. Always been a fan of your blog posts and you keep posting excellent content! Keep up the great work! Followed!

  25. @My 2 Pesos Thanks ^^

    @ipenka Thanks :) In this he's a southern guy who thinks everything can be solved by kicking it's ass :) He also does a great British accent in Blackadder.

    @Interwebs Fails It is isn't it? lol

    @Shaw Stephen Fry is beyond awesome lol. It's been ages since I watched House. I liked it, but the episodes always followed the same plot. It relied a lot on the subplots more than it relied on the illness and House's genius.

    @Heaven I am feeling better yeah

    @Tilly cheers, I am feeling better

    @Kathy S They are great together :)

    @Henry That makes you great, not a hipster :)

    @Gizmo I don't think you were the 200th, but thank you for following :D No prizes sadly.

    @R.Gers Their performance in all the Blackadders is just beyond superb. I have the entire Blackadder collection on DVD. One of the best.presents.EVER.

    @JDC It is still relatable to current events yeah. I like it when that happens.

    @Jason Thanks a lot ^^

  26. Bwahaha I just saw it for the second time in a couple of hours because I just read the other post because I'm dedicated like that. :'DD. And yeah, even though I know Hugh Laurie is British, I mostly know him from House, so it's always kind of a surprise when he speaks in his normal accent. There's actually a commercial for some sort of skin product on Dutch television with Hugh, and I don't doubt that a lot of people will have done a double take at his accent. x'DD. For some reason I find that funnier than I probably should.

    1. Hey your dedication is awesome :) To be honest I'm kind of surprised he still has a British accent hidden under there, so it can come as a bit of a shock to me too. It makes me laugh when people think he's American so you're fine to laugh at that :)


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