Monday, 31 October 2011

Good Cop, Good Cop

Hey guys, I'm not sure how long this post is going to be, but it isn't going to be a round up like you might have expected. Once again I am in the library posting, and don't have internet at home. I have a few posts scheduled so you'll get some over the next few days, but I'm not sure about after then. I'm not sure when I'll get my internet back. The simple reason is, well, it's very simple. The police have my internet hub and the replacement one doesn't work. If you're wondering why the police have my hub, it has been taken as evidence because someone robbed me yesterday. They got out with my internet hub, and my brother's bike. The goods turned up again, but they are still needed for evidence. At least now I don't have to worry about answering the house phone. Even when we get the hub back, they literally tore it right out of the wall, so the wires are messed up, and I don't know how easy or difficult they are to fix. They might not need any fixing though.

I'll see if I can go into more detail about what happened yesterday after I get my net back, but for now, if you don't hear anything from me for a few days, I still don't have my net back. Hopefully it should be back by the time the schedules are done, and not even having my internet stolen will break my perfect record.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Ain't No Problem Can't Be Solved By Kickin' Ass

Hey guys. Being pretty ill I can say that I'm glad I can just be lazy today. The comedy posts have gone down well, so I thought today I would combine the two concepts of comedy and music, with this absolutely amazing song called Kickin' Ass from the great comedy show A Bit Of Fry And Laurie, starring Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. That's right House was a British comedian before he was an American Doctor. Anyway, I want to stop thinking now so enjoy! Looking at my archives has revealed that I posted this while I was on holiday, but my viewership went WAY down at that time, so I doubt anyone who follows today possibly saw it. Even if you did, now is just a chance to enjoy it again. I'm ill, and I'm tired.

Also holy shit holy shit holy shit I have 199 followers. Come on people let's get that 200!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Weekend Still Means Something

Normally they say that when you're unemployed like I am, then the weekend really has no meaning for you. This is quite true for the most part, but I've noticed that since I started blogging the weekend has gained some meaning for me.

At first it only really meant that my niece(s) were coming down, so actually I had mixed feelings on the weekend lol. But when you spend most days at home, then really yeah the weekend isn't the great relaxing time it should be.

I got a few people telling me to take Saturday off blogging, but I don't think I'm going to, but even so my workload is much much lighter over the weekend. Not many people read the weekend posts, which means there's not much replying needing doing. Not many blog over the weekend either, which means that there aren't too many to read.

Typically when I go to sleep during the week, or don't check back for updates for a while, there can be about 10 or so updates for me to read through. When I wake up on Saturday or Sunday (even Monday sometimes due to time zones) there are say, 3, or 4. A lot less. Which means again that I have not that much to do with regards to blogging.

I actually dedicate a while a week to blogging, be it writing posts of my own, reading and commenting on posts of yours, replying to comments. If I was on minimum wage and this was a job, I think I'd make enough to get by lol.

As such, I have a lot more free time on the weekends, which actually isn't that great a thing, as I get bored easy. I'm not too good at handling boredom, but it is nice that the weekends have some meaning, and some value to me. I wonder if there is a way to find out just how much time I spend reading blogs and everything, besides simply timing myself. Maybe a Chrome extension that keeps track of how long I'm on a particular site or something.

Anyway, enjoy your weekend! I know I will. Or I'll try to at least.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lil' Baby Hitler

I want to make two things clear here first before I really get into this. ONE: I'm not talking about THAT Hitler, and two, I'm not a racist.

Really I'm not.

Okay now let's get on with the post.

There is a couple in America who named two of their children Adolf Hitler Campbell and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation. Yes they named their kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation. It's not the smartest of moves sure, but they have had their kids taken away from them. More than likely because of the names. I'm going by a Fox News story here, so you'll have to forgive me if I'm entirely wrong, I don't like Fox News or anything they stand for, and they get it wrong (or just bend the truth) a lot themselves. 

It seems that some time last year there was apparently cause to suspect abuse or neglect, which would be a good reason to take their kids away. After this happened they picketed the child support offices, and an appeals judge has supposedly told them that there was no evidence of neglect, and that it was all because of the names, so now the parents are pissed off that their kids have been taken from them, and it really is just because they named them how they did. A judge will decide by December whether or not the kids come home.

This all started when they went to get lil' Adolf a birthday cake, and the person at the cake shop refused to write the kids name on the cake, and then reported them to child services. 

"It's not like he's growing up to be a killer or nothing like that," Deborah Campbell said.

"I went to just to get a cake... it was a circus of racism," Heath Campbell added.

At the time both parents acknowledge the hate behind their children's names. But say that was not their intention.

"This is America, they say it's free, you have the right to name your child whatever you want to name your child, no matter what," Heath Campbell said

That's directly from the article itself, which you can find at

Okay now on to some thoughts. Fair enough, it was quite a silly thing to name your kids, but does that really count as abuse? I mean, think of some of the absolutely moronic things celebrities have named their kids. Can we not take them away? I would rather be called Adolf Hitler than some of those crazy things.

I also can't help but feel this might be a slightly racial (and possibly semantic) issue. I wonder if there would be such a problem if a black couple named their kids Black Pride. Or if a homosexual named their child (yes it's possible) Rainbow Sparkle. I just think that you should be allowed to name your children whatever the hell you want, if they really don't like it they can just change it when they're older. Or even when they're younger. If they truly feel it was a mistake to name the children like this, then say to the parents "Look, we'll give you them back, if you change their names. Deal?". Don't be breaking up a possibly loving family.

I'm out before I come across as more of a monster than I feel I have.

One last point of total whorism, you might have noticed a google search bar to your right. Please feel free to use it, I'm told the search results open up in this window right here. I'm also sorry for how bad it looks, I might play around with it more but it seems that was the only place I could put it without making the place look even worse.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Trains, No Planes, But There Was Some Automobiles

I left this story as a comment on another blog about a really bad experience with public transport, and thought I might as well share it here as well. Because, well, I take whatever ideas I can get. This is the story of my disastrous trip to London, the hobo capital of England.

It all started when a friend from America told me that he was coming to England and he was going to go from here to France on a ferry (I'm not too sure why he didn't just go to France) and he asked me if I wanted to go with him. I did. This trip was actually why I got my passport. I lost the one I got made up when I went on that ski trip.

Anyway, I booked my train ticket well in advance so it was cheap. You really have to do this. Really. Trains are stupidly expensive which is why no one uses them. Anyway, there was a train change involved, so in the morning I went down to the station complete with backpack and tickets, and boarded my train.

Not long after, when it came to the switchover, I discovered that I had actually MISSED MY NEXT TRAIN. I did this by catching the wrong train in the first place. Thankfully these were the days when I kept my phone on me, and topped up, so I gave my dad a call and he bought me a ticket to London. I think that ticket came close to, or passed, triple digits. I know that getting on the wrong train in the first place was pretty much all my fault, but it would have been nice for someone to check my ticket and inform me of my mistake.

Anyway, this meant that I came to London late, so it's no real surprise to note that when I got there, my friend was nowhere to be found. He had already left because he didn't think I was turning up. This meant I was stranded in London with barely any money. So again I called my dad, explained the situation, and he was nice enough to buy me another ticket, this time a ticket home. Well, to a station near home, there was nothing going directly to where I live at that time.

While I was at the other station, a group of chavs turned up in the car park. I can't think of a term to call chavs for foreign readers, but they're the people you see throwing stones at cars, drinking beer at all times of the day, and thinking  they're tough because they're surrounded by their friends. I still thank whoever might be up there that they didn't notice me, that was the last thing I needed.

Eventually my dad turned up to pick me up, and I ended up safely at home, but my dad was over £200 out of pocket just because I messed up, and insisted on still going even though if I'd stopped to think I would have realised he would have already gone and left without me.

To be honest I still feel really bad about that. I intend to give him that money back, and the money that both of my parents spent on the ski trip.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I wish I had £30

Yesterday I asked you to follow the blog In the comments of that post, Bob pointed out that he doesn't have a followers gadget, or a navbar to follow him with. In order to follow that blog you will have to use your blogger dashboard and use the add button there on your reading list (or bookmark the site and check back every so often). He told me he had got some extra exposure so a big thank you to all of you :) Also a big thank you to Bersercules who went through a fair bit of the seriously old stuff no one read. Cheers guvnor. (since it was decided by you guys I have a posh accent I've decided to try to use more gentleman-y terms)  Now I've got that out of the way, onto the real post for today.

I was at the market last Saturday, checking out the game stall. Sadly they didn't have Final Fantasy 10 (I really wish I knew where my copy of that had disappeared to). But they did have something else I've been looking for like a hawk lately, an Xbox 360 Network Adaptor preowned for £30. I was always taught it's only "an" before a word starting with a vowel but "a xbox" just sounds...wrong. Anyway, new Network adaptors are stupidly expensive, even the cheap non-official ones.

The annoying thing is I have no money, I don't have £30. Well, I do, but it's for my dad's Christmas present, and I've been holding onto that money for months. I'm not about to spend it. Plus I think the payment has now gone through and so I don't even have that anymore.

To my dad's credit he did actually offer to buy it for me this week, as he gets paid, but I told him it was alright, I'd rather he saved that money to buy me some driving lessons, if/when my license actually turns up. They've messed with me a lot, but after sending me to the opticians who should have sent them something saying I have perfect peripheral vision and I'm fine to drive, they should give me one at last. So, yes, I'd rather the money went to something more useful, and I know how expensive driving lessons can be. They were £20 a lesson for my brother, but there are places that will give you say, 10 lessons for £100. But if you don't finish in ten I guess it goes up.

It's probably best I don't really have a network adaptor anyway, I'd just be too tempted to get Xbox Live, and continue in my quest to become everything I hate. I've joined Twitter, I have a personal blog, the only thing left really is to get Xbox Live, buy a COD game, and swear at everyone.

Incase you're wondering why I have no money, this blog is my only source of income, and it's bad for it. I'm not on any welfare/benefits. I had a post about that, but I decided not to publish it because it makes me sound like a whiny, lazy little bitch.

At this point I'd like to jokingly draw your attention to the donations page. I'mma kidding, if I was to ask you guys to donate, it would be living costs, not for wants, and non-necessities.

How about that, if I actually go out and do things, I DO have more to talk about.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In Which I Ask For Simple Things

This post has the potential to be short, but I make no promises. Every time I've said a post will be short it's gone on, and on, and on, and on. I'm here today to ask for one very simple thing, it even requires very little effort on your part. Rather than give you a long list of blogs to follow (most of you guys already follow eachother anyway) I will just give you one blog that I would like you all to follow. I'd like you to check it out at least. That is the blog of my good blogging buddy Majin_Curse (the guy who goes by Poor_Leno on Twitter, he's the main person I talk to on there and have the most fun with). This is his blog

He doesn't post every day, but he does post very good quality things, and he does it well. It's easily worth a read. He wrote a post listing some of the excuses why he doesn't post all that much, and one of them was that he felt under appreciated. I appreciate the ass off of him, but I would like to see more people read his stuff. I think me and him have pretty similar blogging styles, it's probably one of the reasons we were able to hit it off.

Seriously, please check it out, it will be worth it. At least for me it was worth it. I'm not sure what kind of an influence I have, but I think I at least have enough to ask for this. Not quite enough to lead a revolution yet though. Or start a religion.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Last Week In LOLs 17th-23rd Plus Some Videos

Welcome to another round up post by me. Or am I me? Anyway, here's what went down in this place last week, and at the end of the post, my answers to the Q&A. I'm more interested in feedback on the videos than on the posts I think. I also set up long descriptions of the videos saying just which questions I had answered so that you could find the one you were interested in, but I did something wrong, and Youtube didn't keep the descriptions. I was too lazy disheartened to write them again too. Anyway, from the top,

Last Tuesday (should I really point out last Monday was a round up post? Actually I should change the date in the title if I'm not going to do Mondays) was my reaction to being made Holy Blog Of The Week by our resident Lunatic Pope, and if this place was really all that personal like he said. In the end I defeated my own argument, as I usually do.

On Wednesday I made the post about the Q&A and that was where people left questions for me. I also briefly contemplated the idea of doing a podcast, but then I looked up how to do one, and it seemed very confusing. So I think that vlogs would win over podcasts if I wish to branch outside the normals of blogging.

Thursday Was a post dedicated to some of the more humourous  and intelligent things I've said on Twitter. Remember, you can always access my Twitter feed using the bar at the bottom of the screen. While this does rob me of the chance of doing a Twitter post now and then, it saves my Twitter followers the pain of reading the same crap twice.

Friday I did a good old fashioned 2deep4U post about how we should all try new things, including the gaming and film industry. But also we as people.

Saturday I did an actual short post (I'm as shocked as you are) about how I didn't really know what to do with Saturdays now I was posting the round up here on a Monday. In the end I came to the conclusion of taking some ideas, and firing up a random number generator to decide just which one I do that week.

And finally on Sunday I posted a short video of a clip from the classic comedy show "Whose Line Is It Anyway". The US version that is.

So now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the videos. I explain in the videos, albeit not very well, that the reason I chose to use a custom animated avatar rather than my actual face, was a matter of anonyminity rather than a matter of self consciousness. I don't have much anonyminity remaining, and so would like to clutch at whatever bits of it are left.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (Which somehow has a random view and comment O_O I think I might have to make my videos so that you can only see them if I gives the link)

Enjoy, and I think I'm happy to do something like this again. Also my voice sounds incredibly snooty in these videos. I'm actually surprisingly low class.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Just Whose Line IS It Anyway?

Seeing as the comedy video went down alright last week, and our good Hasidic friend was reminded of good times, I thought this time I would actually share something from Whose Line Is It Anyway. In the US version, at the end of the show, they would do a hoedown or an Irish Drinking Song. Some of these were incredibly awesome, so for your viewing pleasure, the Game Show Hoedown

God I love Colin's line about prostitutes.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

I'm Not Sure What To Put Here

As I've moved the round up post to Monday, I really don't know what to do here on Saturday. Let's face it, intellectualism will not go down to well on Saturday, so there won't be any kind of essay length post. Most people want to enjoy their Saturdays, not spend it contemplating life, and I want those kind of posts to reach as many people as possible.

Here are some ideas I'm tossing around, and as the people who regularly view me on Saturdays, these posts will be for you, so I want your opinion on them.

  1. Make Saturday video day. As well as my Q&A vlog, I can do, or try to do, videos on other things, but I suppose I'll have to see how the Q&A vlog goes down before seriously attempting this. Plus I would need good ideas for videos to do. Bersercules has video reviews down, and I don't want to steal his thunder, plus I could never do it as well as him.
  2. Motivation day. In the older days of this place, I would dedicate a day to posting random inspirational or just badass quotes. I can start doing this again for Saturdays. It's something small, and it might bring a smile to someone's face
  3. Picture day. Now I've got myself a scanner, I've been contemplating drawing some things, and then colouring them on my computer and posting them or some such thing. The downside to this is that I'm very bad with drawing  and very self conscious lol.
  4. Another kind of picture day. I come across a lot of good pictures over my time on the internet, and I could post some, but I've always loved original content too much to do this. Yes I am aware that I won't post pictures due to OC, but I will post quotes. There's no real need to point that out to me.
  5. Take the damn day off. I'm not sure I'll ever really do this lol. But it's something I could consider I guess.
So, as the people who are reading this, and such the type who come here nearly every day, or at least on Saturdays, what kind of post do you want to see here? Maybe it's none of the above. I'm a blogger of the people, and for the people, so let me know! Heck I could just make a number generator and then use that to decide which one of the ideas I post each week.

Friday, 21 October 2011

New Things Aren't So Bad...I Guess

You know something? It's been ages, in my mind at least, since I've done a serious "I need a few days to think about that" post, and I kind of miss doing them, but I've been unable to think about what to do one on. Then me and Bob got to talking on his blog about how games developers say they aren't willing to take risks and try new things because they don't have the money to thanks to piracy. My simple response to that is "Fuck you, put out something worth paying for, and people will pay for it. Independent FREE games get a lot of donations, because they're worth paying for". This isn't totally about the gaming industry, and I will try to include things a lot of people can relate to, so if you don't like games or just don't know a great deal about them, don't worry, a time will come when you will have something you can reply about.

But I will be starting with games. A lot of games these days are exactly like every other game. Or senseless sequels/remakes. Now, I don't really have a problem with a sequel people called for, or really did want, but when every other game is a Call of Duty game, or a Fail-o (Halo) game, we've gone too far, and this shit needs to stop. Try some innovation. Nearly every RPG these days incorporates a skill tree system. About the only ones that don't are the Elder Scrolls games. As good as it is to have a skill system where you get points in a skill the more you use it, the downside is it can take to long to get badass at it, and people just pick simple skills they don't even need to try to level up, just to hit high levels faster. Yes I did that myself. Like I said before, games developers say that the reason they do this, the reason they just stick with what sells, is because they aren't willing to risk their money. If you aren't willing to risk your money, eventually you will just lose it all. Give us something new, please? Something that will blow our minds, and our hearts. And our wallets. There are games that are innovative, that are just downright awesome, and that do veer away from the norm, but they are fewer and farther between these days.

Now I'm going to have to force myself to step away from the gaming industry, and throw in a paragraph about the movie industry. I really cannot tell you how long it's been since I was excited for a movie. A Hollywood one anyway. Other film industries are doing good. My brother's movie collection is mostly Asian movies. But a lot of movies these days are once again, shameless uncalled for sequels, remakes, or things that just use so many basic stereotypes and rehashed ideas they might as well be remakes. Would it kill you to come up with something original? I realise that pretty much everything has already been done, but can you at least do something that hasn't been done in a while? Rather than doing the same thing over and over and over again.

This does also come into effect with real life as well though. I'm not going to tell you to leave your comfort zone, I'm more guilty than most for staying in there. The main reason I'm a crappy cook is because I never try anything new, and I never experiment. I can come up with excuse after excuse, but eventually they are just all excuses, no matter how good they are. These include; No cooking accessories or supplies, too poor really for ingredients, I have a very old crappy cooker where if you put something in the oven you have to put it on higher than needed so it will cook right, and I think that might be about it really. I have no kitchen scales, no real cooking equipment, I have a baking tray that's about it. I have a cooker, a grill, a fryer, and a toaster. This should really be enough for me to cook some cool things, but I also don't want to risk buying something and then it going to waste.

Just by living I stick to my comfort zone, though I must stress I hate that phrase as I don't feel very comfortable, and it doesn't feel very nice here. I'm a loner, and a shut in, and I make myself one by not going out, not putting myself out there. It's not too bad I guess, but sometimes it really can be. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not living, I'm existing. I'll also say this again, stop existing, start living, and once in a while, try something different, no matter what it is.

Last note, don't forget to check Wednesdays post entitled "Something Kinda New". Yes I'm going to add this to every post until Monday as I want as many people as possible to be able to ask me questions. Real last note, in case you didn't notice the change in the blog description up there ^ I have been given another blogger award, a versatile blogger award from Caroline. I don't mind giving her a link back, she's good fun and more involved with her followers than even me, but I've had a versatile award before, and I don't really like doing them again.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Oh Twitter

I got bored/tired/ill/I think I'm going to die/whatever and basically my brain was fried. I couldn't think of anything to post, and I remembered that some time ago I think I threatened hinted at the possibility of a Twitter post.  Seeing as I've made nearly 300 tweets (most of them retweets really, I also tweet less now) I couldn't be bothered was too ill to pick between them. So I thought instead I would share some of my own tweets that were retweeted. Minus the ones that are links to this blog lol. So, here you are, some Twitter shitness "goodness".

A lot of my retweets are Bieber hate, but this is the only one I'm putting here. I'm slightly proud of it and more people need to be aware of "Whistle while you work, Hitler is a jerk/twerp"

This was my response when Jesse told me she wanted to carve someone's name onto her chest, we were both very drunk

Me and @Poor_Leno (great guy) were talking about charities, and I came up with this idea. Don't worry I ruined it by saying we call it Abandoned Animals For Abandoned Children, then saying that they could eat eachother to save on food costs, just to back up and say I wouldn't let the animals eat the orphans, as I didn't know where they had been. If there's one thing I've earned in my life it's a ticket to Hell.

Mine and Jesse's response to my niece constantly saying we were gay.

I never got an answer to this

This was in response to Hasidic Plumbers post about the ice cream shop that was thought to be something to do with the KKK. Someone actually liked this on my Facebook as my Twitter posts show up there too.

They really are fucking right. Shove that up your arse, censorship! (Also seriously spell check, fuck you "arse" is a real word. I'm English)

This is a joke I stole.

Again, another joke, but still true. If I have kids I might have to teach them this.

This is in response to someone saying that whores are like stamps. I can't remember all of the original joke, just that it  contained licking them and sending them on their way.
So there you have it folks, ten very good reasons you should be following me on Twitter. Maybe one day I'll do my own top ten or something, rather than what has been retweeted.. But like I said, I'm tired and I'm ill.

Also, a late entry, something I tweeted that was actually favourited by someone (Again, fuck you spell chcek, that is how you spell that word, if it even legitimately exists). I think I have a few favourited tweets but Twitter won't tell me who favourited stuff, just who retweeted stuff, the wankers.

Favourited by our favourite (heh) Pope.
One final late entrant (I hope this is the final one) is part of a conversation, but you need the background too. As far as I know this reaction IS genuine.
"I am totally not being sarcastic! I wish I had an element of sarcasm in me though, because it's very recessive." is how he claims it to be genuine
Okay it turns out I lie. I was going to go to bed last night, but before I did, I made this amazing Tweet. If I'm going to be in Twitter I might as well do some good.
All those hash tags and "WHO WANTS TO BE MY BABY" and "Love On Top Video" were all trending, so I turned them into an uber tweet.
Oh and if you're wondering about the #TeamQueer thing, Leno tweeted about how everyone was part of a "Team" for a celebrity, like Team Bieber and Team Edward and whatever, and so I suggested we come up with our own team name. Team Euthanasia didn't sit too well with him, and Team Gay would have made people proud of us, so we went with Team Queer. You HAVE to capitalise it, for #TeamQueer stand for good grammar, as well as good tweets.

 Also don't forget to check out Wednesdays post "Something Kinda New" to post a question for me to answer in a vlog. It's kinda nice I'm actually willing to do something more. 

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Something Kinda New

Short post today, well this one has the potential to be kind of short. It depends how much I start rambling. Anyway, I was going to do another Q&A post, I get a lot more comments these days, and I'm lazy. Well, only both of those are slightly true. But I'm not going to do any old Q&A post, I'm going to do a video Q&A. Don't get too excited I'm not actually going to allow myself to be seen, my webcam has some kickass avatars. Or maybe I'll stop being such a wimp and will just post a video of me lol. But anyway, yes, ask any question you want at all in the comments, last time there was some VERY random questions, and I will record myself reading them out and answering them. I'll give you until the end of the week to ask questions and then post the video as part of my round up on Monday. I'll probably get it recorded Sunday night, or Monday morning when I will be alone in the house and feel less weird about talking to myself.

I was contemplating the idea of turning this into a podcast, but when I saw about how to make one, it was way too complicated for me. Having said that if someone can explain to me in very simple ways how to get it done, I'll consider it, and maybe turn a post a week into a podcast instead. Or just do a video of a post instead. This would have served two purposes. One, my blog would be more out there, and two, randoms might see the podcast, give it a listen, and check me out. But the same can be said with making an occasional vlog on Youtube.

For my 100th post a while back, I was playing around with doing a vlog, but I couldn't decide on what to do one on, so instead I'll just do it now. Why am I choosing to give you my voice? Well, I'm English, so you'll all be fawning over my accent (except for Hazel, Dirtycowgirl, and any other English readers I have) plus I can be funnier in person, I think I also tend to ramble more in person.

Look at that, I managed to make it into a long post after all, so a quick recap for those who have forgotten the start of the post, leave a question in the comments, and come back Monday for a video of me answering them! PS I won't let the video run for more than 10 minutes, if it does, I will make several videos instead, depending on how long really. How long would you guys say is too long?

Also you may have noticed that Fangs giant link to the left is gone, it should have been down on Monday really, the deal was until the end of the week. Did I get anything out of this deal? Not really. Also what should be noticeable is that to your right the Facebook plugin I installed is now working correctly. It turns out I'm retarded, and was putting completely the wrong code, in completely the wrong page. I will also accept any questions posted to me on Twitter @RamblingPerson and on Facebook.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

This Time It's Personal?

My Twitter post has been further pushed back, because I wanted to put this out earlier, as it is a reaction post. I should stop Tweeting until that post is up because I just keep coming out with things I want to include in there.

So I was made Holy Blog Of The Week by our good Pope Timothy Bowen, in case you didn't notice (I suspect you possibly didn't) and I decided to respond to it, and the rest of this post is going to explain why. His description of this blog is "Mark is a bright young man from across the pond. This is his personal blog, where he rants about various topics from Minecraft to how his day was, to the Fresh Prince of Belle Air." As much as I love Timothy (NO HOMO) and Eris (Possible homo) I never really regarded this place as all that personal. I mean, I suppose that given categories of blogs, personal is the closest mine gets, I tend to blog about anything that comes to mind, and this does usually involve a story from my past. But I just don't see myself as all that personal here.

I don't go into a lot of detail about myself. Other than that I am, or was, a sociopathic mess. I'm still a mess mind. I don't really talk all that much about my current life, about things that are actually going on for me right now. Fair do's most of that is because not much does go on in my life. Frankly if it did, I would have less trouble blogging. I would actually. So I suppose in that sense I am a personal blogger, but I've seen blogs wayyyyyyyyyyyy more personal than mine. Some a little too personal.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is "Thank you very much most gracious and great and powerful Pope Timothy, and I just don't see myself as all that personal. I do go into detail about some things, and I don't about others. Basing this place on personal experience also just makes it easier for me to do. It's a shame I'm running out of personal experiences, and I think I ran out of ones that I didn't mind my family knowing quite some time ago. I'm informed that my sister really does read this stuff and "Has learnt more about me from my blog than from me".

I suppose that does mean this stuff is quite personal. I have defeated my own argument. Damn.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Last Week In LOL's

So here it is, my real round up post. In case you missed it I decided to make a round up post on Monday instead of Saturday because the kind of people that show up on Saturday are the people who read every day and have no real need for one, and Monday is a good day for traffic. In case you're also wondering why I didn't call it "Last week in lulz" (someone has to have been...) lulz is NOT a bastardization of LOL (well okay it might be), they mean two different things. Lulz is amusement derived from the suffering of others, Schadenfreude, lols i just, well, laughing out loud. The only people who suffered in this place last week were you guys, and I don't derive too much pleasure from that, so lols was more appropriate. Anyway, I said this was a round up post, right?

Last Monday, before Monday's were round up posts, I did a post that told a story from my past, a story of when some random drunk guy tried to mug me, and how he failed. Also included is a look into just how psychotic I could, at least then, possibly now, be.

Tuesday was a healthy rant about how video games these days seem to be more about graphical quality than any kind of story quality, or game-play quality. I mostly talked about story, but the main point was that everything was taking a back seat to graphics, but I don't think I conveyed that message all that well.

Wednesday Was my reaction to being given an original award by the awesome Hazel. She called me a ninja assassin and an angel. I still wonder how she knew my dream job.

Thursday I shared a 200 word story that Bersercules challenged me to write where I took on the role of my Minecraft character. Fang called it not real fiction and it resulted in me posting his link for half a week. In gigantic letters.

Friday Was a post about my school days, again. This time about how authority does not deserve respect until it has earned it. And my teachers never really earned my respect.  This post features a HUGE comment by me because I lost my internet on Friday afternoon, and went to the library on Saturday. I got the internet back on Saturday afternoon though so I didn't have to spend all day reading blog updates like the last time I lost the internet.

Saturday was a real actual short post just about how I was moving round up day to here. There really wasn't much to see there. Also included for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of me. Well, my eyes specifically. I was commenting on Caroline's blog about how I have sunken eyes, but how it's more than likely due to tiredness, and threatened to post a picture of my eyes so she could give her opinion. Anyway, I was supposed to add this to Saturdays post, but for some reason it didn't work.
Here's hoping it works this time. God I hate uploading pictures in the post editor. I can't think of much that sucks more or is as annoying to do.
One final, FINAL note. If you have Facebook, please do "like" me on there at (Because selling out really can be fun). I think that link will work. I hope that link will work. Like I said on my page description, I'm trying to spread some good in a world gone bad, and spreading insanity in a world gone sane. I did upload a Facebook Widget, but for some reason it refuses to work, as do most of my damn widgets. 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Not A Music Post

I know, two traditions broken in two days, but I felt like rather than posting a song, which has people on one side of the fence or another, I'd post something everyone loves, comedy! This is a round from the English program Mock The Week (though there are many foreign versions). This round is called Scenes We'd Like To See, in which the host suggests a topic, and the contestants come up with something funny on it. If you've watched Who's Line Is It Anyway? then this is essentially the same as Scenes From A Hat. In fact both shows are made by Dan Patterson. Mock The Week is a pretty funny program. Or was, it kinda went downhill after Frankie Boyle left, and then very downhill after Russell Howard left. It was so far up the hill that I'll still watch it, and it can still cling on, but the quality seems to decline after every series. Anyway, rather than depress you all, I wanted to make you laugh, so enjoy!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Not A Round Up

I've decided to move the weekly round up from today (IE Saturday) to Monday. Monday is when most people tend to read this place, and yes, I'm stealing ideas from the Hasidic Plumber here. But Monday does just make sense. Rather than it being a weekly round up, it is a round up of the last week. So now if you miss a day, or two, or five, and want to catch up, merely keep an eye out for a post made on Monday, not Saturday. Plus the people who read every day are the kind of people who come here Saturday, a round up really doesn't serve much purpose if everyone who sees it is everyone who has seen all the posts for that week and as such doesn't need one.

I can't allow myself to have a post that's only one paragraph long and doesn't cause the box you type in to grow bigger, so enjoy reading this sentence.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Respect My Authority

FIRST OFF: If you're wondering about the giant link to the left over there, Fang asked me to do it, and like I said, I'm a whore. He says it counts as a writing challenge. I'll be there until the end of the week, then I'm taking it down. It takes up a lot of space, so sorry but I don't think I'll be doing it for anyone else. Not at that size anyway. This place is cluttered enough as it is. On to the real post!

This is actually the third part of my "Things School Didn't Mean To Teach You". Sorry if you don't like it, but I'm tired, and I can't think of anything, so I'm falling back on what I have. I really was totally out of ideas, so if you have any, please throw them at me lol. I'm quite happy to write about pretty much anything you guys can come up with. Anyway, here we are, part three. As the title suggests, it has to do with authority, and authority figures. This one is actually more fun, and contains stupid stories of me at school, rather than depressing ones.

3. Authority doesn't deserve to be respected.
If you respected your teachers, well done you. If you didn't, why not? I respected some of them, but that was because I respected them as people, not as authority figures. I'm sure in school they try to teach you to respect authority unconditionally. That just because a person was "above you", you had to respect them. Yeah...right. Most teachers have no authority these days, and while I could go into why, I'm not going to, maybe some other time. But it's true, I didn't respect them as authority figures. I barely did what they told me to except the work in class and that was just because I wanted to advance my own knowledge.

I never did my homework. Ever. I never got detention for it either for some reason. My homework record was so bad that in science class my teacher told the class that she's going to get rid of all homework records (I basically had a clean slate) and would start again, so that people who didn't do homework (though it was just me. Teachers actually stopped asking me for homework) could have a fresh start. Needless to say I didn't take her up on her offer, and all that happened is that a lot of good homework records were ruined, by me. I felt awesome over that. She was one of the teachers who didn't like me much though, but I did give her good reason to I suppose. My science teachers generally liked me because I asked good questions and made them think, I even asked questions they didn't know the answer to. But I asked her a very very retarded question once. I asked her "Why is childbirth so painful when the vagina opens up to allow the baby through?". For her answer she cut a ten centimetre strip into a piece of paper, and shoved her fist through it, slowly. I'm glad I wasn't totally aware of fisting at the time, or I would have gotten into a LOT of trouble, because I don't think before I speak. This might be about why teachers don't deserve automatic respect, but I think I had some for her, she didn't take shit, and she didn't let me get away with things because I was smart.

The sad thing is though that the teachers singled out me and Jesse even when other kids were acting a lot worse than we were. The simple reason? They weren't afraid of us. But again, a subject for another time. If you don't respect your teachers as authority figures, then you're not going to respect many others. After leaving school I don't respect my boss as an authority figure, and I respect him less as a person than I used to. I've been informed my family read this stuff, but I doubt people from work do. Plus he knows I don't really have a lot of respect for him anyway I think. I'm pretty sure not doing what he says gives him a good idea.

The police are also people you are told you should respect, and while I do a bit, I don't totally respect them. I appreciate they have a pretty tough job though, and even though they don't always work how we like, sometimes they do get the job done. Plus the ones on the front line, the ones who were at the riots, those guys deserve nothing but respect. People can badmouth them but it was good they didn't lower themselves to senseless violence, they showed patience, understanding, and showed how a person should behave. 

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Shortest Story I've Ever Written

Okay so it's time for me to about die with writing so little. On my Minecraft post, I said that the writing challenge never ends, so Bersercules left this comment...being the awesome guy that he is. 

Writing challenge?

Write a blog (only 200 words long) pretending to be you minecraft character and tell us about yourself.

Well not one to give up, I did actually write a 200 word story as my Minecraft character. I was a bit apprehensive about this. Not because it was only 200 words, I count that as a challenge, but because Fang has his own continuing story based on Minecraft, and I love that and didn't want to draw attention away from it. Then I remembered I actually don't have that much of an influence.


So enjoy this 200 word story that I wrote. Complete with pictorial evidence it IS 200 words. It was 250-ish but I was able to edit it down. So if it doesn't make sense at points, it was the editing, not me! Ha! If this isn't to your liking Bersercules just let me know, and I'll give it another go. So without further deliberate post lengthening, I give you, my story


"I was exiled. Sent into the wilderness. But I wasn't going to let them beat me. I decided to make the best of what I had. I found trees got wood from them, and made an axe with it to get wood easier. After walking some more I found some stone. I put some wood together to make a pickaxe to mine it. After hitting coal I made torches so I could see better down in the mine. I was able to make better tools with the stone and made a sword too for protection. I even made a crafting table and made a chest for storage. I got some wool from a sheep and made a bed. Night was falling and I was heading back to my mine when this skeleton came towards me shooting arrows. It fell apart after I hit it with my sword, but then saw this green thing creeping towards me. I hit it a few times, but when it died, the thing exploded! Took out the ground around it. I barely survived. I ran back to my mine, and jumped into bed after sealing it up. I'll survive, but I'm not sure how long."
Pics so it did happen

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Not The Post I Was Going To Make

Okay guys and dolls (Luke be a Jedi tonight...just be a Jedi it for Yoda while we serve our guests a soda...and do it for Chewie and the Ewoks...and all the other puppets!), this isn't the post I was going to make. I was going to post about the things I've said on Twitter, because I was ill and tired and couldn't think of anything else. But then something wonderful happened. I got me a super-special-fantastic-mega-ORIGINAL award from Hazel
Adorable ain't it? I think so
I know I've done way to many awards posts in the past, but I wanted to do this one because like I said, it's original, Hazel came up with it herself. and even though it took her three days to get to me, she got to me eventually. Plus she said very nice things about me. And I'm a whore. I said that, not her. I charge per hour btw. Anyway, here's what she had to say about me.

Mark/The Rambling Person - "Ninja Assassin"

You set the standard for what makes a good blogger in my eyes. You try to blog everyday, you always reply to comments and you also leave comments that are always genuine and insightful! You're also extremely modest which is so refreshing to read. I really value your friendship so you're not allowed to ever stop blogging because the blogosphere would be a much darker place without ya!

I think my face actually melted off when I read that. It was really sweet :) Especially because she called me a ninja assassin. I think you'll find though with all the black I wear that the blogosphere is a very dark place with me in it, my clothes are absorbing all the damn light. Yes that is how it works, I said so. 

I also like that she thinks I'm modest. I've never seen myself as modest, I see it more as self loathing really. Whenever someone says I'm nice or anything though I do play it down. I'm not all that special. Really.  

The only thing I'm going to argue with is that you don't need to post every day to be a good blogger. Lots of blogs I follow are on a thrice weekly (ABFTS is only twice weekly and it's GODLY) and they are still amazing. What sets me as a good blogger is that I reply to comments and I've even had full conversations with people on their comments. Just ask Caroline and Bob. I think if Caroline doesn't get sick of talking to me (or maybe she already has) our discussion on games will never end.

This is really dragging on, so I just want to say one last time, thank you Hazel for the award, and for the very very very kind words. You made a crazy, creepy, old, ninja assassin happy. 


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Played You For The Story

This post was actually inspired by a comment I left for once. Hard to believe. Although a comment Mekkor left did get me off my ass and finally writing it. He said
 "i cant understand that hype behind minecraft.
Yeah, you can build whatever you want but the graphic itself looks so.... old?
Maybe im just to spoiled after all these years of playing the newest games with the newest graphics. I also need a story in a game". 

I can agree with him on a game needing a story. As much as I love sandbox games with huge worlds, I tend to just stick to the path, and get the job done, and do pretty much every side mission I find because I'm just like that. But this isn't about story, it's about graphics.

Some games that are argued to be the greatest of all time, such as Final Fantasy VII, which is also regarded as the best Final Fantasy by fanbois (I think I preferred IX more), had very blocky graphics, and square muscles abound. But it was the story that grabbed you, not the graphics. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for me had some pretty damn good graphics, as well as a good story, which is what a game needs. But graphics are not all that important.

Nowadays you have games with amazing graphics, like Crysis, which has graphics so advanced that it takes such a well built computer a lot of people can't actually play it. I also know someone who bought Crysis 2 just to look at the graphics. He just stands there and looks at the world. I consider this a huge waste. FFVII is probably cheaper than Crysis, and frankly I'd rather have VII. I do actually, I have FFVII, VIII, IX, X, XII and my brother has XIII. But I'm yet to play that one. Not sure if I'm even willing to. X was a good game, but as much as I love sky pirates, and I bought XII JUST to be a sky pirate, I've stopped playing it. XIII is also regarded as a huge failure despite it being ever so pretty. 

Just Cause is another example for me. I picked it up thinking "Game where I take part in a revolution and get to do some cool shit with a grappling hook? Awesome". I did like the game sure, and I thought that visually it was awesome, but the game still felt like a letdown.

I really would rather play a game that has a good story, has good gameplay elements, it's nice to look pretty, but it's not essential, especially with a PC game. PC games can be way cooler than console games, but if you fill it with pretty pictures, you have a game that few people can play, and the ones that do are usually disappointed.

Then again some people would rather a game look nice than play nice.

Monday, 10 October 2011

This Is A Story All About How Something Happened

So my brother has been watching a lot of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air lately, and I decided to watch some with him, and the episode where Will gets shot came on. This isn't really a post about Fresh Prince though, I've already done one of those, though I guess I may do another some time. No this is a story about me, and the time some guy tried to rob me. It's more than likely going to be boring but let's see what happens.

Now, this was a few years ago, and I was nocturnal at that time, and I was always out for walks in the middle of the night to the early morning. One thing I liked to do was go for walks at like five in the morning when it was just me, the road, and if I was lucky the stars and moon. They were very peaceful, and because I didn't really have anyone to talk to, sometimes even the highlight of my day.

One time though, it was about 1 or 2 in the morning, I was talking to someone, and they said they had to go for a bit so I decided to have a walk. This was back in the days when I really didn't care about what might be out there, man I kinda miss those. Fear keeps you alert sure but too much of it is a bad thing.

I got to the top of the street and this guy who was clearly drunk walked past me. After about 10 seconds or so, he decided to come back, and demanded I give him my money. I didn't have any on me, but even if I did he wasn't going to have it. All I had on me was my iPod and he didn't notice this, but he was even less likely to get that. It was a present from my mother, and I'd be more likely to beat him to death with it than give it him. Yes it's possible.

Anyway, after a few minutes or so of him threatening me and me saying I'm not afraid of death and trying to swipe at me, he decides that I'm really not going to give him anything, and he walks off, saying he's going to get "his boys". I walk off in the other direction, I was in no mood for some gay gang bang. When I turned the corner though I did run for it, but I was like a few minutes away from home so I got there fast, and told who I was talking about before what happened.

Did this contribute to my overwhelming fear of the world outside? Possibly, but there were other factors as well, some stories I won't be telling. After I got home though there was the usual fun you have with "I should have done this", but with a very psychotic edge. You see, this happened just outside a petrol station, and part of me regrets not beating him down, shoving a petrol pump in his throat, and then lighting it. But I think that would have attracted just a bit too much attention.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

No Matter What I Should Be Home By Now

If you couldn't tell by the title, this post is some glorious Meatloaf. This song is far from his best work, but I had a hankering to listen to it recently, so thought I should share it as well. It's Home By Now/No Matter What. You might remember that Boyzone "covered" No Matter What some time ago, and well the Loaf's version is just naturally more awesome. So prepare your ears to have sweet love made to them.

Slightly fun fact at school my name was Meatloaf, though I really hated it, because it was meant as an insult. I really did look like 80's Meatloaf though. Still do.

Not his most flattering photo but I may also have pulled this face at least once.
In an attempt to watch it myself I learnt that it can't be played through embeds, but feel free to click on "Watch on Youtube". Also good news everyone. My dad has bought an all in one wireless printer/scanner. I don't know if this actually means things might change around here, but seeing as I convinced him to get a printer/scanner rather than a printer (it being five pounds cheaper in an offer also helped) I suppose I should use the scanner at some point.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Round Up Episode 2: The Post Wars

Okay first off I'm sorry if I was late getting to your blog or missed a post entirely. Blogger is not updating my reading list very well. Sometimes I actually get a tweet about a post you've made about an hour before it shows up on my reading list. So if I miss something, my apologies. Okay onto the weekly round up of...well, this week. I'm not a sell out, no siree.

On Monday I wrote a poem filled with metaphors and other goodness. It actually got a positive response, which was something I was quite amazed about. Thank you for that :)

On Tuesday I talked about a couple of things actually. Originally it was supposed to be a short post about how I was going to be an usher at my sisters wedding, and how I now have another reason to lose weight, but then I got an award, and I also turned that into an award post. So that's what happens when I try to make a short post, something makes it longer.

On Wednesday I shared some of the things I had made on the game Minecraft. This would be a short post if you took out the pictures, but then it would also be a useless post! The comments from this post have actually made me go back and do some more work, so it's looking bigger and deathier than ever.

On Thursday I did the second part of my Things School Didn't Mean To Teach You. This time it was "Once an outcast, always an outcast". We came to the conclusion in comments that this was not always the case.

And finally on Friday I made a post about my idea for Apple. I want them to make an interactive wall.  Holy mindfuck maybe the i in all of apples products stands for "interactive". If this is the case I can't believe I'm only noticing it now. Or maybe it stands for "i'm gullible and will buy anything these people put out even though it's overpriced and everyone can name a lot of problems with the company such as them putting out things that are already obsolete and using sweatshop labour...Pod".

Because I hate to not share anything new with you guys, here is proof that I'm not trying hard enough.

These are the readability results of two of what I consider my rantiest and possibly longest posts. These are my posts on why I believe in God (or more accurately really WHAT I believe about God) and why video games do not turn people into violent killers and all the joy they bring to the world. Thank you to for these results.

So you see folks, even though it's a round up, I still try to give you things, it's still worth coming here on Saturdays. I do have a question though, what are your thoughts on this week? I took a more simple, let's have fun approach, and didn't do something that blows your mind every day, and I'm just wondering how you guys felt about that. Better? Worse? No real difference?

Friday, 7 October 2011

Dear Apple

First off, I wrote this before what happened to Steve Jobs, I mean no disrespect to him, his memory, or anything. He was loved by many and he will be missed by many. Goodnight sweet prince.

This isn't going to be some sort of hate filled rant towards Apple, though I may do that some time (despite being a long term iPod owner). No, this is an idea I came up with about a week ago, but was only able to share with you today because, well, it's my blog and I'll do what I want. I considered other things more important, and by now you might have seen this idea on my facebook or Twitter but there are some of you who don't follow me on Twitter or read my Twitter feed (you should, it can be hilarious).

So, what is my masterful idea? Well I came up with this, or at least I said it before I saw anyone else say it. "How hard is to put a lot of iPads together and call it an iWall?". Seriously, the iPad is just four iPhones stuck together.
Pics or it didn't happen? It just happened
I for one would actually love this, and would totally buy it. In old futuristic shows from the 80's and such there was the interactive house and some movies and such did have interactive walls. I have no evidence BUT I'm saying this happened.

I mean, imagine it, you could have it so that it displays sunny skies and such on bright days, and shows stars at night, you could make it rain in your room if you were feeling depressed, and imagine the seriously badass surround sound you would get. 

Who would not want this?

Seriously Apple, you do this, I think you easily have the technology, or can have it, and I will love your forever, and I will buy them. I really would. You could even stick on on the ceiling and turn it into the Hogwarts Great Hall. Seriously, I want this to happen. I don't care if they steal my idea, I want them to do this. 

If this stuff actually exists then for the love of Eris tell me where to get it.
I would buy Christmas trees just to do this. I really would.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Things School Didn't Mean To Teach You Part Deux

You may remember some time back I did a post called Things School Didn't Mean To Teach You, and I teased that there were four more, and then I did the Writing Challenge and none of the others ever got posted. Well, here's number two, and yes, sorry folks this is a serious post.

2. Once an outcast, always an outcast.
If you were like me, then first off let me pray for you, second, you were more than likely the outcast at school. No one really paid all that much attention to you unless it was negative attention, or people just didn't really seem to care about you, or finding out anything about you. In some rare cases, you can avoid being an outcast after being in school, but for the most part, every time you went to a new school after being an outcast, you probably told yourself that it would be different this time. But it rarely was. In every school I was at, I was pretty much an outcast, and I only had one or two friends. Real friends anyway. Even when I left school and started voluntary work, I was an outcast there too. I'm not involved much and people don't really talk to me. Though they say that I should talk to them first. It's a vicious circle.

But, you know, this wasn't so bad really. Except for the negative attention part. Being alone in school kind of helps you appreciate your own company, and learn to rely on yourself. I see people with a huge circle of friends, and I find myself wondering what they're like when they're on their own, how they would react if all of a sudden they stopped being popular. I'm not saying everyone with a lot of friends is the kind of shallow person that can't stand their own company, but that bimbo of a cheerleader that is popular because every guy wants to get into her pants and from what you hear, most of them do. Her? Yeah she probably can't stand her own company. Hell at my school there was a video being passed around of a girl and her dog. Ahhh the joys of youth.

Although I'm not too great with my own company, I've met the real me, he's a prick. So even if you are an outcast, it's not all that bad for you, and if you have a lot of friends, don't forget to take time to love yourself to.

You ever wonder why Twilight Sparkle in MLP only has four friends? (if I've counted right, five if you count Spike, six if you count Celestia, seven if you count Luna but nobody does because she was just there for those first two episodes and then everyone conveniently forgot about her, and those magic necklace thingies, which actually made a comeback for the new season but Luna didn't) anyway the point I was trying to get to is that five is about a good number to have. They even did an episode dedicated to how a person can love all their friends equally when Spike was jealous of some weird owl he should have just cooked and eaten because it seemed Twilight loved the owl more than Spike. But if you ask me, this isn't the case. If you have a lot of friends, there's going to be times when some of them get let down. Though God only knows why a massive outcast like Twilight managed to amass such a gang of friends in the first place.

I really shouldn't have written a paragraph about MLP, now the comments are going to be full of people raging at me (I like MLP, no rage!), or just commenting about that rather than what I've actually said. But I can live with that. It just means more views for me.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm An Architectural God

In the interest of shortish but still fun posts that have nothing really to do with anything, it gives me an excuse to post some Minecraft screenshots I took a while ago. Please note that even though I have grand dreams, nothing grand has been made just yet. Or is likely to be made lol. I'll lose the will to do it. Please also note I have no dye packs or anything, only one mod, and I'm not on 1.8.whatever.

I made real staircases, surprisingly painstaking 
My awesome front door. I even made a proper little garden with an almost moat

The entrance to my mine that I've not found much useful stuff in

The basement, complete with two chests, a furnace and a crafting table

The current roof complete with a window box so I can watch mobs burn in daylight, and get a good view

The view from the window box, also not complete
As you can see I actually still have a long way to go. I'm trying to build a huge tower of death like the towers in Lord of The Rings, but cooler. However my mine really is bad. I can rarely find coal, and I barely ever find Iron, so if someone has some tips on finding iron or the other special bricks it will be most appreciated. Don't make your suggestion simply "Go on 1.8, infinite bricks" :P

Also I've updated the guest post page to include the story I wrote. I'm always open to doing things like guest posts, collab posts, and pretty much anything. The writing challenge is never over.

Also because I believe in having a point to posts, you might notice a lovely little YouSayToo box in the top right. I know this place is cluttered up enough as it is, and really I should take things off, not add them, but this is an alright thing, and I hope I've done it all right.

One final (I mean it this time) note is that I am always open to do guest posts/interviews/whore myself out. Seriously, the writing challenge never ends.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I'm Easily Pleased

My sister is getting married next year, and she asked me to be the usher. I just have to tell people where to sit. BUT I get to wear a proper suit, with a waistcoat and a cravat. I am beyond pleased at this and now must do everything in my power to make sure her relationship lasts at least that long. I will wear that suit. Jesse's getting an invite too because it turns out my sister and her have known eachother for four years without realising it.

It's next June, and if the blog is still going, I will post pictures of it, because by then I will be thinner. I think that to look good for my sisters wedding is a half decent goal I can kind of stick though, although I am still mainly losing weight for myself, having another reason will give me the potential to keep going even after I inevitably get depressed and start thinking what the point of changing for myself is. This always happens and dammit I've never pushed past that wall.

Lookit that, I can do a short, but still fun in my eyes, post. Yay I get to wear a waistcoat and a cravat, yay. All that's missing is a top hat and a cane.

By the way the site has gone through yet another re-design. I've taken the Twitter feed down, and installed a fancy pants bar at the bottom, and you can access my Twitter there, but there's nothing like following me on there, I'm tempted to make a post of some of the best things I've said on there, but the longer I wait to do that, the more stuff I'll have to choose from.

Even after extending it this post feels way too short -_- But fear not, for something happened yesterday that means this post can be EVEN LONGER (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy). I received another award. That's right folks, I have one more to add to my collection. I'm wondering how many it will take for me to make an awards page. Anyway, it's also an award I've never gotten before, the iDig Your Blog Award.

I was given this by the Dirtycowgirl. You may remember her as the person I wrote the story for about the cowgirl who was scared of horses. Anyway, because I'm all about making posts the length of the diameter of the sun, I will in fact give in to this awards demands. Which this time are three facts about me. I'll try to make them things you don't already know, but that could be hard. I have a shit memory. This is hardly new though so it doesn't count :(

1. I used to sleep on my brother's floor. I don't know if I've talked about this or not but for a few years my house was a huge mess, and parts of it were uninhabitable, so me and my brother had to share his room. Eventually I moved into my own room after Jessie helped me clean it up so I could live in it, but it was still a major mess until recently. Very, very recently. I've only just got the new window put in and I still haven't gotten my door put up.

2. I have a seemingly half dead house plant in my window. Jessie recently told me that nothing grows in my room, and that is sadly a sense that you get from the place, so I took the literal option, and bought a plant. Sadly I bought it from a supermarket from the middle of the store where it would receive little to no natural light and I doubt it was watered. If I'm honest I still don't know if it's alive, but since it's been on my window sill and I've been watering it, it seems to have picked up, however some parts of it remain dead. Jessie says it's dying, and I hope it doesn't.

3. I have so few clothes that two of the drawers in my chest of drawers are full of games actually. The other one is filled with trousers that don't quite fit yet. I essentially have so few clothes I simply leave them on the banister where they dry as they don't take up much room there, and they don't stay on there for too long. Yes, I really don't have that many clothes. I have 2 t-shirts because I've lost some, and 3 normal shirts, but I always wear a t-shirt and a shirt at once usually, a pair of trousers for sleeping in, a pair for going out in, and a pair for other times because there's a hole just under the zip and I genuinely have no idea how it got there. If I was a girl the answer would be quite obvious >_>

I'm also supposed to pass this thing on to seven other people. I suck at this, so instead will do what I always do in these times, and say that if you're on my list of blogs to check out, you can claim you have one. I think I'm still missing an award or two though because every time I get one I say that and I don't have enough yet to cover all the blogs on there.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Deep Ass Poetry Filled With Metaphors And All That Good Stuff

The title for this post comes from just what the challenge from Fang was, which was to write "Deep-ass poetry with metaphors and all that good stuff" so this is something I wrote at 2 in the morning. Otherwise known as my creative time because my brain is fried and wandering. Sadly this isn't the original poem I came up with, I was just laid there in bed and thought a great one, but when I tried to write it down, it had already disappeared from my head. That sucks. Anyway, here's something I threw together. Remember, I wrote it at TWO AM. I make no claims of quality, and it follows a very simple rhyming pattern until the end where it just abandons it altogether. I'm also not going to claim this is actually a poem. Ha even when all I'm doing is posting a poem I can extend the post massively.

I can burn brighter than the sun
Or be as cold and dark as the moon
But the time when life is done
Will always come too soon

Until that time though
Who will I be
Where will I go
What will I see

Who will I meet
Shall I ever take a bride
Will I be able to defeat
The demons inside

Will I take the chance
Or let it pass me by
Will I fall upon my own lance
Or will I begin to fly

Like the boundless sea
Will my emotions rage
Or will I keep them locked inside me
Like a bird wishing to be free of it's cage?

Life isn't long enough
To think of things like this
Life is for living
So go out
And live!

So there you have it. There are so many questions in it that I didn't bother with punctuation. Please be gentle with me over this lol. We're always our own worst critic.


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