Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yet More Choices

This is something I'm currently kind of debating in my head. Could end being a short post too. Well, short for me. I'll say it again, the only reason my last "Short post" was seriously long was because I added that story to it because it was short. It would have been short without that. Anyway, what was I going to talk about? Oh yeah. I suppose if I don't know that you have no idea either.

So, what I've been tossing around in my head is this. Should I still keep up the whole post a day thing? To be honest lately I've been kind of running low on ideas. I've been a bit depressed and my mind has been everywhere but the here and now. I'm even contemplating, and will probably go ahead with, an a-z challenge. Coming up with something to write about for every letter of the alphabet. It's the only non-photo challenge I know really.

But, putting a lack of ideas aside, I also tend to write about things that make you think. I mean, I read over fifty posts in four hours, and to be honest I can't really remember much of what I read. I think that can also happen to people who read here. I give you something that you think on sometimes. The blogs I know that update every day, even if they do be about deep things sometimes, usually don't have very long posts, or mix in some posts that aren't so deep every so often. Like Fang and his Minecraft adventures (btw I love that story, keep writing it!). 

We all know why I post every day, I made a page about it, and I've mentioned it a few times before, but I've been kind of emotional lately, so here's some more emotions for you, because, well I'm on my period. I'm worried about being forgotten or left by the side. Part of me is kind of worried that if I don't throw something out every day, I will be forgotten, or people will lose interest. I'm aware though that actually less can be more, and that someone might even value a lower post amount more. 

So I have 3 choices really. 
1; Stop posting every day, maybe switch to 3 times a week.
2; Stop being a depressed bitch 
3; Stop caring so much about making everything long and deep, and start posting about other things as well. Maybe just a short irreverent look at the news. The problem with this is I love original content too much.

Sometimes I just don't know what to do. All right, a LOT of the time I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just stop being depressed by the time this goes out. I'll be getting seriously drunk with Jesse again tomorrow, so that'll help. 


  1. you gave yourself the answer already. I would really like to see such good posts of you every day but I know that this might stress you and is not possible (on long term).
    I see that you like to write about deep stuff and thanks to that your posts turn out to be rather long. Maybe you should post every day but make a long post every 2-3 days.
    So dont stress yourself to much. You are doing a great job and you put much more effort into this site and your posts than most of the bloggers I know (including me ^^ ).
    And I also choose option nr.2 ;P

  2. @Mekkor Flattery will get you...everywhere actually lol. But thanks. I think it would be a good idea to post serious posts every few days or so too, but I just have this urge to make every post as long and deep as possible lol. I seriously need to get over this if I want to keep up the post a day thing.

  3. I feel the same way, that if I don't post regularly people will forget about me or just give up on my blog. It's an irrational fear but something I'm not willing to risk. Though saying that, I've been out of ideas lately too as well as being down emotionally. I guess I'll just stick to posting whenever I feel like it.

    P.s how did you get the yellow bars around your comment? Looks snazzy :)

  4. @ Hazel I said how in the comments of my last post :P Dirtycowgirl taught me the trick, and because you reply to comments a lot too, it's going to be handy for you too. Here's the link, it's just a process of swapping one bit of code for another. Don't forget to back up your template just in case, and I find it handy to do this in the old blogger interface rather than the new one.

  5. I love how the name "Jesse" is over the J-button on your shiny AddThis bar
    I'd recommend: 3 posts a week is enough. Everyone will benefit, especially you and we still get enough reading material

  6. @Neon for me it's over the print button lol. Though this could be a language thing. When I started this place up I had a very irregular pattern, once a day was like a dream come true for me. When I started getting a lot of ideas, I really couldn't wait to share them, and that is one way that a post a day was born, it was born out of my own impatience.

  7. What I find is good for generating ideas for my blog is to get out there and do things. It not only enriches your life a bit but you also now have new ideas and/or opinions.

    Be adventurous, be creative, and have an open mind.

  8. Maybe add to the scope of your blog by talking about your interests like hobbies or tell us stories about friends and such

  9. new comment box eh? tskkk..and seriously? a period? hahaha!

    "less can be more" is not true at all times =))

  10. You really shouldn't force yourself to make everything long. Deep is perfectly fine, and quite awesome, but forcing it to be long just results in rambling and gibberish.

  11. Do tell me more about this A-Z challenge..

  12. @aamedor I really have no scope to this place, I just can't really think of stories that other people would find interesting.

    @Mai Yang The only thing wrong with it is that it isn't purple. I'm just feeling pretty emotional right now is all. And tired.

    @Fang Read the name of the blog dude :P Rambling is just what I do. When I do ramble though I at least try to make it on topic, or if it's not, then just something not very important I don't expect you to reply to.

  13. @PeeVee Basically you just list all the letters a-z and find something that begins with each letter, and write a blog post on it, ie Animals, Boats, whatever. Think of Sesame Street or kids toys "A is for Apple" etc.

  14. Stop being a depressed bitch is very hard for me. D:

  15. I haven't been emotional for like 5 years now. I live in total apathy lately.

    I'd go with 2 and 3.

    That highlighting the Man's posts feature is pretty cool. Will need to incorporate that, when I'll be in the mood. :)

  16. When I first start blogging I used to post every day too. Eventually it started to feel like a "job" rather then a hobby. Now I've came around to just posting when I feellike it. My blog is for fun so if it isn't fun, I take a day off - sometimes even a month.

    After my daughter was born, I was feeling overwhelmed and I took nearly a year off and you know what? I only lost about 10 followers out of 150.

    Bottom line - my vote is to do whatever makes you happy and don't be afraid to try different things.

  17. Writing about what's going on in your life every single time and converting it into something meaningful can be pretty tough. Maybe a combination of No.1 and No.2 will do wonders for you. And of what I've read your posts are pretty deep.

    Keep blogging

  18. @Bob I generally live in a state of apathy but I've been bottling my emotions up for way more than five years, they're bound to leak out. I'm trying to go with 2 and 3. I'm thinking about just making 2 or 3 2deep4u posts a week and filling the rest up with well, whatever comes to mind that isn't a freaking essay.

    @Kim I kind of regard this as a job, but one of those jobs that doesn't feel like a job, if that makes sense. Like a job where you get paid to do what you love and it doesn't feel like work.

    @Rohan92 Not much goes on in my life, if it did I wouldn't have this problem lol, I'd have a lot to talk about. Thanks for the kind words too. At the very least I certainly intend to keep blogging :)

  19. I mainly post whenever, wherever. Don't worry about it man, if we don't want to read it, we won't. But we're all in this together. ;)

    Check out my blog sometime!

  20. stop being a depressed bitch is always a good call. i did that and never regretted it

  21. I think you need to be careful that you don't end up putting pressure on yourself to post to a set schedule.
    Because the only one to suffer from that will be you - and possibly the quality of your blog.
    Personally I post when I have something to post about, there have been times when that's every day for five days and others when it's over a week.
    I have a few blogs I love that only post every couple of weeks - for me it's a real treat when I see them in the feed.
    People WON'T forget you, they will just be happy when you do post.

    Don't blog for us (I'm sure the other people here won't mind me speaking for them too) - blog for you. We will read it.

    Also - can you ask anyone who uses the comment form moderation if they can follow yoboys blog when they do. Kinda courtesy to him, plus they will find lots of other useful stuff there :)

  22. Mix between 2 and 3. Stop being a whiny bitch and don't feel the need to make super long and deep post. Don't take life that seriously. Have fun, write about stupid stuff. I know i do, and people seem to like it. There is no need to be that solemn. Seriously.

  23. For a bit, we tried posting every day. It didn't last long. Blogging isn't a job for pretty much anyone, so it shouldn't feel like one.

  24. yeah man, sometimes I get taxed for new blog ideas also. I do have a couple of long running segments I do on my blog (Crunch Time, Female Obsession, Drum Throne, Movie Review, etc) but that's not enough for new material every day of the month!

    When the well runs dry I try to do at least 3 random updates a week. Let ppl know Im still alive and what not.

  25. @Kid Shuffle It's a nice idea but it seems to be a lot easier said than done lol
    @Dirtycowgirl Will do next time. But I think the chances of not feeling pressured to stick to a set schedule were lost about...3 days into blogging lol. I'll just be hit with something to talk about randomly. I mean, in the time since I wrote this I had a few ideas, I think I'll be okay over time, but should cut back on the serious stuff.
    @Hasidic Plumber Yeah I get a good laugh out of your blog, it's one of the reasons I go. I'd like for people to get a laugh out of this place as well as some thought-provoking-ness too. I'm not that fond of always being so solemn and serious. I'm way more laid back on comments.
    @Beer For The Shower I'd like it to last as long as it can. You guys seem to get a lot more done in a day than me
    @MRanthrope I currently have 2 running segments, songs and the things school didn't mean to teach you, but I haven't posted even number 2 of that yet lol. I really need to just care less about some things.

  26. I enjoy your posts but I rarely read them on the weekend (too busy). I don't know of how many people read them on the weekend but you could always do what I do and take the weekend off from posting and just enjoy commenting on some blogs and doing other things (like writing blogs for the coming week).
    As for long post vs short post, do what feels right for the topic.
    Short can be sweet, and long can be neat!
    So go back and fourth through both!

  27. @Bersecules Thanks for the advice ^^ I take Sundays off at least with my music posts, and you are right, usually it depends on the subjects, which is where some of it comes into play. There are some subjects that I won't touch because I don't want to make too short a post, so there's some extra material right there lol. Maybe I'll consider taking Saturday off as well, or at least making it something else that doesn't require a great deal of effort.

  28. Definitely do #2. (^ ^) As for the post everyday thing, if it becomes a chore most definitely stop doing that. I make a post a day because I have something to say or to share everyday. If you don't feel like posting for a day, just don't. This is better than creating a dragging and hollow post.

  29. Don't worry about this blog, if you feel depressed you shouldn't have to feel like you have to always post, that's not the point of blogging, is it? I remember last year I had that point in my life that I just suddenly felt depressed and I stopped posting and when i felt better i realised why i started blogging :)
    It would be good if you chose option 2 but we cant help it at that time of the month ;)
    You have 177 followers and 27 - actually 28 now - coments, i don't think many gonna leave soon so don't worry. I always write pre-written back-up posts as well just in case I'm busy or don't have any ideas :)

  30. @Caroline I'm also out of ideas for those :P I don't expect people to go away no, unless they also finish their own blog but I'd never take a great deal of time off anyway.

  31. @Mark yeah saturdays could be short post day or if you have things that are two short for posts you could do two or three together!
    This makes me wonder, what do you consider too short for a post?

  32. @Bersercules I would say 1 or 2 paragraphs, but I guess really as well just how much of the screen it takes up lol. Maybe even I don't know really what is a short post and I should just experiment to see what I consider too short to be. I have had times though when I'm writing a post and I think "Well that's way to short".

  33. just do what feels right. who cares what anyone else says. in fact, ignore me. :)

  34. On my side of the table, It's not lacking of Ideas on my side. It's somehow lacking motivation on doing stuff to make my self better and my blog better too. I wanted to buy a new mic so I can make my recordings clearer. But at the same time I am afraid of judgement and dus preventing me of being motivated to work just to get a very good mic so I can show off my voice. I'am a show off and scared of judgement freak of nature. I have no idea why I have these paranoia that people will see me as what I wanted them to see.

  35. Remember that this is your blog, we're always here to read what you have to say. You're under no obligation to write once per day, do what you feel is right.

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  37. @Dilord albums have been made with a crappy mic before lol. If you're a show off then start showing off :) I think it would be better for you to do what you think is your very best, and if people don't like it, it's better to know the truth. But you didn't come here for advice, I did. lol.

    @R.gers Aye that's something else I have to work on

    @Shaw it is a good one, I'm going to try to stick with doing that lol.

  38. hey, let me know if you find a cure for being a depressed bitch. I could use it.

  39. @A Lunatic Pope I could do with it too, but I think I have things I should be doing more.


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