Monday, 26 September 2011

This Post Is Totally Epic

Dedicated to Neon. I don't know if I can actually do this, but here goes!

Now, this post. It's about the overuse of words, like epic. These days almost everything is "epic". First off, the actual definition of epic as defined by (Screw you English dictionary you suck now :( Why did you have to do what you did? why?)

adjective /╦łepik/ 
  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics
    • - England's national epic poem Beowulf
  2. Heroic or grand in scale or character
    • - his epic journey around the world
    • - a tragedy of epic proportions
noun /╦łepik/ 

epics, plural

1.A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation
2. The genre of such poems
- the romances display gentler emotions not found in Greek epic
3.A long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time
- a Hollywood biblical epic

Seriously sorry for the bad copy and paste. God that was awful. Over time though the word has changed to mean something that is exceptionally good. Although I still plan on writing something that is actually epic. But this happens to words all the time. The word faggot has gone from meaning a bundle of sticks to a slur for a homosexual person. (I can say faggot because I'm bi lol, though actually I hate that reasoning, everyone should be able to say it)

But anyway, to the main point. Everything today is classed as epic, and while Neon wanted me to rant about it because it can annoy the Hell out of him, it annoys the Hell out of me too. I've seen the word epic being thrown around way to easily. There are a lot of things that aren't good that are being described as good. One thing that does seriously annoy me is when people use words they don't even know the meaning of. WWE commentator Michael Cole is a serious perpetrator here. He really needs to know what symbolic actually means.  God I just want to punch him sometimes. 

The more you use a word, especially if it means something good, then the less powerful the word becomes. Now that fag means pretty much everything that sucks balls (heh, gay joke) I'm not really that bothered by it, it's lost all meaning, and people need to realise this. The more you describe something as epic, then the less powerful it becomes. I naturally assume things called epic are now bad, because EVERYTHING is epic.

In short, learn a new word! Learn what the words you already use mean, and expand your knowledge of the language. Though if you aren't a natural English speaker we're cool ^_^ There are a lot of words that are overused, and have lost all power and meaning. If you really can't think of another word, then use a thesaurus and pick a longer, fancier sounding word, so you come across sounding all smart :) By the way, in all my time writing this blog, I've never used a thesaurus. I rock the sauce.

Remember, dictionaries and thesaurus's are your friends. Except for the Oxford English Dictionary which to me has lost all it's epic awesomeness. 

I was slightly drunk when I wrote this, I can only apologise for it.

I'm also making this the first post in my test of skill as a writer series. Sorry it took so long for me to get round to doing it Neon, but it got done, it got done. Oh, and because I actually have an excuse to put this in a post.

Your = possessive, YOUR blog, YOUR car, YOUR book
You're = You are, You're writing, You're driving, You're reading
Their = possessive, their books, their pet, their TV
There = direction, over there, under there, about there
They're = they are, they're going, they're doing, they're dancing

Learn the difference? Please? 

Yes I'm a pedantic ass but God I love it. 


  1. lol i agree. good work. that stuff bothers me too

  2. Epic post faggot! I hope y'all read what this guy has to say! Or else your an epic fag!

    But seriously, good job. I couldn't have expressed it better. Also sorry that I've neglected you for some time. I'll try and visit you more often in the future ;)

    But I found one slight little mistake :D

    "Except for the Oxford English Dictionary which to me has lost all it's epic awesomeness"

    >lost all it's epic awesomeness
    >all it's epic


  3. I recall in one of my literature classes we discussed epic... it is a genre that depicts a great feat by a distinct protagonist (or not, I don't know if I recalled it correctly ^_^ lol). This post however is a satire.

    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! let over use this word shall we?

  4. This is so epic!! Sorry, couldn't resist :P

    And I really don't know how people could confuse all the spellings of "there". It's so simple to me!

  5. LOL.. Truly an epic post. :)

    So true, there are a lot of words that are overused. and yeah, people are too lazy to open a book of thesaurus or dictionary. lol.. GUILTY!

    Owmaygawd.. I get annoyed when I read posts with such.. typos. lol. And people who don't know how to use these words.. "They're, their and there".. "it's and its".. aw, come on. You learn that in 3rd or 4th grade! :p

    Occasional typos/mistakes are okay.. but on every post? LOL.. okay, enough said. :p

  6. I wouldn't say overuse of epic words is a bad thing. Like you said, it lowers the value of the word to an epically low amount, resulting in it not being as epic to use. This'll cause people to come up with an even more epic word to describe epic scenarios and other epic things.

  7. I'm sorry for calling this post "Epic article about epicness..." but Epic is everywhere! Ok, now seriously, I'm not gonna use this word again. ...ok, last one: Epic!:)

  8. I didn't know you watched Wrestling. :O
    Also, it's Cole's job to be annoying lol

  9. Epic?

    I heard this often with guys when playing online games. lol

  10. @Neon: I noticed that too (>_O)-b

  11. @NeonI have to point out your flaw too lol. That apostrophe as possessive, the epicness belonged to the dictionary, so it is "it's epicness". If you want to point out a flaw epicness isn't a real word according to my spell checker :P

  12. @Indistinctive Writer This wasn't totally a satire :) That is the definition it seems to have now, when someone does a great feat. But then lets call it a great feat, and sound smarter than we are :D

  13. @Hazel Actually words that are spelt the same with different meanings like bear and bear, and words that sound the same and spelt differently like all the there's are what makes English a really tough language to learn. Even though I had trouble with other languages, I've heard English is one of the hardest ones to learn.

  14. @Fang Yeah but we're low on epic people to come up with those epic words :)

  15. @ShawI've made mention of it a few times lol. Yes it's his job to be annoying, but he's an "award winning broadcast journalist", and he use to cover wars, would it kill him to learn some proper English use?

  16. I absolutely agree. I find this to be the same thing with the word 'hero.' Everyone is a 'hero.' We should reserve that word for the people that deserve it, not just the people that inspire you, because those are 2 completely different things. My parents inspire the hell out of me, but let me tell you, they are no heroes.

  17. @A Beer for the Shower I think I would call my dad "my hero" but I don't know if I'd go as far as to say "a hero". The guy shooting people in Iraq isn't a hero, the guy who took a bullet or dived on a guy or carried an injured buddy several miles so he wouldn't die? That guy is a hero.

    Plus Spiderman.

  18. I know the differences already. ;)

  19. Isn't it "its epic awesomeness", where 'its' refers to the Dictionary? Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to me. "The Dictionary has lost all it is epic awesomeness"

  20. I do not like contractions.

    I constantly misuse the word "erroneous" around my friends because it pisses them off when I do so, and I find it humorous. I use it as "irrelevant" rather than it's actual meaning of "incorrect."

  21. @Neon I'm giving life to the dictionary that is for sure, but for me it makes sense. For example I would say "Mark's blog" or "Neon's blog" as it is possessive. The dictionary possessed awesomeness and as such, it deserves an apostrophe. But it's been a long long time since I studied English, I just like to use fancy words and make things longer than necessary. For all my love of proper grammar even I mess up occasionally. So, eh. I'm willing to admit defeat if I can be proven wrong, so now I'm going to set about proving myself wrong.

  22. @Generally Disgruntled Erroneous is a fun word and I should use it more, but I doubt I can piss anyone off with using it erroneously.

  23. @NeonIndeed I was incorrect. Well done, I have been out-grammared.

  24. it was about time that someone says that!

  25. This is such and EPIC post!
    Your so right!
    Their are so many over used words!

    But in all seriousness words will always be over used, especially in this day and age of youtube comments blog comments and facebook comments! People often want to write something and they often use the simplist quickest words to describe it. That is good. That is lame. Epic.
    When I was a kid epic wasn't a commenly said term and half the time you used it people looked at you as if you were a retard. People use the same words over and over cause they're sure of the meaning and that others will understand it.
    Soon some other words will become big and "epic" will stop being used. Then twenty years from now people will start using it again.
    That's how it works.
    When was the last time you heard someone say: bodacious! gnarly! or tubular!

  26. @Bersercules I wish I could say today. Those are words that need to be brought back, but I'm still waiting on words older than that to be brought back.

  27. You're vs Your is my biggest pet peeve. Let's go on a campaign together! >:D

    Come visit my blog sometime!

  28. I KNEW I liked you !
    I fucking hate bad spelling and grammar, I've written several posts dedicated to this myself. Obsessed ? Me ? No..well not much.

    Although it is perfectly acceptable for me to make the occasional mistake.

    The overused word I despise the most is awesome, I had a lodger who used it to describe everything - a cup of tea, new socks, me getting the hoover out, a new kettle..everything.
    As for words losing effect/ changing meaning, next time your over at my blog check in the sidebar for "what a cunt", I think you might like that one :)

  29. @dirtycowgirl Hehe I try to stick to one post a subject (see God, he has about 20 posts >_>) so I don't know how many I'll dedicate to the subject. I can handle it if English is say your second or third language, but I've seen people who have it for a first but don't know anything. Bah. Schools these days. I tend to overuse awesome a lot, but I try to make sure things are awesome, and I'm easily pleased lol.

  30. absolutely agree! the common saying, 'epic fail' gets on my nerves!

  31. I really don't care about all the epicness or faggotry involved here hahaha nah just kidding
    I think that the last part is what bothers me the most. Those rules aren't that hard to learn ffs. Learn the freaking BASIC grammar rules of your language. It's as hard as remembering your phone number or your address if not easier.

  32. Once, somebody succeeded in writing "you'r"

  33. I love when people crack down on stuff like this. Yeah internet speak and text message lingo is cool sometimes but it's seriously ruining our civilization! take a stand man. take a stand.

  34. @Hasidic Plumber I actually have serious trouble remembering phone numbers sometimes, proving that grammar rules like that are easier to remember.

  35. Haha, so true. Check out Maddox's article on epic. Parallel to what you say here.

  36. It really disturbs me how often people misuse the you're/your and they're/there. And as much as trend words tend to annoy me, I know I'm guilty of using "epic" as much as the next person... And "fail." Ah well....


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