Monday, 12 September 2011

Awards, Awards Everywhere! Now With More Shame!

Okay, two things today. Oooh I'm spoiling you. Anyway first thing. The delightful Mai Yang. the pretty cool Michael Westside (now with a new haircut, hope it looks good!), and the lovely Indistinctive Writer have seen fit to give me awards. God only knows why. Anyway Cray's (Micheal) award was another Liebster award, and I've done that so I won't be doing it again yet. Mai and the Indistinctive Writer both gave me a Sunshine Award.  Again, God only knows why. I'm full of rage and darkness and I cry black tears. Kidding, but I don't consider myself or my writing that lovely and full of sunshine.
Look at this, then look at my blog. See the difference?

The rules for this award:

1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it. - Done! Wait I didn't say thanks, thank you Mai, Cray, and Joan. Mai says her real name is Joan. That makes things easier. Anyway, yes, thank you very much :)

2. Answer the following questions.

  • Favourite Colour: Black, red, blue, so many
  • Favourite Animal: Cats 
  • Favourite Number: Don't have one really
  • Favourite Drink: Chocolate Milkshake, but it has to be soy cos I'm partly lactose intolerant.
  • Facebook or Twitter: facebook
  • Your passion: Reading, writing, and gaming
  • Giving or getting presents: giving
  • Favourite pattern:  hmmm....I don't think I have one.
  • Favourite day: Wednesday, it's shopping day, typically the day I work, and also the day I have dinner with my dad, which can be quite nice :)
  • Favourite flowers: Black roses. What? WHAT?
It also asks me to pass it on to ten other people. But I don't think I could do that, I had enough trouble picking five for my Liebster, and when you consider that altogether I'm owed 25 passes (10x the two Sunshines, 5x the Liebster) I think I'll settle it by saying this. Look at my blogs you should check out page. If your name is listed on there, congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Sunshine award. There's about 25 in there, probably more. So yes, consider yourself, a winrar. 
I promised two things today didn't I? I did indeed. So here is the second thing. Wait for it...

I joined Twitter.

I feel shame on levels I've never really felt before. Twitter was the one thing I said I would never do. I meant it too. Twitter just doesn't allow for my writing style either. I hate shortening words, and I deplore "txtspeak" so much. I just can't bring myself to do it. Anyway, what this really means is that I can post my stuff up there, and I'm more than happy to put other peoples stuff up there too. It would be nice if you would tweet my stuff, but you remain under no obligation to :) I'm just trying to do a nice thing. And in the end, isn't that it's own reward?


It never is is it? Anyway. Yes, I've done a shameful, shameful deed. It's still nice to know that you can go lower though, but really, what's lower than this?

If you're interested in following me on Twitter, which would be a nice thing to do, it's @Ramblingperson Or however that stuff goes. Anyway, I'm registered as Ramblingperson, should be easy to find, I even have the same picture I have as my profile picture here.!/Ramblingperson should be a direct link to my profile.

One last thing, I put off a major rage post in order to do this, so look forward to lots of rage over the coming week. 


  1. Twitter's a slippery slope. Personally, I refuse to jump in on the bandwagon

  2. You weren't wrong calling yourself disjointed. Sadly I do not have Twitter so I can't follow you and I don't have facebook as well.

  3. not really into the award passing thing but i m following you on twitter :)

  4. I know how you feel, I to hate twitter but now have a twitter account.

  5. Dude you're not understanding twitter yet.

    What people who have never used Twitter think: Twitter is for telling people dumb shit like "I'm drinking coffee now", but in terribly shortened "txtspk"

    What "popular" people who use Twitter think: I use Twitter to tell my friends about the new clothes I bought, where I'm going now, and when I'm going to sleep.

    What coolkids like us who use Twitter think: Place to easily talk to friends, give shoutouts, bring interesting stuff to discuss, and share the fun.

    Twitter is a cool guy.

  6. Congrats on your awards! :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  7. Dude, you never cease to entertain me
    I lold at "I'm full of rage and darkness and I cry black tears." :D

    Also, you shouldn't make this a promotion blog, that's blogographer's work ;) Though you deserve the promotion from the others (and because I already got a feature off you ;D)

    Looking forward to your rage, and I'm not even kidding, those posts are usually the best, hehe

    (If you haven't seen, I submitted some posts of yours to Reddit, will you ever make another account?)

  8. the only thing i use twitter for is sponsoring my blog lol.

  9. Aww congrats on your awards! I know deep down you love getting them :P

    Thanks for passing it on to me too! I saw my name in that list so I'm taking it and you can't stop me! :P

  10. Wednesday for favorite day? Pfft Thursday was here, Wednedays a loser.

  11. @NeonI keep loling at it too. I try to avoid promotion when I can, now it should be just the page I have, but I do like to show off when I get fancy award :P Still no damn blog of note. Maybe if I stopped cursing Google every other breath. I noticed you submitted some things, of which I'm eternally grateful ^^ So your new account is doing good? If there's little chance of a new one being frozen, then yes I'll sign up to one, I'll also not post every post I make on there, and try to be a bit more active in the community too. But yes, I noticed, and thank you :)

  12. We have a Twitter, just sitting there, without a single tweet. Not sure when we'll have the bravery to use it. We envy you.

  13. ahem! welcome! gotta love the word "delightful" but I'm still curious about. anyway, everytime I think of Michael and Henry the name that will come up is Mark. stranger right? hahahaha!

    re your comment: yeah! can you believe it? a girl like me got one pair of shoes only and not to mention it's a school shoes and not some fancy one. hahahahahah! it's because, I'm not much into girly stuff :)

  14. @Mai Yang I don't think it's all that strange, if you're curious about something just ask but make sure it's not something I'd go to jail for :P I find it odd that any girl only owns one pair of shoes regardless of who she is lol. Even the ones who aren't into total girly things will see a pair of shoes and just have to own them :P

  15. did you just name drop me? oh man~ lol

    I also swore on my right toe-nail that I'd never start a facebook account but I did... you'll just end up forgetting about it later on... ^_^

  16. @Indistinctive Writer Hope you don't mind, if you do I can edit it easily :) It was just easier than to keep writing Indistinctive Writer :P

  17. Ahaha what a cop-out you punk lol. I can't blame you though, that's a lot of awarding to have had to do.

  18. You don't have to learn to txtspeak in twitter, you just have to be concise. I like that.

  19. @AllenTesch One thing you'll learn while reading my posts is that being concise is almost as unlikely as text speak.

  20. Can't wait for rage, it sustains me.

  21. none of my friends use twitter so Ive never had a real use for the product

  22. @aamedor I feel the same way about Facebook lol. I only use it because Jesse is on there. I'm on Twitter mostly for self promotion.

  23. Congrats on the award! Your interview is ready too :)
    Aaaand feel free to find the plumb on twitter ;)

  24. man...keep winning all these crazy awards and you might get a big head!!
    also, I loved your interview with the Hasidic Plumber!

  25. @Hasidic Plumber Thanks ^^ I'm looking forward to the interview too. I would find you, but it would be much easier for you to just tell me where I can find you. Although it might actually be easier just for me to search than for you to come back here after reading an email (if you subscribed) and then to click the button and then type in a comment and what not.

  26. @The Lunatic Pope You've already read it? I don't think my head can get much bigger lol.

  27. Cats? The lavish musical ... oh wait... the animal. Cool. Congrats on the award!

  28. Congrats!
    It took me like two years to actually get round to using twitter... i still don't find it useful ;/

  29. @Mark

    I read your comment @Indistinctive..hahahaha! I wanna laugh the hell out of me. lol! that was really funny! hahahahahahahahah!

    anyway, what I'm curious about is the picture. It's just you and Linus who don't have that pic attached in my reward "blah blah" hehe..

    re your comment regarding shoes: I have two pairs actually but both are school shoes, only the ones is with heels and I only use that when I'm wearing skirt (front office operations purposes)..^___^ I don't know, I don't like shoes that much :D

  30. What is this? :P

  31. @My 2 Pesos My reactions to getting awards, and my deep levels of shame at joining Twitter.

  32. @Mai Yang The sad thing about the written word is I can't tell the context, so I'm going to have to guess you are actually laughing just to preserve my ego :P I just don't like the way I look is all. I'm trying to lose weight and look how I want. When I'm totally badass, you can have my picture :) For now, no. God only knows why they're on Facebook.

  33. Don't you have at least two awards already? Share some with the rest of us. :P

  34. @DWeiLOL This brings me to a grand total of four :) If you would look you would see you're on my list of "Blogs You Should Read" meaning that you can consider yourself the owner of a shiny sunshine blog award :)

  35. The trick is: submit not only your own blog, but other things too (if you dont find anything, just submit porn to the appropriate subreddit lol)
    Comment occasionally on front page posts and rate other things up
    Then you should have no problem as you will be considered a good contributor to the community

  36. I'm following you on Twitter, and I think you deserve more than 4 awards.
    Just make sure you don't let this get to your head!!!!!
    If I were in your shoes, it won't.

  37. Can't wait for the rage posts Mr. Sunshine! also, no comment on the twitter feed. I have one and have tweeted a total of 4 things. in 4 months.

  38. Congrats on the awards; I believe I won some, too. :D

    Nice blog, following, mate! :)

  39. @Majin_Curse Don't worry I downplay every compliment I get, it almost assures me of no head swelling :)

  40. @Michael Westside That's what my boss says and I disagree with him too. Even if it is technically correct. The best kind of correct.

  41. Wow.. congratulations on the award Mai gave yah.. Hehe, I smiled. I can totally see the difference. lol..

    Just came from Fang's blog. Read your "conversation" there.. pretty cool.

    Yep, Twitter is a cool guy. He is, but well, I'm trying to stay away from him for a while.. He's taking up a lot of my time. lol..

    Followed you there, btw. And also your blog. Good day! :)


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