Friday, 30 September 2011

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

Sorry folks but this one isn't about books. I can already hear you closing your browser tabs, but stick with me. This falls under the writing challenge, Bob told me to do a post about why I don't like freckles. Really, I don't think I would have been able to do that, so instead just turned into a whole "not judging a book by it's cover" post about not just freckles, but many other physical "imperfections". I'm just going to point out, as usual, that I'm a grade A++ hypocrite when it comes to this, and that's kind of sad considering my past.

We all have our own personal preferences when it comes to looks, and so I'm going to try and talk more about what we look for in a partner, rather than just generally judging a person based on what they look like. Possibly as well the things people will do in the interests of "looking pretty". Here's a protip. LAY OFF THE FAKE TAN. Or the real tan for that matter. I've seriously never got that. I don't get the appeal of tans, but like I said, each to their own.

The original point was the point of freckles. I'll admit they can be cute, but too many of them and I'm just not going to look at you that much. It's just what I like. But if I got to know you, chances are, I might really like you for who you are. I give a horrible first impression, not just physically, so very few people have taken the time to actually get to know me. But I think when you get used to me, I can be a pretty cool guy.

Some people like girls as skinny as possible, some people like them as fat as possible, some people like really muscular guys, and some can take a guy who looks a bit scrawny. Some people even have racial preferences, preferring blacks, whites or Asians. There are people who will only go with exclusively people of a certain "race". These people are typically branded racists sometimes, but that's a topic for another day. I need to keep track of how many times I've said that, I might get some ideas.

I like me a red-haired girl, but I'm not that fond of freckles, I can take the pale skin though. I'm quite a pale person myself. I'd like to say that when I look at a person, I really look at them, who they are inside, and sometimes I really do. I've seen beauty in some places people wouldn't think to find it, and I've seen beauty in people that would never be thought of as such. I've also seen a lot of ugliness in "beautiful" people. This song, Beautifool by Wuthering Heights (the same guys behind the Apathy Divine suite I posted not long ago) sums up most of my thoughts on "beautiful" people, so I'll just stop the rant here.

Now, onto the typically smiley conclusion that makes you glad you read several paragraphs of crap and is just what I should have posted in the first place to save time and effort. Everyone has personal preferences, everyone has something they consider pretty that someone else might not. So if you don't think you're that pretty, fret not your little head, for there is someone else who does. Also, don't judge a person straight away, look inside them, and see who they really are. Maybe that guy or girl you turned down because of their appearance could have become someone who you really wanted, if only you were willing to have every bit of them, instead of just the bits you wanted. If you truly consider yourself ugly, at least physically, then you know you can do something to change it, and it is up to you to do so. I on the other hand am not so lucky, as I have inner, as well as outer, ugliness.

Also here is a paragraph of lyrics from the song, if you aren't going to listen to it, I at least suggest reading the lyrics
"I can see how through life you play
Who would do you harm
But in the dark
Where your beauty won't light your way
Know this to be true:
There I'm stronger than you"

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yet More Choices

This is something I'm currently kind of debating in my head. Could end being a short post too. Well, short for me. I'll say it again, the only reason my last "Short post" was seriously long was because I added that story to it because it was short. It would have been short without that. Anyway, what was I going to talk about? Oh yeah. I suppose if I don't know that you have no idea either.

So, what I've been tossing around in my head is this. Should I still keep up the whole post a day thing? To be honest lately I've been kind of running low on ideas. I've been a bit depressed and my mind has been everywhere but the here and now. I'm even contemplating, and will probably go ahead with, an a-z challenge. Coming up with something to write about for every letter of the alphabet. It's the only non-photo challenge I know really.

But, putting a lack of ideas aside, I also tend to write about things that make you think. I mean, I read over fifty posts in four hours, and to be honest I can't really remember much of what I read. I think that can also happen to people who read here. I give you something that you think on sometimes. The blogs I know that update every day, even if they do be about deep things sometimes, usually don't have very long posts, or mix in some posts that aren't so deep every so often. Like Fang and his Minecraft adventures (btw I love that story, keep writing it!). 

We all know why I post every day, I made a page about it, and I've mentioned it a few times before, but I've been kind of emotional lately, so here's some more emotions for you, because, well I'm on my period. I'm worried about being forgotten or left by the side. Part of me is kind of worried that if I don't throw something out every day, I will be forgotten, or people will lose interest. I'm aware though that actually less can be more, and that someone might even value a lower post amount more. 

So I have 3 choices really. 
1; Stop posting every day, maybe switch to 3 times a week.
2; Stop being a depressed bitch 
3; Stop caring so much about making everything long and deep, and start posting about other things as well. Maybe just a short irreverent look at the news. The problem with this is I love original content too much.

Sometimes I just don't know what to do. All right, a LOT of the time I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just stop being depressed by the time this goes out. I'll be getting seriously drunk with Jesse again tomorrow, so that'll help. 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rabid Fans And The Rabid Non-Fans They Do Mortal Combat With

You want proof that I love you guys? Yesterday, after my internet died for about 2 days, I spent over four hours reading well over 50 posts to catch up on the blogs I follow. (It was actually from my dinner to when I had my tea, too). That's how much I love you guys. My brain is dead. I got some good ideas for blog posts myself while I was doing it, but because I was taking in so much information, I also forgot all of them -_- (It also destroyed my newly recreated internets) Except this one, which is about fans. There's not much worse than a person who belittles things they don't like and instantly calls it bad, but one thing that IS worse, is the people that talk about how much you suck because you don't like what they like. I'll be looking at both sides of the coin in this post, or at least, trying to. Also a quick note to Dirty Cowgirl, I will make your story, but I don't know how long it's going to be, so I don't know how long it's going to take, but I suppose if I make it long enough I can post it in parts and turn it into many posts. I'm also thinking about doing me one of those 30 day challenges or what not, but I don't know which one to do. I tried to find out about them but got nothing. But I do know a photo challenge is out of the question. Jebus fornicating Christ this has been about as long as a post and I haven't even got started yet. Last note, no I've not stopped the writing challenge, it is just that my brain is totally dead, I'm lucky to be able to write this;

Okay, so on one side of things, you have people who just hate everything and start with anyone who likes it. One example of this would be the people who hate Justine Beaver (yes I'm one of those people, and no, I will not refrain from calling her a girl who can't sing, and yes, I'm a hypocrite, I will be proving this many many times). Now, there are people who take this too far. I'm talking about the people who will find her videos on Youtube, downrate them as much as possible, and leave hateful comments. They're quite fun to read sometimes though, when they aren't written by people who are clearly younger than Bieber's fans (12 year old girls). Way to prove your vast, vast intelligence. By completely proving you have no intelligence at all. If you don't like the music, fair enough, don't watch it. Why waste the effort needed to even load up the video, thus getting it more hits and making it slightly more well known. Now people think that more people like this stuff than actually does. Yes that sentence makes no sense. Frankly I'd rather just put on some music I do like than find something I don't just to hate on it. Another example is...God it hurts just to type this...Friday, by Rebecca Black. Thanks to everyone going on that video and making it "The most hated song ever" (These people have clearly never heard anything by Prussian Blue) you made it the most popular song ever. If you hadn't gone through so much effort, then no one would have noticed it, no one would have cared, and she wouldn't assume that people like her and go and make I won't call that music. Alice Cooper, what I'm listening to while writing, now that I would call music. It's not just music one finds this though, there are people who hate books, usually without having read them. A big example of this is Twilight. Everyone bashes it for being poorly written and several other things I can't say without getting torn to pieces by Twilight fans. Which brings me onto the other side of the spectrum;

The fans who hate people for not liking what they like. I'm sorry Twifans but Twilight is by far the biggest example of this I can think of. Before you all start hating and unfollowing me, I HAVE READ IT ALL. Hell, part of me wants to re-read it just to remember why I don't like it. But this isn't about Twilight and I won't be making it so. Sorry Picard (300 Nerd Points to whoever gets the reference). This is about the fans. The ones who said that Stephen King is a bad writer because he said that Stephanie Meyer didn't deserve all the praise she got. Though it was kind of fun to watch the King fanboys fight the Meyer fangirls. The fans who have even ATTACKED people who don't like Twilight (I've heard much much worse), those are the ones I don't like. It's good to like something, but just because someone else doesn't like it is no reason to hate them. It's certainly not a reason to attack them. If you like it, then fine, that's what the author, or creator, or whatever wants. They want people to like their work. But by attacking people that don't like it, you're creating a very bad image of the work in question. Fair enough, it's not just Twilight, it happens as well in the music scene. Never say to a "Belieber" that Justin Bieber sucks. I did this with my niece, she loves the thing. Boy she hates that.

The almost sad thing is that it is quite fun to do this. That's really the main reason people do it, they're looking for a laugh, and I'm guilty of doing this for myself, but in general try to remember this. Just because you don't like something doesn't make it bad, and just because someone doesn't like what you do, it doesn't make them something you should vilify. If they're the ones being assholes by hating on the thing you do, you make everything worse by rising to them, and acting the same with them. Don't tarnish the reputation of what you love.

PS: This post was inspired by Hazel.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dear Sixteen Year Old Me

First off an apology actually. I know I can be quite the commenting ninja and be everywhere, and I'm very dedicated to the blogs I follow, but I have been without internet since Saturday afternoon, and only got it back yesterday. I'm going to try and get as up to date as I can, but rest assured, I am back, and I am slower than ever. But I can blame that on the weather.

Okay so here is day two of my writers challenge. I don't think I'll be able to make it into a full week like I wanted to lol, but I thank you again for all the suggestions given. Even if it was only a few :P If you have something you want me to write just leave a comment. This one is for Hazel and Joan. Hazel suggested that I write a letter to an older, or younger version of myself. I have written to younger me, specifically 16 year old me. I want to write to forty year old me because the doctor said I'd be lucky to live till 30 (I have plans to go in on my 30th birthday and ask him if something went wrong. If you're wondering why he said that it's because of my weight). But that would be really personal, for my eyes only, and I have no way to make sure I would read it at forty, and wouldn't read it again until then. So for now, this is my letter to 16 year old me, which is pathetic and emotional and personal >_> In fact I won't even be posting this on Twitter or Facebook because I'm not sure I want my family to read it. So if you are reading this, well done. Enjoy!

Dear 16 Year Old Me;
Well, that's it, schools over. That was quite Hellish wasn't it? I know you think college is going to be a lot better, and I'm sorry to tell you this, but it really isn't. Not for you at least, but you find out later it was for other people, like Jesse. Remember her? Yeah she went to college, she got the education that school didn't want to give her, she's still in the process of making something of herself, but you know she can do it, and when she does, you'll be right there to borrow money from her.

So yeah, college wasn't too good. Actually you go twice, the first time, the time you think is going to be different, you last a week. You make it through one whole week. If it's any consolation I don't think the work would have taken it out of you. When you want to, you can work hard, and that is something other people seem to agree on, even if you don't. Well, not everyone thinks like that, but that's an issue for later. I'm going to try to keep this chronological.

What are you going to do when you drop out of college? Not much really, I actually can't remember a great deal about that, it might be for the best really. I suppose if I wanted to remember it I would. But your parents are amazing, and stick with you through the tough times, letting you recover on your own. Your stepdad even talks about what a shame it is that you were recovering so well, you got so far up that hill, and now you're back at the bottom, trying to claw your way up. But you learnt pretty early on that life isn't fair, you're used to it by now. Heck I can't even remember when you learnt that lesson, it was that long ago.

When 17 comes around you think to yourself that you'll give college a go. It's a bit rough at first, you don't like explaining that you dropped out of college after a week, and now you hate even more having to explain that you dropped out twice. Sorry to spoil it for you, but yep, this time you don't last a year again. You did manage to last quite a while though, and again it wasn't the work that got to you. It was your personal life. For the first time in your life you went and got yourself a girlfriend. Awesome huh? What's she like? Well, she made you laugh and smile, she made you genuinely happy. She also gave you a lot of hope for the future. Maybe that's something that went wrong. You got too caught up in the future to live in the now. Don't ever forget what Meatloaf taught you, “don't worry about the future, sooner or later it's the past.”

You were happy for a time though. You lasted a good few months, I can't really remember how long it lasted, but it did last for a while, and you learnt a great deal about yourself from that experience. It also didn't really teach you much about relationships though. That's a burden you still bear to this day, not to mention the pain of her leaving you. Right now I don't really know how to handle being in a relationship still. Even though you've had a few more since then, you've still not learnt it. You're still too clingy, and easily jealous. It's a long journey, but you still love to learn. Hell there's one girl who has to try to convince you to leave her because she knows she can't be faithful, and it's easier on you. Boy did you refuse to let her go. You almost lost two friends over her. Though now you don't even talk to them any more actually.

You even got to meet a cool Swedish guy called Dan. He'll teach you a bit of Swedish too, although you'll only remember a few words. It's a nice language though, and forms a deal of the book you're writing. But there'll be more on that later. Maybe you'll meet Dan again, or Luci, but I wouldn't count on it. There's no guarantee, and you need to move on after it happens. It's going to be tough, but it's something that has to be done. You're good at giving advice, but you never listen to yourself, or actually to other's sometimes. That would probably be one of your biggest faults.

You have to live without Jesse for a few years, but don't worry, you still have some friends that come and go in that time, and you manage to find things to do. Plus Jesse got herself a good girl who keeps an eye on her in your absence. She doesn't need anyone to look after her now though. She might need a bit of a pick me up, her college work is stressful, but everyone needs that. You should know.

Some time during those two years, you got back into wrestling, still watch it now too It's not as good, but you stick with it. You used to be part of a wrestling watching community, and one of the people there convinced you to try playing World of Warcraft. You loved the RTS games, and always wanted to give it a go, so you did.

You'll meet a lot of good friends in there, but sadly you'll also lose a lot of them. In fact, you lose all of them when you stop playing. But try to remember the happy times you had with them, the ones you loved as well as lost. Those are the times you should try to remember, even if it seems all you can remember is the harsh sadness that stopped you from playing in the first place. That, and like most things, it just stopped being good. If it weren't for your friends, you would have stopped playing long before you actually did.

You also stopped being part of that wrestling community. You've had a lot of lonely nights, and I still do sometimes. But you know something? I actually still have some hope for the future. Can't be much worse than this.

Your girlfriend makes you get a Facebook account, but don't worry. It's actually thanks to Facebook that Jesse can find you again. Still not sure why she got an account, but I've just never asked. But it's where she finds you and where you still chat. You meet up occasionally but not that much because well, she has college, a girlfriend, and doesn't get a great deal of free time. But you can live with that. One of your best features is that you're patient and understanding.

You also start doing some voluntary work at the request of the job centre. Let's be fair, you've never had a job before, it was a good idea that you do it. It has it's ups and downs, and it goes well overall really I guess. You buy a lot of stuff you want, and it gets you out of the house. The people though, they seem nice at first, and well they are really, they just know how to get on your nerves. Give them time though hey? Let them meet the real you, he's not that much of a douche. 

Not too long after you got off WoW you had the idea to start up a blog. At first there was no one around really. Jesse was the only one who read it, apart from Donna, but then people started coming. Now people do like your writing, who would have thought that would turn out to be something you were good at? Remember how much you sucked at creative writing in English? I do, you couldn't even keep a diary, now you keep a blog, update every day, and are even working on a book.

So I guess you can see why I have some hope for the future. About the only thing I seem to be running out of hope on is my attempts to lose weight. I know I have to stick with it and such, but I don't seem to be getting much in the way of results. One day though, you'll look and feel badass, and maybe even be a writer, even if now it seems your dream is to go into computers, I don't recommend it. You have an interest in them, and people say you're good with them, but it wasn't really enough to get into them properly. Later you develop a wanting to be a psychiatrist, still do really, but we'll have to see what becomes of that some time in the future. You even applied for college again, but you didn't go in the end. You knew you wouldn't make it.

For now you should focus on losing weight, and becoming happy, and on doing something, such as keeping up your blog, writing your story, and becoming who you want. All the rest will come as it will.


PS: Sorry if this kind of breaks reality somehow. Not intentional.


Okay at some parts it did become more of a letter to my current self, but screw it. When I write, I tend not to stop until I'm done. And I'm done. So, nyeh. 

Monday, 26 September 2011

This Post Is Totally Epic

Dedicated to Neon. I don't know if I can actually do this, but here goes!

Now, this post. It's about the overuse of words, like epic. These days almost everything is "epic". First off, the actual definition of epic as defined by (Screw you English dictionary you suck now :( Why did you have to do what you did? why?)

adjective /╦łepik/ 
  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of an epic or epics
    • - England's national epic poem Beowulf
  2. Heroic or grand in scale or character
    • - his epic journey around the world
    • - a tragedy of epic proportions
noun /╦łepik/ 

epics, plural

1.A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation
2. The genre of such poems
- the romances display gentler emotions not found in Greek epic
3.A long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time
- a Hollywood biblical epic

Seriously sorry for the bad copy and paste. God that was awful. Over time though the word has changed to mean something that is exceptionally good. Although I still plan on writing something that is actually epic. But this happens to words all the time. The word faggot has gone from meaning a bundle of sticks to a slur for a homosexual person. (I can say faggot because I'm bi lol, though actually I hate that reasoning, everyone should be able to say it)

But anyway, to the main point. Everything today is classed as epic, and while Neon wanted me to rant about it because it can annoy the Hell out of him, it annoys the Hell out of me too. I've seen the word epic being thrown around way to easily. There are a lot of things that aren't good that are being described as good. One thing that does seriously annoy me is when people use words they don't even know the meaning of. WWE commentator Michael Cole is a serious perpetrator here. He really needs to know what symbolic actually means.  God I just want to punch him sometimes. 

The more you use a word, especially if it means something good, then the less powerful the word becomes. Now that fag means pretty much everything that sucks balls (heh, gay joke) I'm not really that bothered by it, it's lost all meaning, and people need to realise this. The more you describe something as epic, then the less powerful it becomes. I naturally assume things called epic are now bad, because EVERYTHING is epic.

In short, learn a new word! Learn what the words you already use mean, and expand your knowledge of the language. Though if you aren't a natural English speaker we're cool ^_^ There are a lot of words that are overused, and have lost all power and meaning. If you really can't think of another word, then use a thesaurus and pick a longer, fancier sounding word, so you come across sounding all smart :) By the way, in all my time writing this blog, I've never used a thesaurus. I rock the sauce.

Remember, dictionaries and thesaurus's are your friends. Except for the Oxford English Dictionary which to me has lost all it's epic awesomeness. 

I was slightly drunk when I wrote this, I can only apologise for it.

I'm also making this the first post in my test of skill as a writer series. Sorry it took so long for me to get round to doing it Neon, but it got done, it got done. Oh, and because I actually have an excuse to put this in a post.

Your = possessive, YOUR blog, YOUR car, YOUR book
You're = You are, You're writing, You're driving, You're reading
Their = possessive, their books, their pet, their TV
There = direction, over there, under there, about there
They're = they are, they're going, they're doing, they're dancing

Learn the difference? Please? 

Yes I'm a pedantic ass but God I love it. 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Up The Irons

Thanks for the ideas for what to write about, I'll get to work on that as soon as I can, look forward to their write ups :) As for today's music post. I got a good response from Wuthering Heights, so today I thought I would share with you some more kick ass heavy metal/rock/whatever you want to call it personally I prefer AWESOME. On today's agenda is Iron Maiden. This is a great song of theirs that I think had Blaze Bailey for the vocals, although Bruce has done his own version. Or maybe Bruce did this version. I don't really know, but I do know this is a great song from a great album from a great great band.


I included two versions because Vbox loads slowly, but hopefully it won't restrict people from watching it like Yewtewbs can. Hopefully.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Test Of Skill

Today could end up being a relatively short post if I'm honest. But you know me and my incredible ability to make posts five times as long by adding many pointless words such as these. It's not that I'm out of ideas, it's just that I'm wondering how well I do on writing about something not of my own choosing, maybe something that actually I don't know a great deal about. Maybe writing a speech, or a letter, or an essay, anything like that. A poem even. I mean, I wrote a haiku about Raccoons on the spot for the good Hasidic Plumber (it really was on the spot lol), just give me a subject and I can probably get it done. Or at least give it a go.

So, today, I come to you asking not for ideas for posts, but for things you want me to write, just to challenge my ability to write. Be it a letter to someone, be it anything. I just want to test my ability as a writer, and who knows, if this goes well, maybe I could actually consider a career as a journalist or freelance writer. If that happens I WILL be back for advice on how to do that.

Tomorrow is a Sunday, which means I can just have my regular ol' music post, and consider which ones to write up, and maybe even make a start on them, and then next week I'll put them up. If I can get them done lol. So next week, a supreme amount of effort is going to go into the blog ^_^

And because I cannot have a short post, here is a short creepypasta I wrote. A creepypasta is essentially a short story that's creepy and gets passed around a lot. I guess right now it's just a creepy story unless people pass it on. It's pretty short, and I was looking for an excuse to post it, so I have one! Enjoy!

Michael was walking down the street when he felt something bump into him. When he looked to see what it was though, he couldn't find anything. He was the only person around, and he couldn't spot anything that might have hit him either. Not thinking much of it he kept walking home after his night at the bar.

He got home and was just starting to forget about the incident when he heard his doorbell. It was pretty late, so he was a bit cautious. But when he opened the door there was no one there. Cursing quietly, he shut the door, thinking it was just the kids out past their bedtimes. It was then he noticed just how late it actually was and decided to go to sleep.

He had fairly troubled sleep, and woke up the next morning feeling not too much better than when he went to bed, and was woken by someone ringing his doorbell again. Walking down the stairs, trying to shake the sleep away, he was once again greeted by an empty doorway. He thought he heard some laughter behind him, so he shut the door and looked around. But all he saw, once again, was nothing. He decided to just get some breakfast, and next time he heard the bell, he'd check to see who it was before opening the door again.

He didn't have to wait too long before the bell rang again, and this time he did look through the curtain, but didn't see anybody there. He could still hear the doorbell going, but couldn't see anyone ringing it. He shook his head, trying to clear it, when the ringing suddenly stopped. Presuming he had just imagined it, he let it be and watched some television. While he was watching though the channel changed every so often, and he couldn't find the remote. When he went up to the TV to see if a button was stuck, he was sure he felt something covering the button, but as soon as he felt it, the feeling disappeared.

After quite an uneventful day he went to bed again, and once again had nightmares. This time of people with pointed ears and slits for eyes. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was sure he could still see them. After blinking for a few times they disappeared, so he assumed it was just something left on his eyes from the nightmare. After managing to calm down, he tried to go to sleep again.

When he woke up properly though, he did see the creatures again, and this time, they didn't seem to go away. They hadn't noticed he had seen them though. He noticed quite a few of them and in a bit of a shock, he also noticed they had quite big claws. He shut his eyes, willing himself to wake up, that it was all just a horrible nightmare, and when he opened them again, the creatures were gone. Breathing a sigh of relief he closed his eyes again. This time when he opened them though one of the creatures was sat on him, it's claws in his chest.

The last thing he heard was a raspy voice telling him he should have who was there before opening the door from the start.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gender Choice In Games

First off, a disclaimer: I mean no offence here, especially to transgender people, I have a friend who's transgender and I'd like to think that I'm open minded, and that I'm going to handle the subject in a mature way, and also that she thinks that. So if you find yourself offended, then my deepest apologies, it was most definitely not intentional. 

Okay now to the actual post. Beersecules left a comment on my Fable post (yes that was AGES ago, but I had other things to post that I didn't want to hold off) "You should do a whole post on guys who play female characters! Its an important issue!". This post is for you. 

Now, I can find it kind of odd when boys play female characters. But there is such a thing as a good reason for it, but first, the creepier aspects. When I was playing WoW, about 80% of the female characters I knew turned out to be guys, some were gay, some were just weird. Like the guy who told me that he did it because he wanted something good to look at. Let me tell you, the world of world of warcraft is actually quite a pretty place, I also wouldn't want to be distracted by staring at my character every few seconds lol. 

Now, the more good reasons, would be transgender people (this is why I made the disclaimer, and apologised before I even started typing, I should come with a disclaimer really). I think in cases like this it can be a really good thing. I've talked before about games being an outlet, and for trans people playing the gender they know they really are, it's good for them. Of course, if this happens, it isn't actually a guy playing a girl I guess. Either way, it can be a good thing :) 

My only problems with it are when I think I fell for someone who was actually a guy who wanted free things, and managed to string me along. I've always wanted to try something like that myself personally, and I do have experience at pretending to be a girl (don't ask) sometimes I think I can pull of being a girl better than being a boy too. I also find myself completely forgetting it's a guy at the other end. I end up being more flirty and cutesy with them, because I totally forget it's a guy. Not that I wouldn't flirt with a guy anyway. Who am I kidding I wouldn't unless I was in a gay bar, and Jesse does keep meaning to take me to one. They have bubbles, glow sticks, and cage dancing, it's all I've ever wanted. 

In summary, if you're going to play as the opposite gender, it will weird me out a bit sometimes, it can get creepy, but sometimes, there are good reasons to do it. On a sidenote my bosses boyfriend (where I work is run by a gay couple) is ALWAYS a female character in games. He even paid real money for an in game sex change once. There is a female on Facebook with his name, and it's not like he has a androgynous name. He's called Barry lol. I've asked him about it but he denies all knowledge. He also insists he has no desire to become a woman. I don't really know what to think about that. 

I really hope I've handled the subject of transgender people in a way that won't offend them. I might have been forgiven before but there are some lines you can never walk back over once you've crossed them.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pros And Cons Of An Italian Plumber

So it turns out I only had to put it off for a day lol, so enjoy this Mario post you should have been reading yesterday. Before I do start this, I want to say that you shouldn't take this post totally seriously, it's part joke, part slightly serious. Okay then, let's see what I can do. Also most of this is of my own devising.

1. It teaches chivalry.
Mario has the biggest blue balls in history
Mario essentially goes from world to world, castle to castle, in an attempt to save the Princess Peach. Also known as Princess Toadstool or whatever the hell they were calling her that day. When he finds out she's not in that castle, he just moves on to another and takes down anything in his way. In the cartoons as well the main thing he did seemed to be saving Peach. Plus he doesn't ever seem to get lucky with her, so it's not like he's doing it just to get into her pants.

Or maybe he is. It's not shown in the games at least. But the less said about "fan-art" and fanfiction the better really.

2. It teaches you to eat healthy
Now in Minecraft form!
This game teaches you that essentially, all you need to do grow big and strong is eat mushrooms. Lets not forget that mushrooms also give you extra lives, and that to throw fire you need a flower. Eating mushrooms on Mario extends your current life, and gives you extra ones. There are people that like to make a connection to Mario eating magic mushrooms and being high a lot, but those people need to stop looking to much into things. Wait what? That's pretty much what I'm doing here right?

3. It has dinosaurs
People seem to think this is actually a dragon
Dinosaurs make anything cool. Anything. If he's actually a dragon, that's just as awesome, if not more so.


1: Mario is a secret Communist (though actually I don't mind communism, I think it's just misunderstood, maybe I'll post about that sometime)

People actually believe this stuff
There are people who say that Mario is a secret communist. I don't know if they were being serious, I really hope they weren't, but I did once read something about this. Apprantly Mario bears a resemblance to Stalin. If you don't know who Stalin is, I'm not going to tell you. He also wears a lot of red. He fights against an established King (King Koopa) and does everything in his power to overthrow him, and replace him with the people, in Princess Peach. At the end of the early game levels he also tears down a peace flag, and replaces it with the red star of Russia. Or so people claim. Is Mario a secret communist? I don't know. Is he trying to subliminally recruit people to the communist regime? Not very likely.

2. He tried to brainwash kids, but not for communism.
I think there's a dirty joke in here somewhere
I don't know if he actually did try to get kids to clean up graffiti with the game Super Mario Sunshine, but again, it is something that people have said. But hey, people will say anything. The main point of this game is that there is an evil Mario called Shadow Mario who spray painted graffiti all over an island, and Mario got blamed for it. He was then ordered  to clean up the mess while (surprise surprise) saving Peach from Shadow Mario. I bet he used the water for a cold shower.

3. He's not Hasidic as well as a plumber
He also doesn't have a beard like the Hasidic Plumber, but he does have  a moustache

I think that's it actually, at least for now. Mario is an awesome game series though, that's for sure! Even if he is a communist, he's awesome enough to make up for it. His only major downside is all the "gimmick" games, but the same can be said of any series going on that long, such as Sonic. I do love Sonic, and I'll probably talk about him some time. 

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm Pretty Versatile

I was going to do a post today about the Mario game franchise, but then something happened. I got me another award, bringing the grand total to five. So instead yay more award posts. The Mario one is in the vault though, it made me laugh, so I expect I'll post it eventually. I'm also pleased to have five awards, I seem to have some mild form of OCD and five is a much better number to have than four. Just like I'd rather have ten than nine and well you get the idea, I prefer nice round numbers.

Anyway, like the title suggests, the award I got was a versatile blogger award:
I got this from the member of the female species known as Hazel (AKA Pablo's Angel, but she's also her own woman). Now this one calls for seven facts is it? about myself. Well I've already given away seven facts. Five confessions, and I gave away one in the interview I did with the Hasidic Plumber. So, okay, that's actually six. But to rely on those six would be kinda lazy anyway, so I'll try to come up with seven more.

1. The avatar I have on my profile doesn't actually look that much like me, but I do have green eyes, long brown hair, and a wish to own a trench coat (though I do have one ha), but my face is chubbier than that. I've talked about my weight a bit before. You can consider my profile picture a cartoonized version of what I want to look like, stubble and all.

2. I actually can't grow facial hair very well. I would love a full beard, but it just doesn't grow. It actually took me 19 years to shave for the first time, and I taught myself. I guess I just never had enough facial hair for someone to bother teaching me, and I just never asked.

3. My voice sounds weird to me. I mentioned before that me and Jesse started singing when she was drunk, but the day after, we sang a bit more, and I recorded it. My voice sounded really deep, but then when I recorded just myself singing a different song, my voice wasn't. Plus I can get kind of high pitched lol.

4. I can't swim. This counts as a fact because really, after a whole year of lessons, I should be able to. But I just can't. Not terribly fond of water anyway. Maybe that would be helped if I could swim though, or maybe if I felt better about water I'd be able to swim. Who knows?

5. I have a fridge in my bedroom. No I'm not lazy. What happened is that I asked my dad for a mini-fridge to store my drinks in so that my nieces didn't take them, because I don't like sharing. A few days later he comes back with a decent sized fridge, and I don't look a gift horse in the mouth. If it wasn't for the loud noises it can sometimes make, it'd be seriously cool actually. I still keep a lot of things in the kitchen and the fridge there, so I do still go down to the kitchen and not just be incredibly lazy lol. Plus it's mostly healthy crap in mine.

6. I don't remember when I got my bedroom door, I just know it's not been put up yet. I think I've had the thing since maybe June, I'm really not sure anymore. As for why it's not up. My brother is going to put it up. We got bedroom doors at roughly the same time, but my door frame was annoying as hell and doesn't support actual doors, so he's going to have to sand some of it off before he puts it up, and he's just not done it. I get closer and closer to doing it myself, but I don't want to mess it up, I'd rather just let him do it, he knows what he's doing.

7. I only see out of one eye at a time. I have something called Strabismus. Also known as a squint. I'm also slightly short sighted in my right eye because that's the one I use most, but not enough to need glasses. At first I thought this meant I have a permanent blind spot, but I don't really. At least I don't think I do. I still have peripheral vision in the other eye, it's just that I don't know what it's looking at lol. I imagine that if I was looking out of my right eye, and something came at me from the left, my brain would still say to me "Hey, I'd move if I were you. Wait, I'm your brain, I AM you. Shit, move! Move!"

So there you go, seven more little tidbits about me. As for passing it on, I'm not sure how many I should pass it on to, Hazel did two, and I don't really feel like passing it on, so I'll just do what I did last time. If you're on my list of blogs to check out, and you've updated in the past week, thus proving your versatility (plus people seem to be blogging less -_-) then consider yourself the owner of one. Yay you!

Finally a special shout out (What is this? Crappy radio?) To The Rambler who tossed me a Liebster award. I am not going to extend this post by handing out anymore of those. Hell, I've already given one to about 30 or so people, so actually if anything I need a few more to make up for the amount I've given out lol. But anyway, she updates more than I do actually, and her blog has lots of pretty pictures, and she's adorable, and best of all, funny. She went for over a year with less than ten followers, if ANYONE deserves an award, it is surely her.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Things School Possibly Didn't Mean To Teach You

This is a list of some of the things you probably learned in school, that maybe they didn't intend for you to learn. Originally it was one long post of five things, but then I realised that by turning all five into individual posts, I could sacrifice quantity for quality. Look a bit further into each one, maybe provide some more examples. So look forward to at least four more of these. Knowing me I'll be able to think of more too. We've all heard the stories of what they should have taught you, but didn't. Such as that Jesus didn't die before he was born, and that England is in the UK, which is in Europe. But what about some of those other things you learned just by being there?

Number One: There are assholes wherever you go in life.
In every class, in every year, in every school, you were at, there was someone who was an asshole. They might not have been a full blown asshole, but they were a jerk at least. They were constantly showing off, and trying to one up everyone, even if they were stupid. They would put other people down to further their own ego, and when you left school, no matter where you went, no matter what you told yourself, you would find these people. If you couldn't find the asshole in your class, one of three things happened. You were in a pretty good school, it was your teacher, or it was you.

One of the assholes in my class was a guy who threw his full schoolbag at me. That's right, a full schoolbag. I sure did enjoy the concussion that gave me. No one did anything either. Or I just can't remember, because, well. I had a concussion. The teachers never really gave much of a shit about me though.

As proof that no one on my facebook but Jesse reads this stuff, I'll also write about one of my "friends". He was the son of a teacher, as such, he considered himself untouchable. The sad thing is that he was. We were kind of in the same boat, long haired metal lovers, but with one big difference. He was thin. So he was able to be as charismatic as he really was, and he was actually quite popular. But he was a womanising dick. I really am not kidding when I say every girl at that school wanted him. He's actually trying to become a politician, and I'm going to say this now, I will never vote for that fucker. Ever.

His mum was a teacher so he would basically do whatever he wanted, he coasted through school and was actually quite smart, or at least, passed all his tests. He was a pretentious fuckwit. I know I try to avoid swearing here, but I'm raging. The almost sad thing is that he wasn't the worst. If anything this guy was one of the best.

Have I ever told the story of how I broke my wrist? It's the only time I've ever broken a bone actually, and it didn't break that much. I actually had to point out the fracture to the trainee doctor. I was told off by the real doctor for this. It seems that he was just testing the guy. Screw you, I was 12 or 13, how was I supposed to know? Anyway, I broke my wrist.

It was one fateful day in drama class. Drama was one of the few classes I liked. I even joined the after school drama club, it was kind of fun. But one day we were doing this thing where we were running around for some reason or another. I fell over, and managed to snap my wrist in the process. So here I am, laid on the floor, screaming in pain and crying. You know what the class is doing? Laughing their asses off at me. Even the teacher didn't give a damn, told me to calm down. I don't think she even let me out of the class at first. I had to stay there with a broken wrist. Although the time I bruised my toe bone was worse. I was walking on that all day.

So thank you school, for teaching me that no matter where I go in life, there will be assholes, and that most of those assholes will be the authority figure who doesn't give a shit. 

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Rebrandening

Sadly I don't think there is a movie called The Rebrandening, it sounds like such a great title. Maybe I could write it. It could have Samuel L Jackson in it, that guys in everything. Fun fact, I always thought Morpheus in The Matrix was played by him.

Anyway, there was an actual point I wanted to talk about I'm sure. That was the "rebranding" of the blog. When I started this thing out, it was "The Disjointed Ramblings Of A Disjointed (j/k) Person. Now it seems to be "The Rambling Person". God only knows what Google say is the actual title of this blog though. My guess would be the first one is how it shows up on your reading list. But I'm not the only person with a title in there that doesn't actually fit the title they gave the blog.

This place has gone through several redesigns over time. With things being added and moved around, now I have several pages too. I think the place can get just a bit cluttered at times, so I also reckon that this is far from the last time the blog will be modified. When I first brought in the Twitter feed, I planned on removing the Thought For Naught. Then I realised I might have a thought that was too long for Twitter, so it get's to stay.

When I first started this blog out, I wanted it to be called The Ramblin' Dude, as a reference to the Stephen King character The Walkin' Dude. I was told by Google though that this was taken. When I first designed the banner that is the name I had made up for me, but then I decided to change it. I'm not totally sure why to be honest. I think over time I just became the rambling person. When I first started, as well as not divulging my age, I also didn't plan on disclosing my gender. There was something very flawed with this aspiration though. I signed in using my current google account rather than making one just for this blog, which means they go about calling me by the name I signed up with. This hasn't proven to be too bad though so I can live with it.

Like I mention in my donation page, and in my thought for naught, I did get the idea to make a custom t-shirt with my banner on it, but it is going to be surprisingly expensive -_-. I think I would at least like to get it for myself as a christmas  present lol. Maybe I can buy it a size or two too small so it's something I can use as a good indicator I've lost some weight. Why am I drawing attention to that you ask? Well, to be honest I didn't really want to, but I did want to mention the shirt, because well, I'd love to make that shirt, and I think a logo that says "The Rambling Person" would fit a lot better than "Disjointed Ramblings Of A Disjointed (j/k) Person. Though I think I answer to all of the above names.

Plus the URL has always been "" I think that's how this all came about really.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

I'd Take A Bullet For You (Well, Maybe Not You)

I was planning to actually do some kind of "month of metal" as far as music posts go, but then after talking about friends yesterday, Jesse sent me this song on Facebook, and I love it, I'd heard it before but it had been a while. It's country music at its finest. A song about having the kind of friend who you could call at four in the morning, who would sit at a waffle house with you while you sobered up, the kind of friend who would actually take a bullet for you, and me and Jesse are friends like that. The only problem she has with this song is that it's "brother to brother" lol. Anyway, enjoy, and I hope you have a friend like this too. They're the best.

On an interesting, but still related (for once) side point, taking a bullet for someone, or just general self sacrifice is the only way I want to die. Part of it is that I don't place much value on my own life, so who knows maybe when I come to love myself more this view will change. The view that I want to give my own life to extend someone elses. Another reason is because I hope Little Nicky is correct. He ended up in Heaven after sacrificing himself, and he was the son of Satan. Given my life so far, it could just be the only way I'll get into Heaven lol.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Friendship Is Magic, But Not In A Pony Way

I was going to call this post "Friendship Is Magic" but then I realised that about two billion people would flock here expecting ponies. I don't mind the ponies, but I wasn't going to talk about them in this post, maybe another time. So I didn't want to disappoint anyone by having a pony related title but no ponies. After my recent posts about gaming, and anime, and such, I thought I would go back to something everyone can relate to. Friendship and the joys it can bring. Plus because I'm cynical, some of the evils too! Joy of joys.

I've mentioned before numerous times that when I was at school, I only had one true friend, that would be the wonderful Jesse who I've mentioned so many times that I really hope she doesn't read this actually and take out a restraining order on me. Though if she's not done it yet, she might never get round to doing it.

I had some "friends" at school. People I hung around with. But the main reason I did that was because I didn't want to be on my own. When I started going for walks during dinner time with Jesse these people were pretty much all forgotten about anyway. I would still sit with them at class and breaktime mind though. But not even hanging around with them at dinner, I guess it was pretty clear that I didn't really care much for them, plus they didn't care much for me either.

Like the time I actually had a mental breakdown at school. I pretty much slipped into a self induced coma. I didn't react, I think I barely blinked, all I did was follow simple instructions because my brain was just operating on that basic a level. All I did was get up, and move. I can't remember if I spoke, but I guess I must have at least once if they called my mum who came to pick me up. But where were my friends when this was happening? Nowhere. It was one of my friends sisters who actually tried to help me, I got on pretty well with her actually, that is until her brother said some awful, awful things about me. Things I won't even repeat here. But she was a nice girl, and I hope at least that she turns out okay, but from what I hear, she didn't.

These people even added me on facebook, but they never talk to eachother, or even read my status, not that I ever really update. Before Jesse added me, I said that I could leave a status saying I was going to kill myself, and no one would read it. I've been tempted to try it, but a family member might read it and not get the joke lol. If you're going to add someone on Facebook the least you could do is show half of an interest in them, but let's not go on about Facebook, that would quadruple the length of this post. God I hate Facebook.

Anyway, I suppose that's some of the negatives out the way, the evil of "friends", the fake people who keep you around to bolster their own ego, and the people who you let do it just to help keep the fragile one you have in at least 2 pieces. On to real friends, which means I get to talk about Jesse more. Cue the restraining order!

She is amazing, that's really the one word for it. She's always had my back, and always will. I'll always have hers too. On my 21st birthday she gave me pretty much a mountain of presents (I ain't kidding about how many there were), because she insisted that the 21st was special, even though in England it has no connotations, such as being able to drink. She cleared her room out recently of some things she didn't want, so I got 3 boxes of stuff lol. They were small boxes but they were packed. Now I have more comics, books and videos than I have room for. Plus there are more coming! We've helped eachother a lot along the journey known as life, but I believe she's helped me more than I've helped her, and she continues to help me, she gives me the pushes I need, and knows when not to push me too hard, or too far. I've let her down and angered her occasionally, but she forgives me, something I'll never forget.

Hell on Thursday we actually got seriously drunk, called in some pizza and burgers (the burgers were Godly, they had cheese, pepperoni and jalapenos on them, I even tweeted about them lol). We listened to Bat Out Of Hell 1,2, AND 3, one after the other, and sang to almost every song together. We followed that up with Nightmare Before Christmas. We're now 1000% more awesome, and not even getting married or having kids will compare. It was the first time I've seen that movie, and it was pretty damn good. She also had six, SIX marriage proposals. Though she was the one proposing lol. But everyone said yes, no one said yes to me though. Ah well. Including a June wedding on a mountain, and a gay guy. We're still not sure how the gay guy one is going to work. She had a lot of fun reading through her outbox this morning, she really didn't remember anything. I didn't really get drunk, but I had a lot of fun. Beer that's technically illegal because of its high percentage is FUN. This stuff was more alcoholic than Jack Daniels. It was also one of the first times I was seriously able to be there for her. She's had a rough couple of days (they're her problems so I won't go into it) and she really needed a break. She'd been looking forward to it all week, and then her dad says he can't bring her down. "Screw that" is what I said, and got my dad and brother to pick her up. They were headed that way anyway, but even if they weren't I would have insisted on it. It really felt nice to actually be there when someone needed me, normally I'm kicking myself for not being able to do it, but I did it. When the chips are down, I don't run. Unless I'm running away with the chips.

So, cherish the real friends you have! They be awesome.

Also I think I possibly covered this subject before. Eh, I say, eh.
Okay, you get one Pony. Fluttershy are adorable. Even I can't resist that level of cuteness , plus it's a reaction to Thursday in Pony form.

Friday, 16 September 2011

It's A Long Way Up

Today marks the third month I've been blogging, but no, this post isn't all about that. It was bad enough that I talked about my second month anniversary, and I'll try not to bring up the matter of the life of this blog again until the sixth month, and full year.

The main aspect of this post is how tough it can be to get started up, and how you just have to stick with it. Mostly blogging. One reason I have so many followers is that I followed a lot of blogs, and they followed me back, but now a lot of those blogs are no longer running. Either they didn't get enough of what they actually started their blog for (typically money but I'll spare you my money troubles), they got bored, or they just didn't have enough readers for them to consider it worth their time. This typically means that they were not writing for themselves. I don't exactly write for myself all the time, but I like to think I will keep this stuff going.

When I did first start writing this thing I had one follower, Jesse. Soon I added my sister to those ranks, but I don't think she reads it that much anymore (not necessarily a bad thing), it took a while to really get things going. I've seen blogs come and go, and I'd like to be one that stays.

If you're starting out a blog, then keep at it, it could be worth it in the end. If you've been going for a while and not really got many readers or anything yet, just keep at it. I have myself some dedicated readers who really read pretty much everything I put up, because, for some odd reason, they like it. I'll never fully understand why, but I think them for it, I really mean it, thanks for all your kind words, and just for reading my pathetic words.

When I started this, it was kind of an experiment, but it's gone to be more of an experiment now, it's not even one any more. It's something I want to do, and really, those kind of things don't happen often. Outside of games I want to play at least.

Keep doing what it is you do, and eventually, if you stick at it for long enough, you'll get the things you wanted. It's just sticking with it until then. Like me losing weight, I have a long way to go, but I should stick with it, until I get the results I want. Of course, getting the results you want is no reason to stop!

So, my blogging goals?
1. I don't mind not earning enough money for this to sustain me (that's a very very rough task and it would take ages) but I wouldn't mind having some to give my dad for putting up with me, and for some things I class as things I would consider things I want. I differentiate well between wants and needs to.

2. I would like to be able to have so many readers and commenters I have trouble replying to them. Partly because I want to know if I would still do it, and also I would like to have that many people reading me. I just ran into a blog run by a guy who posts every day, and has been doing so for 2 years. He also has nearly 2000 followers. God I would love that.

3. I want to change the way people think if I can. At the very least, I want to make them think. I want them to consider what I write, I want them to think about it. Maybe even learn a thing or two.

4. Most people today aren't that fond of the written world. This depresses me. I want to give people something they want to read, something they would have fun reading, and most of all, something that makes them want to read more.

In fact goal four and three have no definable end. So I will never actually achieve my goals, which means that I won't ever stop just because I've reached them.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

You Activated My Trap Card

I was looking at the TV schedules and I noticed that for some reason or another, ITV are playing the Yu-Gi-Oh movie. Is this a bad thing? No, it's a good movie. So what's my problem? They're putting it on at FOUR AM. I don't think many people are going to watch it. Which is a shame because like I said, it's a pretty good movie. But it did make me think I should maybe do a post on Yu-Gi-Oh, so if you don't like Yu-Gi-Oh, blame ITV not me. They're evil anyway.

So, yes, Yu-Gi-Oh (I need to stop saying that, it's getting annoying to type) is a manga/anime based on a card game. I think it was the first one that got spun off a lot. I think Magic:The Gathering probably came out before, but Yu-Gi-Oh (damnit) is quite easier to play. I've played Magic, and it took me longer to grasp the rules, once you do you'll be fine though. A part of that may have come from playing Yu-Gi-Oh so much.

When we were younger me and my brother would play it quite a lot really, and he had a gigantic stack of cards. I don't remember what happened to them, I just think I was partly to blame for losing them. I think it was a time I took them to school. Who really knows? But yeah, we played it a lot, and it was pretty good. There are more than enough games of it out there on the GBA and PC and home consoles for you to be able to play even if you have no real life people to play it with, and I'm tempted to get one now.

I must confess I haven't read a great deal of the manga. But I've watched a fair bit of the anime. I'll say this now, don't judge it based on the English dub version. It was done by 4-kids. If you really like your anime, you're now foaming at the mouth from the mere mention of those....things. I don't think you can class the "people" at 4kids as "people". In Pokemon for example (something else they did) if you listen to it backwards one of the characters says "4Kids is the devil!"

Anyway, back to Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm just going to insist now that if you want to watch it, and enjoy it, try and find the Japanese version, if you don't mind subtitles. It was called Duel Monsters over there. So if you can't find "Yu-Gi-Oh Jap" try searching for Duel Monsters. Anyway, it follows the adventures of Yugi Motou and his friends, but mostly him. All animes have a main character, but then so does anything really. It follows him as he becomes "King of Games" I think Yu-Gi-Oh literally means King of Games. Or something like that. Anyway, the card game itself is a major plot point of course, but it's not always the central focus, but usually to make things better they come up with better cards, or more kick ass ways to play. Rather than power up the characters themselves.

Though some of the characters do have powers, which are given to them by their millennium items. Such as Pegasus' Millennium Eye, which lets him read the minds of people and other cool stuff, and Yugi's Millennium Puzzle. It doesn't seem to have much power besides containing the spirit of a guy called Yami. Either that or Yugi has very very bad emotional issues. Possibly both.

Anyway, I'm really dragging on here, so all I can really say as a wrap up is put movies on at appropriate times. As in when people will watch them. Yu-Gi-Oh both as a series and a card game are pretty cool, and worth checking out, and if you want to check out the anime, the Japanese version would be better. If you want to check out the games, then I'm sorry but I can't recommend a particular one.

Sadly this image isn't correct as a trap card needs to be on the table :(
Cute anime girls = views. Right? Right.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Everything Has A Purpose, Even Vidya

Someone recently said to me that video games serve no purpose. Protip. NEVER say that to me, because I will rant your ass off. You can be my best friend, you can even be my mother, but I'll still rage at you for saying that. I've talked before about how vidya doesn't create mass murderers, and I've talked recently about games. So, now I'm going to do it again, and explain to all the peoples out there in Bloggerland that GAMES ARE PRETTY DAMN USEFUL.

Yes, I mad.

No one ever tells me video games serve no purpose. For many years they have given me an outlet that prevented me from being violent in the real word. (You all read what I do on Fable >_>). They've kept me sane, and been there for me when no one else has. Video games serve many purposes. Be it helping people along in life, allowing them to live their fantasies, bringing people together, providing a common outlet. I would even go as far as to say video games saved not just my life, but the lives of others I would have otherwise hurt. Video games have been proven to help heal people because they provide a distraction while the body heals. There are even charities that provide video games to hospital's children's ward for this purpose. So, no, video games are not useless. At their very base core at least, they are mental stimulation.

As much as I might not like the "casual" gaming generation, they do provide a way for the older and younger generations to interact. Games like Wii sports and all their other Godforsaken party games provide a way for families to come together, and do something they can all enjoy. You ever see how on the adverts they typically show a family playing? Sometimes it does happen. I mean alright, if they advertised games properly, things might not go so well; "Play Call of Duty online multiplayer, and be called a faggot by people you don't even know!" but when a game advertises what it's like for the people who are playing it, like the Wii does, that can be an accurate portrayal of how things go down. Although me and my brother have played Gears of War and got closer doing that lol.

Some games, like Minecraft and Littlebigplanet offer incredible artistic outlets. I recently got into Minecraft actually after getting myself some inspiration, maybe I'll post some of the stuff I made some time. Not everyone who's artistic draws, or writes, some create. Consider Minecraft on peaceful difficulty (no mobs) being essentially lego on a gigantic scale.

You can say "But...but, violence has gone up thanks to video games, and people are living in fantasy worlds rather than dealing with their problems." I can't say the words I want to say to this, because I try to keep the blog at least PG-14, but seriously. Shut up. We had two world wars before video games, we had a load of violence before video games. Maybe if Hitler had Fable, a game where he can actually own the world, he would have been a bit more chill about things. If people want to live in a fantasy world, it's their choice, games didn't make them do it. Not to mention that living in a fantasy world like that gives your brain time to solve it's own problems, it provides an outlet for you. If people are going to choose to live in that world, then it's something they chose to do, the video games didn't make them do it any more than they make a person violent. They might bring out what is already there, but they didn't create it, and if a person can't see the lines between reality and fantasy, then it's not the games fault.

Though yes there can be too much of a good thing. Don't forget to read not only to yourself, but to your kids as well, and try to make sure your kids do still get some good exercise, even if it is just a Wii game. Which aren't quite the bane to gaming some gamers seem to think they are.

Though God only knows where all these 11 year olds are learning such words.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why Do I Believe In God?

Real first off: I did an interview. Read it or suffer my chocolate covered WRATH!

First off: I mean no offence with this post. None. If you're religious, it's cool. My dad is a Christian and so is my best friend. They are good ones, who are comfortable with homosexuality and don't take the bible as law. There are other good religious people, you guys just get a lot of people ruining it for the rest of you. I also don't mind if you're an atheist. Again, no offence has been meant, if you're offended, I will apologise my ass off for hurting your feelings, but not for speaking my mind. You want free speech, accept mine. Please note that's also a problem I have with atheists. And everyone else for that matter. Anyway:

Bob commented on a recent post with the comment:

Mark: Why would you believe in him then? People mostly believe in God, because it makes life easier to bear for them and also it makes them less afraid of death, but if you agree, that he's an asshole, why would you believe in him.
Not to mention, that there's no evidence of his existence.

And we got it worked out that he was cool with me waiting to make it into a post. So here it is, hope it was worth the wait man. 

Believing in God doesn't really make my life much easier to bear. I was removed from the church when I was about 4. but I have still enjoyed being in them. Churches can be beautiful places. Anyway, we were talking about God. I just wanted to make a point I haven't been raised Christian. 

I'll admit that when I was in my later teens, I did turn to God to make life easier to bear, but not in a "God will fix everything" way, but in a "God won't fix it for me if I don't put some damn effort in myself". I'm not relying on God to fix things for me. I also really do believe that the road to Hell can be paved with good intentions. 

So yes, I believe in God, but not totally to make life easier to bear, to make things smoother for me, because I really doubt that he will make it easier for me. It's why I still say that I want to punch him in the face when I die. 

Which leads us onto being more comfortable with death. I am NOT comfortable with death. I don't really know what happens after death, and even if I did, it wouldn't make me any more comfortable with it. I have my own thoughts on it, but like I said, that doesn't help me confront my own mortality. I don't want to die, and I doubt I ever will. Although, there is a way I want to die, self sacrifice. I want to use my life to extend the life of someone I care about. Hell I even stopped playing The Sims because the Sim I made based on me was about to die, that's how much the concept of death scares me. Though I am comfortable with the deaths of others, even if I have no real way to react to it. 

God is an asshole. A massive, massive asshole. He's a bastard and a dick. But he has his reasons.  Before Bob made the comment he did, he made another one, mentioning children who are born just to die of starvation, and how can someone believe in a God when things like that are happening. God's an asshole. But people dying brings people's attention to the problem, and they can either choose to help, or not. It's a tragic shame that these people have no real control over their own lives, it's mainly other people that have control over them. As much as I hate to I'm going to bust out a classic religious argument here. That these children are soon in the hands of God, and in a much better place. Although the Jehovah's Witnesses I talked to yesterday told me that humans don't go to Heaven. That Earth was our paradise, and we can live forever here. For me that's just God admitting to reincarnation. Either way, it means that the suffering they never asked for, never really deserved, is over. If people had acted sooner, their suffering could have been ended without it having to come to death. Make no mistake I'm not trying to justify the actions of a God, I couldn't even if I wanted to, I doubt even he could. I'm trying to explain it as best I can. You don't justify why a man killed his wife by saying it was because she cheated, it explains it, sure doesn't justify it.

If you want to get into tornadoes and hurricanes and floods and other such natural disasters and what kind of God could let that happen. The world is so finely balanced that no one should mess with nature, not even God. Deserts are dry for a reason, places with heavy rainfall get that for a reason, everything fits in perfectly, it's best not to mess with it. Natural disasters are just that, nature. And disasters. Even the garden of Eden probably had some rain. It must have done for that tree to grow. And for the love of Satan I'm not a creationist. The world is millions of years old, probably billions, the sun is at least, you've proved that. If fossils really were put here by the devil to test our faith he'd probably be doing more cool shit.

I mostly think God is the why, I think that God is what banged the big bang, I think he wrote the laws of physics, man found them so we better understand things, he can change the way the world works, but it works just perfectly as it is, so he wouldn't. That's just what I think anyway. 

One thing atheists like to say is that they encourage people to think for themselves and not just follow a religion blindly. I don't follow a religion blindly, I don't like religion, and I mostly use the word "think" and not "believe". 

One last point, common, again, but a good one, absence of proof is not proof of absence. You can say that logically you don't have to prove a negative, that you don't have to prove that something doesn't exist, but I don't buy it. People believe in aliens because you can't really prove that they don't exist. I for one find it almost beyond egotistical to imagine that we are the only intelligent life in the universe. With how vast it is, it seems quite reasonable to assume something is out there somewhere. The moon landing is another good example. There are people who continue to believe the moon landing was faked, even though most of their "evidence" has been disproved. Can you not just accept that there are some people who are going to believe no matter what you put in front of their face, and leave them be? There are probably people where if you showed them the dead body of God (assuming the dude has a body) they will just say "He can't be God, because he died". Though personally I believe everything has an end. One day even existence itself will probably cease to exist.

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have, but remember, I think God is the why, I don't really think he can change much of the world, I just think he's up there. I also don't plan to change the way I live for some magic man on a cloud.  If God is real, I doubt he cares what I do as long as I'm happy. 


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