Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Worst Week Of My Life

Don't worry, I've not had a bad week. Or maybe I have. Anyway, I have actually been feeling a little down lately, so I thought I would share with you one of the worst weeks of my life, which was the week I went skiing with my school. I mentioned in a reply to a comment that I did this, and I think I mentioned that I actively refer to it as the worst week of my life.

I'll try to make this a little fun so as not to totally depress you and make you not want to come back, but we'll have to see how things go. Also, this was about 6 or 7 years ago, so my memory may be a little sketchy, again, we'll have to see.

So here goes. At first I actually didn't want to get on no plane. I originally signed up to go on the bus, but it turns out I was the only one who chose this option, so I was forced to take the plane. I don't mind planes, it was a financial issue. Oooh listen to me sounding smart. Anyway. The plane journey and what not were actually fairly uneventful, at least, I cannot remember them.

When I got there I found out that, of course, I would be sharing a hotel room with 3 other guys. These guys were, in the simplest of terms, assholes. These guys were my main tormentors for the week. One time they actually locked me out of the room, on the balcony, the BALCONY. Not on my own either, but with them, while a lot of other people were in the hotel room watching and laughing at me. I'm terrified of heights, though I do like a good view and a good balcony actually, but still, at that time, I was mostly terrified. The main way they tormented me was to creep up behind me and make pig noises in my ear. If I'm honest, to this day I still cannot stand to hear a pig noise, which is kind of bad cos one of my nieces loves Peppa Pig. It's a weird ass kids cartoon here, don't ask.

There were two good things there though, one was the small games room in the hotel, where they had arcade games, which I was alright at, until the Italian kids came up and stole all my credits. I don't know the Italian for "Get lost you little shits" so all I could do was stare in disbelief. The other was an actual arcade with a bar, where I wittled away many a euro. It also seems that the legal drinking age is 13. I had one beer once, and then threw the bottle at someone who was pissing me off. They said I was drunk, but I clearly wasn't if what I drank on my holiday didn't get me.

It also turns out I majorly suck at skiing. I can't remember how much skiing I actually got done, I just know it wasn't much. In an effort to show that they didn't all hate me, the people, if you can call them that, pooled their money and bought me a private skiing lesson. I think that was really the only time I did much skiing. I spent a lot of time in my hotel room watching Italian TV shows.

One time I actually got so mad at the bastards in my room I did actually go after one of them, and it took two people to hold me back, I'd like to think it would take more these days. The adults weren't very fond of me either. I'm not sure why but parents don't like me. Although at least this time I did earn it, saying the woman needed her beauty sleep. I was, and still am, a sarcastic little shit. It goes back to the first time I stayed at a guys house, which is another story, which I might just tell. Anyway, yeah, the adults didn't like me either, and boy did they hate it when at the end of the week I got a medal for my skiing, because I hadn't done jack shit.

I hated that week, I hated the people I travelled with, I hated skiing, but, I couldn't help but fall in love with Italy. Where I was, in the mountains, it was really gorgeous. There was amazing views, and it amazed me how it can be so bright and sunny, but still so cold and snowy. I love snow. Except for when we were sledding, and I fell off, possibly injured my arm, and then one of the adults said she injured herself pulling me up to my feet. Good job I never hit a woman. Anyway, yeah, the trip itself wasn't so good, but Italy itself was awesome. It's just a shame I never did get to buy that hunting knife, for some reason I was old enough to, but I didn't have the monies :(

Normal, hopefully funner and happier service, will be resumed ASAP.


  1. Lmao, that's exactly what I do. When someone pisses me off, I throw a beer bottle at them
    Anyway, sorry for you that Italy was ruined for you by those bitches but I see why you still loved the environment there

  2. That sounds fucking sucky. What a bunch of dickbags. I went on a few trips for school, and was always stuck with the assholes for the most part. However, I once got even with tormentors. While skiing none-the-less. This asshole had been mocking me the entire 2 hour bus ride, and while most of the kids were taking ski lessons, I went up the slope because I had learned with my parents. He was standing at the top of a run where a black diamond runs parallel to a green run, and started mocking me for not snowboarding. So I shoved him, straight down the black diamond. Broke his wrist. It was awesome. The chaperons were yelling at him for taking a run too advanced for him. He tried to insist I shoved him, but I said I was already down the green run when he went down the black run. JUSTICE!

  3. @Generally Disgruntled That is fucking awesome. I try to avoid the f word here, but damnit. That was so damn awesome. Karma's a bitch lol.

  4. whoa! those guys were really mean and stupid! I wanna kick them all!

  5. I can't really relate, because i've never been bullied like that. I was too good looking and likeable. And the fact that i put my elbow in annoying persons face could have something to do with it as well.

  6. Sorry you had such a shitty time, people can be jerks :(

  7. That's why I hate people and love nature.

  8. Dude if I got a shake down for credits I'd be bummed as well.

  9. Sorry to hear that man that sucks :(

  10. Well at least things can only get better.

  11. And that's why I insist on traveling with people I know. If they decide to fuck with me on a trip I'll get them back when we return home.

  12. damn that was a week you could have enjoyed very much and it turned to shit


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