Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wooo I Really Am Not A Sexist

This is just a reaction post to my sexism post. I was going to say I was out of ideas yesterday, but I did find something to cover me until my holiday next week, and hopefully while I'm gone I'll either do some writing, or rest up enough from writing to have got over the block and be kicking ass again. Okay, on to the reactions.

A Beer For The Shower Said
I'm all for feminism too but I agree that some of it can be a little one sided; as you stated, the Russian rapist woman who's now a hero. 

Also, I drive a fast, bright red sports car... but I also drive a big, old, crappy family sedan... so do I have a tiny penis, or a gigantic one...?

All signs point to you having an average length penis. I do agree with you but I just had to say that. Congratulations on your penis. And on having 2 cars I guess lol.

SoreLosersGaming said...

I have to agree. There are so many double standards when it comes to things like sexism and racism. Some of the stuff that I read about leaves me with my face dangerously close to my palm. Eugh.

I agree it goes into racism as well, but really there's no way to go into that without being called a massive racist. Which, again, I'm not.

Shockgrubz said...

Take the amount of time that women around the world have been oppressed. It will take at least that amount of time to erode the double standard.

It shouldn't. If a friend of yours pisses you off, you move on and you be friends again when it's clear they know what they've done and they're sorry. It shouldn't take that long to make things back to normal, women have been repressed for quite some time, if it takes that long for the double standard to go away, then when it's gone the men will kick up a fuss, and we'll have women being called sexist when men aren't. If we truly want to live equally, we need to stop the double standard, drop the bullshit, and accept that times have changed. If you want to keep up this double standard, then I'm sorry, but we will never have equality.

Generally Disgruntled said...

I agree, and that provision passes over. Equality is a good thing between genders, but that double standard exists in western society because of how repressed women have been over the years. But, that thing about the Talk? Really pisses me off. Because at it's core, if you are about gender equality, it's not about a man having his dick cut off. It's about a person being mutilated.

Damn straight! Refer to the reaction above for a more full reaction.

So, thanks for being understanding guys. And girls I suppose. Can girls read? Does a kitchen even have an internet connection? I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I don't mean it, that's why it's not sexist, it's about context. As a guy who was bullied for over a decade, I can tell you it's about context. The people who called me a fat f*** meant it, the girl who left me after cheating on me and then spent a lot of time bragging to me about how her new boyfriend and her best friend were pounding her 24/7 while high on weed, meant it. Those people who say I'm not bisexual I'm just greedy, they mean it. At least I don't really mean it, and if someone did take me too seriously, I have the decency to apologize for my actions, beg forgiveness, and try to make it up to them if I can. So yes, if you were offended by anything I've just said, my deepest apologies, I really meant no offence.

Until we can sit back and laugh about it, it's going to be a problem. Yes, men did a lot of shit, but we've moved on, if you don't, then you'll just be stuck in the shit times. Covered in shit. I can understand wanting revenge, but if you treat us like we treated you, then well done, you've become everything you hated, you've become the new men. Flawless victory!

Meh maybe stuff like this is why I don't have a girlfriend, but as any girls who know you will tell me, I'm the sweetest kindest nicest guy you could hope to meet.

This was supposed to be the end of this post, but there comments on some other recent posts I had to react to, first off from my post about TCAP

Generally Disgruntled said some pretty good points, and while I would like to copy and paste the entire thing like I normally would, it was about the length of a blog post itself, so check it out or this page will take a while to load lol. To be honest, I completely agree with you. I have slightly controversial views on paedophiles, the main one being that locking them up does nothing. Some of them CAN be rehabilitated, but sending them to prison, where even the murderers treat them like crap and call them monsters just makes them a lot worse than they could ever have been. Usually it is calling themselves monsters that does push them over the edge, make them find a child, and go that far with them. There are really people who do just have a moment of weakness, and we should be helping them, not demonizing them. Some of them know what they've done is wrong, and want help, but know if they even tried to find it, then nothing good would happen to them. I would agree it is a pretty gross misuse of information, and sometimes it is, but there are people I've seen on there that have actually made me sick. Still, without any kind of help, with only further demonization, they are not going to be getting better any time soon. I don't respond to response posts, or I try not to, if you want a discussion that's what the email thingy over thar is for ----> In short, you make some wonderful points, most of which, I agree with.


  1. sexism, feminism, racism... it's all he same crap! we are all humanes!

  2. Your insights are quite interesting sir. I my self can't consider me as being sexist or racist too. I wonder if I'm joking or kidding about it like making jokes and not fully mocking or saying it to actual individuals. Would I be considered racist and sexist? I guess people just looks at your worst sides and tend to leave it like that. Thanks for this post and I'm glad I've read all of it.

  3. A bit off-topic but: I think it's time for you to redesign your blog a little. With 102 followers (congrats on the big 100 btw!) you're getting big ;)

  4. I love that we have the same blog taste. And nope, those comments don't surprise me.

  5. if you're not really sexist, why do you keep getting so defensive?

  6. im with neon, +1 on the redesign.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I see a lot of mad people here. :S

  9. I wouldn't worry about people thinking you're sexist. People are far too stuck up :)

  10. To be honest no one is ever truly neutral. Everyone does and says something sexist everyday even if they don't realize it. Just part of life IMO.

  11. @JDC
    Yes, this is quite true, there are also people who will take things as being sexist when they weren't meant to be. Like me, if I got married and had kids, I'd like the wife to stay at home and take care of the kids, that's considered a sexist viewpoint these days by extreme (and possibly some of the non-extreme) femenists, but it's just that that's how my mum raised me, and I'm just a bit old fashioned like that.

  12. I agree with the above post. People have become too sensitive and while they're crying wolf and using the fact that every one is trying to be politically correct there are others out there who don't get a job, promotion, etc. just because they aren't a certain gender or race.

  13. Man, I am a chatty fucking cathy recently. I remember the length of the Chris Hansen one

  14. @Generally DisgruntledHey nothing really wrong with being chatty :) You were getting a perfectly valid point across and making it all the way. So the length is totally justified. My reply was about as long itself, and I've left some very long comments on your blog, so we're even lol.

  15. You've made some really good points (as well as a good joke on the first comment...hilarious lol).

    I think I might have to read the original post to get more context though


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