Saturday, 13 August 2011

The Honeymoons Over

Well, that's it, holiday is over, so I just that for today, I would simply tell you the languages I used for each number.

On the first day I used en, which, Google assures me, is Swedish for 1. Maybe I should ask Lina lol, she's been helping me with some Swedish lately.

Second was deux, which was French, not that obscure, I expect a lot of people got that.

Third was tre, which is Italian, and apparently, Swedish (again) for three. Also one of these days I'll learn to spell apparently right. Even when it's written correct I spell it wrong -_-

Fourth was patru, which I hope was a lot more obscure, this was Romanian for four.

Fifth was viisi, which should be the Finnish word for five.

Sixth was alti, which I actually lost and then found. It was Turkish for six

Last but not least (I never got why teachers said that all the time) was sete, which was Portuguese for seven.

If I got any of these wrong, you'll have to accept my apologies, as I was using google translate, which has gotten me some mixed translations before. How many did you notice the language of?


  1. its kind of cool to use all different languages to count. you have to know a lot of languages to be able to get up to a high number

  2. No Spanish? D:

  3. No australian either, maaaaaaatttte ya dreammming.

  4. I wondered about the numbering! Good to know! I also wondered why I couldn't comment on them?!

  5. @Bersercules I had spam problems at the time, so decided to just turn comments off because I wouldn't be able to moderate them.


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