Thursday, 11 August 2011

Holiday Day Alti

Thursday is it? Hmm, only today and tomorrow left. I come back on the Saturday after I leave. Which is horribly confusing as somehow if I count the day I left as day one, and the day I arrive home as a day, it somehow equals 8 O_O Watch, here's proof, or it's proof I'm actually wrong.

Saturday=1, Sunday=2, Monday=3, Tuesday=4, Wednesday=5,Thursday=6,Friday=7, Saturday=8. Although when you count that I won't be doing anything on the Saturday I come home, and possibly the Saturday I arrive, my holiday was at least 7 days. I think I learnt why this happens in school, and I was awesome at maths, except algebra, it always confused me how a letter could be a number, but after so long out of school I've forgotten ^^ Anyway, here's your treat for today.

A song by Fry and Laurie, awesome British comedy, about kicking ass. I would say about how most Americans seem to think Hugh Laurie is American, but I did too at first, and I was shocked when I learnt, despite seeing him in Blackadder well before I saw him in House, I just never recognised him. What matters though is that he's gold in human form, he's just amazing, and so is Stephen Fry. Enjoy! Again, copyright to the original owners, I didn't post this video, I'm just embedding it.


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